Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thing you wish that money cannot buy.

Siapa pernah call radio, and get thru, and hung up, sebab tak tau nak cakap ape?

I pernah. tau apa I buat. I call balik.
And got thru again. Apa itu?
Dah la taktau nak minta apa ni???
Kenapa senang sangat call radio ini sampai call 2 kali pon tetap tembus???

So u tau apa I minta.
I minta nak jumpa dengan National Football Team.
'Oh come one. There must be one particular person you really like!!'

'Oh come on Nadia. of course the goalkeeper!!'

image source

A few weeks later, there was this tweet, on the twitterville.

'I'm looking for the girl who called to meet Kahirul Fahmi the goalkeeper'

I RT. I DM. I tweet my phone number. I suruh kawan2 I RT until Nadia noticed that it's me.

'We may have something planned for you'

And about 10days later,

Hani & Fahmi on FLY FM Fix It

Oh My God. I may sound Bimbo. I may sound gedik whatever, but that was a suprise. Thank you Nadia!!!

All these;

Bukit Jalil for AFF Suzuki 2010 1st Leg Final.

That's him doing his 290 kinds of stretching positon.

At Hassan, watching the 2nd Leg Final.

KLIA with Shima menyambut Wira kita sudah pulang :)

Itu Kamu :D

Gigih nak ambil gambar in one frame!


is so worth it.

Jom Lunch makan sotongggggggggggg :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fix it.

A few weeks ago, I called fly fm fix it to fix a problem of mine.

It wasn't really a problem, it was more like a wish.

Today my wish sorta come true, but something more awesome is HOPEFULLY really on the way.

Tomorrow, baby. Don't forget to tune in to Fly Fm pagi show from 730 to 930. Just a heads up, I MAY be on air ;p

Why and what, gotta wait for tomorrow baby.

Is my problem fixed? YeSsssss fly fm! Sooo much :D
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yuna - Coffee

I was given a long holiday and now I'm home.

I was home last week but this weekend only I know that, Mama and Ayah are in love with Yuna.

Everything Yuna. Yuna this, Yuna that. Haha.

Oh well. who argue she has such talent. great voice, great sense of music, great sense of guy (ok siapa tak suka qi!), great sense of fashion.

And in the middle of youtube-ing her videos (courtesy of parents, putting all Yuna's songs in queue) I fell in love with this.

Gotta grab her new CD now at the 7E. Maybe even ask dad to purchase one for me haha.

Ahh. Nothing like home. Even when it comes to great music.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saya Bachelorette, saya ok.

"I want you to wake up every day, I want you to wake up every night, knowing that you are loved.

When we first hugged, we lay down. I know I want to do it everyday. I know I want to do it forever.

You say you want a man who can love you, take care of you.

I want to be that man.

Ali Fedotowski, will you marry me? "

Roberto to Ali, Bachelorette, S6.

I will, find my own Roberto.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hentikan sosial kampung.

No, seriously. When you asked

'Awak bila lagi?'

at a wedding, when you know better that I have no plan to do so, what do you expect?


;stop you from asking the stupid question again and again
;makes you understand that WHY RUSH?
;will not make me celupar, or kurang ajar or inappropriate.

Seriously? So you think asking that question in the first place, is APPROPRIATE much?


And so too 'makin kurus/gemuk' komen. Stop it. Stop it will you?

Sosial kampung gotta stop.

Orang kampung pon tak kampung macam you, you see?
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sofea Jane.

So AJL, yeah. Ana Raffali wins. Ok.

Just like Klubbkidd said, 'If art has to be explained, that means the artist failed to convey the art'.

My personal pick was Sofea Jane, albeit Black performed really bad that night (not as good as Semi Finals), I still think the song is strong.

Kau ibarat permata di dalam hiasan kaca
Yang tak bisa disentuh namun hanya boleh dipandang
Ingin sekali ku sentuh ingin jua ku miliki

Motif sangattt gambar sekadar hiasannn nii hahaha

Tonight i'm going back to Terengganu after 2 months. Ohh rindunya.

ps: something really awesome may be is happening now, I don't know, we all don't know yet. But if we wait, there, may be :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lambs, Shades, Hats, Kepala Sotong, and Kids Pool ; For the Win!

Fireworks hit the cloud and I was sipping teh tarik with Mama and Ayah at mamak while gossipping about Marion and Nasa wed ala-ala you may kiss the bride at Maldives.

So how has 2011 been to you?

Me, started great. We the cousins went to PD. It was such a bliss. A joy. Simple vacation I must say, but the best of a bunch. We did not only travel 100km up south, we traveled back 20 years ago where and when we all always went to holiday together.

We prepared our own food. Jogged to the beach. Jumped in the wave. Sing along while Piyie and Zamer strung the guitar. Played cards. Everybody dozed off to la-la land in the living hall, shared blankets and pillows, nobody cares to move in to the room. Berebut tandas ;p taking turns to make hot drinks and roti sardines.

See. Just like old time.

Back to reality, of course. Brothers suddenly have to change campus, my CNY leave not approved, crush has a girlfriend, cant attend Amalin's birthday, didn't manage to secure AJL tix. Oh well.

I just remember that time when we all try to cramp in the small pool and some of us had to try their best to sprinkle the water, and we would happily play cap kali cap.

Of course, back then, we would able fit 10 of us. Haha.

And then I'm back smiling again.

Thank you cousins :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Of course he has a girlfriend.

What was I thinking?

Sabarlah hati.

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