Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Would you be my lifetime travelling partner?

Sweetest proposal ever.

Mabul Island, Malaysia

Kagga Kamma Cave Resort in South Africa

The Blue Dragon River in Portugal

Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives

Cliff Top, Meteora, Greece

Jet Skiing, Bora Bora.

Blue Caves Zakynthos, Greece 


Image source : Twitter Our Beautiful World ‏@Globe_Pics 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nasi Minyak

So you thought it's 2013 and soalan 'Bila nak makan nasi minyak?' is no longer valid is it? Well you're wrong. In the era where people can easily find nasi Beriyani and Ayam penyet, Nasi minyak still is a big deal in some people's life.

or to some people with no life.

I neither find this question is offensive nor amusive, but I sure know it's inappropriate. What if the person doesn't like Nasi Minyak. Allergic. anything. Well you know what I mean. 

Or, what if the person is still suffering from a heartbreak. You really think this question is appropriate now?

This kind of 'Bila lagi' question should really be banned. 

I have a friend whose marriage is on the rock, about to be divorced, and yet people keep asking her 'bila nak tambah anak?'. 
My God don't you people ever have faith or Imaan?

Some who have been married for years and still trying to concieve having to answer people with questions 'Belum berisi ke?' Isi schmisi my ass.

Looking at people around me I realised my nasi minyak question is not that huge, there's more to come. Once you have dished the nasi minyak people will be expecting more.

Sometimes maybe they expect nothing, they just want you to crush so badly inside, go down the drain and feel superior about themselves.

You know what, be the bigger person, don't let them own you, make them feel sorry for asking.

And when they say "OMG I'm so sorry" then you get to say "How about don't do anything to be sorry about"

Next time, if mulut dah rasa gatal robek sangat nak tanya, imagine what if I'm in their shoes.

Quoting I do (but I don't)
Lauren : Why do married people always feel the need to convert the single ones?'
Bonnie : Misery loves company.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sisqo - Incomplete

Last night after my night shift I drove home listening to Capital FM (I always listen to Capital FM) and suddenly this song was on air. I tried so much to recall the title and singer but I couldn't but strangely i remembered each word so I knew this was one song I use to love.

Tried to soundhound but failed then I used the old method of googling the lyrics. works like a charm everytime.

This is why I have no problem with being stuck in traffic jammed (ps: Unless of course if I have something to do). I think people that complain about traffic congestion are only those who have people waiting for them at home.

I don't think my TV and bed cannot wait for me, I always enjoy long drive home.
Long drive home can sometimes means a new travel to the best past!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Speaking of Rezeki

Lately banyak benda yang menduga rezeki (menduga ok).
Benda yang dalam mulut pun boleh keluar.

Habuk-habuk ni adalah biskut, strawberi cookies apatah, dekat-dekat musim raya ni banyak betul sample kuih raya. So Ann gave me this cookies to try and I put it in my mouth and tiba-tiba biskut yang sangat rapuh tu jatuh and keluar dari mulut I.

Waw. kalau bukan rezeki. Dalam mulut pun boleh keluar.

If there's one thing Ayah taught me well is do not depend on rezeki yang belum pasti. Dia cukup marah bila kita kata 'Jangan makan kenyang-kenyang nak pergi kenduri ni nanti nak makan lagi' or 'Duit claim belum dapat nanti dah dapat nak bayar kredit kad' or anything, even the most certain thing (macam gaji or telur/beras/air yang dah ada kat rumah) because it's never certain.

I think selama hidup I, dah banyak kali i cakap the same thing to my cousins and friends, I hope they keep this in mind.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dato' dan Datin

Ada orang kata bila dah ada bf/tunang/suami gambar parents tah kemana-mana.

Is that true. Sigh.

Maybe I should start a trend 'thanks encik ayah' then we can beat the 'thanks encik suami' phrase.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Anak Mama Ayah pergi Singapore

Promised my brothers to take them oversea one day.
Couldn't afford London, Couldn't afford Melbourne, yet. So Singapore it is! Haha.

Can't even afford to take them around town so just 12 hours of Universal Studio Singapore.

Had 2 of my baby cousins to tag along because the more the merrier.

I guess that's a wrap, my passport will expire in January so by July supposedly I won't be allowed to leave Malaysia.

I have no intention to renew my passport until new year 2016 - Raja knows why ;p ORRRRRRRRR only if something huge is going to happen earlier next year as planned, I will stay put in Malaysia and travel around only.