Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sacrifice for Raya Haji

With the new schedule coming around it's so hard for me to juggle my time between the odd working hours and the so many leaves I have to take to attend people's weddings.

And so it happens so many of my so close and beloved ones got married in this near 3 weeks, with Kak Ewie on this Raya Haji, followed by Piyie 2 weeks later, on the same date with my beloved Rumet, which extends till 13th and Amad on 25th.

When the new shift schedule comes out I have to pick which of the wedding I have to sacrifice because I have to work on weekends, so I told Mama I may not be able to make it to Johor on Piyie's wedding day but I'll be back to Kota Bharu for the groom side, which I think is more important since that is our side.

And you can hear that disappointment in Mama's tone I can't afford to listen so the first thing I did today is to find someone to replace my shift on that day.

I can never make my mother happy. My job is not making her happy, my relationship status is not making her happy, my choice of living, my income, the car I chose to drive, the way I chose to manage my time, the clothes I chose to wear, never will make her happy. So this time maybe I may.

As much as I was happy not being able to attend a family affair which sometimes breaks my heart because my uncles, aunties and cousins really know how to humiliate me with all the 'bila lagi 'things, asking me in front of people, condemning me with saying things like 'nobody wants you because you're fat', you know, joking poking like its so funny HA-HA, and because I am hardcore like that, I have to smile and pretend the jokes are all funny HA-HA let's laugh HA-HA

But Piyie is not at fault, Piyie is a very nice cousin and he'll be there no matter what and so I will too, so I'm sacrifing being happy when I can.

I wish I can tell them to leave me alone but I guess I'm not that hardcore.
I wish I am really hardcore.

Something good will come along, will come along, will come along.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

7 Eleven

So starting next week i will be on 24/7 shift, yeay! i will have to work on weekends and overnight, yeay!

As much as it sounds like it's a pain in the ass but I am actually a bit excited and cannot wait to start the new shift, only to be looking at the schedule and my shift started with OFF DAYS

already putting me in good mood.

and the best thing is, i will be on leave for 7 DAYS including the Raya Haji.

What a way to start a new shift.

Now since I have bought flight ticket on Monday morning, I shall continue my 4 days suddenly off days doing la-la-ing, or maybe roadtripping?


Monday, October 22, 2012

Treble Trouble

'Treble: noun; 1. Brit. three sporting victories or championships in the same season, event, etc.'

Kak Wani, Mama, Abang Hery, Akif, Me,
3 kali GOLLLL

Kak Leen, Abe Aar, 
2 kali GOLL

Ayah, tidur separuh jalan.

Amalin, Fasha, Damia, Nana, Intan, Aisha,
aaaaaaaa gol aaaaaa mana satu kelantan aaaaaa kita suka warna apa aaaaaaaa

Fina, nangis selok

nak pecah rumah
hehe. Couldnt be better :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


So today in the surau I saw this woman carrying a Birkin. My heart literally stop beating. I am not the kind of person who adores brands and stuff, but Birkin is Birkin. Seriously, Birkin?

I think I even say it in my prayer that this Birkin better be Original. Because what kind of woman would carry a fake Birkin? Have you no self respect at all?

I get fake Fendi, Prada, Chanel, Dior, but no woman should carry a fake Birkin. It's like the mother of all bags!

Believe me all night I have put all my energy, trying to wrap the logic ideas around my brain that this woman, could afford a Birkin.

Don't let me start on the woman. Not Birkin-y at all.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is how I feel, most of the time, now.

Joey: I miss this.
Chandler: I don’t think we’ve actually done this before!
Joey: No, I-I miss hanging out with you.
Chandler: Well we…we still hang out.
Joey: Not like we used to. Remember? You and me used to be inseparable. Y’know now it’s like…things are different.
Chandler: Well y’know, things are different. I’m…I’m married now.
Joey: Oh sure—And hey, don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for you guys. I just…I miss…hanging out…just-just us, y’know?
Chandler: Yeah, I miss that too. I tell you what; from now on we’ll make time to hang out with each other.
Joey: You got it. Come here.

Friends, The one with the stripper.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mrs James Valentine

Minat Rockstar sibuk nak main gitar
Minat bola sibuk nak main FIFA
i need to fight my identity crisis!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just a quick update. My phonebook magically disappeared after my whatsapp automatically uninstalled from my BB.

I have no idea which Hantu are performing all this unnecessary operations but it's giving me pain in the ass.

I need to collect all the details in my phonebook again (because I was so clever not to have a backup) so if you think I should have your phone number, text me (and give me your name).

Damn how do I ask for my dad's credit card details all over againnnnn!!!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Moving out completed. I got superb helps from kawan dari syurga; Dell, saa, and Raja. My God my friends are silly but aren't they superwomen?

They helped me packed. I swear I have tonnes of stuffs just safely kept in an invisible galaxy that just appeared when it's time to move. Just nicely fit with the fact that I am already 'champion' in the arena of packing.

So Dell and Saa were the first to arrive only to realize that I have not put a single thing into a box or a bag, so I have to listen to them NAGGING me the whole time (but their hands were moving so fast all my things were packed AND UNPACKED in a blink of eye).

And then Raja arrived just as we're about to transport all my very important stuffs from Kak Ewie's house to Kak Mona's. The girls, tho heavy, are tough. My previous house was in level 5, we have to take every single thing down the stairs (no elevators) to new house at level 2. NO HELP FROM GUYS! Pats on your back girlfriends!

They also helped me to assemble all those important furnitures I got from IKEA to store all my importantttt stuffs. And helped me to rearrange the room (feng shui and whatnots), hang the curtains, Saa even helped to clean up my fan.

And later that night, Dell and Raja slept over for rounds of scary movies and besen-maggi. Girls just wanna have fun.

My friends are sweethearts. No wonder my parents let me come to city on my own. They know I'm safe in good hands.

Can never do this on my own :(
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

In pursue of private wedding.

I don't get the purpose of strangers attending strangers' wedding. Like today Che Su was asking Kak Ewie to spare a wedding invitation for Kak Leen's mum because 'Kak Leen's mum is nice'. And Kak Ewie went like, 'really? I've never met her'

This is just another classic case of a stranger coming to a stranger's wedding. Just because 'mama went to the same school with her a thousand years ago' doesn't mean I want her at my wedding.

The only strangers I want at my wedding is my bee's family and friends, other than that, I don't need some 'people I went to somewhere with'. Not important.

The thing is, is this request too much? Is it even logic? If it is why do I still find strange cards in my mum's drawer and when I ask her 'whose card is this mum?' She'd say something like 'oh the some-people daughter/son'.

Can't we invite guests which only the brides and bridegrooms can recognize. Afterall its their day, right?
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Friday, October 5, 2012

David Beckham on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I am so hooked to this. Been watching it thousand times, putting it on the loop, I can't get enough of this.

I think girls will never grow out of crush for David Beckham.

I remember having a HUGE POSTER of David Beckham when I was still a little girl and a HUGE mug with Bekham's pic on it (both thanks to Pepsi). and a Manchester United cap because Love for Beckham blinded me haha.

Look at him, so decent, so polite, so handsome, smells so good, so selekeh at the same time. SO MY TYPE haha.

But of course Beckham also have his annoying side (if you watch this till the end you'll geddit). because all guys are annoying. but it's always nicer to look at a good looking annoying guy righttt.

'She can forgive you, look at you!'

Beckham is 37, KhairyKJ is 36, why are guys this age soooooo alluring even Ellen suddenly becomes straight!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


2 and half years, 5 semesters of living together. This is the person who copes a lot with my attitude (I have attitudes!)

I remember feeling so down and rumek asked me what I wanna do and I said 'I nak jalan kat padang and tengok bintang' and rumek said JOM.

The fact that we both grew up in the same area makes us closer apart from of course the fact that she's so great to be around with.

40days to go before she becomes somebody else's roommate (whateverrrrr), today is her birthday.

I love you gum! Thanks for saying Hi! on the first day we met, else we'll never get here.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thing that was 1

From Left to right;
Hazirah - in a relationship
Nett - Gone missing. God, Nett we miss you so much. COME BACK!
Adlina - In Scotland
Lin - Engaged
Aliah - Engaged
Me - getting fatter
Saa - Getting hotter
Iza - Married
Magh - Mother of 2

not in pic; Raja - earning more moolahs than all of us combined.

Thing that was, 4 years ago.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Run Maryam Run

Went to watch tennis for the first time with rumek. What a nice change, makes me wants to play tennis instantly. HOT WEHHH TENNIS PLAYER ZZZZzZZzzzZZzZ

Back from the game quite late, went for  quick grab with the girls at Bubba Gump Sunway Pyramid. can't believe we all are so grown up and everything but yeah, we still spill drinks and poke each other a lot.

Magh says Maryam throws tantrum a lot lately, but she never does when she's with us. I guess maybe she knows her aunties don't handle tantrum kids that well haha.

She always runs around, it's so cute, not so cute when aunties have to also run, kena sangat dengan concept run forrest run kan.

'I tak ingat kedai mana waiter dia pakai roller blade. bukan kedai ni kan?'
'ye la ork, pelik pulok ada roller blade dalam forest...'
'tapi bakpe konsep dia udang tapi forest? patut bagi nama laut laa..'
'tapi hutan eja foRest ke foRRest eh? bakpe die 2 R sini?'
'balik ni google la..'

LOL! hari ni baru I tau it's based on Forrest Gump the movie. I am so bad at this.