Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Usher Raymond

Earlier this year I told Aisha that to complete the journey towards 3 series, we shall go to watch F1 Live. I remember Aisha contemplated (can't blame her, it can get boring) so I guess the idea drifted away.

Until one day I saw that Usher was coming to the after race concert. LIKE WHAT. can't all my wishes be compressed in one day right?

So, the hunt for tickets begin, but I have spent all my money for partying this year I can barely afford this. But I have a great company, so I couldn't waste this chance, except that, one unfortunate morning I actually gave up this plan.

And I wanted to believe that it was the right decision, not until my cousin offered us tickets.

So there we were, 6 of us, believed that we actually had the tickets and gambled our way to Sepang circuit with less expectation and we scored the MAIN GRANDSTAND passes.

Our seats were so near to Kimi Raikonen that to get nearer we actually have to be on the track.

Not bad right, how rich people entertain themselves. Apart from free passes that could cost us RM1350 each, it only costs us few ringgit for food and 2 damaged eardrums.

2 hours later, the real party began. I can't possibly put this into words, I am done. Usher, is it.

I could upload a video that I recorded but you won't like it.

That's the 4th The Voice coach I've watched after Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. He sang about 15 songs and I can feel that this is a closure I can say goodbye to concert parties haha.

Thank you Intan and Dee for believing that we actually got the tickets (we didn't give any hopes until we actually held the tickets) it still feel so surreal.

I keep on saying 30 is awesome and it keeps giving me the same feeling, only better.

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