Wednesday, October 29, 2008

because that was how I ended up crying.

I made a phonecall today;


"Hello... Amalin Sofia ada?"

"Che Hani! Nak datang ambik adek ke?"

"Erkkk takkk.. Che Hani kejela sayang..."

"Keje kat mane?"

"Kat Kuantan..."

"Kuantan kat mane?"

"Kat rumah Ayah Jay ngan Umi Ty..."


"Adik kat mane ni?"

"Huh. Kat Rumah Tok Ma!"

"Tipu! Adik kat rumah dengan Atok kan?"

"Takla! Kat rumah Tokma dengan Tokma la. Jauhhhhhhh sangat!"

"Haha ye la tu!"

"Bile Che Hani nak bawak Adik jalan-jalan?"

"Nantila, Che Hani balik, kita pergi jalan, ok?"

"Uh, takmolah. Nanti Che Hani bohong lagi!"


I miss you too budak comot it is even hard for me to breath to say it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

because Rumet checked my blog and there was no update

so here is for you. I miss you and you know that (oh-so-corny-but-wadehel!).

I'm trying to swallow all the facts that these people ESP my Rumet is c'untly BUSY trying to figure out which path to follow (as I may reckon, Magh clearly sees the light of her future; that is to tie the knot) and others are busy with all the Final year stuffs (interviews, project completion and presentation, and other They-Have-No-Time-For-Me Things) so I'm backing off.

But once they are complete and you guys are absolutely doing nothing, so there I'll be bugging you all to double the time to spend with me. Oh, try me!

Aliah will just be my mangsa buli with no excuse.
Ad will be the one I always asked for extensive assistance and helps!
Magh will be my companion to wherever I wanna be.
Nett will be the one who agrees on almost everything.
Aisha will be the one who quarrel when I needed a row ha-ha!
Iza will be the source of my entertainment pleasure (oh, sesuatu? haha!).
Raja will be the one who gives brilliant ideas and share same thoughts.
Hazirah will be my gossip partner.
Rumet will be the one with too many updates yet to little time to tell!

I miss these twits it hurts and even killing!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

because I have a Great life

and I need to tell myself that (all the time).

I need to start being happy, grateful; and stop being unhappy and complaining.

I have to stop comparing my current life with my previous (say: my Super great intern life, or muda-mudi at UTP) and start make something out of my current life.

Or to stop dreaming of my future or the life I never had.

When Afiq said bad things happened 3 times in a row, Husna said, 3 good lucks will follow.

I'm wishing for more than that!

And for starter;

1- Got new laptop, finally : checked!
2- Gaji dah masuk : checked
3- Will be going to KL this evening : checked
4- Met my old eye candy from zaman kegemilangan as supporter UTP soccer League : Checked
5- Somebody promised to open table, tomorrow : checked
6- Finally, New Andy is confirmed! : Checked

See! More than 3 now! My life is not that bad!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

because Afiq said bad things happened 3 times in a row..

First, Andy buat hal. Checked.

Second, Locked outside the room with all the stuffs inside for 50minutes. Checked.

Third, hurm. Third. Third Not Checked. NOT YET CHECKED.

See, we came to the part when I was waiting for Kak Gee to pick me up, kan? I went to draw money to pay for Andy's madness, when suddenly, I stepped on my own seluar. Pelik tak? not really for me.

Remember 3 years ago, graduation foundation? I stepped on my own kain baju kurung, trapped, fell, and bleed my teeth. The difference now was, I didn't bleed anything. Eventho I fell on the jalan tar. Sikitla. Kuku jari kaki. Simple so. Just pedicure (alasan2).

The thing is, I wasn't hurt, but I was mad. Not because there was a group of smelly guys from the contractor company who were laughing at me. I don't mind at all, because I could fell into a mud pool and not smelt as bad as them, but I was mad because, my HEELS have never trapped me in anyway.

I jumped and danced and run on it for God sake.

So there you go, the heels from my convocation ceremony, OFF to the honour of the dustbin. And to the future gladiator wedges I was just gonna buy tomorrow, you can say bye-bye now.

After a 10 minutes lecture by Kak Gee, I am now obliged to buy strictly Clarks and Crocs only. we will see :P

So third, fell on the jalan tar and got laughed by a group of smelly guys, CHECKED!

Monday, October 20, 2008

because Kerel said my blog is not that Hot anymore...

as in my life is not on fire anymore. nah ambek kau. weekend lps, sikit lagi nak migrain aku.

Jumaat malam, I visited Nana yg baru sampai from KL, only to find out rumah Kak Gee still under construction and that they don't have a place to stay. I don't mind at all for them to stay at mine, tp rumah ku sungguhla kecik and masih belom lengkap so I have to borrow housemates' comforter lah ape lah kan. Luckily housemates sume away so Abg Adzmi tak perlulah mcm malu2 and all. Hopefully mereka selesalah :)

But then on Saturday morning, I have to wake up same dgn org azan subuh, nak pergi beraye kt KL punye psl. The nite before Mama almost talked me into cancelling my plan to KL sb kesian dgn Kak Gee esp Nana lah kan so I almost sentap! Tapi I tetap dengan keputusan I utk pergi lagi-lagi when Kak Gee is okay with it. Naseb baek si kakak sepupu ku itu sproting habis hehe.

Dahla bas mcm siput babi, the best part is I pki baju kurung. So bayangkanlah have to lari-lari to catch the trains because mase kt bentong lagi, they all dah call from Raje's house. Argh no way I ditinggalkan!

Phone dahla gile xde bateri, Abg Vijay pulak pegi spread the news MTBE ade tank terbakar. I dhala ramai kzen yang concern, so kesianlah ain semue kol hp die haha. Tudung mcm not supportive at all, sb I have to pakai tudung pon bercerminkan tinted glass kat bus and train ha-ha. So macam berpeluh gile. Lari-lari from rumah Raje to rumah Chuna, den Durrus, and last stop rumah Hazirah. Strictly good food only. Sumpah x tipu ok I unhooked my kain inside the car haha.

Borak-borak gelak-gelak at last stop, tak sedar it was almost 8. Damn! Bas pukul 9. lari-lari lagi. tukar baju den naik Putra-STAR-sampaila Pekeliling. The bus was waiting for us only, ok. Gile x hectic!

Sampai Kuantan I tedo rumah Ain. Kitorang tedo mcm orang kne pukau. Both not moving sampai sakit tulang belikat bile bangun. Penat gile ok! Bangun-bangun I terus mandi-mandi and makan nasik lemak mak Ain yang shedapppp (nasi lemak lagi) and terus straight nak balik Terengganu.

Singgah rumah Nana kejap, kononnyalah. Only to find out Andyku kencing di atas porch baru Kak Gee. Argh dia ingat minyak murah ke sekarang suka-suka nak drip anywhere. So cancel lah plan balik ke Dungun, terpakselah menyusahkan Kak Gee and Abg Mi yang dh already pening about rumah tak siap.

Ingatkan bolehla tampal je kan kebocoran Andy gile ku itu, rupenye kene tuka the whole tank and it costs me almost 500bucks ok. Macam *mencarut* jer! Ingat aku banyak duit agaknya si Andy ni. Siap die aku tuka kete lain!

So I pon spent lah the whole day babysitting Nana dengan seronoknya. Ajar dia buat pis pis lah, main tolak2 stroller lah. call here and there and tolong Kak Gee kemas siket-siket haha. Lepas tu dah almost midnite rase mcm malas je nak balik Balok plus kene menyusahkan Kak Gee lagi untuk hantar kan, I pon rasa takpelah I amek half day leave ke den tomorrow can settle hal kerete.

The next day bangun pagi-pagi untuk settle hal kerete, beli bateri lah urus insuranlah, carik duit lagi ape sume, tapi tak mandi oke, pakai baju tido lagi! Sebab hari Kak Gee keluar dari rumahku, I asked her to leave the key dalam rumah so I xde kunci rumah. Dah 2 hari tak balik, what do you expect. Sah-sahla aku pinjam sini sana.

Bile Kak Gee bangun je, terus kitorang lari-lari to Balok. Amek kunci rumah from housemate at ofis, balik rumah jap, mandi cowboy, and amek all deodrant, bedak, sikat, perfume, masuk kerete. Pakai tudung semue dlm kerete, deodrant apetah lagi haha. Gile cowboy neh. Naseb baek ku berkebolehan pakai tudung x gosok haha.

Sampai opis, dapat call from Arif's UiTM cakap adikku kene hadir perbicaraan and amek surat pertuduhan sebab tak pergi kelas. Bunyik macam comitted mruder neh. I was like, WDF kan. Since when I held responsibility for my brother. Gile ke diorang ni. dahla siap perbicaraan watever. Saman je xboleh? tak baya saman jangan release result ke tak boleh seat exam ke. See. Macam UTP. haha.

And I kene warning sb x buat kerje last week - BIG HAHA, and kene locked out the room for 50minutes sebab they all thought I pegi lunch padahal I pegi toilet je. Diorang semue dah MIA and I terpakselah berlakon dengan makcik kantin I dropped my wallet somewhere just so I can hutang first.

Now tunggu Kak Gee pick me up plak. Semue pasal Andy gile!

Haa tengok gile tak. Siket punye panjang update!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

because I think I'm not colour blind

but if you can help me, I need to know if you guys think, merah jambu and pink are the same.

because i think they are different!

tapi kalau lain, what is merah jambu in english kan. They even have Pink Guava not Red Guava. To me

This is (closest to) Merah Jambu (that I can find haha)

And this is Pink (Baju Chuna)

Kenapa I nampak lain, ha? Ha ha.

And ini pulak Pink yang kne Punk'd! Haha.

ini barula pink. segale mak nenek sampai ke desktop pon pink ha!

Ada orang kene tipu for half an hour, kononnya si Mochi is getting married with somebody she knew (and she doesn't like much :P) around January. Ha-ha! Member dahla yang selame ni duk tensyen kwn2 btunang la kawen la apela die je lagi yang tertunggu-tunggu haha!

Kelaka ok. mati-mati dia percaya. 99.99% katenye! siap nak kahwin Raya Haji ni sebab nak lawan 'bakal isteri' Mochi yang dia tak suke nehhhh hahaha. And nak beli kad pon kat Jakarta macam minah ni hahaha.

Pink kau kelakar! Saba jela ok. aku tetap maid of honour kau bile-bile pon kau kawen! haha

Moral of the story, takde istilah baju melayu Pink ok! Sebab Pink itu sengal hahaha!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Because I have nothing to rush.

I've had conversations with people who keep me wise and sane all the times. They kind of giving me the thought that I have nothing to rush.

I'm grateful that I'm fortunate to have graduated early. Alhamdulillah. I might not say this that often but I am. I'm even more grateful that I have ample time to make a choice of my life path.

I hope that I'm not overwhelmed by the extra time that when the time comes for me to decide, it's already too late.

"Kakak ni sebenarnya ada boyfriend tak?"

"Huhu. Takdelah Kak Gee."

"Tak pernah ada ke or pernah ada but now dah takde?"

"Pernah ada, but now dah takde."

"So why tak cari bf lain? You moved on?"

"Yes I do. I just think I have nothing to rush."

"Which is true. Because we all deserve the best we can get. We can always spare some time until the best man shows and we make our pick. Good enough if we already did, but if we don't have faith that we will. Tak kesahlah kalau dulu kita jahat ke ape ke. Always doa mintak kat Allah, that you need someone good to set your path straight. Tuhan dengar doa kita, kakak"


She gets the idea. Look where it took her now! Ha-ha.

(Plus I kind of waiting for this one guy so we all just wait and see ok haha!)

Oh I love having conversations with people who keep me sane and wise!

p/s: Why, do you always have something nice to say. To make me sway? - Dewa.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Because I had 3 days of weekend (not like Pink!)

Pink lagi. Anyway:-

On friday, I get to satisfy my 5 months' cravings. Dapat makan Secret Recipe Chicken Cordon Bleu + Cafe Latte + Brownies Walnut ( for free; thanks to Snub and family!) @ Mesra Mall. Malam pulak dapat makan Johny's steamboat + Ginger Fried Rice; Ayah belanja @ East Coast Mall. Bloated habis!

Dahla dapat makan free yang I duk cravings selama ini, dapat window shopping lagi (and jumpa satu Hush Puppies white pump yang sangat murah besok pergi beli haha!)

On saturday I dapat feeling-feeling seronok drive BMW 3 series from Kuantan to Kota Kemuning. Oh so heaven!

On Sunday I berlagak-lagak feeling like Tuan Rumah at Che Awi's open (new) bungalow house @ Kota Kemuning. Oh ini super bloated sebab segala jenis food I bantai.

Ini Nana. Dia tutup kepala dia pasal hari hujan di luar kanopi. She has that kind of charm that makes everyone fall in love with her OH!

These are part of people that I grew up with. But it seems that I'm the only one who's growing up. They all are still petite and cute!

These are part of people who made this big family happened (and Happening!) they are the roots!

These are like 10% of the whole havoc thing that I love love. Cube tengok Double Aiman (Wan Aiman Huzair; yang nakal buat mata juling, and Amirul Aiman; next to him), they are super cute!

Oh today first day at Kuantan. And so far, not so bad!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ini bukan announcement marah yang kau tunggu-tunggu ya Pink!

Ini announcement perasan famous sahaja. Not that there are so many people who reads this blog, but to those who do:

1 - Today officially marks the last day I'm working in Kerteh. This Monday I'll start in Kuantan.

2 - My (betol-betol) famous cousin Nadlan @ Snubnosse Don of Anime is launching his Secret Recipe at Mesra Mall tomorrow. No free meals promised ok! Ha-ha!

Till then toodles and I'll see you guys!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

because I am a very complicated person.

Apart from the 15 + 7 facts I've revealed, still there are a few things yang I sangat pantang.

1. I sangat pantang bau bihun goreng and cili sos dalam air cond. Macam bau tong sampah tau.

2. Pantang bila ada orang buat bising waktu I tidur. Kejut I for so not important things eg kucing mati jugak tak boleh dimaafkan.

3. Pantang bila orang question I about time. Because if I said pagi besok, that means bila bangun. If I said after Zohor, that means before Asar. If I said lepas Chuna balik dating, that means selagi Chuna kat luar then thats it. Anymore question like "Tapi pukul berape" will result in inactive volcano exploded.

4. I pantang bila i tekankan point I orang cakap "jangan marah". Try buat I marah, then only you know I was just trying to convince my point. Kan kerel? :P

5. I hate it when people called others names. Like husband is "Che Abang", baby is "Awang/Semek Kecik", wifey is "Orang Rumah". Kan bes kalau cakap "Hubby/Wifey cuti hari ni. Hantar Munchkin 1st day school" kan bes?

The other day, at our open house, Ayah's friend pointing at Momma muda-muda-punya-picture.

"Eh, Kak Wan? Tu Kak Wan ke Kak Long,"
"Kak Wan la.."
"Kak Long, sebijik macam mama!"
"Yelah, pakcik. Dah KAKLONG kan anak mama Kak Long! (insert muka marah here)"

I have a name. And it is not Kak Long.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am so gonna have Haeqal to shoot for my wedding.

Orang lain sibuk upload gambar raya, I am more excited about gambar convo yang I just got last 2 days.

Collection by Haeqal. Malas lah nak upload sekeping-sekeping banyak sangat. Kalau nak kat facebook ada.

Ini khas untuk Shima. Because when I said I got to salam with Tun, she almost cried haha!

Oh boleh tak I nak Haeqal, Bobo, Rumi, and Fahmi to shoot for my wedding? Kalah Ning Baizura.

ps: oh anoouncement marah dah buang. pasal husna kate kene censored name kompeni so tak thrill la kan. lagipon i mood baik hari ni. plus i gune censored kompeni punye internet to update blog kan. ha-ha. masibla korang :P

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya was just another Raya..

A few highlights during hari raya (yang agak best!)

1) I still got duit raya ok. the best thing is I fell into kategori Remaja Universiti which usually memberi keuntungan lebih. Koolness!

2) Irfan Danish was the besterestest kid. we all fell in love with him!

3) Kelaka tengok muka Ayah when I gave him an Angpow. He sang "yeay! yeay! Ayah dapat angpow" a few times ok!

4) Oh the best session haruslah sessi main kad / mengumpat / attending open houses with cousins / aunties / uncles =D

5) Tak banyak jammed, not like last year! teori Azman, tahun ni, semue org raye on the other side. tahun depan baru raye side terengganu pulak!

Gambar ini saya tujukan khas buat sepupu Aishah yang sudah bertunang *_*

6) And I recycle pakai baju kurung waktu konvo, dan tiada kemre hns!

Selamat Hari Raya semua! Jemput datang rumah. Lots Of Love!