Friday, May 27, 2016


I turned 30, gaise. Never knew I would made it this far but Alhamdulillah.

Too many things, too many.

Monday, May 9, 2016

14 Years

It's not easy to plan a reunion after 14 years, but AADC2 is out and it doesn't feel right not to watch it with the people you watched the first one with. So we planned one.

We wanted to make it close. Just us 11 (and plus ones and their little boys and girls) but everytime we saw each other there will be people going like.. 'Tak Ajak!' 'Nak join!!' so we decided to open the invitation through facebook.

Only to have 3 people out of our gang to turn up haha but it's okay.

It was so good, we had so much fun for the little time that we spent together. And we had 2 people flying in from KB (so sweet rightttt) and we enjoyed the movie so so much that everyone just kept talking about it. I knew it wasn't wrong to watch the movie again (for the third time) with them!

SOOOO have you watched the movie?? I did, 3 times!! and I still want more. The first time, it felt like Rangga owes me an explanation for breaking up with me! I cried so bad and I really missed himmm (too emotional).

It's just that, the theory of summer love/reunion is proven. TOO dangerous for you in a relationship ok, because during holiday people tends to demand for extra TLC so everything just seemed too sweet to handle but not when you go back to real life you'll realize the one you're currently dating is actually more stable in prospect and such.. and to be reunited with ex on a holiday.. bad call man, bad call.

I'm all #teamrangga and #teamcinta but seriously, not applicable for real life ok!

But everytime I left the movie, I am always left wanting for more. So I went to get this.

Now that we've got the closure for AADC, is it too late to demand for closure for 10 things I hate about you? Must be too late considering Patrick Verona is now dead T_T.