Thursday, April 17, 2014

Turning 30 (not me, tho)

Can see myself there when I'm 30 (THO I really can't wait to be 30).

ps: 'What do you wanna do before you're 30?' 'I wanna stay single ALL the way to 30'

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kerana Kasih Ku Turutkan

Have you ever stand up so fast that you can feel all the blood gushed to your head and immediately feel like falling down. Yup. That was me the whole weekend.

Went back to Terengganu by bus, the same night the Transnasional bus fell off the cliff or something at Bentong, yup, scared the hell out of me to learn the news knowing that we were on the same route! and then went to the UiTM family day immediately after I reached my hometown, shopping and window shopping with mummy, met Wan after so long, dinner with the whole family + Kak Zuli and went to KT the next day, anddd the big game Liverpool vs Mancity before my bus back to KL

puhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just by writing this I could feel the blood gushing to my head!

But, it was all so SO so very priceless, the moment I found out we all will be back home at the same time, I couldn't wait to go back and argue over TV channel and who get to hold the remote control with my brothers (little thing that you miss as you grow old and not live in your parents' home anymore)

Left to right : Bro - Arsenal, Mom - Ruud Gulit, Dad - Manchester United/Chelsea/JDT/anything on top of any league, Me - Manchester City, Bro - Liverpool

(Yes everytime we mention about any kind of football Mum will always said 'I only know Ruud Gulit'. Haha OK Maa!)

(And Dad, he doesn't have a favourite, any team winning is his team, unless it's Chess)

My very precious. even more precious when Silva and Johnson scored and Man City leveled and my Liverpool fanatic brother over here on the very right started to curse and said all the bad things I just wished for another goal for Liverpool!

Even though it means that we are one step away from the trophy, it doesn't matter, because for once I would love for Gerrard to win this anddd I would love to be there when Manchester turns blue. Knowing that no way in hell i could afford to be there this year, hence hoping for enough fund for me to be there next season! Pray!

Friday, April 11, 2014

100 Days

Look how much we have grown.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Peri Cintaku

Last weekend I was invited to a wedding with Mama and Ayah. It was a wedding of Mama's friend's daughter. Total random, total stranger, but Mama has been reminding me since December that I MUST attend this wedding. Mkay, Mum.

There was no highlight of the wedding. I don't know the couple, I don't like the place, I don't like seated weddings, the food is not that good, it was just a night for me, until I saw this.

I was a wee bit jealous of my Mama and her girlfriends. They are all pretty and look so young albeit being in their mid 50s already. So jealous of their bond and their 'brunch with girlfriends' kinda day, everyday.

Not to mention they are so frigging rich. SOOO JEALOUS.

Me and my girlfriends will get there, we will!

ps: it's that time of the year, again. You know, the dreading e-filing. Remember, dalam rezeki kita ada rezeki orang lain. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I can totally relate

Maybe we'll eventually drift towards the shore.
What shore? That could take months.
Better not take more than nine or else there'll be another person on this boat.
What? I wasn't gonna say anything until we got back.
I'm having a baby.
A baby? Sharon, wow.
I know, I know.
When are you due?
Oh, thank God. You can still be in my wedding. What?
Ah! I'm getting married. Tom proposed, I said yes...

Well, you were supposed to be my maid of honor, but of course I didn't hear from you.
Sharon feels too conspicuous since she's popped. So, guess what? I had to ask Tom's 51-year-old sister... who looks like Jerry Springer and doesn't like me... all because my best friend couldn't stand me being so happy.
Why? Why is that? Because our lives were moving on and you weren't the center of attention anymore?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Almost is never Enough

So I was talking about finding a way to heaven with my friends. I was imagining, you know, holding hands, singing shalala, hello Heaven! Little that I know, my friends, maybe are already ahead. Like this one here.

A few months ago I tweeted about having only 1 (ONE) purple shirt in my wardrobe. Look what came into my mail last week.

Not just one, but TWO purple shirts. (and btw, those scarves, are new too. Among another 7 that were in the parcel!)

Sigh. My friends are going to be like 'LOL Zac, faster!!!'

BTW keep on believing that there's something good in everyday though everyday may not be a good day.
I am almost there, 30% on my way, I hope I'll make it on time, InsyaAllah.

ps: Almost is Never Enough - Ariana Grande.