Thursday, February 20, 2014

Too many things on my mind

I have to settle a few things that are still pending, including studying and sitting for an exam, figuring out whether or not we can actually go to Jogjakarta and if we can, is there anything we can do there, and one important task boss has assigned me that is due 48 hours before my flight to Jogjakarta. And a baby is due to born tomorrow. Gotta visit. Man.

So many things on my mind. So. Many. Things.

Can't bloody wait to eat, sleep and drink coffee in Jakarta.

On the other note, a pretty girl is 28 today.

Ariana Rose / Bidasari / Zara Amirah / Bella Swan, ikhlas dan jujur aku ingin kau menikah sama Gewe!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I went there with no expectation, but a few things in mind including taking my Ayah for the first time to Istana Budaya. I think he loves it, Mama has been there a few times before.

That Fathia girl is talented, but I think, her beauty overshadow her talent.

Aiman Hakim Ridza is OMG.

The best scene was the scene when Permaisuri took a bath in a majestic pool, the whole setting was very very pretty.

The best thing about the night was, Aiman Hakim Ridza approached me (HE DID I SWEAR) andddd I decided to grab his hand and tadaaa

My friends were like 'Tangan siapa lagi kau raba tu zac!!' haha can't help it, maybe berkat birthday girl kata, ambik gambar macam Nomad zac!!

ps: Divorce, shall never be celebrated.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu, tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu.

13 February 2014; Kota Kemuning - LCCT - KKIA - Tamparuli - Rumah Terbalik - Nabalu - Kundasang - Check In BTN Guest House - Kundasang Dairy Farm - Ariana Rose Finale

14 February 2014 - Pasar Tamu - Kinabalu Park (Timpohon) - Renanthera Restaurant at Mesilou - Kg Luanti Fish Spa - Poring Hot Spring - Canopy Walkway - BBQ - Birthday Che Awi - Charades!

15 February 2014 - Leaving Kundasang - Breakfast at Ranau - Check In Guest House UiTM Sabah - Signal Hill Observatory Tower - Filipino Market - Jamilah Jewellery - Late lunch - Kelapa bakar - KARAOKE TIME :D

16 February 2014 - Breakfast at Seri Rahmat - Speedboat! - Snorkeling at Pulau Sapi - Boat again! - Manukan - Boat again! - Gaya Island - Jamilah (again!) - Roti Canai + Teh Madras sedap - SEAFFFOOOODDDDD!!!

17 February - Check out UiTM Guest House - KKIA - Delayed flight - LCCT

Thank you AWESOME people. Much love :*

Monday, February 10, 2014

Here Comes the Bride

The statement 'it was the most beautiful wedding i have ever been to' is getting a bit old, I gotta save it for when it really is the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, like this one

The Wedding of Aishah and Azizi, 8th february 2014, Dewan Orkid Wisma PKPS Selangor

We just cannot stop admiring the whole single detail (I really mean everything like, OMG LOOK at the table centrepiece (we never did this)) and capturing every moment and sent them to our friend who issss getting married soon. When I checked my Whatsapp images, there was even a picture of the Menu and kelapa jelly. What's up with that!

And then, of course, the crazy people that lift up the wedding mood

(The photobooth are crazy and nice, and look who's 28 and still make tanduk for her friends!!!)

The so very pretty bridesmaid. Sorry people, OFF THE MARKET tho ;p

And the band!!! I'm so glad I recommended The Siblings Band to the bride (I love taking credit, don't I? ;p) It feels like I was indulged in my own private gig. I'm so sorry for the extra voice people.

The night before was the akad nikah, I had the honour to receive the invitation for the solemnization night too, thanks Chah. So glad to witness with my own eyes my friend finally got hitched.

I was ready with a speech, in case the bride had cold feet, but of course she did not. Contained and ready and was smiling all night, for 2 nights. It was actually not surprising to see my friend this pretty, she has ALWAYS been the flawless one.

And look who's clingy and don't wanna let the groom near...

Best of lucksssss Chah. I know you're gonna be a great wifey!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bucket Bag

So I heard the bucket bag is the bag of the Spring season?

Of all the trends in the world, why oh why do i feel like I don't wanna miss on this one.

You know me I'm the kind yang dok dang kejo trend sokmo, but this one macam memanggil manggil I dalam tidur.

Mansur Gavriel
Saint Laurent by Heidi Slimane
Karl Lagerfeld

Like.. Hani.. Hani.. come and get me.. I'm cold, and lonely... safe me.....

Ok. Birthday is approaching summer, by that time Spring is almost over. Off Season sale, i should be able to afford one of these off the racks (maybe not one of these, maybe H&M HAHA) anywaysss

bucket bag to the bucket list!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Grown ups deal with babies

Spent the weekend trying to reason with ourselves of why guys don't wanna be with us. Because we effing painted a room by ourselves but guys still hook up with girls who can't even carry their handbags.

NOT just that. We EFFING rode a horse anddddddddddd the best thing, my girl fought labour pain and gave birth, to a very very very super cute baby girl.

How was your weekend?