Monday, November 25, 2013

TLC & Lil Mama - Waterfalls

Admit it you miss this.
Congrats Lil Mama for the guts of replacing Lisa Left Eye who passed away 14 years ago.
I was hoping for a full medley, atleast of Waterfall, Creep, No Scrub, Dear Lie and Unpretty.
More of TLC please!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I have been searching high and low for a good Kimono cardigan. I can't pass any one shop without going in looking for a Kimono cardigan.

A good one means I like it and I like how much it costs.

And then last weekend, I did some spring cleaning and guesssss what I found? This, hanging there at the back of my closet altogether with a few other things that i don't think I will need but maybe I had been searching high and low for.

So they were right when they said.. sometimes the thing you want the most has been lying there in front of your eyes all the time. 

Ps. This cardi is a gift from Kaykay. Semoga murah rezeki mu kay! Sokmooo beli macam macam ke aku.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Move on

Move on yang paling susah is move on from a bouquet of flower. This bouquet has been in my room for 2years plus now it is collecting dust. Hari ni baru rasa.. maybe I should throw it out.

It is sad tho. Because flower is pretty. But this one seems to bring more harm (I am so allergic to habuk and debu) and like any other human being.. I don't make potpourri.

I got this for my 26th birthday from my dearest parents. The one i got on 25th birthday was thrown out when I got this one.

The longest I have kept my flower is my convocation flower. Threw it out 5 years later!! Haha.

Speaking of move on... bila nak move on from Mr Arrogant ni. Sigh so sick to be lame and typical but can't help to fall in love and rinduuu.

We need a plan. Yes we. I am not the only lame person here!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adik Sedehana

When mummy babysits Amalin

It's never a quiet day!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Spent the morning watching Lady D with my 2 Lady Z; Mummy and Aunty.
In contrary to the public bad reviews, I actually like this movie.
A tragic love story with sad ending.

'So I'm not accepted into a family, that's not new for me'
'I am a Princess, I get everything that I want'

Life is not all princess-y for a princess right D. I feel you.
(Chewah I-feel-you aja princess princess kannn)

Sometimes I just still can't believe that she passed away.
I know my mum and my aunty feel the same way too.
You know our mothers have this thing for the Lady. They all love her.

On a side note, Naomi Watts could easily crawl into my favourite actress list. First The Impossible and now, Diana. Gifted.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Remember My Name

A niece told me that she got bullied at her school. Some mean girls call her names, call her busuk, influenced other girls to not be friend with her.

She's 7 and these mean girls are 10! 

I got so mad I didn't know how to react. I know she's small but she has to know that people do that to her because she got something and they don't.

For an instance sah-sah budak-budak pembuli tu kurang kasih sayang.


I know adults shouldn't meddle in kids' problems and I know it's bad to wish Karma would strike and to wish God to get those mean girls, but I sincerely hope those kids will get the love they truly need the soonest, else my niece's school life would be so miserable!


I ended up telling her how Yuna told us she was bullied too, when she was small. People called her Tuna! Tuna! (it was a funny story she told at the concert before she sang this song) and the niece went like... WHO'S YUNA? haha.. ok wrongggg move but still, you're going to be big and those mean girls will be like, man...that's the girl I bullied in school.

Tuna! Tuna!