Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Emotional Retirement Plan

Will we still be friends when we're this old?


What do you mean, ''sure''? l could barely get us together for the weekend and we're all mobile.

Hey ''New Yorker'', l'm talking to you. How are we gonna make it to 70 if you've already zoned me out? 

l'm listening. Talk fast.

Friendships don't magically last lt's like savings. You don't expect to wake up when you're old and find a big bucket of money.

Did you finally open that lRA?

No. My point is, we need an emotional retirement plan. This is important, making time for each other and taking trips like this. As we can see, at the end of the line, it's gonna be us ladies riding a bus.

- Carrie and Miranda, Sex and The City season 5, episode 3.

I gotta stop watching Sex and the City pronto. The more I do, the more I feel like they are speaking about me.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I wonder what it's like 10 years later when I look at some of the pictures I took today and wonder 'What happened to this?'

Once I took a picture of 4 people, so close and connected. And today none of this 4 speaks to each other. None.

What happened to this.

Things changed. A lot. I can't even tell what happened to the photos I took 10 years ago.

I'm scared to think that 10 years to come LOTS more are going to change and I'm going to be the only person who keeps dwelling in the past.

And even worst if I have kids and they see my photos and they'll be like, who are these people mother? And I can't even find an answer.

Serce means heart. What happened to that?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The beach

I finally seek help for my rare skin disease. it's not a disease, it's like a condition, called psoriasis.

Psoriasis ni penyakit orang kaya kaya so bila terkono dekat orang miskin macam I ni mampu garuk je la. but last night, it was burning and itchy and I couldn't sleep so I decided today I should surrender.

The doctor said he can't do anything to help this (ouch) but he can suggest one thing to make it less / better.

'You know what you can do? Seminggu sekali pergilah mandi Port Dickson ke Morib ke...'

I mean, I've never been happier to hear a diagnosis / prognosis from a doctor. I have like millions of ideas on my mind right now. The right excuse to go to the beach all the time.

'But mom, the doctor said this is best for my skin!' me hanging up on my mom right before I jump into Maldives sea.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Move on

Korang dah move on. Kalau belum move on tak apa. Tengoklaa siapa juga yang masih belum move on.

Biasalah. nak jatuh cinta bukan senang. Dah putus cinta memang susahla nak move on.

Jangan marah ok.

Last week demam. KK pon demam. Lepas tu baru nak kebah Ann balik from Europe sambung demam. sampai hari ni. lama lagi nak sembuh ni kalau hari hari duk jemur tengah panas macamni.

Layan je la sementara masih ada cinta.

ps: Finally heard from my Girl all the way from Tanah Suci anddd my Girl from the NZ. Alhamdulillah for this blessing. Memang I jeles dengan mereka tapi I lebih bahagia bila diorang bahagia. I wanita terbahagia. bersama kammmuuuu.