Friday, September 28, 2012

Jodoh yang Mudah

This year is full with surprises from le cousins.
Fifi suddenly announced that she was getting married, a month ago, and the solemnization was last night.

And then before the event, we were shocked, or surprised, with the news that my cousin, Zahir, is getting married, NEXT MONTH!

how the hell do people plan their weddings in a very short time I have no idea. But I guess luxury of money can buy the luxury of time so maybe that is it.

Fact is, Zahir is getting married a few days after Piyie, and reception will be held on the same day for both (which is actually Piyie's reception and suddenly like hello add one more couple here please). 

I have no idea how Piyie took the news tho since he has been planning for his big day since forever and his brother is like, k man i'm coming with you. 

Waw mudahnya jodoh bagi sesetengah orang kan?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Eza is getting married. 
Eza was my futsie, she was the closest to me.
When you have a lot of things in common that it's easier to talk that it's easier to survive KL-Kuantan trips then you know a person is close to you.

She was pretty if not the prettiest. But she's so boyish but so jiwang juga sometimes. 
And she's always pening demam athma and sakit perut. 
But she is one hell of a great sportsperson! she can playyy everyything.
She's our star!

I didn't like Eza at the first place. She has this terrible Aussie slang and what makes it worst is she always speaks english! 
we didn't speak english that much back in Kuantan so you know what I mean.
And 2009 we were on our netball trip and Eza asked me to share room with her.
And there I saw, she's nice (tho she was always pening that time too).

She was the first to know I was quitting from iPerintis as she was the one to send me to HP interview.
We were together a lot back then. 

She had thousandssss of relationships problems. 
Then again quoting grey's anatomy, 'I thought life is easy for pretty people'.

And out of nowhere here comes Fb wedding invitation of Eza and Dean.
I didnt's see it coming!
Seeing Dean's name i laughed hard I almost rolled on the floor.
Really can't believe they survived all the drama ;p

Ahh we should have another round of futsal together before you got knocked up, Eza. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbye Kobs.

I don't think I will be able to ever forget that day in Kamdar Kuala Terengganu when me, Kaykay and Kobs ride on a escalator and it stopped. Ultimate fatjoke.

Kobs is like that. Kobs is the 'all-to-go' man. The 'Kobs jom g Kamdar' man. The 'Kobs tiket bas takdok, anto aku balik dungun' and drove 200km to send me back - man. The 'Kobs becilah akuu blabla' man.

And then Kobs got married and decided to migrate to Japan to follow his student wifey Izyan.

And then things will change, surely, eventually. But as for now,

I bet Kobs will not last even 1 year in Japan haha.

Goodbye Kobs, for now!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

One Night Stand with Adam Levine

10 things, 10 things about last night I will never. never. never forget.

1) Adam ada misai. Ya Allah. Demi tuhan kacaknya mu Adam. Sumpah hensem. A mix of Van Persie and Casillas.

2) Adam did Gangnam Style. So today, the first thing I did, is to watch Gangnam on youtube. Haha. Have been resisting to watch it since it became so mainstream. but once Adam acknowledge it, I can't ignore it haha.

3) My goodness isn't the lead guitarist James Valentines a sweetheart? And he'e cute too and HE CAN SING.

4) Adam was on drum, and guitar, and amazing vocals. Super multitalented and handsome and smells so good too.

5) Adam did Sexyback by JT. reminds me of this one scene from The Voice when Xtina said 'Adam was trying to be all Timberlake and stuff' haha.

6) Adam. So. Freaking. Hot. And. Sexy. Like. Seriously. like. all the moves, turn me on darling. turn me on.

7) Adam asked me (us. the whole crowd) if I (we) have the Overexposed album yet and I (we all) said yes so I feel obliged to go and get a copy of it the soonest! hehe

8) Adam personally loves Daylight of Overexposed. Note to self, memorize the entire song.

9) Adam said the next time they are here make sure the whole stadium is filled. Get the keyword, NEXT TIME.

10) My personal favourite pick from last night are Move Like Jagger, This Love, Wake Up Call, One More Nite, Wipe Your Eyes, Sunday Morning and now i feel like I'm just listing the whole entire setlist so I better stop.

The little fangirls mode inside were activated.

Oppa Adam Style. I miss so much. Rasa macam nak terbang ke F1 Singapore concert now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sundies Gone

Kob's wedding was one hell of a journey. From Tampin to Kajang, to Dungun to KT to Telemung, I was on an Amazing Race.

So sad we missed Kobs on Kereta Kuda. Yes I pon taktau why Kobs so bercita-cita naik kuda bagai.

But it was a perfect afternoon, perfect people perfect jokes and perfect food, it worth every cent of of every minute of every journey.

Now with Kobs, Amad, and Aizu are married, I guess it's time for me and Kaykies to move on lah, since all sundies boys are taken, there'll be no more party for sundies on sundays at Uncle Chua.

Plus Kobs is flying to Japan to follow his wife. I guess Sundies are pretty much over.

Argh moving on is hard, but the sooner you move the sooner you'll get there!

sundies courtsey of kaykies. once upon a time.

Am so proud of my sundies, bodoh bodoh ayam pon kawen dengan princess bagai ok!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Extra Special

Shima is now Mrs Paih. I really hate Paih for making Shima do this. But whatever!

I love the wedding. I felt involved and I enjoyed it (everything has to be really about me kan? haha). Shima's family is so cool =) I now understand where shima got her traits haha.

And she was so bloodyhell pretty too. I still hate her for doing this.

But today was extra special, for this.

This one is for all the prayers and hopes (of mine and all yours) that we'll be back in one frame one day. Alhamdulillah.

Now I'm in Terengganu, back for Koba's wedding. I hate Koba too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tiket Mahal, RM2-0

I went to the stadium with le cousins Kak Chik (24), Haziq (22) and Hazim (20). Yes I purposely put their age so you know how young they are. So kind of them to ajak this makcik tua join them.

Well you know people my age are so busy with real life issues like buying houses or getting married or makig babies. I'm stiill in lala land cursing the ref for not giving us corner when we deserved it.

They say grow up doesn't mean grow old.

Grow fat doesn't count by the way.

*there's still hope for Harimau Malaya. There's always hope*

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Thinkin Bout You

Spent the last weekend on the road, on Saturday and lying on my back one whole day, on Sunday.

It was too much I guess, for a 26yo, to come back from work at 11pm, and continue party which ends at 5am, slept for 3hours before waking up for a brunch with girlfriends. And later, 3 open houses, from Setapak to Kota Kemuning to Puncak Alam. Traffic wasn't helpful either.

Pink's openhouse - Setapak

Brunch at Gardens

Sadly no pic of Seema's last bachelorette day but for sure we had fun :)

And Sunday, I spent one whole day reflecting myself in the mirror (more like reflection from Kak Ewie's 42 inches LED tv haha) it's been a while since I lay down one whole day and showered at 4pm. Later for dinner, Piyie and Liza decided to stop, have to literally drag my ass in sleepsuits to the restaurant LOL!

Today I bumped into this;

I really can't decide if this is my favourite cover of Frank Ocean's but you know they said always support local act so way to go Yuna.

The bridesmaid dress #5 is here. Anticipation for the weekend's wedding is so damn high!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can't get over it

Some pictures from Perhentian from Kak Zie's camera. I can look at these forever.

struggle si gemuk nak masuk laut

this is the jetty from our resort. yes. look at the water!!!

the rombongan. the best people ^_^

LOOK AT THE WATER!! i will keep this picture forever to remind me of the waterrrr

in front of our resort. to rate Arwana? hurmmm see me in private ;p

the view from our cafe. LOOK AT THE WATERRRR

Happy faces going snorkeling. LOOK AT THE WATERRR T_T

happy faces back from snorkeling. was so good. so good. so good.

now these are happy faces in the pool. find my dad. no you cant. because he was busy playing PANDELELA that if you look closely, you can actually see him under the water splash!

I miss Perhentian. I MISSSSS good times :(

Monday, September 3, 2012

Perhentian v1

Terapung di dasar laut. Air biru, hutan laut cantik, ikan terbang sana sini. Subhanallah. Sumpah lawa. 

Makanan sedap. Ya Allah chicken roasted sandwiches terbayang-bayang, beef burger teringat-ingat. Smoothies, ah, tak puas.

Bersnorkeling, fishing, kayaking. Kayaking jauh gila in the deep sea carik fresh water for fresh bath haha, terfeeling orang laut kejap!

Main kad kacau orang candle light dinner, bukan main diam diam, main attack beb! nak pecah resort haha.

Main charade (ayah buat trampoline paling lawak di dunia) super spontan soalan jawab soalan, my family memang super sporting.

hujan ribut, orang lari bertempiaran, family kita rilek saja, lepak di cafe minum coffee makan bbq, tak ada masalah.

Matahari tegak, panas ceng ceng, kita rilek je main diving Pandelela di swimming pool, carik baby shark tepi pantai.

RAMAINYA LELAKI KACAK DI DUNIA. Ni satu I tak sabar nak re-do perhentian with my girlfriends. Tak larat lah tengok V-Line di sebalik boxer kene alert kt JJ, JJ nampak hotness dengan 38D kene alert kt I, awkward moment kejap. haha.

Yang paling best, semua incurred cost (nothing is free in this world) lebih kurang rm2k lebih, I kene tambah bayar dalam RM150, tapi baru nak korek duit kak Zie dah cakap 'Ayah Chik bayar dengan kasih sayang'


I miss everything about Perhentian. Balik-balik orang pijak gambar Najib-lah, RVP scored hatrick for Manchester United, blah blah blah. Too much hatred. I miss the only thinking i have to do is 'I want to see fishes'!!