Friday, August 14, 2015

You took my heart away.

To all girls, who once have fought for their relationship, but get dumped by their ex-boyfriends anyways.
Here's a thought.
You are not the loser - for getting dumped. He is not a loser too - for letting you go.
Don't say that just to please yourself. Stop with all this woman power shit.

But, you once were a fighter, for wanting to work things out, when he chose to walk away.

So, no one loses here, but at least, you fought for it.
Be that person who always want to work things out and know that even if it didn't work out, you have done your part. 

To quote a cousin;
All these can't-haves, might-ifs and should-bes is a potent recipe for chronic over thinking. Let's just be thankful for the problems that we don't have

Excuse me and my emotional moment. I have been dwelling in the sad sad part of Grey's Anatomy and it kinda affect me. Bad bad Grey's Anatomy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Ever since we moved into our new house (we; me and my brother, new house; not so new house but a new place for us) i have developed a new passion, and it is cooking. Haha it's not really passion (passion is too deep) it's just, something I enjoy doing.

My friends, who knew me too well, know that this is a lifetime achievement. I don't cook, it's just not my forte. Our place came with a nice kitchen and I love spending time in it. So since we moved in I spent most time at home, cooking and just chilling watching TV or not. Sometimes all a woman need is a nice kitchen to start functioning as one haha.

I love to cook, yes, but it's not top notch. But when I cook I made people eat them. My poor brothers, cousins, and friends are my victims so far. I constantly bug people to come hang out at my place so I can feed them. Later they'll be 'omg the crazy cooking lady again, pretend to be sleeping!!'

Just so you know, if you're not doing anything anytime, please let me know. I really love hosting people and you will get to eat my lousy cooking sometimes.

Monday, August 3, 2015

7 years today

7 years ago I reported duty to my first ever employer.
7 years later look where I am now.

I remember a few years back I talked to a cousin who resigned after 7 years of employment.
'Why must you quit? 7 Tahun, mesti banyak gaji!' - so naive me.

Look at me now, 7 years, I'm a laughing stock.
But syukur masih ada kerja #syukurselalu

ps: you want to read that link. i mentioned something about being 29 7 years ago. life is ironic like that.