Thursday, August 28, 2008

Perihal Upacara

Here's as promised. Finally, convocated (?).

By Qalala

By Miss Laila

Dahla. Malas nak letak banyak-banyak piccas. Tak sabar tengok piccas from Haeqalala. Eh, as promised lagi.

Waktu Dinner. Ha, Pink kurus gila, tak??!!!!

Till then, Lots of Love!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perihal Akhir

On the finale nite of Convofair 2008;

Magh insisted that we should go back and play cards but I insisted that we should walk around the convosquare.

It was always the BEST. Best with capital B (and e s t).

Malam-malam terakhir, selalunya;

+ I got to talk with my crush!

+ I got baloons because it's cheaper!

+ We got free foods because they will just throw them away the next day.

+ Pemandangan yang indah bertambah indah because junior skema dah tidor awal (besok ada class)

+ And I got to take pics (lots and lotsa em!)

And usually, I ALWAYS love only one pic, like this one.

Satria Neo Key. (pic dari adek yang cantek!)

Oh, besok ada gambar dan cerita convo (and pasal Pink yang kurus gila!)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Perihal Terbaik

On the nite of our convocation;

+ We had the bestest dinner ever.

+ We were served the best nasi beriani in town

+ I sat in a less than 5 metres distance from Che Det.

+ Che Det confessed he wrote his own blog (and willing to go to the mosque and swear if he has to :P)

+ I am super proud of the super talented UTP people. Che Det is, too!

+ Bali's Father passed away :(
Mate, we all are so truly sorry for you. Be calm, okay.

Dari Dia kita datang, pada Dia jua kita kembali.

Convocation, today!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Perihal Rumah

I'm coming tonite.

To that where I feel belonged.

To that land I tasted freedom.

To that room I found true friends.

To that field I met first love.

To that restaurant I chatted all nite.

To that hall I scream to victory.

To that which owns my joy and pain.

To that place I can no longer call mine.

To that home I truly missed.

I'm coming to UTP tonite (perhaps; for the last time)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Perihal Lelaki

August 2008 Issue

Your Guy Best-Friend;
Teman Sejati atau Teman Di Hati?

busted! I know somebody who should read this!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Perihal Lahir

If only I knew, dear.

10 days ago, I'd sing you Happy Birthday.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perihal Belanja

After 3 months of no shopping and no spending money, last two days Ayah took me shopping.

All I had to do is pick, pick, pick, try, try, try, take it to the counter and buat bodoh.

Then Ayah came and swiped his card (and swipe his forehead later haha).

That explained how I got 3 shoes, one MNG handbag, one MNG cordoruy pants, and 5 other baju.


Thinking about this is the last time I'd ever spend that good old man money, I wanna cry!

and here's a thing for officemates (who happened to find my blog because it's on the net!)

Trust me, this blog is not mine. One day I don't know who this old man, he/she came to me and pass all the particulars about this blog and asked me to continue make it live. I have no clues or ideas who these all people are, and trust me, all the languages used, are solely not from my mouth nor my heart.

and yes, Brad Pitt is my boyfriend! :P

Lots of Love!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Perihal 080808

"Hello, welcome to iPerintis. This is Hani..."

Being a temporary helpdesk for one week was fun to me (considering the pay i got to just received calls and logged reports :P) but on top of everything, it taught me one thing.

Manusia ada macam-macam perangai. Dan perempuan adalah lebih garang dari lelaki.


Well, i'll blog on meeting my bestfriend on 080808, but here's a piece of spoiler (spoiler got pieces ha?)

Wan: Maybe you should try your luck. Afterall, you're both single.

and I didn't reply, heck my reply would be

I'm good not knowing if I'm the one for him, than to find out that I'm not the one for him. Because trust me, all the 'What Ifs' in the world, has never been so kind to me

There, I said it =)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Perihal Kerje

Ok. And Fine.

But, 100% 180 degrees different from Shell.

All I can say is, having to wear baju kurung everyday, and people speaking Malay in meetings and phonecalls and even emails

shocked me. well, i'll get used to it, kan?

the best thing is (most of you knew this already)

di pejabat saya; ada seorang jejaka; tingginya 5 kaki 6 inci; giginya jarang; matanya sepet dan kulitnya putih. cube teke siapa. klue: die bkn pemain gitar!

Haha! Mungkin si Ah Fook, ada hantu jelmaan!