Friday, July 31, 2009

My oh My.

I've given myself the time. One year, I said. Nah, in just a few days, that year is complete.

Have I found what was there to suprise me?

I doubt not.

Everything is still the same. I'm still fat, still single, still moneyless, still the same old brand new me. I have found nothing to suprise me.

Workwise, not suprising at all.

I need new challenge. I need a turning point. I need something to make me more.

Make me extraordinary.

Make people proud of me.

So, this year to come, I'm giving myself a time for a big change, a total turning point.

I will either be not fat, be not single, be not moneyless.

Hey you guys, be the witness of me taking up my own challenge.

ps: Live high, Live mighty.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fatty fatty bom bom.

Spent the Saturday morning with Lalim. Went to our routined once-a-year late morning buffet brunch at Hotel UiTM as usual.

I enjoyed every minute of it albeit the environment was all harmful. Lalim is back from Germany just less than a week and UiTM is closed due to the H1N1 virus. Ironic.

We went to the cafe in my Aaron. And then we ate. I ate a lot. And then he complaint about me eating a lot. which brings to me being fat.

and then all the gossips and stories that led to me eats a lot and being fat.

and then the reason why I started to wear tudung. and me being fat.

and then old flings and ex-es and me being fat again. haha.

JEEZZ he surely has a lot problems of me being fat! haha

Oh and I went to old fling's wedding (no pictah!) I still can't believe that he got married! Ha-ha funny tho!

Later, me and Rumet went to Mesra Mall and fulfilled my Pizza cravings.

Anddddd bought the same shoes!

Kaki hitam untuk kasut pink, kaki pink untuk kasut hitam.

Now this matches my new Inspired by Coco Chanel Pink Quilted bag. '

Oh I love shopping with Alice Wonders. It comes with a great cool box and a free gift of inspired by Coach bagchain and the ebst thing is I already got an RM8 voucher because I paid in 24 hours!

Argh shopping addict detector alerted!

Oh wonder what happened to my N80?

This happened. Puas hati dapat rogol N80 ku. padan muka rosak lagi!

Welcome Nokia Supernova subsidi ayah to my serve!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The most awaited moment.

I know you guys have been waiting for this moment to come. Esp mekars. So here's the news.

No I'm not pregnant. Neither getting married. Not even close to found a bf LOL

The news is, the legendary N80 has finally rest in peace.

Peace. or piece. whichever suits the most.

If people asked I simply said I dropped the phone. Whereas the truth is, I am so sick of the phone asyik rosak je, I decided to ketuk the phone to the wall.

Hence, the result.

I didn't see it coming since it has been a while since I used the late N80 as hammer. But it's too late.

Now it's REALLY time for the new phone presenting:-

SO NOT LG Arena (at least not yet!)

Aku tau korang memang ternanti-nanti waktu ni kan, so that I can finally 'move on' from N80 yang banyak menyusahkan itu. So here I open the floor for any suggestions.

You may suggest from as logic as Nokia Supernova to as ridiculous as Apple iPhone.

Thank you!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peace Love and Respect!

It is funny when you watched a tri-country music award with a cousin and a Bibik.

the cousin keeps on telling how good Malaysians are while the bibik keeps telling how Great Indonesians are.

I was in the middle (sumpah!) because I'm a sucker for both music scenes.

Hujan ke Faizal Tahir ke Dewa ke Nidji ke Ayu ke Aizat ke Bunga Cinta ke Taufiq Batisah ke (ambek kau singapore sekali) semua aku layan.

But BUT anyhow I tried to keep my foot on the ground by not singing along to the Laskar Pelangi and Dia Milikku and Bukan Cinta Biasa pretending to be habis patriotik lah ni kononnya tak tau lagu Indon kan.

Until, until... Gigi won the Special APM Award.

Argh. Sit still Hani. Sit still.

Butttt when Armand Maulana stood and headed to the stage.



SO the cousin went all like 'Apela Kak Hani!!!' with all dissappointment and Bibik went like 'Wahhh Kak Hani suke Indon yaaa nanti Bibik kenalin sama jiran Bibik mauk???'

But I was so busy listening to this to listen to them:-

'Kelmarin kami 5 band dari Indonesia ada membuat persembahan di Malaysia. Sesudah pulang Press di Malaysia ada membuat ulasan; ada pro dan contranya. Katanya; persembahan kami di Malaysia melambangkan tidak ada patriotiknya. Patriotik atau tidak bukan salah musik, bukan salah artis. Disini, kami membuka pentas untuk artis Indonesia, Singapura dan Malaysia sama-sama membuat persembahan. Maka kita dapat melihat, kehebatan semua.'


Oh, memang cairlah. Go Armand Maulana, Go universal music!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast Brunch.

The Bestfriend aka Lalim is coming back to Malaysia in a few days. In fact, he may already is on his way! Oh My God. One year flew like a sec. It feels like just yesterday when I watched him departed at KLIA.

Now, he's coming back again. Yeay!

And one thing I can't wait for is, our ritual Sunday Morning Breakfast Brunch.

One year has passed since the last one. One year full of gossips and updates. We are gonna have another sunday morning brunch I guess, like last year, when we finished our 'Breakfast' at 12.00pm!

Ahh one year. So many things had happened in one year. So many things have changed.

As much as I wished we'd all stay the same, I love this changes.

And Oh, on 8th August, Lalim's sis is getting married, hence, the BFF will also be here. AHHHH I see heaven in true colours now!!!


ps: Yes I don't think I ever gonna blog about Penang since it seems like, all the photogs except Abrak are never gonna upload the photos jeez!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Penang + Mekar + Wedding + Rain


(until the pics from the 4 main photogs are here, that one word, is exactly the only word that can describe my last weekend)

Friday, July 10, 2009

I learnt my Lesson.

I hope when I have a boyfriend, I won't trade him with my Family or Friends.

Because when he wasn't there,

They were.

Let all Hope, for the BEST.

ps: Thank you Intan for the kind words. I am kinda inspired by em now!
pps: Tomorrow Mekar Weekend out. Love Love!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gamophobia - Fear of marriage.

When I thought having RM700 made it easier for me to hunt for a good wedding gift, I was proven WRONG.

I really thought with that much amount of money I could barely furnished the whole house but tettttt Totallayh SO NOT.

I can't believe a whole set of tableware could cost at least RM1280. THIS IS SO GETTING CREEPIER. What if when I got married I want that RM55 plate pr pc? OMG will I be able to afford it?

I have this feeling, for so long now. I think I'm afraid of marriage. I'm afraid of everything about it. I know it's too early to think about it but I can't help it since the environment force me to.

what if I never find the right guy? what if the guy i found is not the right one?

what if the wedding turns out to be a mess? what if it was perfect but the weather was hell?

what if i dont have enough money? what if i spend lots of money for nothing?

what if when i got married i can never give birth? what if i give birth to all boys or all girls?

I'm a lousy cook, what if my husband likes to eat?

what if I'm bad in bed (SCARY NIIIIIIIIII)???

what if I want a perfect house but both of us can't afford it?

what if my husband cheats on me?

what if my husband dies and I have to live alone?

I know, people say things just move in their own way and we have just to believe that it will turns out right and have faith.

But what if they don't just go their own way?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is the time of the year.

I went back home for the annual durian fest. YUMMMAAAYYYHHHH. Mama made jemput-jemput durian and pulut durian (me favorita!) and of course endless supply of Durian stock up in my stomach enough for one year.

Now, not only that I am super boncet (durian tak hadam ke?), I am also having a great Sore throat! Superb.

Andddd, I cut my Hair! weehuu! No more long hair (and suprisingly, I'm not missing it!) I love love this new hair! Feels SOOO MMUUCCCCHHHH lighter haha. Of koslah, Rumet was shocked to see how many of my hair goes to dispose. SANGAT BANYAK OK. Sangat horror! Haha. Thanks rumet teman I!

Oh well, begitu seronok nye spend mase with Rumet!!! Gossip gossip gossip and endless gossips muahaha.

This weekend, Mekar weekend outing to Kedah and Penang. Demit have to think for Matjun's wedding gift now. urgh!

I love weddings, but the shopping for gifts gives me goosebumps. Households items could burn a HUGE hole in your pockets.

What if when I got married and I want to buy that RM75 pillow or that RM105 thermos or the RM49.90 garbage can?

Why are these simple items came with very ridiculous price? Argh.

PS: Magh, we all will miss baby Faris like you do. But trust us, all we want is you to be back healthy!