Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - count your blessings

I have stop counting for my blessings. 2011, all about appreciating.

I don't have time to wonder how is it like if they are not around, because the always are.

Like Hanis said 'zac u look happy! Dah ada bf erk?' I answered 'kalau ada bf pon belum tentu happy macam ni!'

Le girlfriends, le parents, le familia, le pwingsehs, le supercousins, le superfriends, thank you for sticking up.

You made me go through 2011 easier, now push me to 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

So, now what?

This whole new year thing does not hit me.

Until I replied a user's mail;

' I will contact you again on 2nd of January 2011'

And then i realised SHIT I GOT IT WRONG

*backspacing..* 2012

While backspacing, i stopped.

Finally. It hits me.

It's unexplainable. It just, oh, waw.

2012. hurm.

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 - love means letting go.


The ultimate crush came back for good from the land of abroad. Then just like after 2 months or something, I don't really remember, a very unfortunate fate brought us together in one very awkward moment that I would never want to remember.

Yes. I don't know how to act, what to say, and I don't want to put lemonade on the already hurting wound but yeah, let's just say, some people are real bitch in a very bitchy way they don't really understand.

I always never wanted to meet my crush. I always have this line in my story to my unborn little pies 'you know I once liked this guy, he's not your father, but that's just because we never met. If we did, he couldve been'. I always wanted him to stay be the guy I'm not with only because I never met him.

Now that we did meet, the line automatically removed from the storyline because guess what, apparently of course he's not the guy who's attracted to some fat girls (yes he even called me fat). He is just one fo those ordinary guy.

In just one moment, the guy of my dream, the ultimate man that I thought could level up to my father, turns into a total jackass.

All those tears I wasted and crying in my cousin's car and spending a long weekend in Bandung and Jakarta just to retrieve myself back makes me feel like a loser!

And then, news break, he likes my friend.

So you know what, him, just like that line that has been removed, automatially vanished.

This guy; all this crush thing, never happened. All gone with 2011.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

FB Timeline

I never thought that one day somebody will just bloody come up with an idea on how to FLASHBACK my life to 4 years back. IN DETAILS. shit. THANK GOD TO FUNCTION HIDE FROM TIMELINE.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One year old.

Maryam is one year old today. Alhamdulillah. Happy birthday little pie.

One year ago when she was born, Aunty Aishah gtalked me and said 'pandai dia pilih date nak lahir, 20122012' of course, last year was only 2010. Haha. Echah..echah..tsk tsk tsk

Dearie baby girl, you grow up so fast, you make me feel so old. May you be one good daughter to your parents, one good muslim to Allah SWT and one good ummah to beloved Rasul.

Ahhhhhhh I feel sentimental! You don't know how much we all love you do you??

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seperti Kekasihku

So Afiq confirmed that this very good manly voice belongs to a guy named Naim. He also added that he is a very good singer.

It's a shame that I never get to know Naim assuming that he only made his debut post my graduation.

Not that I am any important to the UTP music scene but I'd like to claim that I was one of the fangirl who moved the band(s).

To name a few, Retrodelic Skandal, Capoiz, 425. Ahah. Good times they were.

Afiq also confirmed that he has left this band, but nevertheless, I hope he still remembers that he PROMISED to sing Dewi (Keroncong style) at my wedding.

It's okay, he is old, I will take the honour to buzz his BBM every now and then until he say yes.

Not that my wedding is around the corner of course.

The video is taken from youtube, channel pdus177. Pdus is also one great drummer I've known back in UTP.

These people are the greatest music influence in my life.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A matter of Heart

I know we are all grownups.

But can we go back to before, when the problem was only ‘I have a crush on this guy but he doesn’t see me that way’.


Seriously, this whole ‘I’m in love with the wrong guy’ thing, IS NO FUN!!!


At this point, a cotton candy, blowing bubbles and dance in the rain, could really help.

Monday, December 12, 2011

the facebook police.

Ayah bought momma a new set of desktop pc complete with streamyx. She is no longer jobless, she is now the facebook police.

at day 2 she already wrote twice on my wall. I have to be honest that I kinda love it because like it or not, your moms don't do it but mine does :D

I'd like to warn those who always commented my walls and photos by calling me fat and stuff, they'd better be careful now that the facebook police is around. But it will be fun when momma declares war. Haha.

Oh, about that, what happen to just being nice?

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear God, hear me pray.

Dear God,


Whenever, whennnnnnever you decide to give me a husband (seriously not that I’m looking forward or something)

But just whenever you decide OK NOW IT’S YOUR TURN HANI, TAKE THIS MAN!


Please, boleh tak kurniakan I seorang husband yang kacak no.. I mean.. yang menjaga sembahyang?


Please….. before you somewhat decide to bump us in the train or in the rain, on the receiver of the wrong number calls, or in the restaurant of when I’m over here and he’s checking me out from over there.


However you’re gonna make he sees me finally,


PLEASE make him be reminded of his prayer times 5 times a day first.


Because seriously, how am I going to live with one who doesn’t.




Oh, and God, is it to early to ask that if this man who keeps his prayer 5 times everyday one day impregnated me, can you please not let me be annoying? Because I can’t afford being pregnant and annoying, seriously, like some people seriously are.


Ok.. it’s not too early to ask, no?


Thank you God, for you hear me pray.




Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anak Dara

It’s a scary world out there.

Dalam masa 3 bulan, 82 bayi dilahirkan oleh ibu muda bawah umur? SERIOUSLY?


YA ALLAH umur 15 I belum reti lahhhhhh nek berdegek-degek ni!

Mana korang belajar semua ni.


Ya Allah, scary nya nak membesarkan seorang anak dara dalam dunia macam ni.


Come to think of it, I wonder how many sleepless nights momma and ayah has been spending worrying about me.

Nak membesarkan anak dara seorang, macam-macam cerita, haih.




I wonder how my parents brought me up. Apalah didikan yang diorang bagi.



And my parents only ada 1 girl, those yang ada 4, 5, 6, 7?


Oh my God, susahnya nak bring up a girl!! T_T

Maryam, grow up and be a decent girl k!


Momma, if you’re reading this, please take note that cerita HOW YOU BROUGHT ME UP is more scarier than HOW YOU PUSH ME OUT OF YOUR VAGINA.


So next time you’re gonna give me the ‘I’M YOUR MOTHER’ talk, tell me how you and Ayah made me believe in NO RELATIONSHIP during teenage years.


It might be useful.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If there’s ever any award for the MOST ANNOYING BACHELORETTE EVER


Ashley Hebert would win with 100% vote.


Everytime, F’ING EVERYTIME she laughs I just want to MUTE.


Or scream dddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadididdiadadadada.


My God. Annoying little creepy petite monster. F’ING ANNOYING.

Monday, December 5, 2011

None of Nine

We have nine mutual friends.

Freaking Nine.

But none of this nine would ever set us up on a date.


Isn't it that obvious that I would so really want to date a guy like you? I think even they knew.

So why?

It's so obvious. It's so near. I just gotta open my eyes and look into the mirror and see, the reason is there.

I just gotta read between the lines, take the hint, whatever. But until I like what I see in the mirror, you're not gonna like it, those nine, won't, too.

So I get it. It's me. Not you. Not those nine.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From Hero to Zero

Sampai hati Harimau Malaya.

If we are not going to win anyway, might as well don't take lead with two goals ahead.


but we stayed anyway tho it was so heatbreaking in so many ways.

True that penyokong yang benar menyorak ketika menang, menyokong ketika kalah. But its about time for post mortem.

Ong Kim Swee, why do we have such amazing ball control in the middle and great wall of defense at the back, BUT NO ONE FUCKING STRIKER CAN SCORE A GOAL?


its about time to wake up tigers. we are on the right track and its not too late!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I now appreciate the last 5 months, more.

The rest of this post is pretty private, but WTH.

So I had my period today. it has been 5 months. yes. I missed my mens for 5 months. people around me who (pretend to, or not) care, keep asking me to go check. BLOODYHELL WHAT TO CHECK DOWN THERE?

my mum was so worried that I may have develop more testosterone since I've been watching more football lately. yes as much as it souns so not scientifically relevant or at least logic, I know deep down inside she must have been worried I may have grown a penis.

And the day is here. I FORGOT HOW BAD THE STOMACH CRAMP IS. and I'm not that type who suffer during her period. My period symptoms is mild, as such on my first day I can still drink ice and go jogging (not that i do it anyway). Some girls, they just have to tuck in their bed and do nothing while they lost lots of blood. I'm just lucky.

I wonder why this past 5 months I've been wanting this stomach cramp shit and all, bloodyhell everyone just wanna be normal it hurts!!

And the mood swing, I just snap at everyone including my boss.

Oh my period hormones are bad.

Guys, appreciate your girls. Seriously this is a torture so that you all can have all your sex pleasure and someone to carry your name in the future, but wth, you go and OFFER US PAYUNG EMAS DI SYURGA?


Let the picture speaks.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hai lama tak update blog.

Dari kota lumpur ke kota baru naik flight.
Dari kota bharu ke Manik urai naik bas lompat-lompat.

all for my bestfriends' wedding.

Haida got married!

Aswad and Shira got married finally.
Cousie Sikwan got engaged to fiance Rais.

I wish I am more the type of ' TOLONG AMBIK GAMBA..'

This is my bloody weekend? engagement and weddings? growing up sucks.

Nasib baik heroes bawa balik gold medal. i fell in love again!!


Friday, November 18, 2011


The most annoying nyekik thing to say in the world is




Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its November.

waw sedar tak sedar dah november. it means dah setahun i meninggalkan Kuantan. Tinggalkan iPerintis. Said hello to Kl, hello to HP.

wah kan i dah sedikit rasa sentimental.

cepatnya masa. i datang sini magh preggie, now maryam, dah almost 1 year. Aisha drive kancil lagi masa tu, now WUS nak habis road tax dah kan? it means also almost 1 year dah tak jumpa nett.

November means a lot of things. LOTS OF JEMPUTAN KAHWIN. seriously KENAPA KORANG GILA SANGAT DENGAN DATE 111111 2011 1011 WATSOEVER NI? to us IT grads its just BINARY CODE! haha

and november also means, THE BREAKING DAWN IS AROUND THE CORNER!


ps: i seriously hate the remark 'BACA BUKU DIA LAGI BEST' if you know me well, YOU KNOW I DONT READ! i dont read books ok, stop the remarks!

oh, me and Aisha went to watch the final piala malaysia. which also means, its about 1 year since i started gila pergi tengok bola! hehe.


to more years and cheers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Random

I know it's too much too shed a tear seeing Maryam grows teeth and all, but I can't help it.

Maryam. From Mummy's Blog.

Baby why you grow up so fast. You make me feel old.

Dear girlfriends, remember later when you have babies and I don't care about them as much as I care for Maryam, that's just because when I wanna feel loved, Maryam is here. You girls take TOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG to reproduce haha.

ps: dear bosses they just know how to deliver bad news don't they. damn it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No, we still haven't forget.

Haha. Hehe. Huhu. Hoho.

Remember your 8-2 whatever. Yeah, we don't forget things like that do we?


1 - 6? Really. Lol.


Rooney, nani, seriously?


Ahh. I had so much fun!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Count your blessing(s)

Barakallah. Alhamdulillah.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

The secret life of Hani

Roomie was around, so on friday nite, me, aisha, maryam and mummy went to pick her up for supper. It ends up with a tissue from another table to one of us. Very sex and the city.

And then saturday passed. Come sunday, just a spontanous idea to Istana Budaya, ends up with me and Ann both cheering and dancing to the secret life of Nora. Adibah Noor is the best.

I so wanna take a picture with the Roger guy. So we went to the meet the fans, and the next thing I know, Ann screamed 'ROOGGEERR!!' Bringing Roger near to us and push me into his arms. He hugged me, twice. I was floating!

Later dinner with the officemate at Subak, sg. Penchala. The ambience was nice, the people are warm, but the food, not so much to compliment.

I love spontaneous weekend!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wedding in the Rain.

I always love Rain.

I can dance in the rain. Sing. Cry. Talk to myself.

If it rains i will purposely park my car miles away so I can enjoy walking slowly in the rain.

Jason and Molly, you both are lucky.

People can always get married in days with sunlight, but they can't really pick a day when it rains. we don't plan rain.

I pray that if my time ever comes, it will rain, heavily.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Perfect Life vs Awesome Life

Some people are lucky. Sekolah hebat. Scholar hebat. Kolej hebat. Dekat Kolej jumpa Gf Bf hebat. Kerja hebat. Kahwin fresh flowers. Hantaran belas ribu. Kawin setahun anak satu. Beli rumah. Tuka kereta. Naik pangkat. Pergi haji. Life is perfect, life is smooth. Artchitectured and engineered for perfection!

But some people not so lucky. Tak masuk U. Tak ada GF BF. Kahwin lambat. Kerja tak tetap. Hutang merata. Tapi life awesome.

Yes. Awesome. Do things people won't do, known for so many special things, dump into shit and bounced back just right, masuk mulut buaya tapi still survive. These are the kind of people that when they're gone, everyone will remember.

Susah nak describe awesome. Tapi perfect life doesn't mean its awesome, and vice versa.

So when you look at people and you think, ahh perfect hidup dia. Remember, its not because urs are not, its because urs is AWESOME!

And you, you may not make my life perfect, but you make it awesome :D

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Monday, October 3, 2011



hari yang dinantikan telah tibaaaaaa! hurrrrraaaaaahhhhhh!


i've been waiting for today, the day I can call father and screaaaaaam to his ear,

hurah hurah hurah!!!

ok walaupon hakikatnya hutang MARA i cuma RM 500++ TAPI LIATNYA YA ALLAH nak bayar sampai Ayah kena remind ALL THE TIME for me to pay (FOR 3 YEARS!!! HAHA)


bye bye bye bye MARA.
and thank you for;

and most importantly
wth I only have to pay ONE BLOODY % of my total loan!

SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH! most importantly.. TERIMA KASIH ALLAH sebab menetapkan rezeki ini untuk saya :D



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Misi London 2012 - Possible?

Ad is flying to UK. Its so sudden. its a mixed feeling thing. We are happy that she gets to further her study. but at the same time, we know we're gonna miss her :(

Dik! Tunggu kita tau. InsyaAllah taun depan kita sampai :D

Me, Magh, Maryam and Raje had a nice brunch date with Ad. I had a good time. I'm gonna miss this :(

And then Shern Shou hosted a BBQ dinner for Mekar. My coursemates are funny. They are always the same.

Thank you guys for an awesome posem day. You guys made my life. Wahh!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jaja is a Wifey

But before I go into details, I’d like to make a public service announcement.


On the reception day (11th September 2011) the make up artist NEVER SHOWED UP.


I woke up at 9.30am, and I wake the bride up, only to learn that the make up artist was not here yet.

We called him a thousand times, until 11 am he didn’t show up still (the reception was supposed to start at 11am).

Kak Jaja was all positive that he will show up as he left all his stuffs in the room but he never did anyway.


It was so embarrassing, we had to ask the groom’s family to wait a lil longer while we called for OTHER MUA, and we were lucky Kak Mas from Shah Alam agreed to come in a VERY short notice.


The bride was all crying, had panic attack, the whole family tried to help but to no avail, the event was delayed, we had to apologize thousand times to the groom’s family (luckily they understand) and everything just went into chaos JUST BECAUSE OF THE RUDE MAKE UP ARTIST.


Somehow Kak Mas did a magical job, the bride was pretty, despite the crying, the eyebags were not OBVIOUS! (magic!) and the day went perfect (they had a very outstanding live band, we had fun dancing the whole day!)


And thennnn the make up artist decided to come and pick up all his stuffs, OKAY!! Oh my god HOW FUCKING RUDE IS THAT? He said he was OVERSLEPT!!! He put on his very KESIAN face and promise to REFUND in ONE MONTH TIME, but he wants his stuffs back!!




He left the bride in panic attack, we have to face the groom’s family with embarrassment OUR WHOLE LIFE, he came back when the event is over, ASKED FOR HIS STUFFS BACK and PROMISE to refund in ONE MONTH?? What kind of human is that!!!


He’s lucky enough we did not throw his stuffs away and sue him!


So to brides-to-be out there, just in case you’re considering MUA, you might want to BE CAREFUL with this MUA named RIEZZA AMOR. From what I understand he does make up for Lisa Surihani.


I’m not saying DON’T take him, but you may wanna be EXTRA CAREFUL, just in case, you know, HE OVERSLEPT AGAIN.


On the other note,

Kak Jaja is like a sister I never had to me. Today she’s a wifey to Anwar Zamree.

As much as I hate the fact that I can no longer crash her room as I please, I am happy to know that she’s taken.





Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I'm Irresponsible

Because you don’t get to be irresponsible that much


When you’re working around the clock,

When you fight the people around you just so that you can be at the office on time, ALL THE TIME.

When you sacrificed your holidays all year round.


Because that is not called PERFORMING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


Some people don’t get the term ‘watch your words’, because they built a wall in their world, they made themselves king, and they forgot, bluntly, that this is two way street.


I’m gonna make them eat what they say.


You don’t know how it feels like when after everything, PEOPLE CALLED YOU IRRESPONSIBLE. Yes, you don’t.



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off to London

Goodbye Pokngah and Mira. We will miss you lot.

Study lelok Ngah. Semayang jangan tinggal.

Come back fast. Come back safe.

Love you both!

Ps: nak duit g Londong!!!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post Merdeka Post

I am thankful Ya Allah dilahirkan dalam negara yang aman, yang bebas, yang sederhana, yang bijak, yang tidak kebuluran.

Saya bangga dilahirkan dalam era Dato' Lee Chong Wei, Dato' Jimmy Choo, Dato' Nicol David, Safee Sali dan Safiq Rahim, Tony Fernandes, Michelle Yeoh, Chef Wan and many more.

Bersyukur dibesarkan dalam negara yang bebas bertutur bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris, bergaul dengan kawan India Cina, Jawa, dan Melayu.

I am thankful for the food. Yes makananlah soul Malaysian.

Terima kasih, atuk dan nenek, yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan. Terima kasih, Barisan Nasional kerana menjaga kemerdekaan ini.

Thank you Malaysia.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Raya is Over(rated)

Subuh di Kuala Terengganu, Breakfast di Kota Kemuning.

Sekarang di Cyberjaya.


Biasalah, hamba (ABDI) kapitalis.


Thank you, anyhow, AirAsia. Now everyone can fly (above jammed di Karak, toilet penuh di Bentong, lori balak yang selo, viva yang ambitious nak overtake Honda Accord, crappy lagu raya on the radio, 24 HOURS OF JOURNEY ALTOGETHER to&fro T_T)


But you know what I (truly) miss?



BUKIT JALIL, and football game(ssssssssssss).

YA ALLAH, please let the games resume fast. I dah tak sabar nak scream my lungs out.



MY (GIRL)FRIENDS (perh! I finally said it!)



My (Super)Cousins.




‘ayah..rumah kakak dah ade sports channel tau!!’







Oh btw, I’ll be having a busy week ahead. Kak Jaja’s getting married, mumsie is around.

Girlfriends (and football) will have to wait.


Back to work. Blergh.




Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eid Mubarak 2011

I feel like my life is moving on a very fast pace.

3 years ago I started giving duit raya. I was 22, I was already putting notes in the green envelopes. Today, this year, this kids they see me handing those papers, they feel 'normal'. No more 'waaa che hani bagi duit raya laaa'

I expected a lot of 'bila lagi' questions, just like 3 years back. But hey suprise suprise, they get used to it LONG before I do. So yes, adelaa yang kurang asam, tapi xdela mcm selalu ;)

But my raya just started. We had simple 1st day at home (for the first time!), before we headed to Manek Urai for winner Gulai Tempoyak and series of fireworks! And now, kota bharu time.

Good food, come to mommmmma!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

You're the Best Thing I Never Had.

Ade seorang lelaki yang I suka, I tunggu dia, lamaaaa. I puja dia, dialah yang paling best. Dialah lelaki agung yang boleh ambik alih tugas ayah. Dielahhh semue semua ni.

Pastu dia panggil I gemuk, I turn off.

Pastu...ya Allah. Banyak lagi benda dia buat, I malu nak mengaku I pernah suka dia. (So ni rahsia antara kita 2 je tau!)

So lagu Beyonce ni, nah amek! Amek dekat kau.

There was a time
I thought, that you did everything right
No lies, no wrong
Boy I, must've been outta my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
Thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
So baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with it
Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
You turned out to be the best thing I never had
And I'm gon' always be the best thing you never had
I bet it sucks to be you right now

So sad, you're hurt
Boo hoo, oh, did you expect me to care?
You don't deserve my tears
I guess that's why they ain't there
When I think that there was a time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I saw the real you

I know you want me back
It's time to face the facts
That I'm the one that's got away
Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life
Thank God I found the good in goodbye

Part you want me back tu tak kene la sikit. Tapi seriously ok, u tau what u need? A girl-friend. Bukan kekasih, kawan perempuan. Bukan mcm kawan kau yg sibuk2 reply tweet kau wall kau setiap masa tu. Tu bukan kawan! Tu die sebok nak expose diri so die stand a chance.

Jangan jadi loser, please. Pasal you got that something, you just dunno how to use it.

For a starter, cukup2 la mengorat dekat twitter. You're so cheap, loser.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Acara berbuka, complete.

Via ipad angah.

22 Aug - Mekar - Secret Recipe, Alamanda.

Thank you for coming all the way to Putrajaya dari segenap pelosok lembah kelang, semata-mata sebab Tuan Puteri shift malam. You guys are truly the best!

Raje dearie caught in a little misfortune on the way to Alamanda. Sorry I didn't act right, I wasn't thinking straight and I was panic too. Next time (touch wood) I will know what to do! You will bounce back because you're strong like that!

23 Aug - Supercousins - The Ship

Angah is flying to London. This may be the last time we get to spend together.

Terima kasih untuk yang curi masa untuk berbuka dan bermoreh bersama.
Ever heard of 'if people want to be with you, they will make a way' :)

Makan di the ship tapi check in di tony romas. Biaselah. Gile glemer.

Acara berbuka, lengkap. Tinggal satu lagi, the Seris. Then, off home! Love!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bebeb is 25

So the Pwingsehs semua dah 25, now what? lepas sessi mabuk-mabuk pop di club Pwingsehs, sampaila sessi bertamadun makan berbuka di Alexis.

Peristiwa Mulberry 'tolong panggil de kejap', peristiwa 'anak sapela nangis ni?', peristiwa Saa hilang di toilet midvalley, and banyak lagi peristiwa.

untuk 25, 26 27 sampaila ke 127857839294775949 tahun seterusnya.

Bila orang tanya 'How come you are still friend with her up until now?'

You know what I said ' Because she has been putting up with my attitudes too, and i'm not easy to handle'

Happy birthday Bebeb!
Love you!

RIP Jay Gasper

Hari ni bangun tidur, Bebeb BBM, Jay Gasper, a friend of her brother (Abg Boy) has passed away of lung cancer.

Saya tak kenal Jay. Umur dia berapa, duduk mana, nama penuh apa, birthday bila semua i tak tau. Tapi sekitar March 2009, I di Jakarta waktu tu, tiba-tiba Abg Boy cakap, kawan dia nama Jay akan join kitorang.

The next thing I know, Jay was part of the trip and it was hell fun with him around.

Berlagak macam diva, menari macam clubbing tengah-tengah show malique, pakai topi krispy kreme and jerit gratis gratis kat semua orang, compete dengan I and Dell mengorat lelaki sama, and lots more, we shared a good time.

I felt safe and comfortable around him. Waktu tu I baru pakai tudung, and he made it easier, how amazing. I still remember he complimented my Guess shades.

One of the most amazing memory I will always remember of him, is when we were at the Pisa Cafe. I ordered orange juice but the taste turned out to be a lil bit weird. Then Jay cakap, terlebih Vodka ni. OMG.. i was like, aku drink vodka ke tadi. And he went like, TIPU JE!!

OMG i felt like smacking him on the face there and then.

You may be gone too soon, Jay. But you live forever in the memories and stories being told.

Friday, August 19, 2011


'Wey mu tau dok Kim nok kawen doh?'

'Ye dooookkkkkkk?'

'Sabtu ni dohhhh'

'Hakimah Mat Saleh?'


Alaaaa bodola cerite niiiii!!! Hahahaha
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Askar Wataniah

Semenjak jadi askar wataniah ni, i TIDAK PERNAH merasa cuti public holiday. yes I pon tak paham motif sangat kitorang kene kerje public holiday ni. ala-ala menjaga keamanan negara.

so sebulan lepas I cek spreadsheet AND OMG, adakah bumi berputar pada paksinya? kenapa nama I tiada dalam senarai 'BERTUGAS PADA NUZUL QURAN kalau tak rakyat malaysia semua kene jangkitan kusta'.

I pon nekad, mari fully utilise, cuti di tengah minggu, berlagak seperti orang lain yang selalu merasa nikmat public holiday ni.

Start with plan to berbuka puasa bersama exclassmate from Sekolah Rendah. PERHHHH. I got a plan for a public holiday, HOW RARE?

But they bailed out, so the usual suspects, my pwingsehs, decided to just go on. Only that my lalim sibuk-sibuk nak join. yeah, why not.

Cuti Nuzul Quran I bermula dengan movie marathon sampai sahur, masak dan makan sahur, dan akhirnya tidur depan TV lepas Subuh. IYELAH TAK KERJA KAN BESOKNYA.

Bangun menjelang Zohor, mandi sebelum Asar, keluar berfoya-foya ke Kuala Lumpur (yes perlu menganjing ORANG KL yang tak cuti, INI BUKAN SELALU BOLEH BUATKAN???) dan akhirnya berbuka die Ben's Pavillion.

My Spaghetti carbonara

Little early birthday celebration for Bebeb.

Bergosip, mengumpat, tambah order, makan banyak, #fatjoke, main kuiz, feeling horny, luahan perasaan, and everything in between, sampai kena halau.

The Dudes

The Pwingsehs


Thank you Pwingsehs and the Dudes, awesome sangat rasa public holiday hari ni. Walaupon tak dapat duit extra yang 1.6juta tu.. iyerlaa kalau kerja public holiday kann dapat beli kondo 7 bilik kat pinggiran KLCC.

Now, kembali menjadi askar wataniah. Raya pon kena kerja, KAU ADA? HAH, ADA?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuan puteri ada tempoh 3 hari sahaja

Hari Pertama:

Sejak kejadian upset stomach yang sungguh menyakitkan, I was given another day off. So i thot, ZASS balik kampung cun juga ni. So I order Sup Tulang, Sambal Terung and Ayam percik from Momma. Yes of course Tuan Puteri tiba je menu telah dihidangkan. Alhamdulillah ini namanya nikmat berbuka bersama keluarga.

Hari pertama, kakak nak makan apa, nak pergi mana, nak apa semuaaa mama and ayah beli. OK!

Hasil rembatan tudung dan baju raya SPONSORED by the parents yeay!

Hari kedua:

'Kakak mana duit kereta bulan ni, ayah dah bayar dulu pakai duit ayah?' ZAST! belum apa2 tuan puteri dah kena. SO I buat muka 'ayah tak ada diskaun kerrr please hehe'. Atas budi bicara ayah kata OK diskaun sekian sekian TAPI sila bajet elok-elok untuk road tax (hint: i will not pay for your road tax again this year T_T) baiklah ayah.

'Kakak nak makan apa?' 'Nasi kerabu ok mama?' 'Boleh, sedang molek Kak Zuli ajak berbuka, dia wat nasi kerabu'.

Alhamdulillah ini namanya nikmat berbuka bersama keluarga.

Sempat lagi dating dengan roomate. Walaupun sekejap tapi sampai tengah malam. Tunggu makbonda masing-masing call, tak ada. Akhirnya kita mengalah. THEY FINALLYR EALISED WE'RE BIG GIRLS HEHE now boleh clubbing tanpa ibu syakwasangka, kononnnnnnya.

Hari ketiga:

'Kakak bangunlah pukul berapa dah ni!' 'ayah nak pakai kereta kakak boleh keluar pukul sekian sekian sahaja' 'duit banyak tapi baju/tudung raya pon ayah kena belikan'

Zast!! Title tuan puteri slow slow dilucutkan.. Nasib baik balik 3 hari je kalau tak confirm besok makan nasi bungkus juga haha.

Tapi slow-slow I menagih kasih dengan Tok pula. 'Tok, nak makan ikan bakar bersambal'. 'Ok kakak, nanti Ayah Ngoh buat', 'YEAY!!'

Alhamdulillah ini namanya nikmat berbuka bersama keluarga.

Hari Ahad macam biasa, syarat wajib kena ambil Amalin dari sekolah and buka taska kat rumah. TV kena pasang Astro ceria sampai Amalin kata NAK BALIKK. Ini Tok Ayah Im pon kalah.

Tolong Che Hani wat puteri mandi. Allah rindunyaaaa budak rongak ni.

Tapi ayahkan, anak perempuan satu hatinya dijaga, 'kakak nasib baik beli tiket pukul 11, boleh tengok Lee Chong Wei dengan mama and ayah'.

Saham tuan puteri kena jaga, sebab tuan puteri kalau merajuk, datuk boleh jatuh muflis nak memujuk hehe.

I pon nangis bila byebye mama and ayah, mengada sangat tuan puteri kan, 12 hari je kau pulang ke new york city, nak apa lagi??!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some time off

Today I take a day off. Stomach has been upset since last night, I did not have enough sleep. Trips to the loo sure is no fun.

Plus I need the rest. My body is aching. I'm old you know, old. 25 but my body works like 48.

So today I set myself in front of the idiot box, clenching shil's DVD (borrowed 5 of em) put it on play and fell asleep. Haha. Suddenly its noon. How come its never noon this fast whenever I'm at the office?

No seriously would I need this much money if I don't work. Just stay at home, eat whatever daddy brings home, watch whatever astro shows on TV, sleep wherever Mum set me a bed.

Social life, who bloody cares?

Ok I take that back. Haha.

I had iftar with Safuan and friends last nite. Its so good having him around knowing I can see him anytime. It feels so good. Please come back for good soon.

Ramadhan is almost halfway through, what have you give and got?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Respect to Mothers

I asked Magh to cook for me. Of course, I kan spoilt. Magh cooked exactly what I asked. Ikan singgey, daging goreng, terung bakar, budu. Perhhhh.

I was bloated, i couldn't drive home. So I tidur rumah Magh, with Maryam.

It started with she didn't want to sleep, lepas habis Community Shield match tu kan (YES WHERE MAN CITY LOST :( false hope! false hope!) and it was already about 12. She still wanted to playyyy.

And then I didn't know when did she sleep, but she woke up a few times, on a less than 1 hour gap. Perhhhhhhhhhhhh.

and this is Maryam, the angel baby! (you don't hear she cries that much!!)

I NOW RESPECT ALL MOTHERS, working, not working, with 1 or more kids, YOU GUYS ARE SUPERWOMAN.

Ok nak pergi snooze at the surau. DONT TELL MY BOSS!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

my friends spoil me so bad

i said i want nasi daun pisang, i got it.
i want coffee, i got it.
i want bread butter pudding, bebeb made it.
i said when i work night shift, come eat at saba with me. they say, ok.
i want nasi lemak darus, we were halfway home, but i still got it.

my friends spoil me bad, no guy can ever take their place :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ketandusan WAG

Kita di Malaysia ketandusan WAG yang berguna. WAG malaysia lebih suka low profile or sibuk update blog call Harian Metro jaja cerita tunang curang watsoever. WHO BLOODY CARES?

We need a true WAG, so bila ada cerita bodoh macamni, we don't need our heroes to answer the press.

*image from sokerleaks*

Ini cerita remeh pon kena call Amirulhadi and Safee Sali. Perjuangkan hak WAG, let WAGS deal WAGS. baru kau tau langit ni tinggi ke rendah, kan?

BTW, you, Shahril Ishak, good looking captain of Singapore Football Team, pity you. Muka kau hensem, body kau tough, tapi taste NAN HADO. Nasihat sket bini tu, ke nak suruh WAGS of Malaysia yang basuh?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 19 Girls

Ceritanya, ada orang putus tunang, hilang kekasih to a younger girl.
She is 22, and the other girl is 19.

I once lost a guy to a 19 girl too.
We females are cursed. as we get older, there are always 19 girls.

Waw. GIRLS in their 19.
I wonder what I did when I was 19.


but yes come to think of it, on my 20s, i got a text;

'Oh kaulah perempuan gatal yang suka kacau boyfriend aku kan?'

HAH! 19, 20, sama je. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. hah!

Ermmm tweets yang cute.

Dah 2 hari puasa. Lapar alhamdulillah belum, tapi mengantuk yang kronik. Why lah. Pening kepala tahan mengantuk, tido sampai berdengkur2 kat surau. Bangun je semua orang pandang, macam tdo kt stage haha.

Semalam nasi ayam kampung, perhhhh! Hari ni citenye beli kat param. Prung prang prung prang param burn a whole in the pocket la jugak!

nak beli air tebu tibe-tibe pikir hari normal tak pernah-pernah makan tebu, so hari ni beli neskafe. I need my caffeine fix!

Masak, belum lagi. Tak tau bila nak masak, tak masak dah kot haha. Semalam pergi tengok ayah chik kt IJN. Che Bi tanya berbuka apa. I cakap beli je, tak masak pon. Che Bi diam kejap, pastu die kata,

'Tak masak takpe, tapi tau masak kan?'


Ni pukul 1pagi duk update blog. Besok mulelaa mengantuk. Apa punya body clock ko pakai ni azhani!!

Btw, tweets by amirulhadi zainal so cute. I wanna be his WAG!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Upacara selamat jalan segala Syaitonnnirajim

31 July 2011
Gardens Redbox Lunch Promo.
Not in picture, lepp. Watak tak penting yang suka membuli.

Thank you korang! Selamat jalan segala syaitan, selamat datang Ramadhan.

Disco Skating

30 July 2011
After one whole Saturday spending time alone at home doing chores, cousin Zamer and his GF Enie invited me for Disco Skating at Subang Avenue.

I'm in love with this place. Must immediately find bf so I can pretend to be manja and fall on his chest.

Niat dah salah. Ramdhannnn!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm in Love

Subhanallah how great is this? 85000 Malaysians all thinking alike. I feel so proud to be one of this people. It's so great.

Secara jujurnya when kita decide untuk pergi sini, did we really think we stand a chance? So close kan. But somehow, all these people they showed up because kalah menang belakang cerita, kerja kita sokong.

Yang kerjanya main pulak, ya Allah, I'm so prouuuuddddd of you boys. I'm even more in loveeee :D

Thank you our hero. You bring a new meaning to the coming Hari Merdeka!

Itskay, next, piala asia, we are ready!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The diary of a Future WAG

Attention : Rearrange. Haha.

So I got my tickets yesterday, yes of course. Kalau tiket tu jual minggu lepas, minggu lepas dah beli. WAG.

Tapi selepas kaunter tiket ditutup, kaunter aduan pulak dibuka. Aku pegi bukit jalil habislah, online sold out la, kerja takleh kua awal la, baru dapat tuka shift la. Ada yang dari Port Dickson tak dapat tiket (:P) kesian sangat.

Takkanlah kaunter aduan nak jawab 'lalalala' je kan. So i dengan baik hati jawab, OK I BELIKAN UNTUK KORANG.

Maka pagi tadi, yes pagi sangat pukul 10, I bangun dari tidur, had a good lala shower, before Asyraf called.

'Berapa orang pesan?'


'Gini gini.. bagi balik je la duit 10 org tu.. queue kat bukit jalil sampai ke gombak!'


maka I pon terus bergegas ke Bukit Jalil untuk membuktikan kata-kata Asyraf tidak tepat, ONLY TO PROVED I WAS WRONG. dari kesas dah jammed!

So think think! *lightbulb* MBPJ AND SHAH ALAM.

Sampai MBPJ, JEM GILE JUGAK. terus pusing ke shah alam, FEDERAL PON JEM T_T

Sampai-sampai, penat-penat ebratur tengah panas ceng ceng, tiket RM30 dah habis. I bawa RM 500 cukup-cukup untuk beli 16 tiket RM30. so think think! cepat-cepat I GRAB JE TIKET RM50 10 KEPING.

gamble niii tah diorang nak beli ke tak tiket aku beli RM50 niii karang takmo kemana aku nak jaja tiket tiket ni!

tapi i salah!! selaku goreng pisang panas pappppp tiket-tiket tu habis!

So i terpaksa lari ke nearest ATM untuk ambik duit untuk beli lagi baki 6 orang tak dapat tiket tu, came back to the stadium 10 minits later, hari dah hujan tapi gigih ni, only to find out the tickets ALL SOLD OUT.



And i feel really bad for those yang tak dapat tiket. SORRY I TRIED MY BEST T_T

and apa hasilnya i bergegas kesana kemari? HAZIRAH YANG DAPAT JUMPA THE BOYS.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! rage!

to those yang rase terhutang budi dengan jasa baik i kesana kemari (tak caj tol n minyak n parking k!) i tak mintak apa-apa, cukuplah no telefon Amar Rohidan or Fadhli Shas.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buat kerja sendiri

Coach buat kerja coach
pertahanan buat kerja pertahanan
penyerang buat kerja penyerang
FAM buat kerja FAM
Wag buat kerja WAG

kita penyokong, buat kerja penyokong.
Beli tiket sebelum habis.

I got mine (and a few others too), how about you?

Buat kerja sendiri. Jangan banyak cadangan sangat. Rajagobal patut ambil orang tuhla, pertahanan hilang fokus la, gurusamy kapten la, FAM bengap jual tiekt asing-asing la. diorang taula kerja diorg.

Beli tiket dulu!

ps: hari ini dalam sejarah, to a perfect 2012. Adek, tunggu!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Justice for Captain

Mengingati semula detik kekalahan itu cukup mengecewakan Fadhli yang mengakui gagal menyerap tekanan biarpun pernah melalui pengalaman lebih hebat berdepan Indonesia di final Piala Suzuki AFF tujuh bulan lalu.

“Saya mengakui tidak dapat menyerap tekanan, memang saya sudah mempunyai pengalaman berdepan tekanan lebih hebat pada Piala Suzuki AFF sebelum ini tapi perlawanan pusingan kelayakan Piala Dunia ini berlainan.

“Saya kecewa dengan prestasi saya sendiri, saya minta maaf tapi saya tidak patah semangat sebaliknya kalau masih diberi peluang untuk perlawanan kedua, saya akan berikan aksi terbaik dan buktikan kemampuan sebenar,” katanya.

- Fadhli Shas to Harian Metro, 25 July 2011

I missed the moment when Safiq Rahim was red-carded. Only today i got to watch it on youtube. I CRIED. i'm a true WAG yo, can't help it.

image from the net.

#JusticeForCaptain, come on #HarimauMalaya. Ledakan gawang Singapore dengan Gol kita.

Negara Kita, pemain kita, rakyat kita, padang kita! Hitam kuning go tigers!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A pendant; so close to your heart.

Mama and Ayah gave me a Ball-shaped pendant, in order to acknowledge my sudden craving and obsession to football.

You know, so in the future I could remember I was so obsessed of football (player) thus the pendant haha.

Cinta terhadap sukan bola telah direstui, cinta terhadap pemain bola bila lagi?

This is a story of a REAL WAG

3 games in 7 days, I'm a real WAG yo!

So Bee is away in Singapore, I was contemplating whether should I complete the 3 EPL giants tour to Malaysia.

And then Seema gave me a free ticket (RM58) before KakGie offered me RM 68 tickets, when at last, I settled for RM 108 ticket from Dell's friend, Amy.

Biasalah, WAG. Mesti dapat tiket free.

I was SO CLOSE to TORRES. and Didier 'Dell' Drogba is soooooooooooooo huge!

Tho my Bee tak main, the game was great. I can say that my Bee is in a dangerous situation now. Hafiz Zamani Misbah is ready to be back to rock to National Squad.

Bertahan Bee, bertahan.

So I completed 4 trips to Bukit Jalil in one week. What have I NOT learn?

The parking is always a bitch.
Traffic for WHATEVER way is also always a bitch.
The phoneline, also a bitch.
and HOT guys, no matter how hot they are, THEY ALWAYS HAVE A GIRL.


Gonna make my 6th trip to SBJ next week for the Singapore game. yes, I pretty much have not learnt anything and next week, I'm gonna be complaining about the same thing.




But #HarimauMalaya is my heart. I can't help it.