Friday, August 29, 2014

Bon Voyage

I don't make friends with my colleagues, but this one was an exception. She even made friend with my friends, met my mother and know my cousins. Just like my other friends.

A colleague, a lunch/dinner partner, a random-moments-go-to-person, an info counter, gossip keeper, stalker sister, a friend.

"You, ade warehouse sale!"
"Jom g try breakfast dekat tempat ni nak tak?"
"Nak pergi MATTAfair tak?"
" Handsome gila dia ni.." *sent me a random picture of a handsome guy.
"Join tak dinner/family day/ team outing?"

Now without her I don't know who to ask to go to office events, it would be so dull.

I am so glad our paths ever crossed, and now  I am so glad that we don't have to maintain that professional bond anymore (it's not easy making friends with your colleague, there are some things you cannot ever talk to them about).

I honestly hope we will keep in touch and more importantly for her to find a better life out there.

Bumi Allah luas, rezeki Allah setinggi langit seluas lautan. Goodluck.

And thank you for everything.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The other side of this place

I never knew this place existed. The moment I stepped foot onto this land I was awed. Couldn't believe my eyes. Couldn't hold myself to snap pics and sent it to my whatsapp groups.

How on earth did I not know that this little heaven existed 15minutes away from my home.

The sun was shining brightly throughout the day. One might think it was blaring hot, but one might be wrong, for the ocean breeze chilled you from the inside, even at noon. The only smells that linger were the smell from the water and the sand. 

Things got better once the cousins arrived. The kids were rolling on the sand, it's like they tasted freedom the first time. The adults were doing their things, cooking together in the kitchen, eating by the beach, playing volleyball by the evening. Karaoke and singing to Abe Di playing keyboard till late night.

from kakzie's phone

from kakzie's phone

from kakzie's phone

I live for a life like this.

On the last day we were about to say goodbye, Farah threw tantrum and refused to leave. she slept on the sand for 45minutes or so. Even a kid couldn't get over this.

On our way back, Kak Chik told me, for something like this, other places like Bali or anything, don't matter.

Trust me, it's whom we are with, not where. It's a bonus when it's a little heaven like this.

Alhamdulillah for the Love. Hanya Allah yang dapat membalasnya.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baju Raya 2014

Raya 1st. Emerald green. Hijau kepala itik.

We were supposed to wear VERY VERY dark green but somehow caca merba jadi ada yang gelap ada yang tak gelap sangat. Belasah je asalkan hijau.

Baju Raya akak : kain saree from Brickfields, upah di Dungun, halfmoon scarf beli kain di Kamdar, upah sekali dengan baju. Kos semua sendiri kecuali lining baju (ada juga menempel kat mother)

Raya 1st petang membuta. Malam pakai jubah hitam. Settle.

Raya 2nd Pagi

Baju from a vendor at Teratak Glam Karnival, Kain from Jogja, jahit di Dungun, halfmoon scarf from same tailor. as bonus korang baca cerita takde faedah ni, nah Sara Gina. rindu tak?

Raya 2nd Petang

Since it's travelling hours (from KB to Manik Urai) I opted for something more comfortable hence Vietnam cotton (from Mother, thanks maaa!) and halfmoon scarf from tailor.

Tapi ada cerita kelaka sikit ok. Comfortable kononnya baju ni, rupanya KETAT. sampai manik urai makan macam-macam (laksa + nasi kerabu at Ayah Zu's and Gulai tempoyak + durian +manggis at Abe Di's) tiba-tiba baju ni KOYAK. homai.

3rd Raya : Travelling day again to KT

Batik lama, from mother, tudung bawal from bazar.

Raya I memang habis awal, 3rd raya malam dah balik kota, tapi bersambunggg lagi di KL Selangor ni.

1st weekend beraya ke rumah Che Awi, Kak Yah, Hazirah (mak Hazirah buat lontong seperti I request, sedappp terharuu hehe) Raja (ada sambal sotong kegilaan korang) and rumah Ayah Chik.

Baju from another pair of kurung yang I beli kat Kuching, kain replay yang raya 2nd, tudung lama. Masa ni dah start kena mix and match sebab baju kurung tak banyak (muat) and baju baru tak bawa datang KL, tinggal di Terengganu (so mama boleh dry clean mua ha mua ha mua ha)

Next weekend to Sunway Lagoon and next day to rumah Abe Yea, Kak Yah and Che Awi lagi (but no photoss)

Last weekend, To Pink's and Yon's wearing this

Houndstooth top from Adlina's solemnization, pink skirt from twins' reception, tudung lama from Cambodia.

Later that night openhouse at Dell's

Sarong from Kuching, tops from Nichi, selendang lama.
Kain ni actually batik sarong je, tapi penuh gold dust, harga RM15 je. I pula kan hari tu feeling bakal sultanah, so pergi openhouse pon ada supir.

Semalam jumpa supir, terus kena maki, bakal sultanah apa ni pakai kain gold tak ori, habis kereta dia terpalit gold dust. hehe. Jangan marah supir, nanti kene buang negeri.

The next day, Open house at Kak Zie's, baju kurung saree lama I wore to Aishah's wedding.

malam ni balik kampung, sambung beraya. hehe. syawal kan sebulan.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Plotting world map

I miss going on a trip for holidays. I know I don't travel that much but to know that there's a holiday in planned will change my day, which as for now is none.

It's a bit crazy I know but I went to Agoda page for no reason, browsing for no apparent destination, just missing the anxiety of 'it's too late to book a room! all cheap rooms are already taken!'

Showed Maryam this video of us in Bali and she said, 'Che Hani and friends funny, macam kartun'

Kartun pon kartun lah kak. Memang kelaka makcik makcik kau ni.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunway Lagoon

The company held a family day in Sunway Lagoon. Every staff is allowed to take 4 family members / friends, so I decided to take Nana, since I have promised her since forever to go to Sunway Lagoon. I invited Kak Chik along.

Last minute plan changed and Suri wanted to tag along. Knew that it would be a bit handful for us 2 to take care of them at the same time, Suri's mother offered me to bring her maid and driver along.

So there were 4 adults taking care of 2 kids at the same time, still, it's not a joke taking 2 kids to Sunway Lagoon.

BFF Nana and Suri

They woke me up as early as 7am in the morning (I bet they didn't sleep well too) they did all the activities (all no kidding) and went to all parks and they rode all rides (some rides twice no kidding)! I am so glad there were some limitations for height and since they both are slightly above 1m, they can only do everything below 1.2m (they even begged the person manning the roller coaster to allow them in, the height requirement is 1.4m!!)

They are active and brave. I know I was tired and exhausted and my muscles and joints and in pain but I was so proud of them. So small but yet, everything must be so fast and so high. Told their mothers about them proudly!

10 hours later still jumping. Where did you get all the energy!!

And I actually got some extra hands helping taking care of the kids, from Ann and her husband, and sisters in law. So there were actually 8 ADULTS taking care of 2 kids -_-"

4 years later we are still here standing strong!! Haha CANCHUUU BELIEVEEE ITT!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Often when i watch malay movie or drama i wonder if people really dress up to work. All the satin shirts and slacks, high heels and pumps, make up, is it really?

Because this is how i come to work, Monday to Friday, any day 

Oh well. Ni kan nikmat, bukan riak tapi just sharing. Come live in suburb area and work in an outcast city on very odd shift hours, you'll get what i mean!

Bbby the way today I got to experience stuck in morning traffic, puchong to subang for 2 hours!! Haha. So much respect for you KL peoples!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Raya 2014

Raya 2014 is still the same. there were still the 5 of US Alhamdulillah, nikmat paling tak terkata terucap rasa bersyukur yang amat sangat.

Tahun ini, tema raya, Slow. Yes slow. Nak tidur, tidur. nak makan, makan. nak cakap, cakap. nak diam, diam. Nak mandi, mandi. Nak main bunga api, main bunga api. Tiada kekangan.

Adik nak ikut, beres. Adik taknak ikut, beres.

Tapi yang paling best, walaupun tanpa wish, tetap dapat makan semua yang nak makan (kata tak wish?)
Bukan lah tak wish tapi tak berharap sangat. Tiba tiba, eh dapat nasi dagang, eh dapat laksam, eh dapat nasi kerabu (eh kalau dah makan 7 kali sehari memang dapat semua la kan?)

And sambil-sambil tengok Komanwel with the whole family. Yes memang family ini gila sukan macam oh my God lawn bowl pun tengok.

Ada lagi benda yang best tapi malas cerita sebab lame sangat. Haha.

Flew back to KL on Raya ke3 night (nangis) nangis betul ok sebab rindu, city girl city girl jugak, time rindu tetap menangis anak ayah mama. manja sangat.

By the way cantik tak baju kitorang emerald/dark green. Sama pulak dengan remy ishak. pengsan!