Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Fat Girls Don't Cry

The long holiday is approaching and I had no idea that my friends are all going away for holiday. Seriously? They are all leaving Malaysia for Thailand/Indonesia/Nepal wherever in the world. I am the only one who is left alone having the road and streets and malls all to myself.


It's FINE moment.
One FINE day I'll be able to text them I'M LEAVING NOW, BYE BITCHES.

But actually, I am not complaining. I understand the situation that it is hard for me to take leave during any festive season so that's why I didn't make any plan for this long Deepavali holiday. Which turns out to be good because Mama and Ayah are coming (YEAYY) but guess what..

They will also be leaving for holiday with the aunts and uncles to Melaka.

OMG seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
I'm gonna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

At the office.


Because everybody is on leave.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zaman gelap

A few days ago our washing machine broke down. It was not the washing machine itself but the drainage system haha whatever I don't understand but the main point is we are not allowed to use the washing machine.

I never knew that I actually depends so much on the machine. After 7days or so...I couldn't stand the smell and the mountain of laundry so I decided to do the wash the dirty clothes...manually.

Ala MRSM years. I did it before. Should be doable.

Up to second shirt and I surrender. Mannnnn how did I do it beforeee? Thinking this will give me great flex and great abs doesn't help. I ended up packing up my 5.5kg dirty clothes and took em to the laundry shop.

Ahhhhhhhhh screw flex biceps abs and all. Lets watch TV and be fat.

'How are you going to run after him with one leg shorter than the other?'

I finally decided to have a dedicated saving account where I can keep a pinch of my money and take it only when I truly needed it. Yes on my 5th year anniversary of being a hamba kapitalis only I decided to have a saving haha sorrylahhhh I'm ignorant like thattt but better late than never kann

Sooo after dumping all the extra money that I plan not to use until very much needed into an account that is not easily accessible.. I decided to play dumb enough to leave my tumbler's lid open in my handbag.

A few minutes later, thanks for my habit of I can't live without looking at my phone,  I discovered that the my handbag is wet and everything is soaked.

Thank God my phone and watch aren't damaged. else how do I buy new phone and watch with the money that I cannot take because the bank book is all soaked up???


Friday, October 25, 2013

How much do you really know a person?

What an early morning today. Ingatke lepas subuh nak hantar Atek to KLIA (Atek is going back to Egypt; was just about to send her at the parking lot je haha) so I stayed up after subuh, had decent clothes on and suddenly my housemate screamed from the kitchen.

She cut the tip of her middle finger and now the blood spilled all over the house.

Panic attack I immediately took her to Columbia Asia here in Puchong, sent her to Emergency Room and I was left having to fill in her series of form.

Nowwwww what do I know about this person I've been living with for 3 years?

Ps. On the other note boy I'm so glad my mum and dad never make me wanna be a doctor or nurse. Some people are IT engineer because they can't stand blood!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Show-off Habit

I have this habit, whenever people compliment anything that I wear (tudung, baju, seluar, skirt, beg, etc) I will directly tell them where I get it.

If you know me well, you know I don't buy expensive things, I don't mind the brand, I always think if I can get something for a cheaper price I'll take it (cheapskate ke miskin tak tahula) but sometimes, most of the time, those nicest things you put on do come with a huge price tag, #truestory

That's why bila kita masuk any store with any 70% signs pon the new arrivals will attract you more kan?

So, whenever people say, 'hey I like your baju/beg/kasut/tudung' I akan reply 'thanks it's from somewhere' and when I say somewhere I really don't mean to brag or show off. I really don't know for some people Cotton On can be huge like 'WOW Cotton On tu!' and to some people MNG is like mehhh 'beli MNG pon nak kecoh'. But it's a habit to say where I get em because living in a country where petite is normal, a plus size like me struggles to find something huge that can be put on nicely that comes with a petite price tag.

And I appreciate it if I compliment some thing on some people I will get the same tips. I really appreciate when they can tell me if they get this during sale, during an oversea trip, as a present or something, I don't take it as showing off. Because I can use those tips.

A twins' wedding Hanisah came to me complimenting my baju. I immediately told her 'thanks, I get it from brickfields'. Do you know that those saree come with supercheap price but very nice detailing and stuff? yes they do! and you will never get these tips if you don't ask from the right person do you?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mrs Aaron

I have been driving a lot since I am licensed to drive. ( I memang seorang penakut undang undang so masa takde lesen memang tak drive k)

Being able to drive around is a nikmat yang I thank Allah everyday like I thank Allah for still allowing me to breath.

Can't imagine my life without my driving license, Aaron and driving capability.

I thank Allah for friends who drive a lot too. I tak ada jenis kawan yang takut nak side park reverse park, takut drive malam, takut drive hujan, takut drive long distance. We are all hardcore drivers who don't complain about driving and who can't live without driving.

Independent women are driving women. No women should be denied for her right to move around as she pleases.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Eve of Adha

It was my choice to come to work on Eve of Adha but it was too sweet of my cousin to think my boss made me do this. Haha. He/she did not. I was the one who wanted, actually insisted (drama much) to come to work (disclaimer in case my boss read this, I love you boss)

Buttttt I take the rest of the week off. So the joke is on youuuuuu people!  Muahahahaha.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha people. Hope you get to celebrate this joyous day with people you love whoever they are wherever you are.

Ps. Don't be in love with somebody's husband. Because tomorrow you will get lonely anddd the wife will get all the good things. You're losing!

Unsung Hero

Had the chance to watch Tanda Putera during sleepover at Aisha's last night. I had no idea that the movie would totally move me. I was moved.

How long have I been saying TTDI TTDI without knowing who this TDI is. Yes, I bet most of us don't know who this TDI is.

Such a loss, to lose a very great man at such early age, early years. If he would have been alive, I think he would be our Bapa Pemodenan.

Al-Fatihah Tun Dr Ismail. You have been missed.

Image from Wkipedia.