Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Everyone is 28

Except for Fetemeh and Felisyeh, we all are now 28. We are 28 but we still act like we are 8. I think the whole Johnny Rockets hated us last night (not as much as they hated the cuddly malay couple at the corner of the restaurant who were filling each other whole night tho) for all the noises we made.

In a few months, each and everyone of us will then hit 29 one by one. We are that old we almost leave our twenties, but I'm so sorry world, we are still the same.

Never a quiet night with this bunch. Hugs.

Andd Happy Birthday Raja!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love, Rosie

I don't watch movies to kill time. i watch movies for the particular movie. because everytime I watch a movie, the story will stay there in my mind for as long as it can and I keep on comparing my life with parts of the movie.

And it doesn't help because I usually love romantic love sappy movie.

Last night I was talking to my cousins about a novel and I said, if I were in this novel I would most probably fell in love with the main character's bestfriend. Because it would be too much pressure to fall in love with the most popular boy in school and usually the bestfriend is more laid-back and mysterious.

and my cousin said, in real life, that guy (the main character's bestfriend) has already passed away.


What do I know, maybe my jodoh has actually passed away.

One month to go :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Party Withdrawal

Since bebeb is getting married, I knew somewhere along the line there will be a bachelorette party. Because she and her friends are like that, they matter about all these parties.

Me. I'm like duh. I was pretty sure I wasn't even gonna be invited. I mean like seriously, do I look like a person who party? ah-ha.

And then I was included. I thought okay maybe I'd find a way to get out of it. i mean seriouslyyyyyy. There were going to be like lots of giggles and OH MY GODS and kinky-whatnots and I'm gonna have migraines from rolling my eyes so much.

And a nice friend said, do it, do it for your bestfriend. So I did it.

LITTLE THAT I KNOW, it turned out to be, a party, WHICH I ENJOYED SO VERY MUCH.

yups. ashamed to admit that I couldn't think of anything bad about the tea party (which turned out to be sleepover with lots of karaoke, playing games, charades, and finishing leftovers). No giggles at all, just huge laughter like 'HA HA HA HA I'm choking and having jaw reflexed from all these laughter'.

i'm so glad i made it. now I'm having like a terrible withdrawal syndrome trying to move on from what feels like the best weekend ever.

But yes I admit I love this party, sleepover, precious moment with my bebebs and made new friends BUT PLEASE just for the record, do not ever make me wear those veil and that thing across your body. I'm serious.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter comes winter goes

My love for rain goes unexplainable. So yesterday when we decided to work out in this winter season we knew it was going to rain.

So we spent the first 5 mins taking photos. In the rain. What else.

Putrajaya is breathtakingly beautiful.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Sari inspired

I missed the last Festival Filem Malaysia because I chose to watch Pahang vs JDT (which, of course I was rooting for Pahang and Pahang wins!!!). I didn't know that there was actually FFM screening the same hour as Piala Malaysia until I saw pictures on Instagram (way news travel faster these days).

And then I turned my Joan Rivers inside on, liking dresses from Abil and Diana Danielle (and OMG did Sharifah Amani ran away from her wedding on that dress, I don't know) and then Bam, Miss Fazura.

At first I wondered why she had so many dresses on, and then i learned that she was the host. And like it or not you don't deny her fashion sense.

Of all the four dresses she appeared on, I FELL in LOVE heads over heels and all with this one particular saree inspired dress.

JAW DROPPED instantly. everything about this dress just screams class and gracefulness.

and so, you know when I fell SO much in love with Alia B's wrapdress I searched high and low for a much more affordable one hence landed my eyes on the Love To Dress Aisha Wrap Dress, I'm pretty sure, in no time, you're gonna see a picture of me in a dress, Saree inspired that is.

I already pinned posts from pinterest.


Gotta find a way to make it more syariah compliance maybe something like this

Of course with a non see through lace or something.

Man gotta lose weight pronto.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I love going through my mother's wardrobe and find weird vintage items she kept in there for as long as I know. It is strange how I will always find NEW vintage items everytime I make a visit there. It's like it has a secret door or wonderwall.

This time around my mum offered me if I want to use this bag to dinner saying that she had this since forever. I took it and it will never goes back to my mother haha. It's a vintage Gianni Versace and man, I would kill to have this.

I'm pretty sure everyone loves their mothers closets. It's like the best thing in the world.

Speaking of vintage, we met a long lost friend from High school last night. It was a good night to catch up over nice dinner at The Red Bean Bag, Publika.

Man we all are grown ups. when did that happen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


My bestfriends have noticed this habit of mine. That when I'm too hungry, or too full, i will be totally silent.

I will drove off to my own land not caring the world. So when I'm suddenly quiet, they know I'm done ( with the food)

That's what friends are for, to notice your weird habits :P

Here's one weird day spent with one weird friend. It was never a quiet one.

Espresso Lab, Great Eastern Mall.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Annual Dinner 2014

A dinner party is not complete without a visit to the restroom. And pictures from the event (you don't always dress up, you deserved it). And. And. Stalking pictures of strange random guy you never seen.


Pictures taken by bibik. Please excuse her.

I'm wearing Aisha wrap dress from Love to Dress.