Monday, November 23, 2015

Teman Lelaki Sumpahan 2.0

I've wrote about how I felt so much in love with Ezwan Lutfi of Teman Lelaki Upahan here. It's not the person, it's the character. So hard to find someone like that isn't it.

However.. last Saturday we went to watch Mak Cun theatre. I had no idea what it was all about, but I went anyway because a friend dragged me haha. BUT, it was so good, I had good time laughing!

The show ended pretty late so we rushed for Asar prayer. By the time we both were done praying, the meet and greet session was over (or maybe there was no meet and greet, I don't know) but anyway I was not entitled for meet and greet anyway.

As we walked back to our car, there he was... walking his mother to her car. Just me, my friend, him and his mother. And the rain.

We stopped under the rain and I waited for him to wave his mother goodbye and all before asking for a photo. Drama much, rain and all.

To answer a common question.. 'is he really good looking?' To my eyes, he is. In fact, he is all that I want (auw..).

Raja be like, if this is all you want, Zac, you are so getting married before me. This kind of guy.. SO EASY TO FIND.

LOLSSS Seriously!

Friday, November 20, 2015

13 going on 30

That moment when your adik dorm invited you to her wedding. .
The last time you saw each other, she was thirteen and you were sixteen, thirteen years ago. She hadn't even have her period yet! Haha. 

The thing about being form 4 is you supposed to be matured and em kids supposed to respect you and stuff, but me, i don't give good impression. I was the senior that asked my juniors to cover me if I'm late to class or if I ponteng prep, they got to ponteng with me. Shima, on the other hand, was the garang senior (you made a mess you clean it up or she will hunt you down haha) and Haida was the skema one.. if you ponteng solat jemaah or wake up late or something you will get a mouthful from her.

By the way, today I saw Munah. She is still the same Munah, bubbly, talks a lot, funny, out of her mind sometimes. So I feel like she's still 13 and I'm like.. you're too young to get married sista! And she replied

'I'm 26!!!'

They grew up too fast! Sigh.

'And you're like.. 30?'

'Hello!!! I'm 29 okay!'

'One year.. big deal..'

She didn't know better did she... I'll make sure Shima and Haida teach her a good lesson later!

I'm happy to know my sisters are doing so well, anyway (Munah made me informed of how the 4 of my adik dorm doing in a report of 15 minutes presentation..). We were so closed and a tragedy separated us.. so we are like children going on different custody. Haha. Well those were the days!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Bangkok Trip

Once upon a time, a pair of friends randomly decided to visit Bangkok on a weekend. It was so random, that only after what felt like MILLION years later, I got to see the photos! Haha.

A trip is always a great trip no matter how random it was, I can't believe we still remember what we did, where we went and what we ate / purchased (I don't travel that much, I should remember all that, but Aishah is a jetsetter!) Today we had a great time reminiscing all these while browsing through all these just-found photos that have been missing since aeons ago.

I remembered I love Bangkok, tho. It was so friggin hot (we went sometime around June, Vivy Yusof got married while we were there. Now, she has 2 babies already... that's how long!), but we lost count how much we walked. we were there for 3 days only, if I'm not mistaken, yet we managed to go to almost every tourists attractions.

Platinum Pratunam, Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok, Siam Niramit, Chatuchak.. what else. That place where people buy Thai Silk.. can't hardly remember. We stayed at Woriburi Sukhumvit, nice place BUT non halal breakfast people, be careful. It's in the middle of the city and walking distance to nearest MRT station (Nana) made our trip easier access to so many places.

These, however, happened 3 years ago. I have no idea if Bangkok is still the same (i'm pretty sure some haven't changed like the food are to die for and stuff). Time to revisit, maybe?

Looking at old travel photos is never good for both my emotion and my bank account.

p/s: I asked Aishah if there is atleast one picture of both of us and she said.. not so many. we took turns to take photo so there's a pic of each of us at the same spot. How lame, life before selfie stick, people!