Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm a happy person.

i was more a writing person. i write letters to myself. I dont do it anymore.

I need a space to cry. I need a space to look back at what i've done and what i've lost.

I need a space to regret of things that I missed.

Berpada-padalah dengan cinta sesama manusia, apatah lagi cinta terhadap manusia yang tidak berketahuan.

I did this to myself. I should know how to come back.

I should not take much time.

I should reserve this to him who is most deserving.

I should not become to obsessed.

I should learn not to keep things to myself. I should know how to let people know what I want and what I don't or else I'll be tortured.

I'm hurt.

I'm a happy person.

I'm a happy person with ego setinggi langit. I should know how to keep this to myself.

I'm not stupid. I'm brilliant in so many ways.

I'm not stupid and I'm a happy person.

I did this to myself. I should know how to come back.

I'm a happy person.

I'm a happy person.

I'm a happy person.

Tho happy, is too ambitious.

I'm a happy person.

Friday, February 25, 2011

La Tahzan

Everyday same old things
So used to feelin pain
Never had real love before
And it ain't her fault

She knows better but
She can't help it
Wanna tell her
But would that be selfish
How do you heal
A heart that can't feel, it's broken
His love is all she knows, all she knows, all she knows
His love is all she knows, all she knows, all she knows

- All She Knows. Bruno Mars.

Don't ever come close again. I've run away from you.

Don't ever come close. Don't ever find me.

Don't ever be nice.
Not even as a friend,
Not even as an acquaintance,
Not even as someone who passes by the road and laid your eyes on mine.

If I can't have you as a whole, I'd rather have nothing about you at all.

I've moved on.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sushi King

Me and Raja, we shouldnt be put together in a surround where there are sushis.

The topic got from Unagi to Salmon Skin Roll (FRIENDSaddicts you will get this ;p) to


oh. my. god.

I have to think! I have to think of what is the first thing that I think. so it doesnt make it right, right?

I mean, it varies. If I see a good looking guy, WITH A WIFE, then I would think, DAMN IT WHERE WERE YOU?

or if I see a good looking guy, who is 5 YEARS OLD, I would think, ARGH WHAT A LOSS.

If he's in my class, then I know he's my age, I would think, does he have a girlfriend?

If I know he is my age, and he has a girlfriend, I would think, DAMN IT WHERE WAS I?

and if he's none of the above, I would think,

What if he's my age? why if he's my age and he has no girlfriend?


argh. the question. damn it. BRINGS A LOT OF DAMN ITS.

it left me questioned, with how, at one point, I saw a guy, and I think, too bad he's young.

when as a matter of fact, he's actualy, NOT.

there. damn it, again.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sejuta Impian

1. nak peluk Iker Casillas
2. Nak bebas dari hutang
3. Nak main salji dengan @kartikamalini
5. Nak beli BB satu sorang untuk satu keluarga and kawan-kawan senang tak payah SMS dah!
6. nak senyapkan orang dekat twitter yang bising pasal semua benda. Tah-tah skirt kita yang satu tu je kot yang busuk.
7. Nak beli company ni and jadi bos and bagi orang cuti bila dia nak cuti T_T
8. nak naik gaji.
9. Nak jumpa Maryam T_T
10. Nak listkan sampai sejuta memang tak dapatla kan?

Saje. Dah lame tak update blog, tiba-tiba meroyan.

Keyword, lama tak update blog.


demit. bye.

nah untuk yang rindu. rindu kerrrr.

ps: Jangan lupa sejuta impian @ TV3.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pesawat AirAsia berlepas tanpa aku jadi isi perutnya

And another cousin got married tanpa aku jadi saksinya.

This is twist of fate, untuk orang yang tidak fancy salji dan Europe seperti Ain dihantar outstation ke Belgium pada musim winter.

Kenapa tak hantar Kartika Malini?

You see, bak kata Yuna - Coffee, with my everything, I'd give anything to be with you.

I would give up anything for my family, but at some point, I just couldn't.

My God, I feel cheap, when people start to think that I would even trade my time and memory with the family with money.

I can't even begin to think how cheap they think of me?

But I'm not alone, I'm with the other 8 of us who, at some point, thought they were gonna be somewhere else instead of here at this moment.

This will somehow some way pay in the future, InsyaAllah.

I don't mind my cousins, they are bunch of the best people. They understand.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perempuan bukan dilahirkan untuk jaga kereta

Tak ada bf, tak ape. Ade super brothers, super father, super cousins, super friends, super teammates yang a bbm or a sms away. Eheheh.

Sekali tuka taya dah boleh beli coach sebijik!! :(

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