Wednesday, December 30, 2009

and so it started to feel a little bit, melancholic.

one sentence to complete 2009 shall be;

family comes together but friends started to drift apart.


So for 2010 i'm just hoping for these things:-

1. Keep all my friends close, can't afford to lose anyone anymore.

2. Keep my family closer.

3. Make more money or at least spend wisely.

4. Travel outside and inside Malaysia.

5. Better job OR better at job.

And if I get lucky, I may find Love. Ahh. When can resolutions get less selfish?

p/s: My new year plan is to stay at home at snooze. 24 is OLD.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

and the end is near.

Just came back from family day. I don't know why but I think this one is my personal favourite. Maybe because banyak rehat-rehat so I can chill chill lepak-lepak with my cousins.
tapi tak sempat banana boat and mandi pantai. =((

My cousins main banana boat masa I tido!!!

Oh tiba-tiba I'm so shocked tengok my cousins ALL GROWN UP. semua dah besar-besar and cantik-cantik lawa-lawa hensem-hensem. macam, omg korang supposed to be the cute kids, how come you guys grow up so fast! Haha sindrom feeling old.
yesterday I drove back from KL to Kuantan. mase from PD I mmg totally snoozed so my brother drove to KL. but anyhow yesterday pecahkan personal record lagi. 4.21 kat Gombak 6.15 dh kt Kuantan.Nyehaaa tak sampai 2 hours. bawak Camry bole lah beb. Kalau bawak Aaron, takpattt haha
Oh badan still penat. Penat giler ok! Rasanya tido seminggu tak cukup ni.
Tak sabanye weekend ni. So far tak ada any plan, tapi kalau tak ade ape-ape pon takpe. Old fags like me needs more sleeppp.
Hehe tibe-tibe teringat my cousins aunt and uncles taknak balik after dah check out tu, so semua decide untuk pegi picnic kt pantai pulak. dah pastuh ponnn takde sape nk balik dlu hehe comel jer.

tanak balik tanak balik tanak balik haha

Hadoi dah rindu my cousins la saba je lah!

ps: pics from qistina's FB.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Get ready cousins!

Don't forget to pack your swimwear! I know kita semua akan jadik BUSYYYYYYYYY HABISTTTT but manelah tahu tiba-tiba ade 5 minit terfree boleh kita terjun pool or pantai kejap!
Glory Beach Resort, PD, HERE WE COME!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Complete Guide for Single Ladies.

So here's the list of Perfect Future Husband as promised.

These most elligible bachelors are extracted from findings of my research (uuu Pisau Cukur much!) with common thread like single, income 1 million per year and good looking is a must.

WARNING : Drool at your own risk.

Tengku Djan

He is the Malaysia's famous drifter. He's a 34 years old single chinese looking hotness from Terengganu. What I like the most about Tengku Djan is his VOICE and the way he talks. Auw. And when he smiles, the world shines upon you. Haha.

Source : The Star
What not to like about this? Absolutely nothing.

Rumour has it: Has a girlfriend already. Tsk.


He is the owner of the Sani Express. Son of a multimiliionaire also from Terengganu, brother of Anita Banu RTM1 newscaster and cousin of Sazzy Falak. Not so hot but still, he himself is now a millionaire.

Source : Oh Bulan

If you marry this, it's like marrying the whole LVs in the world. Come to mama, Damiens!

Rumor has it : Soon to be married. Heartbroken!

SM Faliq

Dedicated post before, remember. He's all the single young girls out there are to drool about. He is maybe the new generation of multimillionaire there is soon to be available.

Source: Internet

Auw. Hotness.

Rumor has it : High Class socialite.

SM Nasimuddin

Chill dear. If SM faliq is taken, then guess what, here's another Syed available waiting for you girlfriends. Oh to me, he is the hottest out of 3 but hey, at least there's options LOL.

Source : Star Motoring

Rumor has it : None heard.

So if four is not enough, I'm off to continue my research. For the meantime, pick one darling, pick one!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mengaum siot.

I'm not a super football fanatic whatosever but I LOVE to watch the games once in a while.
So yeah Malaysia wins, big dealllll.
Any part of it was fine UNTIL the freaking comentator said, AIDIL ZAQUAN.
he should know better that there's no such thing, he's the SPORTS EXPERT supposedly!
whatever. it's either Aidil Zafuan (the married twin) or Zaquan Adha (the super single most elligible and handsome twin)
Oh I should really come up with a list of Most Elligible Bachelor in my Possible Future Husband list.
Bung Mohtar? slashed!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I lost the key to freedom.

I lost the gold bracelet with my name written on it that was given by my parents for my 21st birthday.

Sangat sedih. Gelang ni banyak sangat jadi saksi untuk seribu kenangan. Now it's gone =(

Don't ask me how. Enough to remind me of how stupid I was for not taking it off before the trip to Gambang Waterpark.

But things happened.

Anyway, Saturday was exhausting! Gambang Waterpark, Karok, 2012. And I'm totally broke!

tengok. Dalam Gambar ni, I feel perfect with the bracelet. Now, rasa macam bogel!

ps: sampai demam semalam teringat kat gelang yang dah hilang =(

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Go Away

I really hate Safety shoes. If I have to make a list of 'What you hate the most about your job', safety shoes will be on the top of the list before the underpaid salary and unfair workload.
Ok so everybody complains about their job so what.
They say if life give you lemons make lemonades out of it, so if they give you a freaking bulky heavy smelly safety shoes (even worse now, boots) make style out of it.
No matter how much I tried to STYLE my safety boots it still stuck to my legs displaying 'I'm ugly and I'm giving the hell to my owner'.
If I have 3 legs by now all the three of them will be full of blisters. THANKS TO THE SAFETY SHOE. And no, SOCKS AREN'T HELPING!
ps: And you, I'm serious. Go away now, please. Stop coming to my dream pretending to be the good guy. I hate you already, and that's not gonna change.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ayat-ayat cinta : Tiga


I could promise to hold you...
and to cherish you.
I could promise to be there
in sickness and in health.

I could say till death do us part.
But I won'T.
Those vows are for optimistic couples
the ones full of hope.

And I do not stand here on my wedding day
optimistic, or full of hope.
I am not optimistic. I am not hopeful.
I am sure. I am steady. I know.

I am a heart man.
I take 'em apart. I put 'em back together.
I hold them in my hands.
I am a heart man.

So of this I am sure you are my partner.
my lover, my very best friend.
My heart, my heart beats for you.

And on this day,the day of our wedding,
I promise you this
I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands.
I promise you, me.

- Preston Burke, Grey's Anatomy Season 3.
When Burke read this in an OT full with nurses in front of Addison Montgomery Shepherd and Isobel Stevens, Addie told Burke to leave Yang and marry her.
But what do we know later? Yang refuses to walk down the aisle and made Burke go for her across the hall.
She said she was reluctant at first but now she thinks she's ready.
Burke told Christina that he wished Christina was sure she was ready, not think she was ready.
So Burke left Christina in her wedding dress at the altar and never comes back.
Never comes back. So that makes the oath was never really read in front of Christina.
Sad ain't it?
If a guy reads this in front of me I will not only walk down the aisle, I MAY AS WELL RUN! haha

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Lucky at Natrah; but win at Red Box Low Yat!

We were fashionably late. Dahla gerak lambat, sampai IB kena halau dengan guards.Situ tak boleh parking, sini tak boleh parking. Last-last kitorang block this one car and left our phone number. I pon lari lari to the hall. Luckily I brought my wedges. If I dengan pandainya decide nak pakai my heels cemane? Tak ke tergolek dok?

Lucky enough they allowed us to enter the hall. I was upset with the seating. But no one is to blame here, because TAK ADA SEAT LAIN DAH TSK! From my seat I cannot even SEE Maya Karin and Remy Ishak! Yang paling best, we can CLEARLY see how they moved the props. Lantai-lantai bergerak semua lah nampak. Sabar jelah.

Freaking Remy Ishak!

And then, right after the show, kitorang dengan happy-happy nyer took our sweet time untuk amek-amek gambar. And then, by the time kitorang nak join the Meet The Fans session, baru kitorang perasan yang Remy Ishak dah tak ada.

Ok before that, kitorang tak tau pon there was a MEET THE FANS SESSION, sebab tak ada annoucement pon cakap. Masa PGLTM ada announcement oke!

But still, Kak Chik, Ika, and Kak Lisa made a courtesy to buy program books and novel JUST to get a chance untuk amek gambar with Maya Karin and Sofia Jane. Me? TOTALLY UPSET WITH THE FACT THAT REMY ISHAK WAS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN!

And then guess what, sampai je their turn, the guards won't let them to take autographs from the casts. PERCAYA TAK? macam, sampai je turn diorg, terus the guard tutup queue. OH MY GOD HOW RUDE?!
We left IB with total disappointment. Note to be taken, next time, beli tiket cepat-cepat so that boleh beli tiket mahal sebab tengok dari Upper Grand Circle, total sucks! But Umi Aida is WIN! gile best die nye roll. Memang nangis!
Nasib baik later pegi Karok kt Low Yat yang sangat best. Kitorang dapat bilik VVIP besar gile siap ade washroom sendiri ok. SIle jakun sile Jakun. SANGAT BESTTTT.

Besa kan besa kan besa kan haha jakun habist!

Fantasia bulan Madu. Tercekik! Haha

Kita yang pergi karoke. best!

Oh and I watched New Moon, and I'm so in team JACOB. please lah who said dia ada 8pax? I counted and I think they're like 27pax kotttt haha gila gorgeous yummy!

Despite Natrah yang mengecewakan, Karok session is total win. As usual, my cousins are the best!

ps: Siapa yang bahlol sangat pegi pukul Remy Ishak masa hari aku tengok Natrah? OF ALLL DAYSSSSSS!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friendster and Yahoo

Macam bes bile bukak balik FS and yahoo mail. Macam, macam, macam kembali ke zaman second year auw.
I kind of forget already how to browse using FS. adoi! macam, how to find a friend of your friend? kenapa takde fungsi tagging? kenape ni kenape tu haha.
Andddd I tatau knape I delete most of my pictures dlm FS. Maybe somewhere along the road I decided I should leave the past behind and start new. I can tell! Because all the pictures are from Final Sem ahead! Haha. Now I know what kind of PAST i wanted to leave behind! Haha.
And I think I have a pretty great collection of pictures. They are either taken by great photogs or I did looked great before BLERGH perasann sket but I really think so, Esp the photo collection from our outing at KLCC yang Esah amek. Ok clearly, it was the photog haha.
tapi it's very classic. Ada sentimental value. Kan.
And in my YM list ada nama macam orangmati berjalan (Nik Amir), beyond da mind (no idea), inKERELdibel Hulk (Kerel haha), and Pakngah (effi) Oh klasik gila sebab knape they all are named as such!
And yahoo mail, kelaka. suddenly banyak berubah features die, n I have like, 3000 emails yang tak pernah dibukak. They're all notifications from FS.
Closely related gile FS and yahoo mail. I forgot already why I abandoned both.
Aih. Rindu gile zaman UTP bile bukak FS and YM!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Misi Jejaka v1.0

Semoga saya dan Kartika berjaya.

Pick one, Jejaka. Pick one! :P

Monday, November 30, 2009


Terima kasih mother nature, sebab kerana anda decided untuk hujan 3 hari berturut-turut, tanah jadi basah dan air mula bertakung jadi banjir. But people still have to work don't they?
So do I. On my way back from the office, satu rim tayar saya telah terkorban dalam banjir. Terima Kasih mother earth.
So if you asked me apa pengorbanan saya di Aidil Adha ini, nah, sekeping rim tayar depan bahagian kanan. Duit tuh semua.
Dalam kekecohan menyiang daging, memasak sup panas, membahagikan bahagian kepada jiran-jiran, ayah telah tersilap bukak pressure cooker accidentally. Habis sup tumpah atas badan lengan dan peha mama dan ayah. Time stopped for me.
Tidak pernah satu saat atas muka bumi ini saya lihat ibu dan bapa sakit. Sekaligus.
Sedih jangan cakap-lah. Melecur, beb. Bukan main-main.
Pengorbanan terbesar tahun ini mungkin berpindah balik ke rumah di Dungun meninggalkan Kota Kuantan. Mungkin. Sebab bila ibu dan ayah sakit baru kita sedar yang kita mungkin sudah tidak banyak masa bersama mereka. Gunakan semua peluang yang ada, kan?
I have to make do with my current boyfriend, so in order to make this works I have to be a better girlfriend. Becuase there is no way he's gonna adjust his expectation towards me.
Ambik kau. Empat Korban dalam satu entry. Nak menulisnya pon sudah rasa cukup sebak.
Selamat semua.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Entry Ala Nafnang Pertama Saya

Hallo. bertemu kita di sesi 'Entry Nafnang Pertama Saya.' Untuk sesi penyesuaian diri, hari ini saya adalah wanita tanpa kerjaya yang income source nya diragui ramai. Anda pula adalah salah satu daripada 934 follower saya.

Walaubagaimanapun, hasil nafnang RM1.5K saya ini adalah hasil stalking silent reader. I love you! Mari kita mula.

Just imagine Life without wedding?

Last weekend I was invited by Nafnang to attend a wedding (hakikatnya, i crashed the wedding) with other blogger.

Dari kiri : Foxy Mama and Papa to the bee.
(Ciri entry nafnang 1: harus ada gambar other bloggers.)

Ini saya, Azxhannieywraheewiyeyim.

(ciri entry promo nafnang 2: ambil gamba sendiri!)

Wedding tersebut telah diadakan di Taman Tamadun Islam Convention Center.

(ciri entry promo nafnang 3: harus ade gamba dewan mengarut!)

Pengantinnya adalah unknown dan pasangannya adalah unknown

(ciri entry promo nafnang 3: harus ade main subject yang tidak dikenali mcm nippon paint atau blackberry!)

Tapi saya kenal wedding planner nya (kakak besfren saya) dan Official photographer nye (Esah. takdela gamba die!)

(ciri entry promo nafnang 4: harus ade gamba dalam dewan dengan org lain untuk membuktikan kita berjaya membawa nama nafnang kesana.)

Oh tapi tak sempat snap gamba food dah hentam dulu!
(ciri entry promo nafnang 5: harus ade gamba makanan, tin susu, oreo!)

Overall it was a nice wedding. SLideshow die bikin gua nangis beb! adoiiii.
Thanks nafnang! Lainkali bawa saya lagi. Harap-harapnya dapat lah 45 komen baru up sket income nafnang saya.

ps: amcam ok x kalau ade NN bole dpt rm1.5k tak sebulan??!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello. Saya pelajar yang FAIL MRSM.

Apparently, my 'QUIT from MRSM' record in year 1999 was recorded as 'FAILED'. Haha.
How do you Failed MRSM anywayyyyyy??? Like, fail periksa ke ape ni?
Yang bestnye, when I called M to ask about my hutang with them, yang ada rekod ialah RM30 masa tahun 1999.
'Tapi dik, kat rekod MRSM ni cakap, awak Fail. Kenapa Fail eh?'
Dia pulak yang tanya kita.... How should I know???
'Errrr maybe sebab saya quit MRSM masa Form 1 kot?'
'Ooooo. So hutang yang RM30 ni hutang apa?'
the best thing is no one has any clue how much I should pay for my computer loan. How do I know no one knows? Because I was put on hold for like 10 minutes and passed to like 4 departments but everyone keeps on mentioning the RM30 1999 punye cerita!
Haha. kalau dah gomen...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bahasa Sejarah.

Do you know that after 6 years, SPM Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah still on the same day. Gila apa? Tau tak for some people Sejarah is like between life and death???
Sebanyak-banyak hari apa motif letak 2 paper killer on the same day! Weh BM killer kot untuk kita yang tak puitis macam A Afiq Malik and Zahiril Adzim!
Sejarah? BENCI SEJARAH!!!!!! Still cannot think of why we need to learn Sejarah. Hate it by principle!
And apekes paper Add Maths still lagi 3 hours. Add Maths kalau bagi 14 hari pon tak siap kot!
Oh I'm so glad SPM is soooo over now haha sebab seriously I hate most subject I ambek because I have no choice macam Sejarah tuhlah.
Hari ni adik-adik start SPM. OMG diorang nak SPM, kita yang sakit perut. Esp when they texted mintak doakan diorang. Oh No horrrorrr nyerrrr!!!
I wanted to tell my brother that SPM was the hardest thing ever in my life (amboi meriahnya hidup SPM je dah the hardest thing) tapi I wanted to less his mind by not thinking that he's going thru the hardest thing in his life.
Tapi susah kot SPM. Lagi susah dari FYP2!
Oh Adik, Best of Luck!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tweeter ke twitter what so ever?

I dont know how to twit or got tweets or be a twitter ke ape ke. I'm on it for sometimes now but im still confused WTH IS IT ALL ABOUT?
no pictures to look at meh?? how to gossip mehhh???!!
Anywayyyyyyyyy lets practise some!
Tweeting @Kartika Malini : Weekend ni I ikut parents I balik KT. Tapi malam sabtu diaorang ade wedding la. I malas ikut. You teman I kita lepak2 kat coffe house boleh? Agk-agk marilyn monroe kisah tak? I kan ada kasut HOT merah menyala tss tss nak bagi you! Kita boleh ronda-ronda naik camry tuan Haji. Sampai kole berang pon I tak kesoh.
Tweeting @Dfg-Hasmah : You nak join kita orang lepak?
Tweeting @Qoba @Aizu @Amad : I tau you tak bace ni but lepak session is for girls only. Nak join tunggu program melawat rumah Hari Raya Haji ok! Tumbang lembu sekor!
Tweeting @Ayah @Mama : Please belikan handphone idaman yang kakak tunjuk hari tu. What if kakak mati and Mama and Ayah tak sempat nak penuhkan hajat kakak pakai handphone baru keh keh.
Tweeting @Pinku : Balik secara mengejut apakes!
Tweeting @Magh : Hari ini makan nasi. SORIIIIIIIIIIIII hehe.
Tweeting @Rumet : Kalau letak Nuffnang mungkin I boleh buat saving bawak gi Haji kot met. Tak payah pakai proton Saga jerrrrr boleh pakai Lancer RM120K lagi har har har.(ps: ada nuffnang tak payah jual Hai O! kahkah)
Tweeting @AzwinAndyMalik : Taknak jadik macam Azmin Dino Malik ke jumpa awek pakai tudung yang hot dan muslimah. Ni hah Cik Hani Meme kau ada!
As sudahlah kau merepek!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I need a pair of good Boots.

Untuk kita-kita yang terpilih main futsal,

Haha orang injured aku sibuk peace peace whatsoever.

Telah dihadiahkan tiket untuk ke Dinner Zonta Club at MS Garden.

The theme was Casual Smart. This is as casual and smart as I could come up with.

I wish I had a pair of knee length boots complete with studded diamonds spread all over. Weh. Baru terbeliak!

Exactly like this Nine West argh!

Oh. Untuk aku yang lemah bersukan, futsal was on Saturday morning, dinner was on Sunday Nite. Masa yang in between tuh paused dengan tidur, and we did not even win ONE match out of 5 ok haha! Loser gile nombor enam!

Oh and tengok bola Kelantan Vs N9 yang no competition at all =)

Oh and rearrange my room and mandikan Aaron. Wehhhhhh quite productive lah jugak!!! Haha

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh My Gucci!

Pisau Cukur totally rock my purse. The best RM7 ever spent my whole life haha exaggerating habissssssssssst.

Image from Pisau Cuku fanpage.

Why Girls should watch it?
Sebab dalam itu ada banyak-banyak idaman yang kita selalu nampak dalam mimpi. Lelaki tua, hensem, kaya, single, dan STRAIGHT, beg-beg hebat, perempuan-perempuan cantik yang kita nak jadi, lelaki muda yang sweeeeeeeeet, anak datok yang hensem, lelaki bajet macho mcm gerard butler. yang penting bercuti atas kapal yang ade shopping heaven and spa. Perfect!

Why Boys should watch it?
So that diorang tahu yang bukan semua pisau cukur ni jahat. And bukan semua pisau cukur ni nak mencukur sebab Tamak! tapi kadang2 keadaan memaksa (haha emo!)

Why Gays should watch it?
Sebab ade cerita gay jugak! Both lelaki and perempuan. Oh how hotnessssss

Why Liyana Jasmay should watch it?
Because her acting sucks so sebagaimana kita semua terpaksa tengok die menggedik superimpose, die pon kne tgk jugak biar die menyesal sampai tanak belakon lagi! Haha

Why I should watch it over and over again?
Sebab cerita ini best giler dan sangat comel and skrip die sangat hebat!

Tipu gile! mesti ada yang takbest pasal cerita ini!
Yes! yang takbest ialah soundtrack die sucks, Henry Golding jadik GAY WTF! and Liyana Jasmay.

Ah what a perfect day. Rain and a good movie!

Oh, lupe nak cakap. tadi petang pegi mandi hujan kat resort. One of the good things tinggal dekat dengan pantai heeeeeeeeeee =)

Hari ini Hujan

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is Pure Happiness, has never danced in the Rain.
I love the rain. I love rainy days.Bak kata Raja, when it's raining, you cannot jog, you cannot drive, you cannot do nothing but just sit there and be melancholic.
Exactly. I love being melancholic once in a while, while listening to the raindrops pouring.
Bila hari hujan tak boleh tengok Astro, tak boleh on PC, tak boleh on TV, tak boleh on lampu, tak boleh on microwave. Just you and the raindrops.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the feeling. Relief! Today the earth (at least where I am) is wet, I was driving. Bes siot.
Driving, alone. Pasang lagu pisi kuat-kuat. Raining all the way from Terengganu to Kuantan.
My supposedly 1 and half hour journey jadi 3 hours. Singgah breakfast dengan Rumet lagi. Bes tak bes tak.
Oh thanks to Nicolas Saputra (Puisi Cahaya Bulan), Atilia (Kasih Tak Kembali), Zee Avi (Let Me In), Corrine Bailey Rae (Just Like A Star) and Jason Mraz (A Beautiful Mess) sebab teman I all the way tadi.
Tapi kalau hujan, dapat tidur or Dance in The Rain is the best thing!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today is my daddy's 49th birthday.

I was told when he was young he wasn't even this good looking.
I was told when he was young he was fierce and scary.
I was told when he was young he used to take Medicine.
I was told when he was young he was poor.

He is more and more Handsome.
He is lovely and sporting and cheerful.
He is a Maths genius.
He is well-being.

And he's not even Old =)

To the guy who made me set a high benchmark of how my future husband should be,

I Love You, Ayah. Happy Birthday!

Haruslah letak gamba dengan Tun kan. Haha.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From the Gold days Part 1.

Being a pathetic loser, I always spent my free time looking thru the old collections of pictures.

ADA BANYAK sangat yang kelakar. Ok mari lihat Part 1.

Me and Raja dlm Adam on the way to Ipoh. Weh berape agaknye ukur lilit pinggang aku mase ni weh?!

Haha ini khas untuk Ain!

Ini, bukti kebangangan saya dan Aisha. Gambar ni dalam folder - demamfinal. TERBUKTI! haha

sebelum kewujudan DSLR digembar0gemburkan, taktik amil gamba mcmni harus jadi kebanggaan, kan?

Once upon a time, I was among those who scored DEANS LIST. Ha-ha!

In this picture, I was wearing Nett's cardi, Lin is wearing mine, and Nett is wearing Iza's. OH RINDU SHARE BAJU DENGAN SEMUA ORANGGG.

Next post: PINK was the K5 MOD????? haha and gamba2 zaman pre-stalking AFIQ. so funny! boleh lihat gambar afiq dr segenap sudut yg diamil secare stalking habistttt!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Peristiwa 1 minit.

60 seconds to go, now;

Lin tengok profile pic Nett santek.
Lin pm Zac
"lawo gile gambo netttt"
"Ye ah mett i sangat kenan esedo dier!"

50 seconds to go,now;

Lin pm Nett.
Nett kata itu gambar tunang.
Lin kaget.
Nett kata dia tak jemput siapa-siapa.

40 seconds to go, now.

Lin kecoh pada officemate, kawan baik tunang tak cakap.
Lin call zac.
"Met..met..nett kate tu gambo tunang. *putus* ork *putus* dk ajok *putus* mmg *putus*"
"Biar betol u ni met?!"
Talian putus.

30 seconds to go, now;

Zac pm Nett.
"Owoh! cepat ngat berita tersebar!"
"Biar betol u Nett!"
"Owoh Azlin ni... I WALOLOK JERRRRR!"
"I ingat u lupe janji kite nok jadi last 2 org!"
"I dok lupe ehhhhh"

15 seconds to go, now;

Zac pm Lin.
"met, Nett walolok je la!"
"ye ke met? mati mati i cayer"

10 seconds to go, now;

cikLin: aku tertipu dlm mase 1min

End of Minute 1.

haha! bak kate Magh, comel. Brutal, tapi comel. Haha.

Ps: Met, Nett takkan lupa gokla dari foundation 10 org sebab nak duduk meja dnner batch 10 org, kan nett kannnnn~~

Friday, October 30, 2009

A short note for so many things.

Dear Khairil Hafriza Zakaria.

I know it has been a lot for you to digest. With your car accident, with your camera got stolen (weh rhyme). And this is as close as we all could be to get to you in order to comfort you. But trust me things happened for a reason (I sounded like the optimistic Hazirah here haha). Maybe bile ni semua jadik kita pikir, what have I done to deserve this? But look at the other side, maybe, it's not what we have done, maybe, it's something that is gonna happen to you next.

Mungkin Tuhan tarik ini semua dahulu before dia bagi sesuatu yang hebat untuk kau kan? InsyaAllah. Mungkin nak dpt duit 15juta ke haha, or nak menang cabutan bertuah pegi middle east ke, or nak dapat bidadari dari syurga ke? Mane la tau kannn....

Letak gamba pulak... saje je kan!!! haha

And just for the record aku tak kecik hatilah ape kau cakap. kau ingat pernah ke ape budak2 mekar neh cakap aku letak dalam kepala otak? haha.


I just think the next time we wanted to write anything in our blog we ought to think twice. Or nak komen kat facebook ke or nak buat ape ape ke. psl things that go online memang tak boleh tarek balik no matter how much you try to erase it.

And aku bukan cakap pasal post adek kt blog die ok. bukan aku pon yang suruh die letak post tu weh! haha.


I just spent 1 hour in the car listening to live interview with Nur Kasih casts live on Hot FM. Weh apsal lah Adam and Aidil sangat comel tak boleh blah even in the real world?


Yesterday me and colleague joked about joining Sehati Berdansa. We aren't celebrities so we cannot join unless we get married to one. He wants to marry Fazura. All I can think about someone I want to marry is Scha Al Yahya.

I cannot come up with a guy name weh. SERIOUSLY is something WRONG with me? Haha. And then he go out and all suggesting me to marry Adam lah Andy lah apelah. Tapi nak kawen dengan Scha jugak la cemaner???!!!!!!


Minggu depan ada 2 pilihan sama ada nak join futsal tournament or nk pegi KL wif parents. I miss playing futsal but I miss my friends and cousins too. Guess I have to think which one I miss the most kot before decide. Or maybe boleh jumpe friends and cousins and main futsal ngan diorg? Haha 2 in 1 hilang semua rindu!


Untuk korang yang menantikan update progress tentang high skool drama aku dan Husna, ceritanya, I have apologized and she has forgive me as she said tapi things will not be the same lah.

It's oklah it has not been the same after we left UTP pon. SOOOO many things have changed but we failed to notice or we refuse to ke pon I pon tak tahu. But if you ask me I'd say yes I miss her, but the pre-graduation Husna. The post-graduation Husna, hurm. Entah. So different.

Ini yang dirindu.

But yeah we all are different now so maybe this is for the best. Yang penting bila kita mati kita tidak tersangkut sebab tidak memaafkan orang yang dah sesal dengan kesilapan dia kan?

Assuddaahhlaaa kau merepekkkkk!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High Maintanance? Seriously?

"Buat apa bercinta dengan orang miskin kalau boleh bercinta dengan orang kaya?"
When I put this line from Pisau Cukur movie as my status in Gtalk, a few of my GUY FRIENDS thought it comes from my heart and I am that materialistic to say something like that out in the open so they just bluntly accused me of being unreasonable and some even give comments that is so insensitive.
Like, maybe that is why you are still single until today, perhaps for the rest of your life.
So what if I picked a line and I mean it? So what if we girls like to date rich men but somehow we don't mind getting married to the ordinary? So what if we are being materialistic? So what if we are high-maintanance and have high taste?
Most of the times those who felt intimidated by this kind of statements are those who are not rich and failed to accept the fact that they cannot tackle a girl because they are poor. These people they think those girls who have no interest in money are the angels from above. And we who love the bling bling are those devils from the dark side.
These people are also the same people who'd be all poked out when we mention other attributes like cars, house, and most importantly look.
Seriously, guys, when I'm with my pretty friend and all eyes are on her face, I wouldn't go out and all saying that LOOK DOESN'T MATTER because trust me it does and I understand you guys. So what's the big deal? We all have our own preferences and interest, so eat it!
Or maybe it's because ugly people cannot be picky and choosy and have to just live with what's left out for us?
A friend once told me that a guy friend define me as high-maintanance. Seriously? What was his scale anyway? My non-branded handbags? My a few collection of wedges? My local-made car? My underpaid job? My non-existance of makeup bag? Seriously now, high-maintanance?
We all have our own scale for everything. If I say I want a rich guy, a guy with 2k salary could be just fine for me. Or if you say you want a good looking girl, I might be beautiful in your eyes. So why the harsh comment?
But anyway if you ask me, I don't care if you are rich or not. Nak duit banyak aku boleh carik sendiri la beb!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to Basic.

I had 4 days of holiday. 3 to be exact, but an 'extra' one was created ad-hoc and it was a blast.
Spent half of it with little Amalin. The thing with living a lot with kids is it makes you either feel younger. Or older. Or wiser. Or stupid.
The hard part is not the crying. They do cry a lot, but you can stuff food (junks preferably) into their mouths, they will shut the hell up.
Or not the cartoon part, nor the buying everything part, or the other unbearable parts.
it's the asking a lot of questions part.
Sometimes, the question are so wrong yet they are so innocent it makes it so right.
I'm not talking about ' Knape dulu Che Hani kurus sekarang Che Hani gemuk?'. That's answerable.
I'm talking about,
'Kalau Tuhan buat semua benda, kenapa Tuhan buat orang jahat, tapi benci orang jahat?'
Now I feel stupid. Justttttt stupid enough I couldn't come up with a good answer.
I wish I had a good answer. Or justification, exactly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Luck Che Hani

You know Good Luck Chuck?
Any girl who slept with Chuck will eventually find her own prince charming.
I really think I'm the female Malay version of Good Luck Chuck.
Tak payah susah-susah pon. No need to sleep with me or anything, just be charming enough for me to like.
I like Sani. There he goes, getting married in no time.
I like Guy A, all of a sudden, he gets engaged to a clerk!
I like Guy B, then yesterday, he handed me his invitation card!
I like Guy C for some time now, then I heard last month he got himself a new girlfriend.
Hey, yang aku geramnya, all this while, these guys ada je menonong depan mata, tak ada pon nak kahwin ke nak tunang ke ape ke, TIBA TIBA bila aku suka je, nak tunang lah, nak kahwin lah.
Who's gonna be my jessica Alba then?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cerita weekend ini.

1. Perjalanan dari Kuantan to Puncak Alam amil masa 12 jam. Gile pancit bridesmaid terjun haha.
2. Kak Lili bertunang sangat cantikkkkkkkkk. the family looks happy gila. Tunggu pic from J n OP!
3. Cousins left me for the Karaoke session. Sedih gile I was not informed there was a Karaoke session and got left padahal I was in KL jugak! But there was the preparation of the engagement going on + sembahyang hajat so if I knew pon I still couldn't join because I wanted to be part of the preparation hee. Buttttt I would feel better if I knew oke!!!
4. I hope they feel guilty for not including me and Kak Jaja and I think they did haha so I feel better now butttttt they need to replace the karaoke session next time kalau tak takmo jumpe dah! haha
5. Finally dapat pergi Jalan Damai lagi after yearsssss but this time tak pergi Rawsha dah, pergi Andalus pulak. Dapat shisha lagi bes bes (walaupun most of the time it was conquered by the guys but I managed to chip in sket sket lol)
6. Sessi bergelak ketawa kat Andalus tergendala sedikit sebab terasa sangat sedih ditinggalkan. Tapi still managed gelak sampai terkencing. Kalau tak sedih terberak agaknya.
7. Jumpe John finally. Siapa John? Nantikan... Jeng jeng jeng. 
8. Tidur hanya kurang dari 7 jam. 1st nite slept at 4am (buat pelamin hantaran gosok baju and all BUKAN pergi karaoke ok!) bangun pukul 8am (breakfast sedap at rumah Kak Lina and teman Petunang pegi make up kt Klang). Then straight event bertunang - openhouse rumah Aunty Al - dinner rumah Abg Bad - Andalus @ Jalan Damai - KLIA - Nasi Lemak Pak Ayub @ Shah Alam - rumah Kak Gee @ 930am baru tido balik tu pon for half an hour je grr grr.
9. Hampir-hampir lepak @ Lepaq tapi tutupla pulak. Celebrate Deepavali ke korang???
10. Tak jumpe kawan - kawan and Mekarians pasal HECTIC gile with cousins! Love love!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Senah, Joyah, dan Kiah.

Hai. ini adalah cerita tentang Senah, Joyah, dan Kiah mencari makan free tengahari.

Ini Senah.

Ini Joyah.

Dan ini pula, Kiah.

Senah suka makan. Joyah dan Kiah suka potpetpotpetptoeptoet.

Tiba-tiba driver suami Kiah membuat suprise di warung.

"Suprise Puan. Tuan suruh bagi ferrari pegi KT. dahlah jangan bawak neo. Kecil!"

"SADAPPPPPP!!!!!!!" kate kiah, nyaring.

Perjalanan pergi dicemari dengan gossip dan kutukan emo (wahai ummat silalah insaf!) so no picture.


Tetapi, Kiah yang suka menjerit, membawa Joyah dan Senah ke kancah maksiat.

Joyah lupa suami ke ni?

Tangan kiah cacat. Sebabtuh die tak bole bawak ferari.

Jerit Jerit Jerit. SADAP!!!!!

Dan kami pon meneruskan perjalanan mencari sesuap nasik free.


nasib baik ada abang misai baik hati alihkan kerete besarnya selepas 3 awek bajet hot lintang pukang habis untuk cuba parking.

Yang penting amil gamba bunga.

Dan petai.

Dan Senah siap sinsing lengan nak bersilat makan

Jom carik pengantin. 'Siapa yang kahwin ini, Kiah?' 'Die kot yang kawem. SANTEKKKK je baju die'

'AHHHH panaslah Kiah! Jom Balik!' Jerit Senah

'SADAPPPPP' jerit Kiah lagi dan lagi.

Ok Para tourist. Jom pegi shopping batik pakai kredit kad suami Kiah.


Tibe-tibe Joyah bertanya 'Kiah, kau xde ke aktiviti yang lebih remaja'

OHHH ADAA. mari kita pergi joget lambak mahu ke rombongan?

'SETUJUUU" jerit rombongan.

Dan seterusnya, mari kita amil gamba sebab bukan senang dapat datang hotel murah. sejak sejak kawen dengan tuan ferari, asek pegi hotel mahalll jer.

Wife orang kaya selalu ajdi mangsa paparazi! Benci!

Senah ngan joyah lagilah jakun! Sebab tak pernah datang hotel kot!!!

Tamatlah cerita Kiah, joyah, dan senah. Sehingga bertemu lagi.