Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tahun Baru; Tahun Berlalu.

Lets see what it has been like last year.

Taken from old blog;

2008 Resolution

Graduate On Time

I did!

Attend My Convocation

Stay@Home Graduate (SAHG)

I did - for two months!

Job Hunting

Yup - and secure one!

Potential Masters Projects

err pass!

Bonding with Jan04

Ultimate Vacation

no, yet!

Better Me =)

And so I hope!

2009, be good to me, please?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I bought a book.

compilation of all great weddings that said to be the weddings for 2009.

complete with the checklist of every single thing and where to get the best wedding cakes, wedding favors, photographers and what not.

Tapi that book tak boleh baca in public or tinggal at living room. Nanti terpaksalah tahan telinga menjawab soalan 'Amboi, dah ada apa-apa ke?'

Next time I nak beli buku Pa&Ma. Mesti semua orang tak berani nak tanya soalan celupar 'Dah ada isi ke?' pasal bapaknya belom wujud lagi.

Oh about Jakarta.

Whoever planned to get anything from Jakarta (lace or anything) please let me know. I think I'm not saving any money yet so it is most likely that I can't shop that much.

So it must feels good jugak to shop for others, right?

I planned to shop for momma. But yesterday she said she's also going on 4th of March.

I'll be leaving on 5th, come back on 10th. March (speaking of which, flight tix pon belom bayar lagi)

Masa I pergi Langkawi Ayah was also there, now I nak pergi Jakarta momma is also going (on a different trip, but still). Procastinate less, Hani! (in case terserempak, mampos!)

Buku Weddings2009 and Lace from Jakarta. Please, i'm not planning for any secret wedding lah. Jangan buat I sedih boleh?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Being Lonely can be so costly.

Called Reen for two freaking hours.
Shopping with no one to say 'Tak payahla'.
Dined at Delifrance (for the sake of Wi-fi; terima kasih hazirah temankan thru YM)
Video call friends who are having fun at Aquaria.

edited: tak suke lah mencarut-mencarut kt sini. macam tak reti bersyukur.

But anyway I was thinking (I always think about this)

Why are we so fucking scattered all over the places. Ain in KL, Hazirah in Seremban, Nett in Kemaman, Aisha in Puchong - and yet when it comes to weekend/ free time - we called each other and complained of how boring we are.

Why can't I live my dream life (I had - perhaps have - a dream; when I graduated, I want to rent a house together with Nett Ain Mar and Seema - because we are not KLians)

Sometimes I wonder, why aren't they here, or maybe, why am I not there?

but I guess Estrella said it right, How can I miss you, If you don't go away from me?

So yeah, this one - shall pass!

I leave you guys with this survey tagged by Husna - since Raje and Seema did it, I am somewhat obliged to also do it!

answer this bunch of question based on the opposite gender. no family members is allowed. whatever :P

What is the relationship of you and him?
bestest friend of all males!

Your 5 impressions towards him
1. rockstar
2. family-oriented
3. cool lover =p
4. supportive frienddddddddd
5. high-mantainance?

The most memorable things he had done for you
we quarrelled, once, in form three. then he came to me and tell me that it doesnt feel the same without me annoying him. so yes, we became even closer then!

The most memorable things he have said to you
I put this in my blog. go find it :p

If he becomes your enemy, you will...
i will conteng his meja lagi. like dulu-dulu haha.

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is...
berebut pencil case?

The most desirable thing to do on him is...
to annoy him. haha. YOU have to see THAT face!

The overall impression of him?
he doesnt feels so perfect when he's around, but when he's not, i don't feel complete =(

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
entah. so far i think people think Im a loser LOL

The character of you for yourself is...
I am a doer! mcm meredith grey :P

The character you hate of yourself is...

The most ideal person that you want to be is...
good enough. :D

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
if you secretly like me, tolonglah keluar tunjukkan siapa kau sebenar. haha.

10 people to tag

(in random order)

1. pink
2. dello
3. pakchad! <-- this cool man reads my blog!
4. laila
5. izzah malik
6. hamizah (daughter of the cool man)
7. kak lisa
8. aishah
9. mena
10. zainur azween

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
tatau tatau tatau :p

Is no. 3 a male or a female?
male kan? haha

What is no. 1 studying about?
tah die. blaja lain keje lain!

Is no. 4 single?
I think so. adik, care to answer?

Who is no. 5?
she's the sister of A Afiq A Malik!

Say something about no. 6?
told you she's the daughter of the cool man!

I hope you guys read till this line, because I'm about to say that IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY PLANS FOR NEW YEAR PLEASE INCLUDE ME!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Me and the thing you never know #1

Macam agak flattered because Chuna think I can masuk hutan and tak jerit-jerit.

You see, I doubted myself to ever survive backpacking, Husna asked me if I wanna go camping.


Did I forget to tell her I survive only one of my Camping trips. Ke 2. ke any of that 2 was not even consider close to camping. ke both?

I remembered the camping I enjoyed the most was Jamboree 2002. Tuh pon WE DIDN't DO any of the camping activities.

Tak pergi berkawad, tak pergi abseiling, tak pergi semualah. Pergi orientiering je. tuh pon sesat. dapat nombor last lagi. Haha.

Orang lain bangun pagi-pagi, masak semua. Kitorang bangun dah kesiangan, setakat goreng cekodok sardin cmtuh jer. Harhar. Psst 4 hari tak mandi. Har har.

At that time it doesn't feel any pressure at all. Orang lain pergi camping mendisiplinkan diri, kitorang pergi bersuka ria. Malam-malam berdikir barat. Harhar.

That one I survived. Other camping trips that I didn't:-

Darjah 4 with PBSM. after day 1, I skipped berkawad, lompat pagar pergi call my mother asked her to pick me up from school. She did not, so I walked all the way sampai rumah. Demam seminggu. Baru kena tinggal sehari tuh. Ha-ha.

Darjah 6, Kem Kecemerlangan. Orang tidur dalam khemah, I tak tidur. Second Nite I tidur dalam surau. Second week I chose the option untuk balik rumah. Ha-ha.

Darjah 6, Campori Pengakap. I curik-curik balik rumah untuk mandi and uk-uk. Mama curik-curik hanta makanan. Ha-ha.

Form 1, Perkhemahan Pengakap at Sungai Raja. Balik second day, pasal nangis kena pacat. LOL!

Form 4, Jamboree Pengakap and Pandu Puteri MRSM Se-Malaysia. I survived this one with lots of fun (and nada camping activities haha!)

So yes patutlah when I entered UTP kawan-kawan ajak I pergi Hiking la, join Kelab Kembara la, daki gunungla. Rupe-rupenya they are never aware of my camping history. Haha.

My Kemahiran Hidup teacher came PBSM Advisor setiap kali jumpa even sampai sekarang mesti tanya 'Awak still manja lagi ke sekarang?' LOL.

SO bukan tak nak pergi camping, tapi takut nanti putus sahabat pulak dengan Chuna and Raja =p

Monday, December 22, 2008

(Lepas satu; satu) Orang Kahwin.

pergi wedding Abg Yoe and wifey.
Petang keluar with friends from the past yang super best!

Lepak-lepak borak-borak and then finally I get to go Karaoke REAL SONGS. You see we have a karaoke set in our house but I don't consider singing Broery's and P Ramlee's a real Karaoke moment.

*Keseronokan Kegirangan*

Picked Rumet and off we went to Kerteh. Had breakfast at McD while updating each other with *cough* gossips *cough* before I went to my 45minutes training haha.

Then while waited for Bali for lunch, we continue our gossipping moment at Starbucks.

My not so hopeless weekend ended well after a few hours playing with little Amalin!

Then came back to the empty house in Kuantan, screamed over Andy on TV haha and slept alone. ;(

ps: oh did I mention my RM1.2k N80 tak laku sesen pon dah sekarang? Menyirap tak?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Korang rase, can I survive backpacking?

No comfort duvette; no proper bed; no proper toilet; no proper food; no hairdryer; no proper shower; no stable telephone reception; no electricity; no internet connection?

Can I? Kak Jaja doubted it. Even I Myself doubted it. But I'm gonna challenge myself.

Macam tak sabar la pulak nak backpacking with Love Love next summer! Yahuu!

On a side note, every Thursday I mesti keluar malam. Pasal dekat TV ada cerita horror. 2-2 I cannot stand. 2-2 Boleh mengigau.

Puaka Niang Rapik and Gadis Melayu. Memang senfak (courtsey of Pink)

So semalam I pergi sini;

Wadehel they project the Puaka Niang Rapik to the Wide LCD Screen complete with the Sound System! Argh!

Terpaksalah I bukak cerita backpacking with Love Love. Divert attention. Hoho.

ps: FYI name je kemaman kopitiam, but it's in kuantan, ok? so I xdelah pegi kemaman untuk jumpa anyone in particular haha.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

When guys got PMS;

The guys are having PMS.

One of them is sick; one is busy attending server problem 50kms away; one's son is warded due to lung infection; one is busy with pc deployment.

Hundreds of PCs arrived and need to be deployed to the users.

Yesterday the image corrupted. The PCs needed to be rolled back. The users pissed off.

The one with warded son came to the office in order to rescue the corrupted image.

The guys slept in the office. Went back after Subuh, came back to office before I even arrived.

They all have a note of 'Don't talk to me' pasted on their forehead.

So today I can't go breakfast; I can't leave the room; I have to repair a manager's Blackberry phone; I have to lift a heavy Acer Aspire.

I have to deal with the pissed off users. I have to answer the phone and tell them the guys are not in.

I had lunch alone.

I can't even joke. They turned the Serious Mode on.

So today, I'm the guy. They all are having the times of the month.

And to tell you what, when guys are having PMS, it is even worse than craving for a chocolate bar. Hurmph!

ps: I am not complaining. I love to be the guy once in a while!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sometimes I wonder;

Was I too eager and excited to enjoy the present and figure out the future

That I almost forget what used to keep my feet on the ground

And what used to make me who I am today.

Sorry it kinda too late when I realized that I had totally misregard my past. But no words can explain how thankful I am that you (dear ones), in anyway, stay.

Lots of Love!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The thing with Family always comes first to me.

Earlier this year, it started with the great news of a new member is coming into the family.

Then, it followed with a letter of invitation to plus minus 30 people (the Mothers, Fathers, and Kazen-kazen Tua kahkah)

Then, came the Big Day, we all gathered at Kak Yah and Abe Li's before about 15 cars on the rombongan Cik Kiah went to Meru, Klang for the Akad Nikah and Pertunangan(so much for 'simple event attended by induk-induk only'; all of us plus kanak-kanak riang were also there :P)

Then, she is finally one of Us (congrates Abg Zaeem and Kak Aza!) but 'tak puas duduk semeja berkumpul ramai-ramai' kata Che Bi, so Kak Gee and Abg Adzimi decided to host an ad-hoc BBQ (scrumptious lamb, chicken, bihun, nasik goreng, etc etc but good food only!)

Then a suprised birthday celebration for Ayah Ngoh! Happy birthday!

Then, we all entertained ourselves with a great Karaoke session sampai pukul 5 pagi!

Then, we were invited to Breakfst at Che Awi's and family. Hella surely DELICIOUS DELIOCIOUS homemade WCJ's best cheif cooks' delights (nasi berlauk, gulai ikan, gulai ayam, cek mek molek!) kegemokan detector alerted!

Then, I managed to squeezed myself to meet the OrangMekar for 2 hours oh Love!

Then, good food continued with Lunch (at 5pm??!!!!) at Abg Herry and Kak Lin's. The best Kari Amar and Bubur Kacang by Che Ngoh urgh!

And next, I have to bid goodbye to all as soon as we wished Ayah Chik the best for his indiogram at IJN (indiogram ke?).

By the time I was standing waiting for my bus at Pekeliling, they all were having fun eating Pizza at Abg Sham's and Kak Lily's pulak.

Oh No! It's one of the times I wished I was in KL!

p/s: Sorry terlupe psl Kamu; not until Raje mentioned 'Dia minat orang lain ke; or kau dah berubah hati?' OH NO! Lupe pasal Kamu the whole weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Setelah sekian lamanya;

Malam ini pergi KL; Setelah satu bulan tidak bersuka ria.

Sampai KL BFF pick up; bawak kawan mata sepet yang kelakar.

Hari Ahad jumpa OrangMekar; yang lebih kurang 2 bulan tak bertemu.

Besok ada sepupu kahwin; setelah tolak tambah 2 tahun tiada majlis.

Tahun depan dan tahun seterusnya musim mengawan kembali; Mungkin 4-5 majlis setahun.

Dan setelah sekian lamanya;

Hujung minggu MUNGKIN jumpa kamu!

image from
(yang lama; hilang. yang jauh; di mata. yang dekat; di hati!)

singing; la di da di dum di dum dum dum!

p/s: Cinta itu celik; cuma mungkin ia; bersembunyi =)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today I cried in the office =(


I am not a robot; don't come to me and tell me to do things at an instant.


Sebab pagi tadi bangun pukul 5 pagi and drive laju-laju to an empty office; no officemates for consultation and advise but fussy users with all urgent and important things.


Sebab semalam at this time I baru je start tido after a whole lots rounds of card games and karaoke with cousins; now I'm back to office.

kunci pintu, bersila bawah meja; menangis seorang!
(konon masalah macamlah rumah runtuh dihempap tanah)

Rindu is overrated. But 10 days now; an SMS a day won't do me any good.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I was terrified I cried;

The first task was they have to differentiate all the rempah-ratus;
I freaked out. What the hell is BUAH PELAGA? Shit.

Then they have to prepare a dish; Blackpepper Chicken.
I almost wet my pants. Shit. Ayam mentah-mentah belum potong!

Then they have to make Fish Curry; Diorang basuh ikan, tak buang perut!
I almost cried; I pon tatau how to basuh ikan and buang perut ikan!

Then Fahrin read this pantun;
Adik menangis teresak-esak,
Dipujuk oleh kakak yang tua;
Gadis Melayu yang pandai memasak,
Jadi pilihan ibu mentua.

At this point, I cried! And housemate gelak terguling-guling.

Adoi. I promised myself not to watch Gadis Melayu again. Entah-entah next week diorang kene menjahit, aku yang pengsan kat sini!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sama, ke?

Adek cakap;

and then I asked her which one, and she gave me this:

Flattered lah pulak kan! (bukan ape; I everyday tengok cerita tuh; I secretly wished I had her personality and beauty ah ah ah)

Oh BTW, things get a tad bit emotional eh, lately. People are graduating, saying goodbyes and see yous, but knowing deep down inside things are just gonna change.

Tho my time has passed 6 months ago; I still cry inside. Sedih!

I wish we never have to say goodbye; but an end means a beginning to something new.

Tapi, waktu-waktu dulu memang seronok habis, kan?

Lots of Love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello my name is Ronald McDonald

Fact no 1;

I hate safety shoes. Keras, besar, berat, dan takde style. I don't know who invented the shoes. He or she might need some advise from Jimmy Choo kot haha.

Tak safe langsung kalau jalan berjengket-jengket macam pakai batu bata oke.

Fact no 2;

Pernah tak rasa macam God has answered your prayer instantly. Last nite I almost cried because baru 1hb tapi duit gaji dah habis. Suddenly Ayah called cakap he bank in the rebate money for Aaron.

Rasa tak macam nak jumped in the sky walaupun rebate money tu sama dengan sebulan scholar MARA je?

Fact no 3;

If you get your period once every two months, you double everything from the number of changing pads to the amount of the flow and the period pain. Now plus with heavy rain and cramped abdomen, ada tak rasa macam nak MC je?

Tak pon macam nak makan chocolate bar besar besar.

Sekarang plus all the facts;
Kaki sakit, duit banyak, perut sakit. Rasa tak macam nak ambik MC pegi shopping?

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's like opened the door to the Past.

Parents are complicated.
The more we think we knew them;
there is even more to explore.

Sometimes you wished you didn't know things you just knew;
because things you don't know can never hurt you.

Tapi, I still.

ps: I want One =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is time for Holiday again.

My uncle kind of won 4 return tickets to A PLACE that he doesnt wish to go. So he is offering me those return tickets for half price.

Which means, I only have to pay for one-way, and come back for free!

But the deal is, I have to find another 3 who'd like to buy the tickets, because he won't sell it if I only have 2 friends ke sorang ke.

Geddit? All or nothing. LOL.

So I managed to secure Hazirah (who is uber excited) and Raje (who sounds Interested enough) but WE kinda need one more person.

Or two.

Because I am NOT SO SURE if I wanted to go. Because you see, I have a return tickets to ANOTHER place and that holiday itself could cost me some money.

I mean, what do I do for living to be able to go to PLACES in one year.

It's not like I earn 3.5k per month like SOME REAL PEOPLE. Ha-ha.

Oh So the moral of the story is:

If you think you can live with Me, Raje, and Hazirah for like 3-4 days, let me know.

Because I am yet to ask my uncle how long the vacation is, what Airways the tickets are, when are the tickets valid and such (I have not yet asked because I don't want to sound too excited about it when I don't even have an international passport)


This... could be us!

Oh and if you guys want to buy ALL for of them also can. Just let me know, ok!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Stupid Monday Blues!


Taking Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte after dinner was a bad idea. The caffeine only kicked in AFTER I was ready to go to sleep. So another round of a whole Grey's Anatomy Season 1 before I went to sleep at God-knows-whatever time.


Always ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to draw some money whenever the purse ran out of it. All of a sudden the ATM machine broke down this morning.


Stupid fire drill that blocks the gate. No one can leave the compound until it is said so. I'M HUNGRY AND MONEYLESS.


I'm left alone, again, today. All the colleagues are everywhere. I'm alone and clueless in this office. I hate it when people asked;

'Si A ade? Takde? Si B? Si C? Si D? Oh, selain you, sape yang ade kat opis?'

Why? Am I not good enough to attend to your stupid requests?


Even the bus drivers are on leave for Raya Haji. Demmit.

I need a break. Seriously!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spot the Difference!

Between this

And this

EHEM! Close up sket!

Ahaha. Yeah I know senget-senget. Trust me I stopped for a while, crossed my finger, and wished Raja suddenly poped in front of my eyes.

She used to be the one who perfectly put all the stickers to Adam and Andy.

But yeah, I'm no wish machine. Neither crossing finger is our culture tho!

ps: The amoi really thought my name is Noraa. I said 'No! its my car, Aaron!'
She said, 'Sokay dear. Nothing to be embarrassed with the name Noraa'. BLERGH!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sebab tuh la I insisted on a Desktop PC

4 years ago, when MARA approved my computer loan, out of 4k, I used only half for a desktop PC. I didn't even take the balance, so Ayah asked me to buy a laptop instead.

I tetap taknak. Desktop PC it is.

Then it began. 3 years of mengangkut pc at every end of semester, hantar pegi rumah Atan, ambik balik, naik turun tangga angkut 5 kotak, tertonggeng terbalik connect all the cables.

Belum campor time it needs reformating, power unit blow, graphic card senget, monitor resolution lari, berapa kali I angkat naik turun tangga.

Tetap tabah dan gigih.

Now the company gave me a laptop. I think it's cool, because now I get to go to the coffee shop and use their free Wifi!


Last Thursday I was in a rush for a meeting. So I pon just close the lid and didn't put the lappy in its bag. So I just put it on the passenger's seat. Geddit?

Suddenly I tengah laju-laju adelah stupid car yang suke brek-brek, tibe-tibe masuk right lane. how stupid. Terpakselah I emergency brek secepat mungkin; and that is when the lappy dengan seronoknya meluncur from tempat duduk to the tempat letak kaki.

O.O.O. But then, ok. It still worked. adelah sikit rase goyang-goyang. But then it is still fine.

Until yesterday......

I have to take a file back to house. Banyak sangat kerja since team lead is on leave, so i put the file in the bag, together with the lappy. But bila I nak angkat beg tu berat sangat, so I keluarkan la the lappy. How clever kan?

Bile I keluar dengan selambenye with lappy in my hands, baru I sedar, it was raining.
I pon lari lari lari lari lari, kononnya feel macam kat tangan ni, tgh pegang the file, and the lappy is safe in the bag.

Apparently, vice versa. HURM.

But then yes, the lappy is still functioning. But only God knows how well it is.

Only about time it will rest in peace.


ps: One for me, please.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally Aaron had a good shower

By yours truly!

I don't know why, but I felt like Aaron first bath should be by the mummy herself (ehem. bukan sebab tak ada duit, ke?)

Yang sakit hatinya, it really has to rain jugaklah hari ni kan? Hah! Adoi!

Oh BTW, yesterday, when I was busy tertonggeng terbalik washing Aaron, I realised all my neighbours were looking at me.

All of a sudden all the stay at home mommies teman the daddies watering the gardens.

It will be just about time they hit me with their parang golok.

Should I hang some kind of notice on my fence saying;

'I'm NOT the freaking bitch Memey that you have in your nightmares!'

Entahlah. Maybe next time I want to mandikan Aaron, I would have to consider pakai tudung labuh sampai lutut.

ps: Nasib baik tak baling handphone, kan?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About first time lepak Starbucks Kerteh Mall

I hate to call it Mesra Mall. Like, sesuatu. Kerteh Mall pon orang paham jugak.

I got 2 hours after dropping mama at her talk of 'Menangani Stress di Kalangan Wanita'. I'm not that stressed, kononnya. So I thought of 'bathing' Aaron. Mama gave me RM10. I repeat, MAMA gave me RM TEN.

Diam-diam I pergi Kopitiam but it was closed. So I headed to Starbucks Kerteh Mall.

Gigih kan? Sanggup drive 40 minutes for the free Wifi. Dahla habis selekeh. Pakai t-shirt Mekar, seasoned jeans, Asadi (not Adidas) flipflop, and tudung pun tak gosok. Laptop and adaptor on right hand, left hand got handphone, purse, and car keys. Selekeh, tak?

I picked the most comfortable couch, tried to connect to the wireless for freaking 40 minutes (Hello. iPerintis bukan Tuhan, ok?) and went to purchase a cup of coffee.

Then I realized my purse is actually EMPTY. Fortunately, RM10 tadi ada dalam poket. So I have to order the cheapest one. Hot Brewed Coffee of the Week katenya. Taste like, kopi O tak cukup gula.

Bukak Facebook, Gmail, Blog, komen blog orang, write on people's walls, post blog lagi, chatting sket-sket, download lagu Afgan, (oh lupa bukak friendster!), dah penat, I laid back kejap. Sipping the freaking 7 bucks kopi O (so much for being high maintainance).

Then I heard makcik belakang I cakap;

'Tengok budak tu, pakai selekeh je, tapi mesti banyak duit.'

'Stended-lah perempuan sekarang. Kerja besar-besar, beli rumah, beli kereta, pergi oversea, duit berlambak - tapi sampai tua taknak kahwin.'

'Weekend je datang surf kat kedai kopi. Kawan-kawan lain dah beranak-pinak.'

'Hish. Nauzubillah.'

Seryesly? SERIOUSLY?

satu, do I really looked that old. That freaking OLD?

Dua, apa makcik ni ingat I pekak ke, or ingat I pakai iPod?

Kesian ok I; dahla not that tua, not yet banyak sangat duit (RM10 pon mintak ngan mak ok!), not yet pekak jugak.

Most importantly, bukan taknak kahwin. Tapi boyfriend pon takde.

Geddit? Boyfriend pon takde-lah!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Kalau tak, dah jumpa 5 tahun lepas.
Kalau tak, 20 tahun lepas pun dah jumpa.

Tapi kalau dah nak jumpa sekarang,
mesti ada sebab, kan?

Entahlah. Sebab Tuhan saja yang tahu.
Mungkin ada, mungkin tak ada; sebab.

Tapi, 20 years of no clue,
Is like worth another 200 years
Of knowing You.

Even if for 2 days only.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Bad...

I just done preapring breakfast for the brothers.

Nasi goreng butter, Bihun goreng pedas, telur mate kerbau, and chicken finger stick.

And I did it in less than two hours HE HE HE.

hello. please consider these important notes:-

- I tak guna nasi dingin, ok

- I tak gune bawang yang bibik blended, ok

- I have to blend my own lada kering, tak gune cili bo, ok.

But then when they wake up I have to mintak maaf salam junjung lah dengan diorang.

Because the house berasap gila they could've choked.

And the taste... SUCKS! haha!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pernah tak rasa bengang sampai nak baling henfon?

Pernah tak jumping dapat satu SMS walaupon satu ayat je?

Pernah tak fikir 5 minutes to reply the SMS tapi bila dah sent tak ada reply?

Pernah tak tunggu reply sampai tertidur?

Pernah tak bangun tidur still tak ada reply?

Pernah tak check phone every 2 minutes takut-takut bunyik Tet Tet level 5 tuh tak dengar?

Pernah tak pergi breakfast purposely tinggal handphone kat rumah sebab bengang it won't receive any SMS (tapi inside still hoping)?

Pernah tak rasa disappointed gila babi sampai rasa nak baling henfon?

I pernah. Satu, kalau mintak emergency leave dengan Bos.

Dua, kalau pergi interview and orang tu cakap communicate thru SMS.

Tiga, boyfriend. Ataupon bakal boyfriend.

Tak, tak. Bukan boyfriend I. Bukan boyfriend orang lain jugak!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Semalam, I jumpa someone who speaks the same language as me.

I always think I can only speak correct language with correct tones and laughs with only UTPians. Because upon seeing their faces I already know what to expect. I knal almost everyone in UTP yang masuk from July05 backwards.

Yang ade kereta best, main musik, aktif forum and mirc, ada blog, photog, main bola, selalu dating, muka lawa, muka handsome, pakai bag/baju cantek-cantek, fashion victim, banyak cakap in class, MPP, suka lepak cafe, suka lepak koridor, suka jogging, and things yang I nampak.

Not so hard to spot those people here in MTBE. Bersepah ok budak UTP. And selalunya when I know they're UTPians, I'll start the conversation with:-

'Batch mana? Oh sama dengan bla bla bla'

Then we asked each others' nicknames.
Then we knew each other.
Then we asked each other about bla bla bla.
Then we asked each other about kawan bla bla bla.
Then come conversation like Kampung5/Grapevine/MiRC/Musicfest/Kinta City/Ameeth/insert lah balik yang kat atas tu.
Then if they are older, say two years than me; This will happen;

'Oh kau ke kazen Snubnossseeeee?' Yes yes, I have a very famous and legendary cousin.


'Dulu, mase dekat UTP, aku selalu tertukar kau dengan isteri Ustad.' Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh!!!

Trust me, even mak isteri Ustad pon pernah mistaken me and her daughter. Horror tak kesamaan kitorang?

Hari ini I dengar something different;
'Member punyelah rock, ade ke kate same dengan isteri Ustad!'
Hah sah! Finally, I know ade orang yang can differentiate me and isteri Ustad.

Haih. Ustad manelah yang lucky sangat to have such beautiffffuuulll genes tu.

ps: Lessons learned; jangan jual mahal, jangan lawan cakap mak bapak, jangan kacau boyfriend/suami orang. I serious ni, Memey!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

While I malas ni bagilah I update blog hari-hari, oke?

Dahtuh, sampai mati pon update blog hari-hari la kan? Anywayy... ever since i started working here i've been coming to KakGee's house a lot. (untuk perhatian Ain: Rumahku di Balok, ofisku di Gebeng, rumah KakGee di Kuantan).

I sometimes even feel like I live there (read Kuantan) instead of my rumah sewa (read Balok). Even the bibik can tell if I lost an inch from my hips, put extra BAG to my eyes, grew my hair, trimmed my nails, change my perfume, yada yada.

The bibik is funny tho. One time she wanted to matchmake me with her agent from Indonesia. Bambang kot namanya. Boleh tak? Do I looked that desperate? And die pernah cakap 'muka che hani kayak-kayak cewek Indon. macam kakak ipar bibik!' LIKE DUH!

She used to cook lousy food we even cannot tell what they were, but now all I can say is eating her cookings is like eating at home. Well she learned a lot from Mama and my other aunties, that's why.

Her forte has to be Bubur pulut hitam and Sup Ayam. The best ok. Last 2 nites she cooked chicken porridge with chicken soup. Me and Abg Haziq ate like nak habiskan satu periuk. Satu-satu I letak dalam mangkuk. Then tiba-tiba I baru nak gigit satu part of ayam ni, only I realized it looked weird.

Bibik, ni ape ni?

Itu? Itu kepala lah Che Hani. Tak tau ke?

Kepala? As in kepala ayam ke bibik?

Yelah kepala ayamlah sup ayam.

Bibik letak kepala dalam sup?

Yelah. Otaknya sedapppplah Che haniiii...

Hello!! Seriously? Kepalaaaa!!! Oh My GOOOOOOODDDDDDD! All this while she cooked letak kepala ayam ke???

I terus lari from kitchen at floor 2 to Kakgee's room at floor 4. Adoi. Geli ok. Siap cakap otaknya sedapppppp!!!

Urgh! This is the part where you should throw up already!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They say don't tickle a monster if you aren't a born Ultraman.

erk.. hurm!

Case 1: Mr. Ordinary Guy vs Ms. Monster

Seryesly, boring sangat ke kau?

Seryesly? You, asking me THAT particular question. Carik nahas!

Haha takdelah. How boring?

Macam, hurm, 5 years married guy nak balik ke rumah after one day kerja. Boring macam tu.

No, we don't get bored like that.

Yes you guys do. At some point, you guys will.

Takdelah. Mana ade. Sape cakap?

Oh jangan tipu. Norman Hakim tells us!

*inser cricket sound here*

Case 1: Mr. Ridiculous vs Ms. Monster

Cepatla, bile nak blanje McD ni?

Xde duitla! Baru beli kereta!

Amboi. Beli kereta cash ke?

Yelah. hasil kerja siang, and kerja malam! Ha-ha!

Muke pucong macam kau, laku ke nak kerja malam? HAHAHAHAHA

Pucong-pucong pon, boleh pakai neo. Ni nak makan McD pon suruh orang belanje!

Niat di hati bukanlah nak riak, tapi nak kasik tau sket kat si muke tak hensem, yang duk pucong-pucong kan orang, awak ade cermin muke sendiri tak?

ps: divert attention dr duk pk L thing Raje itu!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Raje bought something online that me and Hazirah have no idea about. At first it didn't bug me thattttt much what is it untillllllllllll I found out that Kerel and Ain are well-told about it.

So it could be only me and Hazirah who had no idea about that!!! Now THAT buggggged me macam sial haha.

So I texted Raje, but yeah not suprisingly she didn't notice my SMS reply. Kerel said he can't wait to tag along, Raje said it's crappy and a lot of waste of money. So desperately I asked Ain and all she could tell is, "Klue die, huruf L?"

We desperately scanned for all the things in the world that starts with an L,can be dispatched, crappy, waste a lot of money, and can have Kerel to be tagged along.

Hazirah came up with lembu, lampu, and LAMB.

I came up with Louis Vuitton.

Seryesly? are we having what they called writers block ke ape ni?



kan? kan? Raje, I don't care what brand is it but if it is REALLY a DSLR, you owe me a gig of pics, oke! I nak santek santek!

Monday, November 10, 2008

If only I can dress like this

Hello, MIL! by mememia

Matilah bwk LV jumpa future MIL!

Hello, BFF! by mememia
Nanti I dress up my Bff pulek!

Alah boleh je nak dress up macamni. just need to have extra cash, slim down a lil bit, learn to make-up, etc etc. Ha-ha LONG LONG list!

because these are what being alone can do to you

apart from you keep on talking to yourself, of course. All the time, correction.

1. I am this close to reply to the ON SUNYI spam messages.

2. Drafted atleast 10 posts in my blog (but keep on refusing to post the wedding dreams. Hello, not everybody can stand your pukable extravaganze dream wedding with your so-called true soulmate whatsoever. Reality check, please?)

3. That doesn't include the number of posts I drafted in my mind. Oh, that was like, NUMBERS OF EM.

4. I became less reseptive to my surrounding. I don't realize a makcik talked loud till my mom said so, I didn't realize something was annoying until Raje mentioned so, I didn't realize a kid was this close to kill my niece until my mother screamed. Haha.

5. I am not bold and fierce anymore. Yesterday a cashier girl at Transnasional counter stood me up for 45minutes because she was out for breakfast. I swore I would take her name and IC number and make a complaint but when she returned I didn't and I even talk to her politely! Demit! I used to even screamed at a counter boy at The Curve Kenny Rogers for not splitting our bills.

What The Hell Has Gotten Into MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????

Friday, November 7, 2008

because the Field is Green;

2 years ago;
Magh and Raje would always run.
I would always sit on the edge of the field.
Or sometimes I would stand. Alone; or with them.

When the sun shine brightly; or sometimes rain pour heavily.
Under the bright blue sky, or the borrowed broken umbrella;

We stood there; witnessing, observing, cheering. Sometimes we even sing.
I always have a thing for him. I mean, for the green field.

In this cold shivering air-conditioned room; floor is red-carpeted; this very chair is holding my weigh;

and I am all alone with no Magh, no Raja;
There he stood; mumbling things I barely understood.

I could understand, but I chose not to. Because it's a lot of waste of time to listen to that than to indulge in this sweet scent of his perfume.

When Ain screamed because her certain-him viewed her online;
And Hazirah having a bad day for the status on her certain-him's Gtalk;

I got to (almost) talk to my certain-him. Sweet.

I always have a thing; for the god-forbid smell of sweats; and now for the sweet smell of the perfume.

Just when I think this place, sucks; I started to fall in love with him.
I mean, with this place. =)

Ps: Oh, I still have Raja (on the Gtalk) and Magh (on the phone) around. Thanks (to the technology)!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

because my kids will be named Umar, Idris, and Hud;

so I need to find the father first haha!

that's why I named my cars names that my kids will not get haha.

that has the pan-english sound;
doesn't need to have a good meaning;
starts with the letter A;
sound handsome and yummy!;
and most of the time, named after someone I fell in love heads over heels at that particular time.

so you know already why I cannot name my latest baby. Hurmph! Luckily I have you guys who shot the names like you've been thinking of em!

So out of all suggestions, I'm down to a few that I can't help but to giggle to myself. And now;







I cannot wait to have that fine blended frappucino with Mieza!

(and Hazirah and Raja and Chuna and Seema and Ain and Pinku and semua orang but you guys bayar sendiri ok!)

And yes it's Aaron! The handsome and yummy and tough and super duper heroic Aaron! (just pray I don't make love to it haha!)

Dear, after you habis exam, datang kuantan, and kita pergi Starbucks naik Aaron ok!

Lots of Love!

ps: Raje has a new verb for people who always cancel plans. EHEM. and I have a word replacing gedik. contoh ayat: "hey Pink kau jangan nak memey oke!" haha.

Monday, November 3, 2008

because I have a Frappucino Voucher to give

but first you have to help me name this new baby first


I already have Adam, and Andy. And this one better be good, because:-

1. Otherwise, I'll call it Little Andy (sounds soooo sesuatu kan! haha)
2. I've to keep the Frappucino Voucher to myself.

Oh, please don't look at it as Frappucino jerrr... Try this way
A free grande cup of fine blended coffee beans and moments to indulge in a cozy cushion at Starbucks with Yours Truly.

Hah! Ape lagi, shooooooot!

ps: Hey, you. Got Neo? Now, that makes the Two of Us!:P

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

because that was how I ended up crying.

I made a phonecall today;


"Hello... Amalin Sofia ada?"

"Che Hani! Nak datang ambik adek ke?"

"Erkkk takkk.. Che Hani kejela sayang..."

"Keje kat mane?"

"Kat Kuantan..."

"Kuantan kat mane?"

"Kat rumah Ayah Jay ngan Umi Ty..."


"Adik kat mane ni?"

"Huh. Kat Rumah Tok Ma!"

"Tipu! Adik kat rumah dengan Atok kan?"

"Takla! Kat rumah Tokma dengan Tokma la. Jauhhhhhhh sangat!"

"Haha ye la tu!"

"Bile Che Hani nak bawak Adik jalan-jalan?"

"Nantila, Che Hani balik, kita pergi jalan, ok?"

"Uh, takmolah. Nanti Che Hani bohong lagi!"


I miss you too budak comot it is even hard for me to breath to say it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

because Rumet checked my blog and there was no update

so here is for you. I miss you and you know that (oh-so-corny-but-wadehel!).

I'm trying to swallow all the facts that these people ESP my Rumet is c'untly BUSY trying to figure out which path to follow (as I may reckon, Magh clearly sees the light of her future; that is to tie the knot) and others are busy with all the Final year stuffs (interviews, project completion and presentation, and other They-Have-No-Time-For-Me Things) so I'm backing off.

But once they are complete and you guys are absolutely doing nothing, so there I'll be bugging you all to double the time to spend with me. Oh, try me!

Aliah will just be my mangsa buli with no excuse.
Ad will be the one I always asked for extensive assistance and helps!
Magh will be my companion to wherever I wanna be.
Nett will be the one who agrees on almost everything.
Aisha will be the one who quarrel when I needed a row ha-ha!
Iza will be the source of my entertainment pleasure (oh, sesuatu? haha!).
Raja will be the one who gives brilliant ideas and share same thoughts.
Hazirah will be my gossip partner.
Rumet will be the one with too many updates yet to little time to tell!

I miss these twits it hurts and even killing!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

because I have a Great life

and I need to tell myself that (all the time).

I need to start being happy, grateful; and stop being unhappy and complaining.

I have to stop comparing my current life with my previous (say: my Super great intern life, or muda-mudi at UTP) and start make something out of my current life.

Or to stop dreaming of my future or the life I never had.

When Afiq said bad things happened 3 times in a row, Husna said, 3 good lucks will follow.

I'm wishing for more than that!

And for starter;

1- Got new laptop, finally : checked!
2- Gaji dah masuk : checked
3- Will be going to KL this evening : checked
4- Met my old eye candy from zaman kegemilangan as supporter UTP soccer League : Checked
5- Somebody promised to open table, tomorrow : checked
6- Finally, New Andy is confirmed! : Checked

See! More than 3 now! My life is not that bad!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

because Afiq said bad things happened 3 times in a row..

First, Andy buat hal. Checked.

Second, Locked outside the room with all the stuffs inside for 50minutes. Checked.

Third, hurm. Third. Third Not Checked. NOT YET CHECKED.

See, we came to the part when I was waiting for Kak Gee to pick me up, kan? I went to draw money to pay for Andy's madness, when suddenly, I stepped on my own seluar. Pelik tak? not really for me.

Remember 3 years ago, graduation foundation? I stepped on my own kain baju kurung, trapped, fell, and bleed my teeth. The difference now was, I didn't bleed anything. Eventho I fell on the jalan tar. Sikitla. Kuku jari kaki. Simple so. Just pedicure (alasan2).

The thing is, I wasn't hurt, but I was mad. Not because there was a group of smelly guys from the contractor company who were laughing at me. I don't mind at all, because I could fell into a mud pool and not smelt as bad as them, but I was mad because, my HEELS have never trapped me in anyway.

I jumped and danced and run on it for God sake.

So there you go, the heels from my convocation ceremony, OFF to the honour of the dustbin. And to the future gladiator wedges I was just gonna buy tomorrow, you can say bye-bye now.

After a 10 minutes lecture by Kak Gee, I am now obliged to buy strictly Clarks and Crocs only. we will see :P

So third, fell on the jalan tar and got laughed by a group of smelly guys, CHECKED!

Monday, October 20, 2008

because Kerel said my blog is not that Hot anymore...

as in my life is not on fire anymore. nah ambek kau. weekend lps, sikit lagi nak migrain aku.

Jumaat malam, I visited Nana yg baru sampai from KL, only to find out rumah Kak Gee still under construction and that they don't have a place to stay. I don't mind at all for them to stay at mine, tp rumah ku sungguhla kecik and masih belom lengkap so I have to borrow housemates' comforter lah ape lah kan. Luckily housemates sume away so Abg Adzmi tak perlulah mcm malu2 and all. Hopefully mereka selesalah :)

But then on Saturday morning, I have to wake up same dgn org azan subuh, nak pergi beraye kt KL punye psl. The nite before Mama almost talked me into cancelling my plan to KL sb kesian dgn Kak Gee esp Nana lah kan so I almost sentap! Tapi I tetap dengan keputusan I utk pergi lagi-lagi when Kak Gee is okay with it. Naseb baek si kakak sepupu ku itu sproting habis hehe.

Dahla bas mcm siput babi, the best part is I pki baju kurung. So bayangkanlah have to lari-lari to catch the trains because mase kt bentong lagi, they all dah call from Raje's house. Argh no way I ditinggalkan!

Phone dahla gile xde bateri, Abg Vijay pulak pegi spread the news MTBE ade tank terbakar. I dhala ramai kzen yang concern, so kesianlah ain semue kol hp die haha. Tudung mcm not supportive at all, sb I have to pakai tudung pon bercerminkan tinted glass kat bus and train ha-ha. So macam berpeluh gile. Lari-lari from rumah Raje to rumah Chuna, den Durrus, and last stop rumah Hazirah. Strictly good food only. Sumpah x tipu ok I unhooked my kain inside the car haha.

Borak-borak gelak-gelak at last stop, tak sedar it was almost 8. Damn! Bas pukul 9. lari-lari lagi. tukar baju den naik Putra-STAR-sampaila Pekeliling. The bus was waiting for us only, ok. Gile x hectic!

Sampai Kuantan I tedo rumah Ain. Kitorang tedo mcm orang kne pukau. Both not moving sampai sakit tulang belikat bile bangun. Penat gile ok! Bangun-bangun I terus mandi-mandi and makan nasik lemak mak Ain yang shedapppp (nasi lemak lagi) and terus straight nak balik Terengganu.

Singgah rumah Nana kejap, kononnyalah. Only to find out Andyku kencing di atas porch baru Kak Gee. Argh dia ingat minyak murah ke sekarang suka-suka nak drip anywhere. So cancel lah plan balik ke Dungun, terpakselah menyusahkan Kak Gee and Abg Mi yang dh already pening about rumah tak siap.

Ingatkan bolehla tampal je kan kebocoran Andy gile ku itu, rupenye kene tuka the whole tank and it costs me almost 500bucks ok. Macam *mencarut* jer! Ingat aku banyak duit agaknya si Andy ni. Siap die aku tuka kete lain!

So I pon spent lah the whole day babysitting Nana dengan seronoknya. Ajar dia buat pis pis lah, main tolak2 stroller lah. call here and there and tolong Kak Gee kemas siket-siket haha. Lepas tu dah almost midnite rase mcm malas je nak balik Balok plus kene menyusahkan Kak Gee lagi untuk hantar kan, I pon rasa takpelah I amek half day leave ke den tomorrow can settle hal kerete.

The next day bangun pagi-pagi untuk settle hal kerete, beli bateri lah urus insuranlah, carik duit lagi ape sume, tapi tak mandi oke, pakai baju tido lagi! Sebab hari Kak Gee keluar dari rumahku, I asked her to leave the key dalam rumah so I xde kunci rumah. Dah 2 hari tak balik, what do you expect. Sah-sahla aku pinjam sini sana.

Bile Kak Gee bangun je, terus kitorang lari-lari to Balok. Amek kunci rumah from housemate at ofis, balik rumah jap, mandi cowboy, and amek all deodrant, bedak, sikat, perfume, masuk kerete. Pakai tudung semue dlm kerete, deodrant apetah lagi haha. Gile cowboy neh. Naseb baek ku berkebolehan pakai tudung x gosok haha.

Sampai opis, dapat call from Arif's UiTM cakap adikku kene hadir perbicaraan and amek surat pertuduhan sebab tak pergi kelas. Bunyik macam comitted mruder neh. I was like, WDF kan. Since when I held responsibility for my brother. Gile ke diorang ni. dahla siap perbicaraan watever. Saman je xboleh? tak baya saman jangan release result ke tak boleh seat exam ke. See. Macam UTP. haha.

And I kene warning sb x buat kerje last week - BIG HAHA, and kene locked out the room for 50minutes sebab they all thought I pegi lunch padahal I pegi toilet je. Diorang semue dah MIA and I terpakselah berlakon dengan makcik kantin I dropped my wallet somewhere just so I can hutang first.

Now tunggu Kak Gee pick me up plak. Semue pasal Andy gile!

Haa tengok gile tak. Siket punye panjang update!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

because I think I'm not colour blind

but if you can help me, I need to know if you guys think, merah jambu and pink are the same.

because i think they are different!

tapi kalau lain, what is merah jambu in english kan. They even have Pink Guava not Red Guava. To me

This is (closest to) Merah Jambu (that I can find haha)

And this is Pink (Baju Chuna)

Kenapa I nampak lain, ha? Ha ha.

And ini pulak Pink yang kne Punk'd! Haha.

ini barula pink. segale mak nenek sampai ke desktop pon pink ha!

Ada orang kene tipu for half an hour, kononnya si Mochi is getting married with somebody she knew (and she doesn't like much :P) around January. Ha-ha! Member dahla yang selame ni duk tensyen kwn2 btunang la kawen la apela die je lagi yang tertunggu-tunggu haha!

Kelaka ok. mati-mati dia percaya. 99.99% katenye! siap nak kahwin Raya Haji ni sebab nak lawan 'bakal isteri' Mochi yang dia tak suke nehhhh hahaha. And nak beli kad pon kat Jakarta macam minah ni hahaha.

Pink kau kelakar! Saba jela ok. aku tetap maid of honour kau bile-bile pon kau kawen! haha

Moral of the story, takde istilah baju melayu Pink ok! Sebab Pink itu sengal hahaha!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Because I have nothing to rush.

I've had conversations with people who keep me wise and sane all the times. They kind of giving me the thought that I have nothing to rush.

I'm grateful that I'm fortunate to have graduated early. Alhamdulillah. I might not say this that often but I am. I'm even more grateful that I have ample time to make a choice of my life path.

I hope that I'm not overwhelmed by the extra time that when the time comes for me to decide, it's already too late.

"Kakak ni sebenarnya ada boyfriend tak?"

"Huhu. Takdelah Kak Gee."

"Tak pernah ada ke or pernah ada but now dah takde?"

"Pernah ada, but now dah takde."

"So why tak cari bf lain? You moved on?"

"Yes I do. I just think I have nothing to rush."

"Which is true. Because we all deserve the best we can get. We can always spare some time until the best man shows and we make our pick. Good enough if we already did, but if we don't have faith that we will. Tak kesahlah kalau dulu kita jahat ke ape ke. Always doa mintak kat Allah, that you need someone good to set your path straight. Tuhan dengar doa kita, kakak"


She gets the idea. Look where it took her now! Ha-ha.

(Plus I kind of waiting for this one guy so we all just wait and see ok haha!)

Oh I love having conversations with people who keep me sane and wise!

p/s: Why, do you always have something nice to say. To make me sway? - Dewa.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Because I had 3 days of weekend (not like Pink!)

Pink lagi. Anyway:-

On friday, I get to satisfy my 5 months' cravings. Dapat makan Secret Recipe Chicken Cordon Bleu + Cafe Latte + Brownies Walnut ( for free; thanks to Snub and family!) @ Mesra Mall. Malam pulak dapat makan Johny's steamboat + Ginger Fried Rice; Ayah belanja @ East Coast Mall. Bloated habis!

Dahla dapat makan free yang I duk cravings selama ini, dapat window shopping lagi (and jumpa satu Hush Puppies white pump yang sangat murah besok pergi beli haha!)

On saturday I dapat feeling-feeling seronok drive BMW 3 series from Kuantan to Kota Kemuning. Oh so heaven!

On Sunday I berlagak-lagak feeling like Tuan Rumah at Che Awi's open (new) bungalow house @ Kota Kemuning. Oh ini super bloated sebab segala jenis food I bantai.

Ini Nana. Dia tutup kepala dia pasal hari hujan di luar kanopi. She has that kind of charm that makes everyone fall in love with her OH!

These are part of people that I grew up with. But it seems that I'm the only one who's growing up. They all are still petite and cute!

These are part of people who made this big family happened (and Happening!) they are the roots!

These are like 10% of the whole havoc thing that I love love. Cube tengok Double Aiman (Wan Aiman Huzair; yang nakal buat mata juling, and Amirul Aiman; next to him), they are super cute!

Oh today first day at Kuantan. And so far, not so bad!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ini bukan announcement marah yang kau tunggu-tunggu ya Pink!

Ini announcement perasan famous sahaja. Not that there are so many people who reads this blog, but to those who do:

1 - Today officially marks the last day I'm working in Kerteh. This Monday I'll start in Kuantan.

2 - My (betol-betol) famous cousin Nadlan @ Snubnosse Don of Anime is launching his Secret Recipe at Mesra Mall tomorrow. No free meals promised ok! Ha-ha!

Till then toodles and I'll see you guys!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

because I am a very complicated person.

Apart from the 15 + 7 facts I've revealed, still there are a few things yang I sangat pantang.

1. I sangat pantang bau bihun goreng and cili sos dalam air cond. Macam bau tong sampah tau.

2. Pantang bila ada orang buat bising waktu I tidur. Kejut I for so not important things eg kucing mati jugak tak boleh dimaafkan.

3. Pantang bila orang question I about time. Because if I said pagi besok, that means bila bangun. If I said after Zohor, that means before Asar. If I said lepas Chuna balik dating, that means selagi Chuna kat luar then thats it. Anymore question like "Tapi pukul berape" will result in inactive volcano exploded.

4. I pantang bila i tekankan point I orang cakap "jangan marah". Try buat I marah, then only you know I was just trying to convince my point. Kan kerel? :P

5. I hate it when people called others names. Like husband is "Che Abang", baby is "Awang/Semek Kecik", wifey is "Orang Rumah". Kan bes kalau cakap "Hubby/Wifey cuti hari ni. Hantar Munchkin 1st day school" kan bes?

The other day, at our open house, Ayah's friend pointing at Momma muda-muda-punya-picture.

"Eh, Kak Wan? Tu Kak Wan ke Kak Long,"
"Kak Wan la.."
"Kak Long, sebijik macam mama!"
"Yelah, pakcik. Dah KAKLONG kan anak mama Kak Long! (insert muka marah here)"

I have a name. And it is not Kak Long.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am so gonna have Haeqal to shoot for my wedding.

Orang lain sibuk upload gambar raya, I am more excited about gambar convo yang I just got last 2 days.

Collection by Haeqal. Malas lah nak upload sekeping-sekeping banyak sangat. Kalau nak kat facebook ada.

Ini khas untuk Shima. Because when I said I got to salam with Tun, she almost cried haha!

Oh boleh tak I nak Haeqal, Bobo, Rumi, and Fahmi to shoot for my wedding? Kalah Ning Baizura.

ps: oh anoouncement marah dah buang. pasal husna kate kene censored name kompeni so tak thrill la kan. lagipon i mood baik hari ni. plus i gune censored kompeni punye internet to update blog kan. ha-ha. masibla korang :P

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya was just another Raya..

A few highlights during hari raya (yang agak best!)

1) I still got duit raya ok. the best thing is I fell into kategori Remaja Universiti which usually memberi keuntungan lebih. Koolness!

2) Irfan Danish was the besterestest kid. we all fell in love with him!

3) Kelaka tengok muka Ayah when I gave him an Angpow. He sang "yeay! yeay! Ayah dapat angpow" a few times ok!

4) Oh the best session haruslah sessi main kad / mengumpat / attending open houses with cousins / aunties / uncles =D

5) Tak banyak jammed, not like last year! teori Azman, tahun ni, semue org raye on the other side. tahun depan baru raye side terengganu pulak!

Gambar ini saya tujukan khas buat sepupu Aishah yang sudah bertunang *_*

6) And I recycle pakai baju kurung waktu konvo, dan tiada kemre hns!

Selamat Hari Raya semua! Jemput datang rumah. Lots Of Love!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whatever Seven

I'm trying to kill some time here so let me be ok. Cik Izzah, thanks for making me do this. Ha-ha.

1. I'm an avid blogger. I write and read blogs a lot.

2. I am a better manual-cars driver than an auto-one.

3. Whenever I'm driving, perkara yang paling I pantang is, kereta depan yang suka brek-brek. And co-pilot yang tidur. Ha-ha.

4. I have a pair of very sensitive eyes. I'm allergic to bawang and sunshine (not you budak kecik!) ke sunlight. Whatever.

5. I watched Grey's Anatomy religiously. I am now talking to myself in Grey's tone.

6. I have all different names for all phases of my life. School I was Azhani, MRSM I was Zhani slash Zac. UTP I was Zac/Mia. Work I am Hani. So whenever I text all my contacts it goes like "Selamat Hari Raya - Azhani/Zac/Mia/Hani". Belom campur family. Boleh?

7. I hardly give a care about anything. Macam contohnya "Wey dah buat FYP blom, besok present!" You can look straight to my eyes and you can really tell I don't give a fcuk. Try me!

Oh besok dah raya tapi hari ini I kerja. Bukan macam orang bank yang malas nak load duit sampai semua machine Out Of Service. (Oh I can say this sebab I kerja ok so eat it!)

Tak baik emo akhir Ramadhan kan! SO Happy Hari Raya everyone!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raya is not that Raya anymore

Now that I don't have to berebut beli tiket bas pulang ke kampung and make a plan on pukul berape nk ke Medan Gopeng, sape nak hanta, berbuke kat mane, balik dengan siapa and bla bla.

You know what I missed; the feeling which I'm the only person left when everyone else has gone back to their hometown. So when I get to, walaweyh, that FEELING is undescribable.

Oh seriously, all the No Baju Raya and No Duit Raya thigs is simply nothing to me. I'm used to it. Raya still felt like Raya along 5 years ago when I didn't have any of em.

But to not be able to balik kampung now, something is really missing. =(

Oh but hey new excitement, giving Duit Raya! I'm excited and I don't know why! I already have all the notes inside the sampul WITH names written on each and every one of em (oh double check tonite to make sure nobody is left! haha)

I guess that's all about it, changing. You know, it does suck but wadeheck. =)

Oh, Selamat Hari Raya. In case I didn't make it to wish you in another 2 days!

Lots of Love.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I need to stop reading people's blogs that have..

+ a cute kid with cute lil designers' dress and shoes with Peg Prego stroller and Coach diaper bag.

+ pregnant ladies wearing Naf Naf and Topshop.

+ Magnificent weddings at some 5 stars hotel with at least Riezman Ruzaini dress featuring Siti Nurhaliza as the guest artist.

+ newlyweds going for honeymoon in Barbados or Maldives. Or anywhere in the world.

+ boyfriend making good money.

+ husband making good money.

+ married couples living abroad.

+ malaysian students living abroad.

+ people who bought new cars, new sunglasses, tunics, jeans, and makeups that are all designer's brands.

+ people who bought too many of em that they decided to sell some of it at half price.

+ people who got increment and bonuses and promotions.

+ people who gets to eat good food and good food only.

I'm not jealous. I tend to NOT be grateful. urgh!

Oh tiba-tiba officemate yang bising cakap "tu semue dunie.." haha not so irony now!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Unconditional Love

The Bestmate

After almost 2 months now, bestmate have safely boarded to Germany, again. Sad but True. Haven't heard from him yet, but I really hope that he has arrived there, safe and sound.

Now you wannabe free, so I'm letting you fly. Cause you know in my Heart, babe. Our Love will never die - no.

See, Lalim. Our Love will never die, ok? (walaupon rambut you lagi stret dari rambut I :p)


14 years, babe! empat-belas.. fourteen..vierzehn... =)

Babe, thanks for making my 2 days 2 nights stay at your crib meaningful. No words can simply describe! Jangan lupa cari kerja dekat Kuantan! =p

The Best Companion

Raja, Thanks for the being the project manager (ada bakat kau!). No plan cannot be executed for there is will there is always a way, kan =D

Hazirah & Sis, Thanks for the lift from The Curve to Amcorp Mall.

Shern Shou & Mrs, Thanks for the lift from Amcorp Mall to Hentian Putra (and so the biscuits offer =D)

Fiz (sebenanye die panggil Ayu la =P), Thanks for the cake desert.

Kerel, Mahen, Chuna, and Seema, Thanks for the catching up moments =)

Other Orang Mekar, we do wish you were there too =(

Eden Amcorp Mall, Thanks for letting no one enter your restaurant and make it like our own Maple :p

The Boyfriend (?)

Jauh di mata, dekat di hati.
Take good care of yourself, Love =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

If i tell you a secret, don't tell anyone about it, ok.

Macam kool jugak tulis title panjang-panjang kan. Oh anyway,

the other day out of nowhere entah dari mana-mana I suddenly chatted dengan Afiq. Not so weird but whatever. So we were chatting-chatting and suddenly he said

"kau jangan cakap siapa-siapa tau. ini rahsia aku cakap dengan kau saje"

oh ok. then only baru nak menggelabahla carik balik all the log (because dah terbiasa after cakap siket close the window) and I can't find dia cakap pasal apa.

But anyhow I don't think it's that important pon kan. Afiq, kan?

Then later that afternoon I chatted with Moci pulak. Macam biasa. And suddenly he said

"EH tapi ni aku cakap dengan kau je tau"

And it was important I was so almost clicking on Pink's name to tell her. But now I already lupa.

So moral of the story, if you think it's a secret, don't bother telling me it is. Because I dah lupa dah pon haha. But there's a chance jugak I TERmention to anyone about the secret because I kinda forget it's a secret, kan?

Anyway, petang ini pergi bersuka-ria. Yahuu!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That Tag Game

No one tagged me (maybe they did I just forgot) but I feel like doing it when Husna did it.

Can I or can't I dig 15 weird / unknown / yada yada facts about moi? we'll see.

1. I pressed my kaftan. You know kaftan? That piece of cloth malay ladies put on to bed. Oh just freaking google it.

2. I used to be good with number. Be it birthdays, phone number, IC number, Exam ID. During our first semester foundation I checked the results for all 10 of us. Ha-ha.

3. I talk A LOT. I mean a lot like if I don't get to talk I'd cry. Oh and my phone bills explained.

4. I used to be a football/wrestling/F1 junkie. Having Steve Austin Stone Cold poster hang in my room was coolness back then.

5. I inherit the dislike towards cats from my ancestors. Haha. Trust me none of my cousins like em.

6. I hate walking in front of reflected glass because I tend not to be grateful of the two currently functioning legs I have.

7. I am cultured yet conservative. and I am still VIRGIN. (conservative.. daa..)

8. I am an extremely coffee-addict.

9. I am a homo-friendly person. I get along well enough with gays and lesbians.

10. I am currently afraid to go on a new relationship. The last one turned out to be so bad like I dont' deserve.

11. It is supreme difficult for me to find a jeans that fit nicely. I always bought those from men line because the ladies just happened to be too small for me NOT until I discovered Dorothy Perkins. Ha-ha.

12. I LOVE LOVE kids and they just love me back.

13. Here's something for UTP friends: at home, I don't go out after Maghrib. Ha-ha. ok? ayu tak?

14. I am the most crankiest person if I wake up due to uncontrollable noise when I was sleeping. I hate the most: housemates screamed because the freaking 8am class is canceled. I just miss that now :(

15. I eat variety of cuisine. From Malay, to Indian, to Chinese, to Jawa (oh love love daging dendeng mak Chuna), to Italian, to Thai, to Western. Oh and I eat a lot. (daa?)

I digged only 14. the last one is from Husna. Haha.

Oh and notice that title. Tak perlulah perihal-perihal. I hated it when people make a big fuss about it. :P

Lots of Love.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Perihal Remaja

Zul from the office asked;

"Hani, kau pernah pergi disko tak?"

Disko? My goodness what year was he born in?

Gelak setan before I said a big No No No.

what ever Disko means. Kelab dangdut pon I tak pernah Ok.

See. I dont know what's got into his mind that he has such idea to ask me such question.

Well I do get the same question a few times but not when I dressed this descent!

I believed he reads my blog/ found my facebook/ know anyone from my circle of friends.

Thus he judged me.



Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perihal Boros

You still remember this favourite sunglasses from 2007?
It is now R.I.P peacefullllly in Amalin's hands.

Hurmph. And you all know how much I AM CRAZZZZY about all these sunglasses (that I have all collections from white to brown to black to pink!)

So since I decided that I NEED to get myself something from the first pay, so what else could it be. How GUESSable!

Something that suits my face whenever I'm on tudung, or off tudung. Ops.

And something to go with *ehem* another little something (that Chuna, Aisha, and the other besties already knew) that is not YET to be announced here.

As for you guys, go figure out (as if it's too important). I promise as soon as it is here, you'll be the first to know.

A simple clue: it's orangey, and it's ULTIMATE ORGASM!

Lots of Love!