Monday, May 25, 2009

My Happy Birthday.

When the clock striked 12 I knew that I should be expecting calls and texts. Lots of calls and calls and texts and texts.

The first call was from Reen. As much as I didn't see it coming, I am so happy that she remembers my birthday. As soon as we hung up, Aisha called. Then I knew I should be expecting more calls.

But there were nothing. No calls, no texts. None whatsoever.

The excitement for tomorrow's netball game seriously wasn't helping. I couldn't sleep! And the worst thing is, I thought I should be reading text after text when none actually came into my phone.

I told myself maybe people have already slept. Everyone is working and they tend to get sleepy earlier now. Maybe they will text/call as soon as they woke up.

And then the Subuh Adzan. People should have started to wake up by now, I should get more calls and texts! But hey, still nothing.

As I was driving to the court, still no texts! But Seema called. Contented that someone actually does remember my birthday.

And then Chuna called before I left for the game and left my phone in the bag. After the game, I came back to my phone only to receieve 3 missedcalls from Dell the BFF.

No text.

I couldn't help but to figure out why people forgot my birthday. Have I not gave enough reminders? :p

And then lunchtime. I received a few calls but hey, no texts! And those people who called, they complained that it was difficult to reach me.

Then I figured out, maybe, now, it is time for me to take my birthday like just another day. You see, things are changing. Maybe, people don't wish you happiness on your birthday anymore.

Until momma called to tell me that she texted me a few times asking me about the games only to receive no reply for me. NOW I realised. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY PHONE!

So I restarted it, only to receive at least 50 texts (consisting of birthday wishes, missed calls notification, maki-maki hoi apsal tak dapat call! :P) from those people who matters a lot to me!

Ah ha ha ha ha. SILLY ME and STUPID N80!!!

And then I went to the court again, for the semi finals, ONLY to be greeted by a LOUD LOUD LOUD happy birthday song sang by the whole netball team (and super supporters!) OMG! haha.

Later that night, after having steamboat dinner with the family at Rumbia, and to receive a very suprising present *_* from them, I went back to Rumah Petronita where the whole Gebeng Raiders Netball Team stayed. And they suprised me with a Secret Recipe New York Cheesecake.

Terharu sangat sangat sangat!

The next day, not only that we won 3rd place for the netball game (oh lala! hehe) Kak Zuli and family suprised me with a birthday dinner ANDDDD another birthday cake!

And Little Amalin, gave me a birthday present.

A CAT! haha

So I said, for this year, my birthday is not just another day! it is just another special day! SO, maybe next year =p

Thanks to you guys who called, texted, wall-posted, wrote a blogpost for me (even those who remembers but forget to wish :P) !!! haha. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLL!

Happy Happy Happy to be 23!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One day!

No. Not my birthday countdown. It is the day to our netball tournament!!! OMG dah lama tak main netball. I can't wait!

Ehem. Mintak-mintak berkat birthday, dapatlah champion ke kan?

*dancing dancing for Gebeng Raiders!*

Aliah wished me last nite. I am happy that she's the first to wish, but she did really wish 24hours earlier. Haha. Kak, y tak wish taun lepas? :P

And now Afiq dah kecoh-kecoh pasal free calls. I didn't know that on my birthday I got to make calls for free.

Little that I remember I did not register my bills on my name. ARGHHHH. so no free calls but waittttttttt

I did register his number which I bought about a year ago on my name . Sooo

guess who will be getting free calls and SMSs on my birthday?


Tataula if kau tak call to wish me on my birthday lagi kan!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Those wishes.

How easy was it when we were small when birthday wishes were easier.

I wish I will get a bicycle. Or roller blade. Or barbie doll. Or barbie house.

Or more cookies. cookies and cookies and unlimited cookies. with milk. unlimited milk.

or no playtime curfew and no limited television time.

new dresses. and a pair of princess crown.


it is easier than having to wish that I will get lots and lots and lots of money so that I can buy a new car/new house/new phone/ eurotrip package.

or having to wish to have a boyrfriend sooner, or to wish that someone will surprise you on your birthday.

or even to get your pay on your birthday.



I have been given one most precious news as an early birthday present.

soon to be hot young mummy with soon to be freaking beautiful sexy fabulos young aunty.


Monday, May 18, 2009

He's Just Not THAT Into You

After the bowling tournament, despite segala kelenguhan yang killing me, I still managed to spend some time walking round the mall. And I found this.

Oh. Flashback sikit.

Yours truly telah dipaksa oleh ofismate beliau untuk joined (keyword disini: ED) Bowling tournament that was organised by iPerintis East Coast Sports and Recreation Club. Which, from what I understood, is held annually.

and no, bukanlah beliau itu sangat pandai berbowling, tapi sebab ada award for lowest scorer, yours truly berjaya jugak menyahut cabaran paling agung tersebut.

So yes, after HUNDREDS of throws and trust me - NO LONGKANG AT ALL - gile amazing!!! haha - I managed to score this

Siapakah Zahani Itewwww

and see that LAST score, that is so my first 100-pins in my whole life woot woot!

oh btw, that kid i was holding and another one down here,


ahh. I just love kids. can i have one, please?

OH back to the title. So as expected, without further adue, yours truly terus mencapai DVD tersebut dan membuat purchase.

And ended up looping the movie in her laptop the whole weekend sampai tertido! Ho ho ho.

Ben Affleck and Jen A, My favret nak jadi mcm diorg please!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

One birthday wish is slashed.

Suzuki Swift it is.

Turned me on, Darlink!

(aaron, I still love you!)

And oh Birthday is just another week a way. For this year I have only one wish (which I particularly steal from Raja's blog) that is

To get more so that I can spend more (on holidaysss)!

(or something like that! Ha-ha)

So 2009;

Swift. Checked.

Holidays. Wished!

New handphone with both QWERTY pad and touch pad AND 3G.

Dear God, let me check that, PLEASE!

(by showing that I reallly have some cool friends who are working with SHELL, SLB, PETRONAS, MIMOS, AND WHATNOTS)

With Love,
7 days to 23!

ps: Angels and Demons is awesome! And really, MS Garden got free wireless oke!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aishah, Satu aje oke?

She made me do this after she did it.

Of all pics when I was small, I love this one the most.

I believe this was during the time when all we do was having fun.

Meeting cousins are like the most to-look-for event every week.

Kalau dah pergi holiday, tak sah tak mandi pool.

Kalau dah mandi pool, tak sah kalau taknak berendam sampai berjam-jam.

Kalau dah berendam sampai berjam-jam, bila nak naik tak sah kalau tak nangis.

(yang paling besar 2 orang tepi sekali tu pon tak terkecuali ok. Jangan tipu! Haha)

Now I percaye I memang penakut dari kecik (buktinya, habis tepi sekali duduk)

And believe it or not, yang mana perut berlapik tuh masihla lagi berlapik hingga ke hari ini (termsuklah yours truly haha)

dan yang kurus tu memanglah kurus sampai sekarang!

Dan yang baju biru, tepi sekali belah kanan tu, dah ada anak satu, and is pregnant with another.


Zaman-zaman kecik memang terbaik, kan?


Monday, May 11, 2009

Sementara stok masih ada.

This year's 10th of May was like the most depressed 10th of may in my life.

Not only that it was Arwah Cik Nor's birthday (I am not allowed to mention this in front of Ayah, since 5 years back. Dia akan lecture me on how not good it is to grieve on mereka yang telah pergi)

And it was Mama and Ayah's 24th anniversary.

And it was Mother's Day.

Worst thing of all, I WAS AT HOME (and moneylessss).

after somewhat like, 10 Years of never having to say 'Happy Anniversary Mama, Ayah. Plus Happy Mother's Day', LIVE inf ront of their eyes.

I had (to try) to do it over and over again at breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, before sleep.


(and in the blog!!!)

But they said, sementara stok masih ada. So yes,

(the Nth time!)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If it kills me.

I cannot pretend like I am okay.
I cannot pretend like I don't care.
I cannot pretend like it doesn't matter to me.
I cannot pretend that it's fine for me to know that you're not okay.

I cannot ignore the fact that you've changed.
I cannot simply swallow the fact that we're not the same.

I cannot be in the crowd and see that you're not there.
I cannot be alone and know that you're not around.
Even worse I cannot be with you and know you're not you anymore.

It's like you're so near yet so far away.
So reachable yet so out of touch.

I cannot be with them and drink their coffee
when I know they don't even know my favourite but you do

I cannot listen to the songs that we used to sing together
I cannot see the pictures of us dancing together

I cannot wear the shirt we bought each a pair
I cannot laugh to the jokes we used to share

I want to be able to cry on your shoulder again
I want to be able to share the secrets with you again

I want to be able to leave all the memories behind
But it hurts everytime I remember when I screwed up
you stayed

I cannot stand the pain.
It hurts and aches so much that it might kill me.

It might kill me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

cloud Nine






p/s: I decided to not write about Redang (YET) because I'm afraid I would write LESS. So please feel free to visit my friends' blogs for the details.

p/p/s: Rindu.