Sunday, August 16, 2009

Selamat Berkonvokasi

Untuk Kawan-kawan yang kita suka (TM)

Selamat-selamat menjadikan hari ini sebagai titik permulaan segala-galanya.

to those who received my Helo Kamu SMS, yup yup I may send em in a bulk, but just so you know, I picked the recipients.

So yes, you're the chosen one(s). Yahuu to urself now!

To those who doesnt, either you're not graduating, or i may not have your number. In case you havent been here a lot lately, I LOST MY PHONE TSK T_T

Lots of Love all the way from Terengganu,
Tuan Puteri.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tengku Yang Hilang.

Hello hello. Tuan Puteri kembali selepas semalaman beradu seorang diri.

Semalam Tuan Puteri bermimpi saorang Putera turun dari kayangan menaiki Kuda yang hensem.

Putera pon hensem juga.

Adakah ini bermaksud Tuan Puteri bakal bertemu jodoh hidup dan mati?

Tuhan sahaja yang tahu (dalam hati, MINTAK MINTAK).

Oh ya, Tuan Puteri sangat mengidamkan untuk bersuamikan saorang Tengku (yang gemuk atau kurus). Barulah Tuan Puteri boleh memberi nama-nama antik tanpa dipersoalkan.

Tengku Rashid Bin Tengku X
Tengku Idrees Bin Tengku X
Tengku Zahara bin Tengku X
Tengku Arfah bin Tengku X

Kalau tanpa tengku, cacat sungguh kejadiannya.


Azwin Rashid bin Azwin Andy
Azwin Idrees bin Azwin Andy
Azwin Zahara bin Azwin Andy
Azwin Arfah bin Azwin Andy

(eh eh macam bes jugak kan eh eh eh)

So, mana-mana Tengku yang tersesat ke sini, CALL ME!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maaf Semua.

Sebab Tuan Puteri ini, tidak tetap iman kejadiannya.

Maka hari ini, kamu-kamu rakyat jelata, tidak perlu menunjukkan passport untuk masuk ke negara titahan kita.

Jerit keriangan sekarang! (rakyat jelata : YAHOO!)

Oh ya, sekarang kita bukan lagi si kuntum (ape kuntum kuntum?) Sekarang dah jadi Tuan Puteri, y'all!

Sebelum kita menarik diri, INGAT! jaga perilaku, kalau tidak kita buang daerah lagi!

Hihi. Selamat berseronok wahai rakyat.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Semoga beroleh keberkatan.

Title tiada kene mengena. But anyway;

i've been wanting to blog about my one-day experience with Abg Adzmi and Kak Gee's Herbalife Coach (coach wif capital letter C sangat tempting kan!), Caren (beginikah spelling nama beliau?) oh tidak. selepas double check nama beliau adalah Karine.

Oh anyway, check out here how Abg Adzmi lost 13kgs in 10 weeks jeng jeng jeng.

So it started with Caren (forgive me *however your name is spelled*) Karine showed me some pictures of her successful customers, told me her history wif herbalife, blah blah blah, standard marketing strategy-lah.

Then I'm started to amaze and all, blah blah blah, and next, the weighing session.

Tau tak yang Herbalife ni macam ada weighing scale diorang sendiri la, then it shows how much water, fat, muscle, bone and all in your body. Basically how your body is constructed lah.

And then tibalah masa si perempuan gemuk ini menaiki weigh scale yang nampaknya sungguh fragile itu.

And then the results came out. What I like about Careen Karine is that she's calmed all the way. No sounds like 'AIYAKKK MANYAK BELAT WOOO' or 'WHAT THE HELL ARE U A MONSTER' so i was relieved lah siket.

Then she handed me the paper before proceeding with consultation.

SO the results was; jeng jeng jeng.

My weigh was is like a few belas-belas kg away to reach 100. PERCAYA TAK?

My water level is 44% when everyone should have at least 55% that is like I'm less 8litre of water PER DAY gile tak?

My Fat level is like 22% more than what a woman my age should have BEST TAK?

yang paling bes ialah I have metabolism age of a 48year old woman BOLEH TAK?

WAW I'm a living proof of what a NOT-HEALTHY person should be!

Oh tapi yg terbaik ialah my bone structure level is 3.5 that is wayyyy over good because normal person should have something below 2 if I can still remember. Careen Karine bagi satu star *yahuu*!

Ok cerita lain (malas nak conclude pasal kegemukan) the other day i received a call from a very strange number.

STranger: Hello sayang
48-year-old-woman : HELLOOO (excitedly taktau kenapa)
Stranger : I baru boleh bangun ni...
48-year-old-woman : Oh whyyyy you kena H1N1 ker?
Stranger : Hoi penat lah from Kak Long's wedding!

Haha ok so it was my bestfriend seriously I thot it was Macha!

Now 48-year-old-woman you better have some dignity! how come so many people call you Sayang now! Demit!

Oh ya oh ya! hurm.. malas la nak cakap haha.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friendship never ends is never cliche.

Yesterday i went to my cousin's house to pick up a few things, only to be greeted by my uncle at the entrance reciting Yassin.

Quite weird to hear people reciting Yassin out loud at noon don't you think.

So i asked my cousin, did anyone pass away or something, because this is kinda weird to me.

Then my cousin replied, 'Yes, his bestfriend'

It gets even wierder now that I think at 60, friendship dies with time. But he still has bestfriend. Hurm.

So I went home, told my mum the whole thing and asked her if she still has what we call bestfriends.

She told me a story.

Last 2 weeks she went back to Kota Bharu and had a late nite chit chatting supper with her girlfriends. they were updating each other about their mid-life crisis husband, growing up teenage children, dream daughters' weddings and what not when one of her friends, Aunty A, told her something.

Aunty M, another friend, has always been someone who's not good at cleaning up messes and tidying up house and rooms but now that the husband is having mid life crisis, he starts to notice that this thing annoys him so much.

So Aunty M told Aunty A that she is worried that her recklessness of tidying up might ruin her marriage, only to have Aunty A came to the rescue.

You know what she does?

Every two weeks, she will make a visit to Aunty M's house, clean up her house, prepare dishes, do the laundry, basically, does everything that a Bibik would do.

While telling this story, Aunty M was there and listen to Aunty A. And she was not mad at all that Aunty A is telling the girls what she didn't do.

Quite impressive ey?

I know i have friends like that too. I just don't know if they'll still be the way they are 30 years to come.

Then my mum reminds me that, a friend is a reflection of ourselves. they are how we treat them to be.

Now it gets more amazing!