Tuesday, March 24, 2015


"Abang Ngah sangat heartbroken I don't know what to say"

26 episodes, 7 weeks later, this one particular line, breaks my heart into million pieces.

Seriously, if you were mine, EL. I'll never break your heart.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Teman Lelaki Sumpahan

I know I like to watch Malay dramas a lot (I do, I love the simple unrealistic, non existence characters and dramas, #teammudahterhibur) but I never really take anything seriously.

I don't remember when was the last time I like something (fictional) this much that it hurts me so bad.

Ezwan Luthfi has brought such a big impact to me that everytime I watch the drama, I wanted to cry. It hurts me so bad that I don't know if there's Ezwan Luthfi for me out there. And I don't mean the guy playing it. I know he could be perfect but he's not Ezwan Luthfi.

He's not perfect but he's everything that I want.

My days and nights revolves around him, his clips and photos and everything he says. It was so bad that I worried if I have sinned for thinking about it so much. I had to talk about it just to get it out of my system. So I talked to a cousin.

I was expecting for someting like 'Get over it, it's just a character.' 'There's no one like him in real life'. 'If you want Ezwan Luthfi then you have to be Kyra Lydia" bla bla non supportive talks.

But, instead, she said, 'If you want it, ask for it. One day he shall come, and that's what you asked for'

Thank you, for being supportive, albeit most probably she was just saying what I want to hear.
But sometimes that's what we want.

Monday, March 9, 2015

My international day

So yesterday was International Women Day. Here's how I spent being an international woman; went to the hardware store, twice, to find the suitable pipe for my washing machine.

The first one, didn't fit, so I brought the washing machine hose to Mr.DIY insisted for the hardware store to find the perfect fit for me, and it worked!

Installed a washing machine on my own, new level of validation for 'I don't need a man in my life' - though I actually cried for my brother's help, but he was clueless too. LOLS brother.

At Mr. DIY, the hardware guy asked me, what kind of washing machine did I buy. When I said 'A Toshiba', he immediately replied 'I knew it, the pink/purple one rightttt?'

pic googled

Don't judge me. My washing machine is pretty so whattt.

Friday, March 6, 2015

This never gets old

A wee bit emotional this past week because timehop has been reminding me that this time, since the last 6 years, I have been travelling to Jakarta.

All those photos, all those song quotes from Java Jazz. All those sunda food. All those coffee.

I really am missing Jakarta.

Somebody please take me there :(