Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Ain't No Miracle Worker

I know, it's no longer news that people cry watching Grey's (by people I mean me) but this episode is too painful to watch.

Meredith talked about Derek, to her new lover (I know she loves him). I cried like mad. I did. I even weep. 

But, the real reason was when I saw Tuck all grown up (he's a teenager now) I remembered that time when I watched Bailey gave birth to him, I was in my bed in UTP. that was a long LONG time ago. Too emotional to remember. I grew up with Grey's, how can I not be emotional :(

By the way, I am totally team Riggs. I love him and Mer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Usher Raymond

Earlier this year I told Aisha that to complete the journey towards 3 series, we shall go to watch F1 Live. I remember Aisha contemplated (can't blame her, it can get boring) so I guess the idea drifted away.

Until one day I saw that Usher was coming to the after race concert. LIKE WHAT. can't all my wishes be compressed in one day right?

So, the hunt for tickets begin, but I have spent all my money for partying this year I can barely afford this. But I have a great company, so I couldn't waste this chance, except that, one unfortunate morning I actually gave up this plan.

And I wanted to believe that it was the right decision, not until my cousin offered us tickets.

So there we were, 6 of us, believed that we actually had the tickets and gambled our way to Sepang circuit with less expectation and we scored the MAIN GRANDSTAND passes.

Our seats were so near to Kimi Raikonen that to get nearer we actually have to be on the track.

Not bad right, how rich people entertain themselves. Apart from free passes that could cost us RM1350 each, it only costs us few ringgit for food and 2 damaged eardrums.

2 hours later, the real party began. I can't possibly put this into words, I am done. Usher, is it.

I could upload a video that I recorded but you won't like it.

That's the 4th The Voice coach I've watched after Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. He sang about 15 songs and I can feel that this is a closure I can say goodbye to concert parties haha.

Thank you Intan and Dee for believing that we actually got the tickets (we didn't give any hopes until we actually held the tickets) it still feel so surreal.

I keep on saying 30 is awesome and it keeps giving me the same feeling, only better.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

While you were sleeping

i got to update on my 'while you were sleeping' journey but, i am too lazy. haha
this few years back i picked up a new interest, to go hiking.
HIKING is too big a word to describe what I did when what I actually do is just walking on a trail up and down a hill and stopping occasionally whenever i can't catch a breath.

And regretting my early morning wake up to force myself into the woods, knowing that later all I'll be having is sore and pain all over my body. But, I still want to do it.

I guess this is why women got pregnant over and over again; a moment of pleasure. hahaha. (serious no connection over here)

So today we took over Bukit Gasing (this place is so near to my place that if I walk there it will take shorter time than the actual 'hiking'). These people today stopped hundreds times because I was too slow. Seriously, only hike with people who don't mind your pace.

But the best thing has to be - i have to glorify this everytime, there is this woman who joined us halfway, I called her kakak and she said, 'don't call me kakak, my youngest is older than you'. to which i replied 'how old is your youngest?' she said '24.' and I'm like.... 'and you think I am???'

'I don't know.. 24? 22?' 22 GAISE. 22!!! personal record.

Anyways. Right after hiking we went for Banana Leaf at a famous banana leaf restaurant nearby and oh my god, WORST service ever. I almost swore I'll never set foot here again (and the banana leaf rice is not that good anyways, I still prefer Devi's). And at the counter there's a sign saying that they don't care if their competitor is charging less, they sure know what their food is worth. Oh wow, Such Arrogance? no wonder the attitude.

I wonder why this place is so famous after all. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Knock knock. Is anybody here?
Look at this place, so quiet, as if it never exists.
I really don't want to be that person who never updated her blog anymore but look here, 2 months have passed since my last update and it's..

I paused and took a sip, didn't know what to say.
Let's see.

Too many things, AND I MEAN IT, too many things have happened in the past two months and let's start with, WE MOVED again. This time to a new house NEARER to Aisha's house (it's impossible to get nearer than this unless I go live with her).

The best thing about moving was having my cousins to help me (I wanna cry). I know that I'm all on my own and they could always say no and ask me to pay people instead (I could pay) but they insisted to help, so, yeah, it was the best thing.

Had lunch with Pink and Ilah at The Apartment and it still amazed me how much Naurah has grown up. So clever, so cute. My uterus is under pressure.

That mess you see on my face is the attack of my psoriasis. 2016 is definitely the year to remember about psoriasis.

Shil got engaged to Ice, it was perfect. I admire the couple, and I most certainly admire Shil for wanting to wait and not care of the world and not wanting to settle for less.

And Raya and Puasa, was OK. well, Alhamdulillah it went well.
I love my baju Raya, I didn't get to eat Laksa Johor, and I didn't Raya with my friends, this is the saddest part.

So. Laters.

Monday, June 6, 2016

One of the invisibles

Me Before You.

It only takes one right place and one right moment for things to happen.
Right now, let me just be one of the invisibles.

Selamat berpuasa people. Is it just me or Ramadhan really comes faster this time. We used to forget the Taraweh and Puasa niat before, but now, we don't need reminders anymore do we, it just felt so naturally.

Friday, May 27, 2016


I turned 30, gaise. Never knew I would made it this far but Alhamdulillah.

Too many things, too many.

Monday, May 9, 2016

14 Years

It's not easy to plan a reunion after 14 years, but AADC2 is out and it doesn't feel right not to watch it with the people you watched the first one with. So we planned one.

We wanted to make it close. Just us 11 (and plus ones and their little boys and girls) but everytime we saw each other there will be people going like.. 'Tak Ajak!' 'Nak join!!' so we decided to open the invitation through facebook.

Only to have 3 people out of our gang to turn up haha but it's okay.

It was so good, we had so much fun for the little time that we spent together. And we had 2 people flying in from KB (so sweet rightttt) and we enjoyed the movie so so much that everyone just kept talking about it. I knew it wasn't wrong to watch the movie again (for the third time) with them!

SOOOO have you watched the movie?? I did, 3 times!! and I still want more. The first time, it felt like Rangga owes me an explanation for breaking up with me! I cried so bad and I really missed himmm (too emotional).

It's just that, the theory of summer love/reunion is proven. TOO dangerous for you in a relationship ok, because during holiday people tends to demand for extra TLC so everything just seemed too sweet to handle but not when you go back to real life you'll realize the one you're currently dating is actually more stable in prospect and such.. and to be reunited with ex on a holiday.. bad call man, bad call.

I'm all #teamrangga and #teamcinta but seriously, not applicable for real life ok!

But everytime I left the movie, I am always left wanting for more. So I went to get this.

Now that we've got the closure for AADC, is it too late to demand for closure for 10 things I hate about you? Must be too late considering Patrick Verona is now dead T_T.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Things happened

Last Saturday we lost a cousin to cancer.
He was in a battle for almost 10 years and he passed away peacefully beside his beloved wife, children and grandchildren.

His spirit and will to live will forever be remembered, and he will always be our hero.
We love you and will always miss you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Samsung iRedho

So my Galaxy Note 2 decided to totally kaput today. I woke up and realised my phone is rebooting but wouldn't start. I knew this means trouble. I thought I'd wait until tomorrow.

I had a normal day. Woke up and shower, took my breakfast, watch my favourite show on television. drove to office, called mum from the office phone to tell her that I'm without phone. Ask her to courier her old phone to me. I thought I'd wait until tomorrow.

To which she replied, I don't have to, I can just bring it to you.

'You are coming? '

'Yes. So I take it you didn't know. Since your phone is broken and all.'

I swear to God I think I almost screamed, JUST TELL ME MUM, WHAT HAPPENED?

My uncle was down with heart attack and was brought to IJN and will go on a procedure immediately.
In another side of the world, my cousin who is suffering from Gangrene just been admitted to ICU HUSM in Kota Bharu.

My mum, who couldn't reach me all morning, couldn't tell me that she's still deciding whether she's coming to KL, or going back to KB.

That was a lot to digest given that I was only out of reach for FRIGGING 6 HOURS.
I thought this is it.

Immediately drove to the nearest store and get me a good functioning phone for the lowest price they can offer.

Wanted to throw my Note 2 in a dustbin too. But Magh was nice to remind me that this phone has been serving me for long, even before Fatimah was born. To think again, my problem is the least of all problems we all are having now.

A lot of things for a starter, Allahuakbar.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I think the highlight of being 30 is when people think you're 27.

It was a normal day, went out shopping with a few friends. And we're jokers like that, them salesgirls were having good times laughing at our antics.

I challenged one of them to guess our age and she said.. 27.

I said we're 30 and she said.. NO WAYYYY.

Haha. We're easily amused like that, that has already been our highlight of the day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Too Soon To Start

1. My uncle passed away last week. From Him we came, to Him we return.
You will always be remembered as the uncle with lots of jokes and teases.

2. A cousin has been warded for almost 10 days now. For his prolonged cancer journey.
This one is a tough one. Will always ALWAYS admire him for his will to live.

3. A friend's wife (who is also a friend) diagnosed with tumor in brain, went on operation to remove, still in recovery stage.

4. A cousin's brother went on heart operation. Recovering well.

So I said I wasn't to shabby for a start, init.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Not too shabby for a start.

This new year;

Had to answer 'how old are you?' for the first time on 2nd January. Was contemplating between 29 and 30 but I said 30.

Received 2 compliments I look young for my age (have to put it in here haha) and one is from my teacher from standard six who actually still remembers my name! 

4 days of holidays but one night in Kuantan, one night in Terengganu, one night in Kota Bharu. Phew!

Drove all the way back from Kota Bharu to Bentong (personal record!) and had to surrender to my brother to drive to Puchong not because I was tired but because I couldn't stand not looking at my phone for too long haha.

Watched Dilwale, again, and inspired by Kajol's beauty, again.

Lots of quality time with the family, I love.