Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aaron masuk hantu

Dari cyberjaya ke KL ke Bangi aaron keep on honking je. MasyaAllah tuhan je lah tahu betapa malunya muka I everytime dia honk! And then the radio volume keep on decreasing. One moment 22..tba2 dh 2.. bodoh betollaaaa...

Allah only needs to put me on a honking car for me to realise how great He can can help. Makes me realise I've never berzikir that much. Masa tu terasa sangat Allah je yang mampu nak bantuuu.

Sampailah ke tol bangi ia tidak dapat di selamat kan lagi. Jauh tu Allah bantu, terharu sangat rasa. Datanglah my knight in shining armor tolong disconnect kan wire honk. Tu pon Allah yang hanta tu.

MasyaAllah Aaron, apa lagi kau tak puas hati?

Om a happier note, leaving for Jakarta and Bandung in 2 hours. See ya later Malaysia!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Have you cried your cravings so many times that it annoys your friends that they cooked for you?

Maghhh nak nasi lemok ikan ayaa.
Nah magh bagi nasi lemok ikan aya siap dengan sambal udang petai lagi.

Annnnn dah lama I nak makan ketam masak lemak cili api.
Nah amek ketam siap dgn tempe and ikan rebus goreng lagi.

Heeeeheeerrr. Ni lah yang dikatakan count your blessing!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 Days

Another 1.5hours and I will be off ,for 10days, again!

How did this job get so awesome haha.
Of course nowwwwww it's awesome.

and InsyaAllah, in the middle of this awesome long holiday, I'll be flying off somewhere familiar!
for the third time!
Loving it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Semalam hari hujan jalan jem..anak menangis tak henti henti.. perut lapar mata ngantuk..traffic light pulak rosak..sampai tol touch and go habis, smart tag rosak, duit kecik takde.. sampai rumah lambat.. nasib baik ada encik suami tolong bukakan pintu

nasib baik ada encik suami tolong bukakan pintu

nasib baik ada encik suami tolong bukakan pintu

nasib baik ada encik suami tolong bukakan pintu. thanks encik suami, what would i do without you.

omg seriously, SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY???
I will never get the amazing thing encik suami would do for one woman but honestly, thanks encik suami bukakan pintu after you separuh mati complaining about life?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three Decades of Music, Love, and Passion.

We were there to celebrate Anuar Zain's 30 years anniversary in local music industry. Boy what a talent Malaysia has. I don't think I own any album of his (my bad) but did I not sing at least 18 out of 19 songs there were? Yes I did.

I cried, for maybe 5 minutes, always a sucker for the movie Cinta which they played the snippet during Perpisahan. HOW COME AIRIS LEFT HARIS!! :( and to listen to AZ sang it live DIDNT HELP!!

And cried again during Sempurnakan Aku music video premiere, so hearbreaking, leaving me and Kak Shil questioning did she pass away??

Other than that, I have managed to make the concert like my own, finding myself know almost all the songs he sang bit to bit. How did I do that? haha

And the best thing, always a room for a best thing, he sang I'm The Lucky One as the opening. Ah, the sweet memories of first love, LOL.

Most importantly, these girls, who have to pay for my ticket first, who have to drive to the Gardens to buy the tickets, and who have to swipe her credit card, because I was away and I WANT THE TICKET I DON'T CARE YOU HAVE TO GET IT FOR ME.

'You can be anywhere in the world, but you choose to be here' - Anuar Zain.
Yes we did and there's no regret, every single cent, WELL SPENT!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

"When you were not here, they were, for me"

I wonder when people commit themselves into a relationship, by letting another person into their lives, does it mean they:-

a) Fill in the empty spot inside them that's always waiting to be completed?


b) sacrifice (ditch) an existing relationship and replace with new relationship?

Seriously if all these people would notice how much they have changed.
Or am I the one who needs to move on?

Yup. Move on is the only choice I am left with.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Suit & Tie

The reason why I'm not married (yet) is JT
The reason why I'm not married (yet) to JT is because it's so hard with the different cultures, language barrier and stuff, plus he has to fight Adam Levine for me.
But of course we fell in love way back before Adam came into the picture.

Sigh. Even JT is a married man now.
JT please come to KL/Singapore/Jakarta/Bangkok!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aku Skandal

So many stories behind one song.
I have went to so many karaoke sessions with so many different group of people in my life that everytime I picked a song/songs, there's almost so many stories behind a song.

Like whenever we sing Dewi, I wanted to tell how I have asked Afiq to sing Dewi at my wedding - Keroncong style - and Afiq said, 'Why Dewi? Dewi is a sad song.'

And when we sing Don't Speak from No Doubt, I remembered Munir and Intan got into a fight at a karaoke session and awkwardly ironically just seconds later Don't Speak came out haha.

And how Wan was such a 'key-nadzi' that if we sing a song out of key he would stop the song and repeat it until we hit the correct key like this one time with Kiss Me.

And it doesn't help that everytime I went to karaoke - even now - I still tell these stories to people - feeling like I almost tell the same stories everytime.

Sigh. I need to create new memories!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Luxury is not having everything.
Neither is being able to afford everything.

The moment you like something and you can go out and just buy it, it's no longer luxury.

Luxury is when you think of something you really like and know that you can never get it.
Then you work in a most difficult way to afford it, when you achieve it, that's luxury.

Not only for purchasable things, but also, for time and love.

Do your own maths :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Robin found Barney.

Carrie found Aidan

ps: I know Carrie ends up with Big but I'm team Aidan so I'm biased that way.
Carrie never got over Aidan anyway. Whoever could get over Aidan? Nobody could ever.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Come and Go

I just noticed that I haven't had any hint of period yet. No cramp no mood swing no nothing and it's already 3rd of February.

I had my period last on New Year's eve so it has been more than 30 days now and still there's no sign of best friend coming to visit.

Sigh. I thought the days of me worrying about my menstrual cycle is finally over now that it has been quite rhythmic as of late but nope, false alarm.

I once missed my period for 5 months. yes believe me. If I was sexually active, boy wouldn't that scare the shit out of me. But I guess it's more scary that I am not sexually involved AND YET I missed my period.

I. Need. To. Go. And. Find. Out. The. Problem. Soon!

Maybe it's weigh gain. Yes I've gained quite a few lot lately, double sigh. Need to worry about one thing at a time.

I'd like to blame my new shift pattern that's affecting my sleep-time that's affecting my hormones that makes me hungry all the time and you understand the science. Blame it on science.