Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Samsung iRedho

So my Galaxy Note 2 decided to totally kaput today. I woke up and realised my phone is rebooting but wouldn't start. I knew this means trouble. I thought I'd wait until tomorrow.

I had a normal day. Woke up and shower, took my breakfast, watch my favourite show on television. drove to office, called mum from the office phone to tell her that I'm without phone. Ask her to courier her old phone to me. I thought I'd wait until tomorrow.

To which she replied, I don't have to, I can just bring it to you.

'You are coming? '

'Yes. So I take it you didn't know. Since your phone is broken and all.'

I swear to God I think I almost screamed, JUST TELL ME MUM, WHAT HAPPENED?

My uncle was down with heart attack and was brought to IJN and will go on a procedure immediately.
In another side of the world, my cousin who is suffering from Gangrene just been admitted to ICU HUSM in Kota Bharu.

My mum, who couldn't reach me all morning, couldn't tell me that she's still deciding whether she's coming to KL, or going back to KB.

That was a lot to digest given that I was only out of reach for FRIGGING 6 HOURS.
I thought this is it.

Immediately drove to the nearest store and get me a good functioning phone for the lowest price they can offer.

Wanted to throw my Note 2 in a dustbin too. But Magh was nice to remind me that this phone has been serving me for long, even before Fatimah was born. To think again, my problem is the least of all problems we all are having now.

A lot of things for a starter, Allahuakbar.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I think the highlight of being 30 is when people think you're 27.

It was a normal day, went out shopping with a few friends. And we're jokers like that, them salesgirls were having good times laughing at our antics.

I challenged one of them to guess our age and she said.. 27.

I said we're 30 and she said.. NO WAYYYY.

Haha. We're easily amused like that, that has already been our highlight of the day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Too Soon To Start

1. My uncle passed away last week. From Him we came, to Him we return.
You will always be remembered as the uncle with lots of jokes and teases.

2. A cousin has been warded for almost 10 days now. For his prolonged cancer journey.
This one is a tough one. Will always ALWAYS admire him for his will to live.

3. A friend's wife (who is also a friend) diagnosed with tumor in brain, went on operation to remove, still in recovery stage.

4. A cousin's brother went on heart operation. Recovering well.

So I said I wasn't to shabby for a start, init.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Not too shabby for a start.

This new year;

Had to answer 'how old are you?' for the first time on 2nd January. Was contemplating between 29 and 30 but I said 30.

Received 2 compliments I look young for my age (have to put it in here haha) and one is from my teacher from standard six who actually still remembers my name! 

4 days of holidays but one night in Kuantan, one night in Terengganu, one night in Kota Bharu. Phew!

Drove all the way back from Kota Bharu to Bentong (personal record!) and had to surrender to my brother to drive to Puchong not because I was tired but because I couldn't stand not looking at my phone for too long haha.

Watched Dilwale, again, and inspired by Kajol's beauty, again.

Lots of quality time with the family, I love.