Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 all year round

2014 is weird. It has 2 parts.
The first part is totally different from the second part.

The first six months.
I was struggling for University placement and scholarship, study, interviews, spent money, stress waiting, excitement, and then disappointment, heartbreak, all in 6 months.
Struggled at work too.
Plane went missing - this is torture, We flew a lot! it's not funny.
Family day was a mess, I felt I did bad, didn't meet the expectation.
Did everything in hoping to be 'the last time i'm doing this because i'm not gonna be around next year'
Jet setting, took up Kota Kinabalu, Bali, Jogja, Jakarta before I halted.
Struggled to accept the fact my bestfriend was getting engaged.
Everything seems blurry and I have nothing to hold on to.

And then the second half started.
It was slow. Puasa and raya was slow. World cup was slow.
I bounced back at work, started to gain my boss' trust again, built up my reputation again.
Reconnect with some people, find new direction, making new plans for new year (already).
Worked out a bit. Loved that!
Take babysitting seriously.
Made new friends.
Loved the fact my bestfriend was getting married - and LOVE the wedding.
Promoted :)
Ended the year, with a winter wonderland, in Shanghai and Beijing.
Everything started to take place again.

I'm done, 2014. I'm done being 28. I heard 29 is a bit stressful, so 2015, you know what to do.

My hopes, targets, for new year is:
A better well rounded muslimah now, its about time already.
Less jet setting.
Keep on working out.
Keep friends, make new friends,
Find Love (auw.) - but don't be desperate. Hehe.
Save money - this never gets old.

But first of all, shall we start the New Year with clearing up the mess from the floods! More trips back to Kelantan now, yeay!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Shanghai and Beijing

I believe in the kuasa of seru. Almost everyone I know who had been to Shanghai came back and said to me 'You have to go to Shanghai! You're gonna love Shanghai!'

I bet they said a lot of 'Zac is going to love this' while they were there.

So when my cousin suggested Shanghai as our winter travel destination, I was hyped! I was so excited. Shanghai isn't like any other popular destination, it's a bit strange mentioning Shanghai to people and I was kinda expecting 'Why Shanghai?' everytime.

Why not?

5 days in Shanghai, 3 days in Beijing, i hate to admit it but, I love China. I am looking forward to go back, especially to Shanghai (I didn't get to explore much of the city, which is okay, because I am pretty sure I'm gonna be back there again!)

And, I checked 1 of the seven wonders of the world; the Great Wall of China.

I'm so excited to start my winter travel this year, I think, I'm gonna do it every year from now :)

Apple store, Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Huge Zara store in Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Our apartment in Sun Island Resort, Shanghai.

Great wall of China, Beijing

Skiing in Jundashun, Beijing

The Bund, Shanghai

Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai

Forbidden City, Beijing

Thursday, December 18, 2014

my sweet sweet friends

'I akan ingat pegi stadium kali ni sebab ni lah kali pertama g stadium u takdok. I akan ingat 'ingat dok masa g stadium yang zac takdok tu'


'Zac..let me tell you the kind of guy who is a keeper'

'He wears gloves and he stands in between the goalposts'


I wished we had taken a selfie of us last night when Malaysia trailed behind Thailand, down with 2 goals away, but we forgot to (in the midst of trying to figure out if we can find mufler in Bukit Jalil Stadium or not).

But here is a throwback.

I sent these angels to the stadium so you better make a comeback, boys.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Pwingseh Down

I know I'm not a cute friend who made a sappy speech on her best friend's wedding (If I had to, I would most probably just read the whole poem from Ada Apa Dengan Cinta). And I'm not the cute one who posted "I can't believe you're married" stuff anywhere on the internet land.

All I know is my best friend of 20 years is married and the sky is still blue.

But. But knowing that there are limitations and stuff, sucks, though I think we will adapt to it.

I was always the one who left her. I left her for another class, boarding school, college soon before the SPM results, work before she even graduated. So when she go ahead of me for the first time it was weird for me.

But I remembered all those time I took the lead and she pushed me hard to go further, now I just wanna be as half supportive as she used to always be.

Married or not, you and Saa will always be my Pwingsehs.

Now I gotta prepare myself for the day when Saa and Raja getting married, I'm sure THAT one is not gonna be this easy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hati Rasa Sayu

Last night my watch died on me. It was okay but it died on  8.30pm. I was in the stadium and Malaysia was leading 1-0 to Vietnam thanks to penalty converted perfectly by Safiq Rahim.

'The keeper wasn't even trying' said Raja.

It was still 8.30pm on my watch when Malaysia trailed behind, in our home ground, after a perfect equaliser from visitor and another perfect one, they took the lead now.

And then there was raindrops on my cheeks, my hands are getting wet and in a blink of eye everybody left their seat as the rain pour heavily.

It was still 8.30 when I was soaking wet neglecting to leave my seat. Magic is gonna happen.

It did not. I left the stadium feeling like it was still 8.30pm when we took the lead but it was not. It was 11pm and we already lost our battle in our homeground.

You know what that feels like? Numb.