Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Too Loud

We were having dinner yesterday at Saba restaurant, when I came up with a quiz "guess what's the theme for this year Independence Day"

The guessing game gone wild and so funny we laughed so hard (what else is new?) until a woman from the next table called me and asked us 'to keep it low'

'Perlahan skit dik, kedai makan ni, tempat orang nak makan!'

Haha ok waw. Thanks. Enjoy your meal. Sure the food tasted better with the silent ambiance right.

(nothing new there, by the way. so used to be called to 'keep it low' LULZ)

we didn't take any offence or anything, clearly we were THAT loud, but it was still fun, tho.

Sometimes I think maybe one day there was this guy who brought my photo home and said 'Mum, I found her! the girl of my dream!!' *showed my picture to mother*

"JUST FORGET HER!! the other day I was at a restaurant, she and her friends were there. they laughed so hard! no manners at all!"

Haha. then. sorry aunty. your son's loss. GITUUUUUUUUU.

Monday, June 23, 2014

I could do this all day and don't care

I can read this while listening to this and I don't care.

Just by reading all the captions make my heart contains with happiness and excitement.
How will the world be boring? No way.

I know no 6 is Raja's long time partner and Aisha had just declare her relationship with no 29, and Kakak Shil had been on-off with some (24, 14, 5, 2, to name a few), Kaykay now happily with no 4, so I'm left with, urmm, 15 options? Not bad.

Lemme see.

Since Pirlo is not included (he's in a very much different league, by the way) I'll settle with No 9.

That name, he can make me feel like a Princess.

Girls, let's thank the person who initiated World Cup. You sir, is my idol.

Friday, June 20, 2014

What I Know Now at 29...

The internet is like the glossary of dos and donts to life. If I read all the links people on my facebook timeline share, I most prolly won't get any sleep. But when Raja shared it, I know it's worth reading (unless you know, its something about fish.. history.. geographic location.. oh well!).

I read this post, twice, thinking how is it possible that nothing but a lengthy blabbering from a woman spot on me so much like a bullet to my head. While I'm still so much anticipating for some to happen (point number 27 to be exact), I couldn't help but to think 'oh waw everything is so true'!

1. If we are smart, we start to realize that not everything in life needs our commentary or opinion. I have less opinions now at 29 than I did at 20, when I entered this precious decade. I personally view that as a sign of growth.

Yes. Point number one, already making a point. Oh God.

3. If you are lucky, your mom and dad will still be around. If you are really lucky, you will find yourself closer to them than ever before. If you are the luckiest of all, they will be the two most precious people in your life.
I stopped for a moment reading this. I have realised a long time ago that at this age, this is the best blessing I have in life.

5. Eventually, the most fun nights will be the ones with your loved ones in PJs, or at home with friends and family, a bottle of wine and maybe even their baby.
Yup. true. Ok. moving on!

8. I spent a lot of money traveling. I have zero regrets about it. In fact, the only regret I have is that I didn't keep a journal.
From tomorrow, onwards, I will backtrack all my travels and put it in this blog, every little detail of em. I think I owe myself like, 10 posts already. sigh.

15. The friends you have had for 15+ years are likely to stay your friends forever. These bonds will come to mean more to you year after year. Their children will be your nieces and nephews. They become your family. Eventually, you come to realize you share more intimate details with your friends than even your significant other... or maybe that is just me? 
Sigh, I don't write this article. the writer somehow read my mind. If I were to copy paste one by one I might as well copy paste the whole thing. Here's one last point, this one is THE best, at least i think so.

18. There is no blueprint to life. Some of your friends will get married early, some late and some not at all. Some will make a lot of money and some won't. Some will have five children and some will have none. Some will travel the globe and others may never leave the state. As Nietzsche once wrote, "this is my way, what is your way? THE way does not exist." Try and remember this before you tell your friends how to live their lives. Try not to judge anyone for the way they live their life as well.
 While some already wrap their heads around this idea, some still don't. But refer to point no 28, then it will all be enough.

Ah so good to read this before I turn 29!

ps: Spain is out. what else is new?

Monday, June 16, 2014

world cup so far.

1. My best pick for the world cup so far is Costa Rica beating Uruguay. Totally world class act of underdogs. I wasn't suppose to stay up that night so I could recharge for Italy vs England but boy it was so worth it.

2. There were 2 things I love about watching Netherlands beating Spain. Of course the fact Spain was raped, and also that I got to spend a quiet 105 minutes with my uncle. Not so quiet after 2nd half when we both jumped off the bed in amazement of Robben's goal. I still remember how happy I was!

3. Last weekend was pretty havoc. Not only that I was still trying to adjust my body clock to KL slash Rio timezone, the family decided to have an ad hoc overnight for 2 nights. So yes, family time during daytime, football time during night time, I collapsed on 3rd day, realised I am no longer qualified to be a zombie.

4. But nothing to complain, I got everything under one roof for 48 hours. The best companions in life, the best food, and football. nothing. absolutely nothing to complain.

5. Huge crush on Pirlo now I blushed whenever somebody said his name.

6. Tonight the big game, Germany vs Portugal. Already so nervous!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Dare You

One of the many reasons I'm staying put here at my current job is... the odd business hours. That contributes A LOT to my love, to football. You know.

Andddd now *drumrollllsss* WORLD CUP is here again!

Oh my, life is good again. I have made arrangement, for the whole 30 days to come, I'll be on night shift (my night shift starts at 2pm and ends at 11pm, it's not bad at all, don't feel sorry) so no last minute MC, EL, boss I'm late stuff, I'll be freeeee. Living in Rio Timezone. Ola!

BUT it's so annoying to receive sooo many messages about people who aren't sporting about this once in 4 years. I heard some offices even mend some new rules like serious action will be taken and stuff. Oh come on, boss. Cut some slack. Once in 4 years!

If I were a boss, I will allow flexible working hours during World Cup. As long as you get your job done!

And, what's up with all the jokes about women don't get football. Oh come on, momma has been allowing daddy to watch late night footie since forever. Sometimes she jumps in the couch (for Rud Gulit, always Rud Gulit) too. Maybe we watch football for all the hotstuffs (don't get me started), but still, we don't mind guys staying up late night. Totally gets it!

It's 2014; FIFA jokes, remote control joke, offsides joke, Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo joke, lame. Sometimes I think guys are intimidated because girls are getting so good at this.

And for me, 2014, IS FOR GERMANYYYY.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Time to focus

Aaron has started to embarrass me on a new level, in a public place. At masjid, to be precise, during Zohor time. Oh waw, congrats baby boy. You have successfully throw my faith and hope away from you.

He actually has no idea how much I love him but whatever he did to me 2 days ago, I can't take it anymore. It's too much.

I wanted to give it another try, say another 2 years (I have a plan to change car when I'm 30) but it looks like I'm giving up on him sooner than I thought.

I was lucky he caught me shameful at a fullhouse masjid on Saturday afternoon, where 2 of my friends came and rescued me and and a handsome towing guy came and rescue him.

Every cloud has its own silver lining. Now where's that Ford catalog? Gimme it. I wanna look into it and said the magic mantra 'I can afford this'. Buy I, I mean, I-yah. kahkah.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time to let go

After a few series of finding treasures in my very own messy closet, i decided that it's time, for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning for every winter summer fall. Ya right.

For a start, it's time to let go all the baju kurungs from 2007-2010, can't hardly fit em anymore :( 
been keeping these baju kurungs since forever, they held extra special places in my heart because each of them are worn to various special occassions. plus i never really spent my own cent for baju kurung so I take it as present from my parents. To let them go I must seek consent from my mother too, to which she had no problem to allow because I definitely can't fit into those anymore T_T

Some of this have safely landed in my cousins' hands. Some will be given to the project baju raya.

Next, handbags, casual clothes and scarves. 
A woman's trash is another woman's treasure. if you would like to have any of this baju please let me know. Don't feel ashamed, I always take my friends' leftovers too. Why not right?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kimono-Case Bucket Bag

It was long forgotten (sometimes greedy people forgot their bucket list) until we were on a flight back from Bali and this girl sat next to Aisha put her very sleek and chic black bucket bag on her flip table.

My jaw dropped.

Made Aisha look inside out left right center for the brand of the bag but failed. She even looked inside the bag but found nothing near the inside compartment or the zipper.

Heart crushed, fell in love so deeply, decided to get one for myself once i touched down.

So, my days back from Bali have been filled with trips to malls but you know that mystery, when you don't want something it's always flying across your face but when you want it, NOPE you cannot find it anywhere. NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.

Heart crushed again, cried into my pillow in the middle of the night, then i remembered something.

WAITA MINUTE. waitaaaaa minuteeeeee.

*switched on lights, rambled on my closet*

FOUND IT, there, lying forever in a pile of unwanted clothes.

Just like the Kimono case, this one, also hanging there at the back of my closet altogether with a few other things that i don't think I will need but maybe I had been searching high and low for.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Broga, Conquered

When you are friend with Raja, you will NEVER be able to say NO to anything. She will make you climb Mount Kinabalu to the peak even if you had only one leg.

Had to take like millions of stops and gave up thousand times too, but still made it to the (first) peak!

Ahh look at her so happy she almost killed me. Threaten me with heart attack and such, should have pushed her down the hill.

But don't tell her this, it was sooooooooooooo worth it. kekeke.

Later that evening, went to buy the birthday present from Mama and Ayah for this year. Happy purchase!