Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Manchester City live in Malaysia

This is the closest view yang I dapat. Tapi 90minutes before that, everything stays in my mind, satu-satu I ingat. Dream come true wey, if you cant go to Manchester, we bring Manchester to you, AND IT'S BLUE! awesomes!

Tho quite upset with some fans yang datang and buat malu Malaysia. Did you know that when Aguero scored his offside goal he was boo-ed? tolonglah Malaysians, apa mak korang tak ajar ke?

Both Man City and Harimau Malaya were on top form. It was a great, competitive, fun and entertaining game. Not one second we want to miss the action. Mancini is such a sport for lining up ALL HIS STARS as 1st eleven. It would be much more awesome if Kaptain Kompany, Balotelli, Nasri, Silva, and Joe Hart were around but hey guess what, in his post match press conference, Mancini did mention 'See you again next year!'

Auwwwwwwwww yeahhhh so much win!!

Anddd thank you pocketrocketgirllll lemak tepu berkrim sebab teman!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heroes in Action

I remember Aguero was just about 20metres infront of me. It was awesome. I screamed his name and he looked my way I swear! My brother saw it. And then he kicked a ball and it hits me! But I didn't manage to grab it :( no wonder I failed as a futsal keeper :(

It was awesome, and that was just training session. Can't wait for tomorrow's game.

I know I said even if it's Malaysia vs World I will still wear Malaysian jersey, but tomorrow I think I'm making some changes to my mind ;p

Awesomenesss tommooorroowww!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ze Magic of Facebook

Yesterday I received 2 wedding invitations via facebook, which I both declined. Why? Because these people are so close to my heart, yet I'm not close enough to theirs for them to at least send me a text.

I grew up with Che Pidah. We were bestfriends in High School. I understand that as we grow up we grow apart, but for the sake of two years ups and downs, is it too hard to send a line of text 'hey please come to my wedding?' Instead she did something like HELLO I'm getting married next month and surprise me as well as her other 1000 friends on facebook. I feel so special.

And Aizu, well Aizu is one of my sundies. Sundies has a special place in my heart, always is. Because with Sundies I get to feel so special and real. Aizu even have a BBM, can't he at least hint me thru it about this wedding date? My God.

The thing is I assume that it won't be worth it, all my efforts to fight for leaves during hari raya, fight my father to buy me overpriced flight tickets during public holidays, all the troubles I have to embrace just so that I can be there safe and sound at their weddings, won't even be worth it when they don't even want me there that much. If I have to go through all these troubles I want to at least feel like I'm wanted there, if not appreciated.

I think I've had enough of 'cutting the brides/grooms some slack' because they have so much more to think about. If I'm not on a priority list of somebody's, they will too be on my options list.

Excuse me, but I'm 26, single, fat, and old, I get to be extra sensitive. Thank you.

ps: this will make so many people happy, like Raja and Aisha, who keep on reminding me on 'how many weddings I have been to' and 'trouble myself with all the travellings and stuff'. well, they got a point.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem

"Ramadhan Kareem tu mende Dell? Supoh dok tahu mende maksud Kareem!"
Haha. My friends have a way to turn everything into a joke, tak takut kene panah petir agaknya.

Alhamdulillah hari ni dah 6 hari, masih lagi tak mengalami kesukaran untuk berpuasa tanpa bersahur. LOL. sayang sangat kat tidur, sanggup lapar. tapi bila pikir sahur bangun bukan makan apa pon minum air je, maka alarm pon dismissed.

walaupon Ramadhan ada 30hari, tolak ni 6hari tinggal lagi 24, tapi tolak kije night shift, balik kampung, manchester dity datang malaysia!, blabla tggl brape hari je. nak arrange berbuka dengan 4 groups of people pon susah, 4 hari je tu bukan 40 hari. aduyai. pening kepala, itu belum lagi cousins sekali. cousins susah skit kot, everybody is either getting married or already married, have to respect their space and time to spend with their spouses and family, 2 family tu. ni baru 4 groups of friends dan pening, tambah family lagi? pikirlah sendiri!

but anyway untunglah, sibuk plan nk berbuka kan maknanya masih ada yang sayanggggg gtuuuuuu

Monday, July 23, 2012

Karma situ sana sini

kadang-kadang i memang marah dengan anak orang yang melompat terkinja-kinja dalam kedai mak buat bodoh je. I cukup tak suka bawak budak kecik menangis melolong tak sedar apa, muntah dalam ekdai orang tengah makan.

masa I kecil kami semua MAKAN DI RUMAH! urgh.

Tapi yang paling best bila I komen orang jawab 'Jangan kata nanti jadi kat anak kita'

Amboi amboi sampai macam tu sekali ke kena takut karma? tak boleh belajar dari kebodohan orang lain ke? kalau ye pon ha kalau anak aku macam tu kenapa? urgh!

yang best kalau aku mengata laki orang tua ke duda ke orang kata 'jangan mengata nanti dapat kat kau' DAHTUH KALAU AKU DAPAT KENAPA?

karma sangat kononnya.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Everybody deserves a Happy Birthday

Shil turns into the big 3-0. When Bebeb told us they are going for buffet dinner at Le Meridien on the birthday, me and Aisha decided to join. The more the merrier katanya.

Niat yang baik sentiasa ditolong kan, so apparently on birthday we got half price! Yeay so happy I ate so a lot!

So Alhamdulillah, the birthday girl was happy, we were happy, stomachs were happy, brain happy, wallets hapy ;p, Alhamdulillah.

Dan macam biasalah, alumni sek sura 3 org ni, Le Meridien tak Le Meridien. Cakap nk gepper je.

Love uuuu gegirlsss maknanyaa ;p

Selamat berpuasa. Semoga ibadat dterima! Pesan ustaz kalau tak boleh buat ibadat, jangan buat maksiat :)
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

So mama and Kak Gee were talking when I heard mama asked;

'Hensem ke suami dia Kak Gee?'

'Takdela hensem sangat, biasa je..'


With handsome, everything else comes second. Baik, Kaya, are just complementing. Even to my mum.

That is why there's no such thing as 'Sleeping Good-inside'

Friday, July 13, 2012


I took a long time before I finally said ok to install Whatsapp on my BB. I actually don't need an application that drain my battery faster than it should but only if my friends and cousins would listen to me and buy BB instead, life would be so much easier if everyone is a-BBM away.

So instead of having a great reliable communication medium, they'd rather succumb to the need of posting their breakfast through Instagram.

Now I remember a joke a friend, Haeqal, posted on twitter. On how the riot at London was planned via BBM. Haeqal's remark was, if it was planned via Whatsapp, then i guess some will arrive tomorrow, some would arrive yesterday.

That's how unreliable it is, but oohh the shiny sleek screen of iphone everybody is loving, makes the relevant of a phone as a communication medium is forgotten.

Don't forget to post your breakfast via Instagram tomorrow, because the whole world wide would suffer if they do not know what you're eating.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ARGH never be able to forgive myself!

i think i'll never be able to forgive myself for missing this kot.
what was i thinking? seriously how did i miss thisssss





Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For eveything else, there's (daddy's) Mastercard

hari ini bermula dengan baik, i bangun tidur cuaca sangat bes, tak hujan tak panas, mendung je. I ingat I bangun pagi sangat, I terjaga sebab rasa dah tidur lama, tapi macam baru pukul 8.30pagi, sekali tengok jam rupenya dah 10.30! wahh bes sangat cuaca gini.

Call mama for setengah jam, gosip gosip sikit before I buka tv and find out cenel EURO dah tak ada. Sedih sangatttt... i tau Euro dah lama habis tapi I still can't get over it, it was too awesome. I ni easily pleased, tengok tv dah happy nak wat camne haha.

it was too good, cuaca sangat bagus, nak mandi pon malas, sanggup i tak keluar awal for lunch sebab nak menikmati cuaca ini, gituu haha.. sampailah dah azan Zohor, takkanlah nak buat bodoh kan, nak kena panah petir ke?

Hari yang baik haruslah diteruskan dengan perkara yang baik-baik, so I pon curik-curik guna kredit kad ayah beli tiket flight (baik sangat!). Tapi kecerdikan I tak dapat mengatasi teknologi lah, tiba-tiba ayah mesej 'Kakak ada guna kad ayah untuk beli tiket flight MAS ke?' wah sebegitu kantoi, haruslah panjang lebar I explain..

Kenapa I gedik naik MAS? sebabnya masa tu raya, raya ketiga I dah kena kerja ok, sungguh kasihan. So I cakap ayah, kesianlah kakak dahla kena balik ofis awal, takkan nak naik AirAsia (demand sikit lah).  and ayah pon, OK. wuhuuu merasa lah naik MAS lagi insyaAllah. Lamanya tak naik MASSSSS.

Sekali payment complete ayah kata, kenapa mahal sangat? I jawab, yang penting dapat balik raya kan, for everything else there's Mastercard.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the perfect palette

semalam dapat lagi satu kain bridesmaid, haha. how can you say no? i mean it's pretty obvious you're not bridesmaid type but when your bestfriend makes you do it, you do it anyway. no way out.

it's salmon-pink-peach-coral color, seriously it's something like that la kot, IT'S A VERY NICE COLOUR THO!! i really like it, so weddingy, just hoping the bride + groom won't appear in some bright colors e.g turqoise or apple green. haha. damn it won't compliment at all.

talking about wedding colors, lately. i'm involving in soo many weddings indirectly, some i may like some i may not like but who cares, but at least when i give my opinion, can you care to at least ponder my point? ingat saja-saja ke aku offer opinion ni ha?

raje's sisters wedding was teal themes plus a lil bit of light orange, that was a wise choice, so pretty, so lively. now imagine if instead raja had picked BRIGHTTTT SHINY ORANGE and TURQOISE? what a torture to the eyes kan?

theres a very thin line between choosing the colors, the color code sometimes differ with only one number and the color has already changed. imagine Purple and Lilac, Teal and Turqoise, Apple green and dark green, maroon and red, nampak mcm tak ada beza kan, but seriously 20years later when you look at your wedding pictures and say 'oh god why did i choose bright yellow + shocking pink or black + red' you know you should've listen to me. haha. can't wait for that day to come.

in my opinion, MY OPINION, pale colors, earth colors, pastel colors, should be given priority for weddings. then if you run out of choices only you pick dark colors, but never bright colors. never yellow, gold, bronze, silver, purple, turqoise, apple green, fuschia, shocking pink, red, and brown. but if you really really reaaaaalllyyy like these colors, go for the lighter base, pick veryyyyyyyy light pink, light purple.. trust me it looks nice.

pretty pastel

dusty red + combination of earth color

aqua + latte

kan ke sedap mata memandang tu compared to some bright colors eg yellow, red, orange, turqoise. soft colors may seems boring but it blends well. but if you need to be bold opt for something DARK not bright.

scha's is a lil bit bright, i mean if it's darker it'll look much richer.

royal blue, so rich.

or something like maroon, dark brown, even black.

or kalau dah confue sangat tu tengok je la http://www.theperfectpalette.com.

anddd trust me too, songket is evergreen. it looks special and always looks special. in one occassion of your weddings, you should really wear songket.

*all images from perfectpalette or google lol*

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Us

Untuk Asyraf, Chale, Bebeb, dan Lalims, sempena peristiwa 'single dan fucking awesome' 
26 June 2012

Just us, this will be us.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Seburuk-buruk rupa lelaki

bila rambut separa basah atas sebab wudhu', hati perempuan mana yang tak cair.

haih, mama, kakak pun mahu takbir 3 kali depan kaabah.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kembali ke pangkal jalan

Dengan segala hormatnya EURO2012 melabuhkan tirai, maka tamatlah jadual kerja yang kucabala, perjalanan jauh dan dekat sebab nak tengok bola with kesayangan, dilema sampai hati kak mona ambek tv saat i kene berjaga pukul 3pagi nak tengok bola, jejaka tampan seluruh dunia berkumpul atas padang (ITALIANS HOT GILA NAK PERGI ITALY PLEASE) dan jadual makan tidur dan sembahyang yang terumbang ambing.

TAMAT! GERMANY PULANG AWAL SO ARGHHHHHHHHH tapi tak apa sebab target kita WORLDCUP 2014 KAN!!!!

Anyways, berbalik kepada cerita Kak Mona melariakn TV, bilik Kak Mona pun kosong, so I, Kak Ewie dan Elna mula melancarkan misi 'mencari tilam untuk bilik baru I'.

And then kami pergilah ke satu kedai Cina ni, I macam biasa hantar Kak Ewie la tanya sebab dia memang great negotiator. Tokey tu kata dekat Kak Ewie, you nak pakai lama tilam ni, lepas ni kan you nak kawen!

gulp. mana dia tau!!

then dia sambung, I tau you nak kawen, and you (I la tu) TAK ADA BOYFRIEND. OKEHHHHH BOLEHHHHHHHH DEM. haha.

Then dia kata dalam kami bertiga dia rasa AIIII YANG PALING MUDA, OKEH. muda sangat, Elna tu 21 kot, I nampak lagi muda dari Elna k, COMEL TAKKK HAHA.  I kata I dah 26, dia kata, you (Elna, 21) belajar dari dia (I) makan apa, minum apa, nanti dah tua pon nampak muda.


And dia kata, maybe you tak ada masalah, tak ada BF memang senang, kerja pon bagus ni, sebab tu you selalu happy je.

Yang paling best, 'tapi I tau, bapak you banyak duit kan?'

Haa. Terus kami keluar dari kedai tu, haha. satu-satu dia nujum kena, scary gila kot!

BTW, proses transformasi bilik minimalis ala Eric dah complete halfway, happy happy!

Teaser ka dulu sikit kan, I SUKA GULA KIPAS TU PELIS!