Monday, September 30, 2013

Double Joy

I have been looking forward the impromptu trip to Kuching for 2 things:-

1) I wanna spend time with mother
2) I wanna go get these 4 things.

I am so in love with my Pua motive kain I got from Kuching's Arab street, so very satisfied! And managed to cross the river, walked in brimming hot sunshine to get to Dayang Salhah kek lapis, scored fresh Terubuk masin and nice Laksa Sarawak, I'm done!

Apart from that, of course the very grand wedding of Kak Een and her my-oh-my good looking husband (a royalty too, sigh what a lucky girl!) at Pullman Kuching before leaving to KL the next morning.

Yes I am related by blood with this 3 very pretty ladies -_-"

Mother was still in Kuching but I had to leave early, because we have another something very big waiting for me in KL.

The double reception of Adlina and Aliah at Dewan perdana Felda.

I actually hate seated weddings. I dread the whole idea of dramatic walking on the aisle, sitting straight with 3 inches make up on and full on spotlight but I was wrong last night, I am very happy to say, twins' reception was very pretty and filled with soul (then maybe because I love them I'm biased). They were very beautiful MasyaAllah, i think I didn't say this enough last night but boy they were.

Told ya they were stunning, so pretty I was so jealous.

Me and twins actually went to the same high school and university so that makes us have lots of friends in common. It was like a mini reunion, love the fact that I get to see everyone again!

These two pretty girls, over here, are the reason why single girls like me still have a long way to go. How in the world are these beauties still single I don't know.

With Adlina.

This is too cliche but I do feel extra loved last night. 

And, the best thing above all, having Nett back in the picture.

Congrats you both!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Minute 11.30

'Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking, and I have this moment when I am like; if you never do, If you never make a good decision, if you only make bad decision for the rest of your life; you make one really good decision.'

sigh. sugar coating at its best but please, too sweet I wanna melt.

Jessica Biel said the favourite thing about being married is being able to say 'My Husband'.

Bleurgh. You're married to JT. whatever kot. UNTUNGLAHHHHHHHHHH.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Nothing wrong when you fell in love with a guy who is married.
He could be the right guy, you just met him at the wrong time.

What's wrong is when you make a move.

So setakat ini I cuma tengok dari jauh je lah, ok.
Sebab you memang mempesonakan I.
Sekali terpana terus ku terpesona. Gituu.

So many pesona words geddit?

Thanks sebab made my day dengan kemeja sinsing lengan and your manly walk and your gym bag and all, I am easily pleased, you just turned my awful day to awesome.

Tak sabar rasanya nak tunggu that day when i can say, 'remember that time when I liked a guy who happened to be married? What was I thinking, right??!!'

And then we all laugh. We all tu of courselah me and my girlfriends.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Grow Up vs Grow Old

The other day i was eating nasi ayam in the kitchen with Nana, she was pulling-a-nana as usual;

'Mummy the chicken is cold'
'Mummy I want the soup to be warm not hot'
'Mummy this, mummy that',

which is actually normal because she likes her food good.

And then mummy needs to pray so she left Nana with me. I told her how when she was small she used to eat Nasi Ayam KFC with only the bebola in the soup.

And then she asked me why do I know so much about her and what other things she did when she was small.

I told her how when she was in Kuantan I was in Kuantan too and that we spent a lot of time together, sometimes mummy had to work so I have to babysit, that's how I know what she liked and stuff.

And then I just turned a bit emotional.. I could hear my voice a bit shaky (and I know she could too she stopped eating and just looked at me)

Hello please I'm not playing a fragile mother here but it's just how i feel.. she used to be so small.. I've been with her ever since she couldn't even say a word, now she's able to speak in 3 languages (yes that small girl speaks Malay, English, and Mandarin very fluently)

And the she stopped me.. 'ahh come on Che Hani, i'm still small, there are still more of me for you to see!' and she continued eating.

Not only she has grown up, she grown wiser too T_T
And her old maid here just getting older and older and cry over small things like hot chicken rice soup

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Andai ku tahu

ada lah sekali tu kan, i nak beli tudung jual online tu.
tudung tu RM100 dapat 3 helai.
I pon ajakla kawan-kawan beli sekali so share la RM100 tu
So adala kawan sorang nak share
Carikla sorang lagi dari pagi sampai ke petang, takde sape nak pon.
Dah desperate sangat i pon tanyalah budak floor i ni, die suka tudung belit belit jugak.
I tak baik pon dengan dia.

Dia datang tempat I, I tanya dia 'nak share tak beli tudung'
Tiba-tiba, dia jerit;
'tudung ni? Mahal la!
Kalau kat jalan TAR dapat murah je
pegi malam raya dapat RM1 1.
tudung mahal nak buat apa, baik simpan duit beli Fareeda!'

Bayangkan terjerit2 depan muka I macam I mintak duit dia free free.
Masa tu geramnya. Sah sah dia tak kenal I.
Jalan TAR seriously? Tahun bila I pergi Jalan Tar semata-mata nak beli tudung satu?
dahla suruh simpan duit beli Fareeda!
Taun bila I pakai Fareeda ni!!! OMGOMG!
Geram berasap berapi hidung telinga.

Lepas tu dah raya dah bermaaf-maafan, hari ni Ann tunjuk I satu bende

'Patut you dgr ckp dotdot suruh pakai tudung tingkat-tingkat Fizo omar suka org pakai tudung tingkat'

Hahahaha omg. this cracks me up really.
Sigh. Fizo. kecewa mak.
Taste you botingkek tingkek rupenyeeeeeeeeeee.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Mrs

Can't believe this lovebirds are married. How long has it been now since you both got together? 10years? 15years? Haha feels like forever!

Back in UTP Ihsan had some problem with our guards so sometimes when they wanna go dating and Ihsan couldn't pick Adlina near our college, I had to send her to the guard post where Ihsan was waiting.

Haha. I was just saying I contributed a bit to their relationship ;p

Was a happy day, always a happy day when couples unite, happier because us girls reunited.

Looking forward for pretty little ihsan and adlina's minions and her twin's, Aliah, who by the way got hitched to our coursemate Aizat few weeks ago.

Congrats twins, to more twins to come!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This update comes a bit late, it was not easy finding the right word to describe the whole thing.
Still not easy.

Just Yuna, a perfect entertainer, and OSK, a perfect musical group of people and the Palauans, a perfect band.

We SURE had a great night. with a 2 sets consist of 21 songs, my favourite has to be EVERYTHING but because I'm biased I'd say Coffee (it was the best performance tho, I am so touched Yuna put extra effort performing my favourite song HAHA of course nothing to do with me, I'm still touched I don't care.) 

And the dresses, ah. to die for. Were those real diamonds, Hatta Dolmat? that second dress is a killer.

Image from hattadolmatHDC instagram

And when she left the stage after the supposedly 'last song' Penakut and came back for Lelaki, she owned the night mang. hers hers all the way!

Have to drag my brother along (I sure wish one day my friends will start listening to Yuna so when she has her next concert we could all go together, will be so much fun!) but it was sure worth it, look at all the doorgifts I managed to steal get for being an earlycomer!

A tumbler from Malaysia Airlines and skincare set from Olay, the official sponsors.

Thank you Yuna. It was sure very memorable night.

Friday, September 6, 2013


I’d rather stay inside than being out tonight
Just sipping coffee and nothing to look forward to
Savoring my solitude
And no one will ever know you the way I do

In high definition I’m dreaming of you
With my disposition I’m losing my cool
With my everything I’d give anything to be with you

And I will try my best to let it subside
I’m letting go without taking any part of
Something what my heart truly wants
And no one will ever see you the way my eyes do

In high definition I’m dreaming of you
With my disposition I’m losing my cool
With my everything I’d give anything to be with you

Was driving to work, was giving some tips on how to lose cough naturally. thought i could use this since I'm having some bad cough with flu and phlegm (not pretty mental vision over here I know) and then it said, loose it up on coffee as it can worsen your cough.

Urm. nope. nothing can get worse within my body system with coffee.

As my tumblr description of me said, i can live forever where there's music and coffee.
(hence i need a coffee machine and a rockstar boyfriend okbye)

For a start, a nice tumbler will do.

Coffee in a song is a total genius, Yuna. see you sunday!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Misplaced watch

Over the weekend I went back to Dungun. We had a mini get together to celebrate Raya so most of my cousins were around for 3 days. Awesome as it sounds, yes it was, 3 days of totally homecooked typical WCJ meals, I was in heaven.

We rented a homestay that has 5 rooms and everyone cramped in one space, that was the best
part of it. While helping to clean up the place I misplaced my watch, had it lost for 3 days before Mama found it again.

The moment I saw the watch again I cried. I really thought I was going to lose it forever.

I know it's a bit dramatic, but I never had 2 good watches at one time, so I've been saving instead of spending wanting to get me another good watch so I can have options of which watch to wear.

Kinda first world problem I know but it's a big deal for a big spender like me!

Thank you for spending your time with us cuzzies. You know I say a little prayer for each of you everyday.