Monday, June 15, 2015

Post Celebration

Still talking about my birthday, guys. Yes. Because I'm party gal like that.

Few months ago I found out the Phuket is pronounced as PU-KET instead on FU-KET haha OMG why. I have been FUKET all my age, it's all a lie. How did it suddenly became important to me? Because we decided for turning 30 Cik Ilah deserves a weekend away (in PUKET that is!)

So, one week after my birthday, we flew to Phuket. One birthday girl, one self centered belated birthday girl, and a happy family of Pink, Naurah and Lepp.

One of the famous question I got prior coming back from #ilah30Phuket is, how is it travelling with an infant. Tell you what, Naurah, not ordinary infant. She's very easy to handle and my god such a sweetie pie too.

It was a quality holiday, heavenly food, funny painful thai massages (that we kept craving for more), crazy people and lots of beach. I could use a beach holiday anytime anyway.

and last Friday, my Onthursday girls treat me to a Karaoke session. My birthday is now complete. I shall age gracefully towards 30!