Thursday, December 31, 2015

30 you

I actually liked my best 9 of 2015 tho half of em are from 2014 like why?
This is a picture perfect. Me working out (yes!), travelling, a guy, an ex boyfriend haha, me on my birthday (a year older, a year wiser) my family, my cousins, my bestfriend.
It's a picture perfect.

Just like how I feel about myself, my life right now. Perfect where it is.

2015 has been a lot about openness, agreeing to disagree, and ended with a closure.

2016, still the same resolution; to find innerpeace, to travel, to keep fit, to work out, to lose weight, to save money, and to find love.

30 you allllllllll!!!! oh my godddddddd

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

too much is changing

Today I sent Amalin off to Bintulu. I know it's nothing but too much is changing.

She grew up so fast. I remember the first time I ever took her out she was only 3years old. She couldn't even speak properly and she was still having her baby fat.

Now she's ten and all I know is the next time I see her she could be a grown up teenanger who doesn't want to hang around an old maid.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015


That is the theme of this year's company annual dinner, where I came dressed as myself because hidup ini satu pentas kehidupan haha. I wasn't expecting anything so yeah, from the office off to the ballroom.

Then I was surprised by the doorgift, it's something that I've been wanting for a long time,  A TRAVEL ADAPTOR! and the food was actually really good, and I won a lucky draw worth RM250!

When you expect less, you will always get more.

And in a sea of people I didn't expect to see you but somehow I did. Somehow when I wasn't even looking you showed yourself and I just couldn't take my eyes off you (tho you came with another woman but it's okay because movie ini belum habis LOL)

Thank you HP for a memorable night. It has been 5 amazing years and 4 annual dinners, it just gets better everytime.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Factory Reset

So my phone decided to go jammed on me. something about has stopped or shit, it was terrible. Only when your phone doesn't work will you realise how much you are depending on it.

Stalking people, alarm clock, music, all that jazz. I couldn't sleep thinking will I wake up tomorrow now that my phone won't wake me up. What if my mother calls in the middle of the night (my father is here in the next room so it was actually not a problem but my mind wonders somehow.. it's that bad) I think I suffered depression from looking at my phone and all the notifications but not able to read or do anything at all!

So. I decided that's it. I'm buying new phone! But I'm no some rich fag who eats cakes on diapers so.. decided on some alternative.

Googling around, some people even extended help to recover my phone but to no avail, I stepped up. Backed up as many data as possible and wipe my phone off then BAM. GOOD AS NEW!

Phewwwwwwwwww pats on my back!!!

The first thing I did was to restore all gone applications (my top priority was Whatsapp and Spotify) once done I figured everything including contacts and stuff, this was the best part.

While restoring, I get to choose, the apps that I no longer think I need, same goes to contacts. All the messages were gone, history log, it's not there. Like nothing ever happened. 

It somehow feels so good, like a new start. Like I can finally move on from a break up message or something (there was none don't worry) and it made me feel all brand new.

Sometimes, all we need is a factory reset.