Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm back!

After 6 months they decided to switch us back to 8 hours working, 5 days per week. i am not sure how we are taking this news, glad that finally we are back to normal, no more zombies staying up late night and and work on weekend


there'll be no more 10 days holiday, saloon on Tuesday, Lunch at Publika on weekdays, travelling without having to take leave and all.

I am going to miss this. staying late at night for football on Wednesday because what the hell, it's not like I have to work tomorrow!

Ahh what the hell. I'll make something up with this working hours later.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some footie dream

3 years ago on the night of World Cup 2010 final, Spanish thrashed Dutchman (Iniesta scored extra time, I STILL REMEMBER DAMN IT) I told myself that this nite 4 years to come I'll be in Rio De Jeneiro Estadium (trying to Portugese it out) screaming COME ON THOMAS MULLER!

And then I realised 14 months down the road, it still is quite impossible, well human can only plan isn't it? But I'm still aiming.


Champs League Final 2014 - LISBON


Champs League Final 2015 - Berlin (not yet official but MOST LIKELY it'll be Berlin)



I'm not interested with World Cup 2018 (Russia) or 2022 (Qatar) But let's hope USA won that bid for 2026 so I'll be rocking 40 years old in the states!

Keep on dreaming one of these will come true, I'm positive about this :D Come rock my footie dream with me will you please?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Found it!

Dear future husband. This baby is called Prada Saffiano Lux Tote in Baltic. Ok that's all.

Ps. I took this picture from the net because pity me if I have this baby in my hand I'd be able to take a picture of her clutching in my arms using the new camera you will also give me.

Basil and Oregano


Tomorrow I'm going to be the first person ever alive WHO have never been pregnant BUT have been to the antenatal class, TWICE.

I have no justification why I do this, but I'm not complaining.

To think that the first time I went was with Magh and when she was pregnant with Maryam and look at Maryam now she's a big girl! So maybe it's about time I need a refreshment course.



Tried to cook something HEALTHY today it turns out to be so sucky, but the chicken are good I swear! Didn't have enough of it.

Chicken, brinjals, tomato, garlic, olive oil, basil, oregano, pepper and salt all mixed up.

It's not that I want to start eating healthily or something (maybe I should) but I was famished and believe me that is all I could find in our fridge so I came up with it. It's basically my masterpiece.

I swear the chicken were good, the brinjals and tomatoes, on the other hand, went to garbage.


No I didn't eat my food of the ironing board. Omg please don't tell my roommates.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Mummy is working on this project of her own she'd like to call it 'The Directory'.
yes of course it's going to be a masterpiece collecting addresses names and information of us family.
The whole big 200++ to be family. So she asked me to find pictures for her.

It's a shame that she's on FB 24 HOURS A DAY but still don't know how to browse through albums. So yeah.
I have to take the job, of course.

Thsi was how I found this picture of my Grandmother (whom I never met, but heard a lot of great stories about), Arwah Che Aji.

It is creepy tho, if you look closely, she looks exactly like my mother! or, my mother is the one who looks exactly like her.

Man I can't wait to grow old, gracefully of course, and be this pretty.
when that time comes i'd be so proud to make this my profile picture.

On the other hand,

ololo look at that cute little girl ommey ommeyyyyyyy

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kalau dah jodoh

I live with 2 single girls, Kak Lin and Kak Mona whom I just barely know. Both of them are older than me. Both of them are nice people, they spent their days watching Alhijrah and Oasis and night time going to Al-Quran classes.

They ARE nice people you know.

And last week Kak Mona got married so it left me and Kak Lin (tho KM still lives in the house because of the whole LDR thing) so the ultimate single girl talks are only reserved for me and Kak Lin.

Then one day Kak Lin knocked on my door and asked me to watch this TV show with her, it's called Kalau Dah Jodoh by Ustaz Kazim Elias. Said 'it's good and we should watch this!' Ok, might as well give it a try.

Little that I know, it was an eye opener. So many things I said and done are actually sort of repeller for my jodoh. and the single line that I remember was;

'Ada orang selalu kata, hidup sorang-sorang senang, nak g mana-mana senang, nak buat apa, makan apa, bangun pukul berapa, semua senang'

My god isn't that my exact words?

'Kenapa fikir macamtu? bukankah Allah dah janjikan perkahwinan itu penuh Barakah?'

there! Bam! hit on my face.

Then I realized, I took jodoh advice from Sex and The City and Miss Advised. No wonder I'm screwed up. Damn I need to go to summercamp!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few things


The parliament dissolved today. I don't get it why people can't bloody wait for the dissolution. It's dissolved and the sky is still blue and and everything is just the same.

I, on the other hand, can't bloody wait for the election. Because it's my first time and I can't wait to go back to cast my vote and all. Not to change the government what not. Nope.

I know undi adalah rahsia but it's pretty clear like it's embossed on my forehead what I'm voting for haha.


Went to visit Enie yesterday together with Magh and kids. Maryam was a bit cranky at first until I put Hi 5 on my phone and let her watch it (I'm so sorry Magh if next time she sees a phone and she wants Hi 5 on it, don't know how to shut a toddler up, I'm bad haha)

And then Enie served us some sodas and she started to drink some, little by little and I found myself refilling my sodas. Then it hits us that she's going to be sugar high.

She did, and it was so funny she started to make a mess of Enie's house and started to run around she was faster than us. Cute, very cute.

Ah. small things that made us happy.


I've never had a meet-my-boyfriend kinda thing. I mean, my friends have never had the courtesy to introduce their boys to us. Take us all out to dinner or something, NEVER!

And then we had one last week. When it's official, I'm going to tell about it. It was pretty interesting.

Just another Tuesday

1. Chillis.
2. Bens.

And some lovin time from friends and family.

Ps. When did I start growing old so fast that my conversation revolves around burps and birth and antenatal class so lots?

Pps. Kawan yang duit banyak selalu belanja makan. Kawan yang anak banyak selalu belanja masa bermanja. Rezeki Alhamdulillah.

Ppps. Watching Bayern vs Juve now. This is how I put myself together again. Football. Italians. Never been better.

For the record. I'm always Bayern when it comes to UCL (ececeh) but really seriously.