Thursday, September 17, 2015

Couldn't care less.

If you have kids and you know anyone who doesn't have one but dying to, don't tell them 'how lucky they are' to be able to do things that you're not able to do because you have kids.

You have no idea how much trouble they have gone through trying to be in your place.

Don't complain about your kids to me either, I don't wanna know and I don't really care. You're in it by yourself.

Tell your husbands. You know problem with you people who tell everything on facebook on Instagram, is you don't want to tell your husbands because 'they just don't listen'.


Monday, September 14, 2015


Funny thing about Joe is, it comes when you least expected it (some people say). When your younger cousin - who is close to you - was (suddenly, out of nowhere) getting engaged, it's nothing unusual that you'd get a comparison.

And my friend thought being the only girl in the family I don't get compared to anybody, well in a perfect world I won't.

My cousins are buying houses, going further studies, getting married/engaged, getting promoted, expanding family, dealing with cancer and stuffs and I'm here like 'what do I eat for lunch today?'. So much fun.

I have no bad feeling about watching a lil cousin getting married before me, if I have to be honest. Because it's what she wants, she ought to get it. The thing is, PEOPLE think I have a problem with it, and I have a problem with what PEOPLE think. If only they would shut up. No. If only they would ask me, what I actually want.

But no. They can ask, but whatever I say, is in no way getting a pass without getting judged. SO yeah. I might as well keep quiet and just smile anytime they say 'Oh when is it going to be your turn? We are all not getting any younger, you know?'

Oh thanks for putting that to my senses, NO I DIDN'T KNOW. *fakesmile*

Remember that cousin we all used to know? What happened to her? Maybe you asked her too many questions that she didn't want to answer.

I am genuinely happy (I can tell everyone is, we all are already discussing colours and stuff) but in no way that I'm not getting impression like 'don't you want any of this?'

Sick. Sick. People.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rajuk Hati

Selepas merajuk selama 9 bulan, I akhirnya succumb to the need to go to the stadium and breath the football air. Tak boleh merajuk lama-lama, nanti jadi dendam.

Merajuk sebab apa. Sebab masa AFF Suzuki final match hari tu I tak boleh pergi, I dekat Shanghai. SEDIH GILAAA marah diri sendiri sebab how can you be so stupid tak check AFF schedule before beli tiket, lepas tu kalah like wth. So merajuklah (tak tentu pasal).

Lepas tu lama dah I tak tengok bola tapi semalam rasa macam 'kau dah kenapa Azhani?' So i texted my cousin to ask him if he got any ticket to the match. He didn't have any but he bought us (my brother and I) the tickets anyways, so nice of him. Thanks Anwar!

I still have no idea which one I love the most, watching the game, or watching the crowd. But last night, Ultras Malaya validated it for me. They definitely STEAL the limelight.

It started with them marching in the stadium chanting FAM Bangsat, and then they went silent for about 20minutes (Ultras never go quiet, when they do, you gotta be alarmed). and then, there was the first smoke, and the rest, is history.

The game was abandoned, the players were attacked (by flares) and there were flares everywhere it was a moment to witness! Weird enough, we enjoyed it, before we run off like we were attacked by zombies


Oh well, the ultras merajuk for too long, sekarang dah jadi dendam. Well done. Whatever it is, I believe, this is a plot twist.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Langkawi 8 years later

I used to love Langkawi. I used to say one day when I got married this is where I want to go for our honeymoon.

Some things are still the same, like the coldness of Dayang Bunting water and the clear coast of Pulau Beras Basah. But I remember that posh feeling, sipping coffee at The Loaf near the bay where the lay their yachts, it does not feel the same anymore.

And what's up with the huge (I mean really huge) store for shopping? And Cenang Beach feels like Bangla Road already?

Last time I went there were bunch of friends (and strangers) and it was one of the best memory, so i thought it's pretty hard to top it.

But I was wrong, with my family, everything seems perfect.

Except that, I vow to myself, next time I'm going to Langkawi, no driving, no taking ferry haha. Until they upgrade their jetty and ferry system that is.

And look at thattt whoever found the girl on the left please return to her parents T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T