Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Waw. 2010.

I cant remember how 2010 started. Oh wait i think I just did. Raja, Ain, and Hamizah was in town, we celebrated new year with a glass of Starbucks Latte each.

By that time, town was Kuantan.

A few months later I met a guy and like him but nothing has been progressing ever since. I still like him, at times I miss him, but he's just a crush.

Supercousins' drama. Ah well, everything for the better :)

And then I became 24 and think 24 is too young for commitment, but too old for uncertainties.

In between, I fell in love with futsal, even got myself an Adidas Golden boots, competing in all kinds of tournament, not win any but, the love grows.

Futsies completed me.

Went to Cambodia and Vietnam right after my bestfriend got married, and when I came back, my whole life lifted to a whole different level.

THE World Cup.

Rooting for Germany, I stayed up late just to watch they kick Ghana's ass. I traveled to KL just to watch they beat England with supercousins. I wore their jersey and parade around Kuala Terengganu the day after they kick Argentina's ass.

I was so happy i gotten myself the Blackberry.

And then Sundies come to watch the Finale with me. Sundies. They are the gift :)

Work still not getting any better, but I'm making a change of my own. Not afraid of changes :)

The best day, is the day I handed in my resignation letter. That look on my boss's face, haha. Precious! So he thought I was thattt desperate to stay, huh?

Having to leave Kuantan was the hardest thing to do. I didn't only meet colleagues, I made friends. I met people. They have a special spot in my heart for bringing another meaning to my life.

And then, Hello KL! Hello new office!

Life is changing rapidly, literally. I'm tired but happy, exhausted but contented, now that my supercousins and girlriends are near, I feel complete.

Last but not least, the AFF Suzuki Cup 1st Leg Final. I've sang the Negaraku with the other 80k of us,. Have you?

And somebody came back for good. I miss him, but yeah, i'd spare some time before maybe I see him.

Maybe I will. Maybe, I won't.

2010; Football, Blackberry, KL and HP. and every little things of this and that.

Awesome. Totally.

So long, and Hello 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Harimau Malaya

Walaupon crowd malam ini sangat pelik (supercousins, girlfriends, new friend, friend's sister haha) but we share one pride and history.

Congratulations Harimau Malaya.

Bak kata review dalam The Star, 'I'm a big fan of Man Utd, but its nothing like when your own country scores :)'

What a great end to 2010.

Ps: sedikit teruja bila apek save penalty. Ya Allah bakatnya. Paling bes orang texts tweets and walls cakap sukela tu bf die la abe fahmi lah. Oh, feeling gf die jap ;p
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Pwingsehs Was There

26th December 2010, Bukit Jalil. AFF Suzuki Cup Final 1st Leg, Malaysia vs Indonesia.

Kami tiba di stadium seawal jam 5.00petang. Biasalah, Pwingsehs tak pernah pergi stadium tengok bola. Kenela kalut macam mende je. Yang penting pukul 2 me and Bebeb dah bergerak ke Cheras untuk pick up Shima dan amil tiket dari Asyraf. Panjang tak jalan? kalut tak? haha

Singgah di petronas Bandar Permaisuri untuk tukar jersi and off we go to Bukit Jalil. Sempat berborak dengan polis yang pesan 'Jangan gembira-gembira sangat'. Thank you pakcik, mestila akan ingat :)

Sampai je Ultra Malayas dah mula bergendang. Kami still kat luar tunggu Engineers of Scomi and Pwingseh Aisha tak sampai lagi. Subhanallah perasaan mase tu, tempting nya!! kalau I selfish you all. DAH LAAMMAA tinggal je mereka.

around 6.30, semua dah sampai, berbondong-bondonglah kami masuk ke stadium. Here's a tips; kalau korang datang ramai and plan nak duduk sekali, masukla awal sikit. kalau tak kena pecah-pecah or ends up tak dapat duduk langsung pon (tho we practically didnt sit most of the time, but still!) Another tips is, masuk je la awal. have someone to save your seat and pergi solat. Tu kan semua pilihan masing-masing ;)

pukul 730. YER SAYA INGAT sebab waktu inilah, si Apek comel kegemaran ramai tu keluar untuk stretching. sebelum dia mula, dia sempat lambai kat semua supporter yang datang. Feeling celebrity sangat agaknya haha. OK malas nak elaborate panjang cite die stretching, imaginasi gone wild lagi susahhh nanti tskkk. tapi senang cte, he's so flexible in more than 25 different ways. Hah.

Masa ni, teams dah masuk padang for warming up in their very own sleeveless attires (tskkkk!). Stadium dah mula penuh. Ya Allah dalam masa 15minit je orang dah tak boleh duduk. Mulalah diorang bising2 mintak Indoneisians kosongkan tempat atas and semua duduk bawah, then bila the Indons moved, ya Allah. the most beautiful thing ever to see Malaysians invaded Indonesians space. rase patriotik gila!

And then, the most mendebarkan 45minutes were about to begin. Beraraklah masuk all the warriors ke dalam padang. Vuvuzela dah nak pecah telinga, start pulak mercun bunga api semua. The first half tak ada perasaan sangat, except that tiba tiba ada mamat ber-dslr datang duduk sebelah Sima and start amek gamba kitorang like he's our OP. haha.

Lepas 45minit, the tigers masuk berehat, dekat stadium mula gila main wave. NON STOP for 15 minutes. hehe. Bes :)

And then the teams came in again. Spirit all lifted up again, but those indonesians crybaby justttt have to pause because of a laser beam whatsoever. IT WASNT SO OBVIOUS DONT BE SUCH A BABY!!! game resume, and when Idlan made his first magical assist, i think the whole stadium had orgasm. If you listen carefully dalam youtube ke, you boleh dengar, when he was about to miss the ball, semua macam ALAAAA (80k kali kekuatan alaa made it more obivous ok) but when he actually took it, meroyan stadium.

And belum lagi habis sessi wave, joget, lompat untuk cheer for first goal, here comes second and third. I swear I didnt see the other 2 goals pasal duk nyanyi-nyanyi peluk-peluk loncat-loncat haha. HAD GOOD TIME!

When the referee blew the whistle, Ya Allah, the feeling. No words can do justice to describe it. Tho tiba-tiba we dont understand why the ref deny the penalty kick HE gave, but we leads the score board with 3 goals.


Everyone was literally crying, we hugged each other tho we dont even know them, we all start singing and jumping and dancing in one way. We all just understadn each other's feeling.

The sense of belonging.

Terima kasih Pwingsehs, Scomi GAME Engineers and Terima Kasih team Malaysia :)

Few pics from the AFFSuzuki website.

Tanah Tumpah Darahku

Subhanallah. Today was such an amazing day.

I am thankful, Allah. For letting me live in the era of Nicol David and Lee Chong Wei. And the National Football Team that is almost make it to be the champion.

I am thankful to be given the chance to be one out of other lucky 80k citizens to celebrate the nite when we scored 3 goals.

I am thankful for all the nitemares that people told that didn't happen. All the tolak-tolak, himpit-himpit, baling batu mercun botol air. Sempit-sempit. Nothing, Allah. None of that happened. Everything was smooth.

I am very thankful for the beautiful girlfriends you blessed me with. Perfect.

I am thankful for tonite. Thank you very much.

I am proud to be Malaysian.

Ps: see you this Wednesday. Kamon malaya!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some gift comes when you least expect it.

Subhanallah Maha Suci Allah.

This is the joyest day in my life, shared with my girlfriends.

Thank you, Allah. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Congratulations Magh and Abeja. May Maryam grow up to be a solehah daughter, have a bright future, knows how to keep her dignity, and filled with love and care.

Che Hani loves and misses her so much.

Subhanallah. Thank you Allah.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stadium bukit Azwath

Mula-mula Malaysia score, and then tak kira. Bila buka Fb, org dah kalut update goal goal goal. Kitorang kat Restoran Azwath, gelak je. Haha. Denied bang, denied. Pantas sangat wat status.

Tengah gelak-gelak, skali gol, btol. Rupenye, ehem. Orang tengok TV1 or Live Bukit Jalil bang. Kita tengok mamak, 3D pulak. Lagging 4minit! Demit!

Menang kalah whocares. It was a real good game tho!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friends with Benefit

A few weeks of plans, finally, the day came.

Babyshower for the first Mummy among us.

We almost Kantoi. I sent a thread message to GFs using my FB account, forgetting that Mummy can actually access to my FB.

But I don't care if she knew or not, if some people have actually spilled it or what, what matter is, we had fun.

I hope mummy had fun.

Thanks for people who prepared the food, who came, who respond to my thread, who confirm your RSVP either you managed to come or not. Everything makes it so beautiful.

I only wanted to do this because we all want to see the Mummy happy after all the drama series and all. But anyway, like Joey said, there's no good deed that you do that will not make benefit you in any way.

We all, just need a reason to have a feast of food, spend a nite together, play cards, and just, cuddle.

Like Phoebe said, I hate living in a world where Joey is right ;p

Girlfriens, with a few missing in the pic, but never in the heart :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Worth Living.

I was away for two days, attending orientation for new staffs at Pacific Regency Hotel, KL.

Just like any other trainings, all the lectures just come in one ear, goes out of another, but one thing really touched my heart.

Towards the end, the trainer told us something that is so good to not be shared here. Tho she said this is only between these four walls, but I can't not share this. Hope she doesn't mind.

Something like this.

'Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Do it your best. So that the day you die (touch wood) people will pay you last respect and say 'he/she was worth living. He/she touched my heart his/her whole life'.

That is so simple, but I am so motivated. Might as well share with my whole bunch of loves here :)
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

While you can, live your life :)

Life has been pretty hectic. I'm juggling time between learning new things at work, practise on hands on and having life after work.

A lot of time, money, and energy being used, I feel tired at times.

But don't worry, I rest when I need to. At times I don't, must be because people are so nice they always want to see me.

My girlfriends and my cousins are the best.

Other than that, it has not been that easy. Especially financially. But parents are there to support me :p

Anyway, I have not lost any weigh yet. All these meet ups here and there just encourage me to eat more. Cheh.

Started futsal again, albeit not seriously. Just, it feels good to finally put my gold adidas to its purpose.

I'm missing a lot of things, esp my friends back in Kuantan and KT and of course my parents back in Dungun. But I'm having so many kinds of distractions, hence so far, I'm doing good.

I'm looking forward something more. Wait for it, maybe I'll add up some guy or two in the timeline. I'm working my way there you know! Trust me :p

Lots of love hugs and kisses to all.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Kami, selaku WAGS kepada our unsung heroes of Real Madrid, would like to warn you WAGS of Barca Babies, to not to brag. Because even if you guys called your loves 5-stars blabla, remember, ElClassico bukan setahun sekali macam Raya Puasa. Ada lagiii.

Jumpa di Santiago Bernabeu.


Hani Azhani, WAG of Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos (harus tamak)
Kartika Malini, WAG of Gonzalo Higuain
and Yanti Sufini, WAG of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Girl Inside

Mama and Ayah were here for a few days. They picked me up from the office on Friday, went to my house for the first time, and kidnapped me for a heaventh gateaway for the weekend.

It is always the best thing to be the only child for a while ;p

Then there was this birthday party for little princess Hana Ardiyana. She's four, but this was the first ever birthday party for her. So it was so grand that everything was done with very particular details.

Me and Kakchik were in charged of the game, and tell you what, KIDS THEY DONT FEEL TIRED! oh my god. I have to beg them to slow down so I could take a sip! but No way Jose, they kept on bugging me with gamesss! OMG OMG OMG. But they all were such a sport. It is so cute to see them so enthuastic albeit the prizes were a lil bit funny (super ring, cheezels and such). They just wanna have fun!

But of course the hardest is to handle the Musical Chair for Adults. THEY CHEAT like you never know! Haha.

I had fun, the princess totally had fun. I hope everyone did :)

Sunday came, after a heavenly Asam Pedas lunch at Puncak Alam (thanks to Kak Yah and family) off we all went to the princess's Graduation Concert. She was so cute in her Bhangra and Hawaian costume, dancing twice and was smiling all the way :)

Later, Ayah, being a big fan of Lamb Kabsah, drove all the way from Kota Kemuning to Cyberjaya just to taste one from Saba Restaurant, before sending me back to Puchong.

Macam balik asrama, I wanna cryyyy (but of course I didnt, I'm a bigg girlll!)


Friday, November 26, 2010


Kids nowadays are lucky kan. I'm talking all kids, not only Bieber. Damn he won the ARTIST OF THE YEAR! Anyway, how lucky are you kids to be able to watch your favourite bands in your favourite channel through the MTV all the time.

Speaking of MTV, I just found out that there is no longer Channel [V]! Why?

Last nite I stayed up late, just because I missed the live show of American Music Awards a few days ago. My, the good old days. Everything came flashing back.

Of course, the Backstret Boys, at the end of the show.

My age was post NKOTB, so I grew up listening to BSB as my favourite band. And so lots of girls my age too kan. We have our own favourite Backstreet Boy. Mine of course was Brian B'rock Littrell.

Auw. So cute. Voice so good *faint. (of course, pic nak kne sensorrr aje)

When we were so into the BSB, I remember clutching remote control to my hand with and empty tape in the VCR all the time. In case whenever their video is on TV2, I could record it and show it to my friends. We all would once in a while gather at any of our houses to watch the latest vid of our favourite band.

Back then, nothing can be downloaded from nowhere yaw. We buy original video tapes of concert and such. I have full collection no kidding. It wasn't easy, I didn't grow up in a city where a music store is called Speedy. I have to bribe the apek kedai kaset to load me latest stuff of BSB and such.

And so does kedai buku to buy me Smash Hits, Lime, Galaxy. Waw. Those were the days.

See minute 3.33. If you still remember, they did this dance once in their BSB live in Frankfurt. this dance was a tribute to NKOTB.

They now, deserve a tribute themselves.

I'll pay no matter how much it takes if BSB decides to tour Asia one day. Yes I will!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free Shoes

About a month ago, after I moved to Kerteh, futsies at Kuantan called to ask me to join their team in a netball tournament.

As a sucker for netball, I waited no any second to say Yes!

So there we were, 6 of us, a young and dangerous team, all clad in black jerseys (scary much!) versus the team of makcik-makcik whom has been playing netball since they were young, and teams of women who have never played netball.

But the rules for the tournament was; NO RULES.

Netball with no freaking rules are literally... throwing balls. So, the 6 of us, mostly players for the company, the state, the school, district, lost big time. WE DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH OUT RULES. it's just... ridiculous.

So yeah.. the makcik2 all went, HAHA young and dangerous but LOST big time, jersy siap ade number lah apelah *shameful*

Haha ok funny funny LOL

then I thought, ah what the hell. Might as well go and play basketball. Just my luck, there was this free shooting competition and who shoots the most, wins.

My lucky basketball day, I shooted THE MOST! *kembang hidung* So I won this voucher from Parkson.

How much does it worth? yeah, good enough to buy me this pair of shoes!

The netball champion, can't even buy half of this.



Sunday, November 21, 2010


Saturday Morning, rise and shine. with 2 nasik lemak homecook (yes my friends spoiled me bad. THEY AND THEIR MUMS) and 2 Girlfriends and Aaron, we hit the road to Temerloh.

No idea where the hell it is but that's what SIGN-A-BOARD is for!

We were supposed to convoy with Rudy and family. But hey it wasn't such a pleasure for Aaron to keep up with a MAZDA 6 ok. Cheh. Rudy should have given us some hint!

After 3 hours of journey, endless craps of complaints, CLUELESS roads, we were finally there.

Andd our friend, is so pretty. WE ALL ALMOST TEARED UP :( :( Funny story behind the union of Ieyza and Jakas is, I WAS THE ONE WHO SET THEM UP! haha yes I'm a cupid am so cute!

Part ways with Rudy to go and witness another friend being somebody's husband.

We were so awed when we saw Kerel all clad in Samping and tengkolok and keris and whatnots.

Aw.. our big brother.. now married T_T

And then of course, all great food, and hills climbed and long road, might as well end the day with a detour. So we geared up to Bukit Tinggi, all WELL-DRESSED in baju Kurung :D

After a good cup of coffee each, a Large pizza (big eater tsk tsk tsk), and a group of people with nice voices and songs, we headed down back to Reality.

Gambar SEKADAR hiasan.

Happy day for happy occassions with Happy people.

Kurnia, bagaikan Khayalan. :)

ps: Thanks for Raja's camera. works like a charm :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Make it Two.

'Kita dah geng 10 orang dari foundation, nak duduk semeja masa batch dinner!'

I have to be honest, that without each and everyone of this 10, I don't know what have I become. I might get lost in the way.

I am very glad, MORE THAN NO ONE CAN IMAGINE, that at the first place, God put me in between this 9 amazing girls (back then), women now.

10 Happy go lucky, drama queen, joker, famous ;p, geek, nerd, ZUMA-MANIAC! girls now have become succesful engineers, pursueing Masters dream, working for big companies, travelling around the world, and the best is, a wifey and mother to be.

Mother To Be, Wifey To Be.

Tonight, one of us is going to be another wifey. In another one month, one of us is going to be a mummy.

I'm showered with love, it can't be better :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bercakap soal Pengorbanan

Bertolak dari Puchong pukul 8.00mlm, tiba di Kota Bharu pukul 8.00pagi besoknya. Bertolak pulang ke Kuala Lumpur menerusi penerbangan AirAsia jam 10.10 malam dari Lapangan Terbang Sultan Yahya Petra Kota Bharu, tibe di LCCT jam 11malam.

Mandi di Kota Bharu, tidur di Puchong Selangor, semuanya demi ini

yang bertukar menjadi Singgey Daging, Daging Bakar, Daging Goreng, Sup Tulang, Tulang kukus, dan blabla. Ya Allah nikmat.

Juga untuk ini

dan kasih-sayang yang lainnya.

Bercakap soal pengorbanan, korban saya nampak terlalu kerdil untuk dibandingkan dengan reward; cinta.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Forgive us, God

For we, have sinned.

We hated each other for a second because when we asked 'should i buy this' the other immediately answered 'OF COURSE' with eye wide opened and all.

we shouldn't see each other anymore.

But, I didn't realise how much I miss her.

Ahh screw all sales in the world, we are doing this again and again.

If you asked, i didn't get a pair of shoes. yes, apparently Aldo hates TALL WOWEN.

*is hibernating from shopping.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And so it begins.

I have never appreciated sunlight this much.

A cuppa coffee, an empty seat with no one to talk to.

Alah biasalah awal awal. Awkward, alone, boring, sesat, parking mahal, makan sorang, baju tak cantik, kasut buruk.

Go back to an empty house with an astro with no sports channel, FRIENDS on the laptop and thank God, a cousin.

Nama pon keluar dari comfort zone.

Nak keluar hari-hari,boleh! Tapi poket rabakk :( sorry saya si miskin!

Yang bernama Aisha, Dalila, Azlin, Raja, Afiq, dan Adek. Thank you sebab saya sampai je semua cabut ekor nak jumpa (as if ;p)

(And of course super cousins, kesayangannnsss)

Yang lain-lain, banyak masa lagii.

But I missed home, really. I'm secretly wishing that Mama and Ayah will move here too ;p

I miss my old colleagues at Kuantan too. Biasalah rindu rindu, apa kau fikir aku hati batu?

Am looking forward Kartika Malini to be city girl too. And Mama and Ayah to finally change their mind (miracle happen people) and come live here.

Till then, anybody nak buat appointment lagi? I'm free friday nite :p
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Farewell Me :D

Yeah. I'm bad. I don't know how to at least, PRETEND THAT I'M SAD.

It's my last day here. It isn't as hurting as when I was about to leave Kuantan. I weeped like a 5 year old.

After this, no more of this :)

yes what you see behind it is Youtube. These people will never feel my lost -_-"

Anyway, since it's my last day, I decided to bring some food to the office. Courtsey of Mama and Ayah. Haha. What?? I didn't have any money, remember!! hehe

It's really normal for people in Terengganu to eat Nasi Minyak for breakfast on daily basis ok. So, your vision, is not blurry at all. This is really Nasi Minyak.

It comes with a motive. So that whenever next time people ask me, 'Bila nak makan Nasi Minyak?' I can scream to their face


Scream to their faces, right. Dramatic much.

Off to say bye bye and kiss kiss hug hug. will try my best to shed some tears ;p

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

15 FAQs

Hello. Dah lama tak update blog (attn: Kartika Malini).

Waw so many things to update yet so little time to do it. Ok tipu. Masa bbanyak sangat. But OCCUPIED! Ok tipu jugak. MMAALLLAASS ;P haha.

So. hurm. where to start. Ok, how about this. Tomorrow is my last day here. HEHE. I know, surprise surprise!

Since I got plenty of time today (waw I had plenty of time for the past 4 weeks actually. since I tender my resignation, people had pretty much stop caring about me. haha. Like, if i'm missing from the office, then ok. NOBODY NOTICED cheh. Like, no one even bother. ok too much of explanation) I feel like how about writing about this particular changess in my life.

Yes. Changes.

Questions by questions from Lovely people who still care (waw still got some people who care about me, you guys are sweet :D) and I dont bother explaining to them Like when they asked, what hap? I just said, ahh something. I dont even bother telling, simply because, MALASS haha.

So to those people who always question about my whereabouts, here are the answers to the FAQs ;p

(this is like, so full of myself. feel free to skip it. just writing to kill my time. tick tock tick tock. 9.30am, starts!)

1. What happened to you? (the mosttt common one!)

I resigned. from my current job, and Alhamdullilah, managed to get another job at another company.

2. Which company?


3. Howww?

One day the called me for interview, like, about one month ago. I went for the interview, proceeded to the second stage, immediately been called for shortlisted as hire, the same day. I know, yeay! But I was yet to negotiate the pay and benefits, so everything is confirmed approximately 3days after that.

4. Good money, huh?

Yeah. Not so much, but definitely better ;p

5. SO why you leave?

Because it's important for my career progress blabla haha thats what I said at the interview LOL.

6. Haha, NO. Seriously?!

Haha ok. Seriously, career progress. I feel like at my current company, I'm not getting what I want. Maybe its because they have so many talents already, yet so little opportunity. I need more. Even Raja said I need more challenges in my career. if they got none to offer, I need to find my own.

Other than that, of course it's because a) I don't like it here. b) I want that moar moolah c) I want to be near to KL. totally personal, in no particular order. at times, one tops another.

Ok. another thing is, I know, Rumour has it that Company minyak terkenal itu maybe will be taking this current company back. So, rugilah kan I resign kalau nanti dapat kerja dengan Company minyak itu, waw bestnya.

Let us see it this way, if dah rezeki I untuk kerja dengan company itu, when they offered to loan me money for education purposes 6years back, I WOULD'VE ACCEPT IT. but no, mungkin, rezeki bukan disitu.

7. You don't like it here? Meaning, Kuantan?

Haa, that's the thing. I have moved from Kuantan. Oh waw. Long story.

Before I resigned, I was transferred to Kerteh. When I handed in my resignation letter, the relocation thing still effective. SO like it or not, have to pack up all my things and move back to Dungun and travel 90kms to&fro everyday for work at Kerteh. Sucks right?

So, here, as in, Kerteh. Distance is one of the so many things. Other than that, we shall get a coffee and sit and talk about it, ok? ;p

8. I remembered closely you don't like working in KL. Now, KL jugakkkk ;p

Oh yes I remember closely too that I don't like KL and i still don't. simply because the crowded environtment (always so many people and so many cars everywhere) and the cheap food cooked by the 'immigrants' if you know what I mean. But I have no choice.

But I guess I just have to make do with it. Small matter loer :P

KL is definitely better than Kerteh. Kuantan is the best. I shall go back there one day, maybe in 10 years or 20 years to come LOL.

9. Why you like Kuantan so much? ITS LAMEEE??? Got BF there ehhh?

It's near to everything!!! It's near to KL, near to HOME *Love*, near to beach, near to town, near to the office, near to the movies, near to the futsal courts, EVERYTHING. ok.

plus most restaurants are still using Malay cooks. HAHA. totally racist I know but I cant help it!!!

Bf in Kuantan? Yeah thats the hope! haha

10. So, when are you moving to KL?

InsyaAllah this 6th. I'll be starting on 8th.

11. Stay where?

With a cousin in Puchong. But also looking for a house nearer to CBJ tho.

12. So, you resigned. why still working?

I had to tender 3 months notice. But I was so cannot wait to get lost from here haha, so I only gave 1 month notice. Still have to come to the office for all the handovers and clearance yada yada, but pretty much like a holiday. Come and go as I please lol. Nobody cares anyway. Even if they do, I don't haha.

and about the two months notice I didnt give...

I HAVE TO PAY 2 MONTHS SALARY! ok??!! so they didnt give me any money for October and November, and I still have to pay some! Grr.

So dont expect me to belanja korang or do anything with the money (attn Rumet: SIngapore? NOOO!) because right now I'm fully dependant on FAMA's subsidy :(

13. If I were you, I will not go to the office at all.

That's the thing. it's not that easy WHEN YOU'RE LIVING AT HOME! parents check up on you every single minute. what time you wake up, take shower, went to the office, arrived, come back. what did you eat, with whom. how much did you spend. it's not easy going back to high school, BUT YOU CANNOT SAY NO!

Every single thing also have to report. But no complain here. Its just that, that's the reason haha. Something to do with 'keeping your record clean' and 'saving face' thing. ya ya.

Plus it gets boringggg when you do nothing. everyday also watch TV, from E! to HBO to MTV to ESPN blabla. It just got bored at some point.

14. Will you miss these whole thing?

Sure as hell. I had an easy life. It was easy job, easy money. easy everything. Wanna come home, ok. wnna go to KL, ok. wanna eat this and that, ok. wanna watch football, ok. wanna go holiday, ok. Everything is easy.

But lets see if I can be that small girl who survives big city ;p

I surely miss being that single child who are always demanding and merajuk at home ;p. be dad's lil girl and watch football and badminton together till mama say I NEVER GET IT! be momma's gossipping and telenovela partner. Be brothers' sporting sister. Be Amalin's girls-day-out company everyday. Be home whenever aunties/uncles/cousins visit.

I may get to do this again after this, but not as much as i'm doing now :(

15. So, Raya Haji balik tak? How? Berapa lama? Kahwin Ieyza pegi tak?

OK here's the deal. UNTIL I REPORT DUTY AT MY NEW COMPANY, every plan is totally void! because I am not sure about the leave procedure, the shift thingy, the induction blabla. ok. so. ASK ME THAT LATER.

Wah. I should've warn you that you can skip this post. Haha.

So, I think thats all folks. But, if there's any question that I missed, kindly shoot. Wah. Ala ala press conference gitu.

Till then, tomorrow is going to be a totally different day to me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Budu cap gapo?

I taktaula if korang perasan ke tak, but one week before the final, me and Ayah noticed iklan Piala Malaysia kt TV1 berbunyi;

" Siapakah yang bakal merampas gelaran dari Negeri Sembilan?"

Since only N9 and Kelantan were in the final, we are pretty sure la siapa yang rampas kann! Takkan N9 rampas dari N9 kot !!

Jangan lupa undi BN di Galas!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cuti Cuti Cinta

Adalah orang tu kan, orang tanya dia, best tak Cuti-Cuti Cinta?

Dia cakap apa tau. Dia cakap, cerita dia, orang cakap tak best, script dia tak kuat, plot dia biasa bla bla.

I terus bagi kat dia;

Seriously, you tengok tajuk, you expect script dia macam Puteri Gunung Ledang ke?
You expect dia cakap kanda belah dada 7 purnama blabla ke? You gila ke?
You tengok tajuk, tengok poster, you dah tau ending dia.

Script my ass!

'Mata bulat macam burung hantu, dagu leper, hidung kempes, nasik lemak 50sen!'
Script ni, kalau Hang Tuah cakap kat Puteri Gunung Ledang, barulah you complain pasal script.

Ini Farid Kamil ngan Nora Danish baiiiii!!

Hadoiiii. Bangsa reti nak komplen aje, macamnilah!

image : google.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Puteri Andalusia

Tu la Tuan Puteri. Dulu, Sultan Mahmud nok ko Puteri, puteri tokse. Nok jambatey mah la begapo. Mano ado ore nok wi. Loni, mano ado ore nok doh.


Moral of the story, Jangan Jual Mahal.

Jangan sampai jadi Puteri An(ak) Da(ra) L(anjut) Usia.


image : google magika.

Macam ni ke nak publish post bergambar dari blackberry?

Ambek gamba, send thru email.


Tempat orang kerja sementara memang sepah.

Redha je-lah.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dedikasi untuk Kartika Malini 2

Bila nak exam kena ada penyuntik semangat. Orang takdok boyfie wajib cari boyfie Magika.

Nah. SJ aka Chuck Bass Malaysia.

1. Kami tak kesah dia umur berapa. Kami bukan nak kawin dengan dia. Unless dia nak kawin dengan kami.

2. Kami tak kesah dia dah ada gf watsoever. Kami bukan nak kawin dengan dia. Unless dia nak kawin dengan kami.

3. Kami tak kesah kalau dia kaki botol kaki betina kaki pukul. KALAU. Kami bukan nak kawin dengan dia. Unless dia nak kawin dengan kami.

4. Kami tak kesah kakak abang dia kawan kakak abang korang. Kami bukan nak kawin dengan dia. Unless dia nak kawin dengan kami. Ni bukan zaman Jalan Ampas bila artis duduk satu kelompok dia je. Normal la tiba-tiba jiran kau Fazura; ADA AKU KESAH? kecuali intan yang nak bawa I pergi openhouse rumah dia auww!

Nah Adek Mek. Sempena minggu peperiksaan. I tak kisah kalau you nak jadikan dia boyrife Magika you sorang and taknak share dengan I.

Asalkan you gradddddddddd cepat skettttt!

ps: juga untuk hot mummy Maggy. Biar kenan.

all images googled SJ.