Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whatever Seven

I'm trying to kill some time here so let me be ok. Cik Izzah, thanks for making me do this. Ha-ha.

1. I'm an avid blogger. I write and read blogs a lot.

2. I am a better manual-cars driver than an auto-one.

3. Whenever I'm driving, perkara yang paling I pantang is, kereta depan yang suka brek-brek. And co-pilot yang tidur. Ha-ha.

4. I have a pair of very sensitive eyes. I'm allergic to bawang and sunshine (not you budak kecik!) ke sunlight. Whatever.

5. I watched Grey's Anatomy religiously. I am now talking to myself in Grey's tone.

6. I have all different names for all phases of my life. School I was Azhani, MRSM I was Zhani slash Zac. UTP I was Zac/Mia. Work I am Hani. So whenever I text all my contacts it goes like "Selamat Hari Raya - Azhani/Zac/Mia/Hani". Belom campur family. Boleh?

7. I hardly give a care about anything. Macam contohnya "Wey dah buat FYP blom, besok present!" You can look straight to my eyes and you can really tell I don't give a fcuk. Try me!

Oh besok dah raya tapi hari ini I kerja. Bukan macam orang bank yang malas nak load duit sampai semua machine Out Of Service. (Oh I can say this sebab I kerja ok so eat it!)

Tak baik emo akhir Ramadhan kan! SO Happy Hari Raya everyone!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raya is not that Raya anymore

Now that I don't have to berebut beli tiket bas pulang ke kampung and make a plan on pukul berape nk ke Medan Gopeng, sape nak hanta, berbuke kat mane, balik dengan siapa and bla bla.

You know what I missed; the feeling which I'm the only person left when everyone else has gone back to their hometown. So when I get to, walaweyh, that FEELING is undescribable.

Oh seriously, all the No Baju Raya and No Duit Raya thigs is simply nothing to me. I'm used to it. Raya still felt like Raya along 5 years ago when I didn't have any of em.

But to not be able to balik kampung now, something is really missing. =(

Oh but hey new excitement, giving Duit Raya! I'm excited and I don't know why! I already have all the notes inside the sampul WITH names written on each and every one of em (oh double check tonite to make sure nobody is left! haha)

I guess that's all about it, changing. You know, it does suck but wadeheck. =)

Oh, Selamat Hari Raya. In case I didn't make it to wish you in another 2 days!

Lots of Love.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I need to stop reading people's blogs that have..

+ a cute kid with cute lil designers' dress and shoes with Peg Prego stroller and Coach diaper bag.

+ pregnant ladies wearing Naf Naf and Topshop.

+ Magnificent weddings at some 5 stars hotel with at least Riezman Ruzaini dress featuring Siti Nurhaliza as the guest artist.

+ newlyweds going for honeymoon in Barbados or Maldives. Or anywhere in the world.

+ boyfriend making good money.

+ husband making good money.

+ married couples living abroad.

+ malaysian students living abroad.

+ people who bought new cars, new sunglasses, tunics, jeans, and makeups that are all designer's brands.

+ people who bought too many of em that they decided to sell some of it at half price.

+ people who got increment and bonuses and promotions.

+ people who gets to eat good food and good food only.

I'm not jealous. I tend to NOT be grateful. urgh!

Oh tiba-tiba officemate yang bising cakap "tu semue dunie.." haha not so irony now!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Unconditional Love

The Bestmate

After almost 2 months now, bestmate have safely boarded to Germany, again. Sad but True. Haven't heard from him yet, but I really hope that he has arrived there, safe and sound.

Now you wannabe free, so I'm letting you fly. Cause you know in my Heart, babe. Our Love will never die - no.

See, Lalim. Our Love will never die, ok? (walaupon rambut you lagi stret dari rambut I :p)


14 years, babe! empat-belas.. fourteen..vierzehn... =)

Babe, thanks for making my 2 days 2 nights stay at your crib meaningful. No words can simply describe! Jangan lupa cari kerja dekat Kuantan! =p

The Best Companion

Raja, Thanks for the being the project manager (ada bakat kau!). No plan cannot be executed for there is will there is always a way, kan =D

Hazirah & Sis, Thanks for the lift from The Curve to Amcorp Mall.

Shern Shou & Mrs, Thanks for the lift from Amcorp Mall to Hentian Putra (and so the biscuits offer =D)

Fiz (sebenanye die panggil Ayu la =P), Thanks for the cake desert.

Kerel, Mahen, Chuna, and Seema, Thanks for the catching up moments =)

Other Orang Mekar, we do wish you were there too =(

Eden Amcorp Mall, Thanks for letting no one enter your restaurant and make it like our own Maple :p

The Boyfriend (?)

Jauh di mata, dekat di hati.
Take good care of yourself, Love =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

If i tell you a secret, don't tell anyone about it, ok.

Macam kool jugak tulis title panjang-panjang kan. Oh anyway,

the other day out of nowhere entah dari mana-mana I suddenly chatted dengan Afiq. Not so weird but whatever. So we were chatting-chatting and suddenly he said

"kau jangan cakap siapa-siapa tau. ini rahsia aku cakap dengan kau saje"

oh ok. then only baru nak menggelabahla carik balik all the log (because dah terbiasa after cakap siket close the window) and I can't find dia cakap pasal apa.

But anyhow I don't think it's that important pon kan. Afiq, kan?

Then later that afternoon I chatted with Moci pulak. Macam biasa. And suddenly he said

"EH tapi ni aku cakap dengan kau je tau"

And it was important I was so almost clicking on Pink's name to tell her. But now I already lupa.

So moral of the story, if you think it's a secret, don't bother telling me it is. Because I dah lupa dah pon haha. But there's a chance jugak I TERmention to anyone about the secret because I kinda forget it's a secret, kan?

Anyway, petang ini pergi bersuka-ria. Yahuu!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That Tag Game

No one tagged me (maybe they did I just forgot) but I feel like doing it when Husna did it.

Can I or can't I dig 15 weird / unknown / yada yada facts about moi? we'll see.

1. I pressed my kaftan. You know kaftan? That piece of cloth malay ladies put on to bed. Oh just freaking google it.

2. I used to be good with number. Be it birthdays, phone number, IC number, Exam ID. During our first semester foundation I checked the results for all 10 of us. Ha-ha.

3. I talk A LOT. I mean a lot like if I don't get to talk I'd cry. Oh and my phone bills explained.

4. I used to be a football/wrestling/F1 junkie. Having Steve Austin Stone Cold poster hang in my room was coolness back then.

5. I inherit the dislike towards cats from my ancestors. Haha. Trust me none of my cousins like em.

6. I hate walking in front of reflected glass because I tend not to be grateful of the two currently functioning legs I have.

7. I am cultured yet conservative. and I am still VIRGIN. (conservative.. daa..)

8. I am an extremely coffee-addict.

9. I am a homo-friendly person. I get along well enough with gays and lesbians.

10. I am currently afraid to go on a new relationship. The last one turned out to be so bad like I dont' deserve.

11. It is supreme difficult for me to find a jeans that fit nicely. I always bought those from men line because the ladies just happened to be too small for me NOT until I discovered Dorothy Perkins. Ha-ha.

12. I LOVE LOVE kids and they just love me back.

13. Here's something for UTP friends: at home, I don't go out after Maghrib. Ha-ha. ok? ayu tak?

14. I am the most crankiest person if I wake up due to uncontrollable noise when I was sleeping. I hate the most: housemates screamed because the freaking 8am class is canceled. I just miss that now :(

15. I eat variety of cuisine. From Malay, to Indian, to Chinese, to Jawa (oh love love daging dendeng mak Chuna), to Italian, to Thai, to Western. Oh and I eat a lot. (daa?)

I digged only 14. the last one is from Husna. Haha.

Oh and notice that title. Tak perlulah perihal-perihal. I hated it when people make a big fuss about it. :P

Lots of Love.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Perihal Remaja

Zul from the office asked;

"Hani, kau pernah pergi disko tak?"

Disko? My goodness what year was he born in?

Gelak setan before I said a big No No No.

what ever Disko means. Kelab dangdut pon I tak pernah Ok.

See. I dont know what's got into his mind that he has such idea to ask me such question.

Well I do get the same question a few times but not when I dressed this descent!

I believed he reads my blog/ found my facebook/ know anyone from my circle of friends.

Thus he judged me.



Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perihal Boros

You still remember this favourite sunglasses from 2007?
It is now R.I.P peacefullllly in Amalin's hands.

Hurmph. And you all know how much I AM CRAZZZZY about all these sunglasses (that I have all collections from white to brown to black to pink!)

So since I decided that I NEED to get myself something from the first pay, so what else could it be. How GUESSable!

Something that suits my face whenever I'm on tudung, or off tudung. Ops.

And something to go with *ehem* another little something (that Chuna, Aisha, and the other besties already knew) that is not YET to be announced here.

As for you guys, go figure out (as if it's too important). I promise as soon as it is here, you'll be the first to know.

A simple clue: it's orangey, and it's ULTIMATE ORGASM!

Lots of Love!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Perihal Lemak

I know you guys are so tired of me whining about my weight and all and the fact that I didnt make any effort to make it better is even tiring and annoying but please take note that all I need is just motivation.

Home. Good Food; Isn't helping. Not even at fasting month. Blergh.

I am at a super cronic stage of gaining weigh.

Zahir my cousin even thought I was pregnant out of wedlock. He was really shocked and suprised to see me with all the fat on my belly he even paused to say hi the minute he saw me.

One aunty at KB Mall greeted me while I was busy picking for Qistina's 1st Raya dress. "Sempat ke nak raya?" referring to the baby dress, my big fat belly and this coming raya.

Officemate hardly believe that I'm 22. I looked older. Demit.

And the essence to all these craps and dilemmas are just the extra 20kgs I'm weighing!