Sunday, January 20, 2013

If this is not love then what is?

Angah and Mira came back from London so after about 10 days now, we all are reunited again. Sorry priority and commitment has changed it took 10 days for this to happen. And I am actually working, so these people they come all the way to cyberjaya auuww

When they left there was only half of this. while they were in London, these people decided to get married and so the supercousins, are now doubled. Hence double the awesomeness.

And look what they got me. Sweetness from heaven. They walked in the stadium and it reminded them of me? If that is not sweet then what is?

Told ya i'm lucky.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's happening, Hani?

A lot. A lot Facebook.

I had the chance to go to Mahkamah Syariah for the first time. It has nothing to do with me but Facebook, you must not know too, that Mahkamah Syariah is actually a public place.
You can always go there and LISTEN to other's problem, Facebook. Yes.
Very private parts of your life, your bank account, your undercover affairs and stuff, are judged by public, Facebook.

It is heartbreaking in so many ways. Young couples break-up and divorce. 'Bee lepaskan Yang'. how is that even possible, calling each other petnames, seeing the person you used to love so much hate you? Nauzubillah.

I cried, Facebook. yes I did. Because what in the world could happen that both of them could not overcome. MasyaAllah, Facebook, it is so heartbreaking.

But Facebook, do you know that these couples that got divorce, are young? Mostly at their early 30s. MasyaAllah. I ran out of words.

I hope whenever my time comes we both are fully ready to take each other because this whole divorce thing, aren't pretty.

So far, Facebook.
I am so lucky, people around me are lucky, my cousins and my friends are lucky.
Because we are surrounded with so much Love.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

One week

It has been one week here and I've gained what it feels like 100kg more haha. I've ate so much that my mum cannot think of anything that she has not cook / buy for me lol.

Went to the huge pasar malam here in dungun after 15 years or so I think, it's still the same!

Went to 1st wedding of this year and it's my old bestfriend from standard 6, Jaslini. Had bowling game with Amalin and Muqri and brother yesterday and the service in MesraMall, sucks.

Ayah has been talking a lot about MSL and it seems like he is rooting for Darul Takzim fc! Whatever dad. My brother is of course rooting for Terengganu and me and mother, Kelantan.  So the house is always filled with screamings and shoutings on football nights which apparently, almost every night!

Ohhh and went on a date with rumekkk it was great :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Bibik balik Solo so we babysit Amalin today. Since ada warning ribut taufan suma ni, ibu tak bagi Amalin pegi sekolah.

So it was one whole day.
'Tuhla.. haih orang Kuala Lumpur ni'
Awal awal dah kene belebe bila I tak reti wat jepuk durian.

Bila I tanya dia, suka tak kalu Che Hani gewe ngan Jepp Sepah? Die jawab TAK! Memang die hard fan Zizan ni.

Bila dia balik, I can hear the voices in my head again. Haha.
Budak manja dengan Tok Ayah Im

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 to do list

One of the things I wish to do this year is to not look at my phone when I'm with real people. Or at least make it less.

Resolution, gotta keep it real.
Less of this, 2013.


Im home, yeay! Came home to news that hurricane may hit Terengganu, nauzubillah, la hawla wala.

But I'm with Mama Ayah and Adik. You can never felt safer. If i were still in KL I could be crying begging my parents to come to KL.

But I'm home and I'm here so there's nowhere to go,  I'm putting my fate in God's hand, He will decide.

Meanwhile, pray :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year 2012

I became 26.
Manchester City was in Malaysia, so did Adam Levine. (The little fangirl inside me was screaming so loud)
Malaysia lost Suzuki Cup. Ok.
Kelate won treble.
Mancity won EPL.
Make peace with Chuna.
The best HKWCJ in history.
Changed work pattern to 12 hours shift.
Moved out from previous house to new one.
Attended thousands of weddings.
Lost a few good companies to marriage.
Tok passed away.
Went to Bangkok, Perhentian, Singapore and Melaka for holidays.
Attended a few more thousands wedding.
Lost sundies to marriage.
Fateemah was born, Rauhah was born.
Added what it felt like 1000kg more.
Switched from Blackberry to Android.
Wan came back for good.
A few FB inbox drama for nothing.
All the awesome things that money can buy.
2013, anticipation for all the awesome things that money can't buy is so damn high.
Started with, dancing in the moonlight,  to the rhythm of the fireworks, in Pangkor.

Hello 2013. Bring it on.