Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helo iPerintis.

Kelaka, oke. Kerja as support provider. They either think we know everything, or that they know too many things.

Kadang-kadang nak jerit kau ingat aku Tuhan? Tapi mesti kadang-kadang diorang pon rasa nak cakap kau ingat aku bodoh?

Know you users. That's the main point. PETRONAS environment memang ramai UTP dropouts graduates, so it's common that they are very well IT literate.

If they called, don't ever go and say 'Tekan start, then dekat all programs tu tengok RealVNC. R. E. A. L...'

Memang kenelah ayat macam 'As an UTP IT Graduate, saya dah carik kat add remove pon takde, dik.'

Ha-ha. Baru nak gelak malu diri sendiri kan.

Know your users. Know your users. If they are marked with either technician/non-exec, usually these people aren't very IT literate. Because they practised skills.

One funny occurance.

Hello. iPerintis? Ni lah, saya ada problem. PC saya tak boleh bukak.
Hurm? Dah sambung plug?
Hurm? Dah tekan butang on?





Kerja yang penat, tapi seronok!

Friday, February 20, 2009

And what kills my time

made me smile =)

ps: Merindumu adalah seperti membekukan jasad menjadi kaku.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I never know that Tiara Jaquelina is one hell of a talented artist.

She can dance, she can sing, she can act, she can become fierce, funny, lovely, graceful, sweet, everything, JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING, live at the same time.

OMG. I'm lost of words. Ha-ha.

Goddess? Is that the right word.

Gusti Putri blabla Rutno Dumilah

and the props, the songs, the movements, the storyline, the magics, everything, so unexpected and impressive (tho i'm a lil dissappointed that she doesnt dissappear in the end, BUT she did dissappear a lot throughout the show haha)

But I wanted so much to see who would play for Tun Teja. Hurmph.

And Adlin and AC Mizal deserve standing ovation. now we all understand how he can critic so much, he can do so goooooddd!!!!

And the Hunk Tuah. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. turn me on, babeh!

Puteri Gunung Ledang deserves a standing ovation ( Tho I ehem siap terlompat2 lagi ehem) and obviously, a second time watch!

Memang the best-lah!

Tak rugi pergi Istana Budaya once in a lifetime pon jadiklah. tempat dia sangat cantik, ok! Gambar from Chuna's camera belom dapat lagi. so ni je lah yang ada! he-he!

p/s: weekend yang super fun!

Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Be Memey : Lesson 1.

The thing I love the most is FOOD. The thing I love to do the most is EAT.

The love I have for food and eating can even overcome the fear of obessity and overweight (trust me if I said, 'bencinya gemuk' I really mean 'I'm making a conversation here'!)

People who weighed like me would stop eating once they stepped down the weigh scale. TRUST ME I'm HEAVYYYY haha.

But there are some food I can't resist. Oh Slurp.

Gulai Tempoyak, Nasi Beriani, Nasi Kandar, Sambal Petai, Singgang Tulang, Sup Kaki, Ayam Percik, Pece Lele (haha), and many many many many moahh.

So last nite, I was thinking, setapnyeeee Sambal Udang Petai. Hence, I decided to MAKE some. yummayh! So here,

Lesson 101: How to make Sambal Udang Petai Memey style!

1. Masuk dapur, bukak peti.
2. Keluarkan tupperware labeled 'Sambal Petai 4 kakak. Jangan Usik!'
3. Panaskan kuali, kemudian, panaskan sambal petai di atas.
4. Siap untuk dihidang.

image from net

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Haha yes! I suck at cooking; even have to bungkus ikan yang dah siap letak garam kunyit from rumah! Haha.

ps/ I got a task today. Turn an empty whiteboard to an attractive notice board. So I literally screamed 'RAJA PLEASE BE HERE, NOW!' before the above picture (with the hasil macam gampang) taken. Haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Like every morning that annoying sound and vibrate from your alarm phone wake you up.

You hate that sound; you hate that freaking annoying vibrating that screams 'Hey wake up! Your dream is over!'

You hate it you want to slam it over the wall but you came to your senses at an instance;

That dream remained a dream. Come back to reality.

Tonight, have another dream, until you feel like slamming that very phone to the wall again.

That is how this hits me; painfully on my chest.

I feel like deleting the comment, banging the person with a chair and what nots. Until I came to my senses (which also; at an instance).

This is like a wake-up call to me. Stop living in a princess world. Come back to reality.

Persoalannya; will I ever have enough attributes to be the RIGHT girl?

Monday, February 9, 2009


Orang kata, bila dengar satu kematian, kematian-kematian akan terus datang.

Pagi kelmarin, we received a news from Che Awi. Atuk Harun at Johor was found not breathing in his bed. Previously that night he complained of suffocating, but managed to go to sleep however.

Then the next morning, he passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Sounds familiar, ey? Yes, that was how our beloved Tok Wae passed away too. Orang baik Tuhan kurangkan seksa ajalnya, mungkin?

And then I read Ieja's blog. I'm sorry for your loss, dear.

And earlier this morning, when we all were busy with our chores, one of us was fighting with the water.

and lost to it.

Inalillah to Shida Adnan (UTP Civil July 04)

Semoga roh mereka ditempatkan di sisi mereka yang soleh dan solehah. Amin

Thursday, February 5, 2009

this is the last

finally, somebody pay attention towards my obsession.

Bobo adelah truly like a brother i never had. haha.

the best thing about this pic is, it is saved with name 'z.jpg'

auwwwwwww... auwwwwwwwww..

and thanks to Lula, he found the reason why I wasn't told about Andy was coming to UTP.

because everybody thought somebody else already did the honour of telling me.

so yes, one of the drawbacks of having toooo many friends who pay attention to your obsession (auw!)

but yes, you ll are so forgiven haha.

oh in case you got bored, I promised this would be the last Andy entry! haha

ps: Aku sorang je ke yang rase lagu Meet Uncle Husin tu macam lagu Mr Brightside?

karma found me

*ain calling..*


'Guess who *buzz buzz* omigod *buzz* aaaaaa' (line not so clear)


'Teke kitorang aaaaa nampak sape..!!!' (screaming aaa aaa sound on the background)

'errr ANDY? ko ngan sape ni?'

'semahkuu... omigoddd..' (i swear ain was ALMOST moaning!)

'korang kat mane ni?'

'mane ni semah?' (watehel ain? kat mane pon lupe? haha)

'plaza damai' (semah almost sounded COOL cheh!)

'ha plaza damai.. aa hensemnye!!'

'ANDY kerrrrr????'

'aaaaaaaaaaaa he's so handsomeeee die pakai jeans, baju ... nak jugak ckp neh .. tengah berdiri cakap telipon aaa hens..' (ain out of breath)

'watefak watefak VIDEO CALL MEEEEEE'

'tak bolehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'

'MMS!! FREAKING MMS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

'ok ok ok ok'

ain U owe me an MMS!

i was one of the bitches karma was looking for. so now he found me.

but karma, PLEASE freaking let me go ARGH!

Ain and Semah, two words; WATEFAK WATEFAK!

ps: I miss all J,S, and F la Kak Jaja. Ha-ha.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Mia in Love. Hey, orang Germany. I want you badly. =(

I learned that your-ex-is-getting-married joke is not funny at all. It made me choked for a LONG while.

and the guy you like is an asshole made me wanna kill myself.

but on top of everything,

I got a RM250 voucher from Parkson! Wuhuu! (so I can unchoke; shopping makes me breath properly)



a confirmed iPerintis staff! Yahuu *dancing!*

sayang Che Hani. Tahun depan duit raye lebih, k!

Its about time to swith the view and realise LIFE has so much better to offer (and that is; life itself!)

Lots of Love!