Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tahun Baru; Tahun Berlalu.

Lets see what it has been like last year.

Taken from old blog;

2008 Resolution

Graduate On Time

I did!

Attend My Convocation

Stay@Home Graduate (SAHG)

I did - for two months!

Job Hunting

Yup - and secure one!

Potential Masters Projects

err pass!

Bonding with Jan04

Ultimate Vacation

no, yet!

Better Me =)

And so I hope!

2009, be good to me, please?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I bought a book.

compilation of all great weddings that said to be the weddings for 2009.

complete with the checklist of every single thing and where to get the best wedding cakes, wedding favors, photographers and what not.

Tapi that book tak boleh baca in public or tinggal at living room. Nanti terpaksalah tahan telinga menjawab soalan 'Amboi, dah ada apa-apa ke?'

Next time I nak beli buku Pa&Ma. Mesti semua orang tak berani nak tanya soalan celupar 'Dah ada isi ke?' pasal bapaknya belom wujud lagi.

Oh about Jakarta.

Whoever planned to get anything from Jakarta (lace or anything) please let me know. I think I'm not saving any money yet so it is most likely that I can't shop that much.

So it must feels good jugak to shop for others, right?

I planned to shop for momma. But yesterday she said she's also going on 4th of March.

I'll be leaving on 5th, come back on 10th. March (speaking of which, flight tix pon belom bayar lagi)

Masa I pergi Langkawi Ayah was also there, now I nak pergi Jakarta momma is also going (on a different trip, but still). Procastinate less, Hani! (in case terserempak, mampos!)

Buku Weddings2009 and Lace from Jakarta. Please, i'm not planning for any secret wedding lah. Jangan buat I sedih boleh?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Being Lonely can be so costly.

Called Reen for two freaking hours.
Shopping with no one to say 'Tak payahla'.
Dined at Delifrance (for the sake of Wi-fi; terima kasih hazirah temankan thru YM)
Video call friends who are having fun at Aquaria.

edited: tak suke lah mencarut-mencarut kt sini. macam tak reti bersyukur.

But anyway I was thinking (I always think about this)

Why are we so fucking scattered all over the places. Ain in KL, Hazirah in Seremban, Nett in Kemaman, Aisha in Puchong - and yet when it comes to weekend/ free time - we called each other and complained of how boring we are.

Why can't I live my dream life (I had - perhaps have - a dream; when I graduated, I want to rent a house together with Nett Ain Mar and Seema - because we are not KLians)

Sometimes I wonder, why aren't they here, or maybe, why am I not there?

but I guess Estrella said it right, How can I miss you, If you don't go away from me?

So yeah, this one - shall pass!

I leave you guys with this survey tagged by Husna - since Raje and Seema did it, I am somewhat obliged to also do it!

answer this bunch of question based on the opposite gender. no family members is allowed. whatever :P

What is the relationship of you and him?
bestest friend of all males!

Your 5 impressions towards him
1. rockstar
2. family-oriented
3. cool lover =p
4. supportive frienddddddddd
5. high-mantainance?

The most memorable things he had done for you
we quarrelled, once, in form three. then he came to me and tell me that it doesnt feel the same without me annoying him. so yes, we became even closer then!

The most memorable things he have said to you
I put this in my blog. go find it :p

If he becomes your enemy, you will...
i will conteng his meja lagi. like dulu-dulu haha.

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is...
berebut pencil case?

The most desirable thing to do on him is...
to annoy him. haha. YOU have to see THAT face!

The overall impression of him?
he doesnt feels so perfect when he's around, but when he's not, i don't feel complete =(

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
entah. so far i think people think Im a loser LOL

The character of you for yourself is...
I am a doer! mcm meredith grey :P

The character you hate of yourself is...

The most ideal person that you want to be is...
good enough. :D

For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
if you secretly like me, tolonglah keluar tunjukkan siapa kau sebenar. haha.

10 people to tag

(in random order)

1. pink
2. dello
3. pakchad! <-- this cool man reads my blog!
4. laila
5. izzah malik
6. hamizah (daughter of the cool man)
7. kak lisa
8. aishah
9. mena
10. zainur azween

Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
tatau tatau tatau :p

Is no. 3 a male or a female?
male kan? haha

What is no. 1 studying about?
tah die. blaja lain keje lain!

Is no. 4 single?
I think so. adik, care to answer?

Who is no. 5?
she's the sister of A Afiq A Malik!

Say something about no. 6?
told you she's the daughter of the cool man!

I hope you guys read till this line, because I'm about to say that IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY PLANS FOR NEW YEAR PLEASE INCLUDE ME!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Me and the thing you never know #1

Macam agak flattered because Chuna think I can masuk hutan and tak jerit-jerit.

You see, I doubted myself to ever survive backpacking, Husna asked me if I wanna go camping.


Did I forget to tell her I survive only one of my Camping trips. Ke 2. ke any of that 2 was not even consider close to camping. ke both?

I remembered the camping I enjoyed the most was Jamboree 2002. Tuh pon WE DIDN't DO any of the camping activities.

Tak pergi berkawad, tak pergi abseiling, tak pergi semualah. Pergi orientiering je. tuh pon sesat. dapat nombor last lagi. Haha.

Orang lain bangun pagi-pagi, masak semua. Kitorang bangun dah kesiangan, setakat goreng cekodok sardin cmtuh jer. Harhar. Psst 4 hari tak mandi. Har har.

At that time it doesn't feel any pressure at all. Orang lain pergi camping mendisiplinkan diri, kitorang pergi bersuka ria. Malam-malam berdikir barat. Harhar.

That one I survived. Other camping trips that I didn't:-

Darjah 4 with PBSM. after day 1, I skipped berkawad, lompat pagar pergi call my mother asked her to pick me up from school. She did not, so I walked all the way sampai rumah. Demam seminggu. Baru kena tinggal sehari tuh. Ha-ha.

Darjah 6, Kem Kecemerlangan. Orang tidur dalam khemah, I tak tidur. Second Nite I tidur dalam surau. Second week I chose the option untuk balik rumah. Ha-ha.

Darjah 6, Campori Pengakap. I curik-curik balik rumah untuk mandi and uk-uk. Mama curik-curik hanta makanan. Ha-ha.

Form 1, Perkhemahan Pengakap at Sungai Raja. Balik second day, pasal nangis kena pacat. LOL!

Form 4, Jamboree Pengakap and Pandu Puteri MRSM Se-Malaysia. I survived this one with lots of fun (and nada camping activities haha!)

So yes patutlah when I entered UTP kawan-kawan ajak I pergi Hiking la, join Kelab Kembara la, daki gunungla. Rupe-rupenya they are never aware of my camping history. Haha.

My Kemahiran Hidup teacher came PBSM Advisor setiap kali jumpa even sampai sekarang mesti tanya 'Awak still manja lagi ke sekarang?' LOL.

SO bukan tak nak pergi camping, tapi takut nanti putus sahabat pulak dengan Chuna and Raja =p

Monday, December 22, 2008

(Lepas satu; satu) Orang Kahwin.

pergi wedding Abg Yoe and wifey.
Petang keluar with friends from the past yang super best!

Lepak-lepak borak-borak and then finally I get to go Karaoke REAL SONGS. You see we have a karaoke set in our house but I don't consider singing Broery's and P Ramlee's a real Karaoke moment.

*Keseronokan Kegirangan*

Picked Rumet and off we went to Kerteh. Had breakfast at McD while updating each other with *cough* gossips *cough* before I went to my 45minutes training haha.

Then while waited for Bali for lunch, we continue our gossipping moment at Starbucks.

My not so hopeless weekend ended well after a few hours playing with little Amalin!

Then came back to the empty house in Kuantan, screamed over Andy on TV haha and slept alone. ;(

ps: oh did I mention my RM1.2k N80 tak laku sesen pon dah sekarang? Menyirap tak?

Friday, December 19, 2008


Korang rase, can I survive backpacking?

No comfort duvette; no proper bed; no proper toilet; no proper food; no hairdryer; no proper shower; no stable telephone reception; no electricity; no internet connection?

Can I? Kak Jaja doubted it. Even I Myself doubted it. But I'm gonna challenge myself.

Macam tak sabar la pulak nak backpacking with Love Love next summer! Yahuu!

On a side note, every Thursday I mesti keluar malam. Pasal dekat TV ada cerita horror. 2-2 I cannot stand. 2-2 Boleh mengigau.

Puaka Niang Rapik and Gadis Melayu. Memang senfak (courtsey of Pink)

So semalam I pergi sini;

Wadehel they project the Puaka Niang Rapik to the Wide LCD Screen complete with the Sound System! Argh!

Terpaksalah I bukak cerita backpacking with Love Love. Divert attention. Hoho.

ps: FYI name je kemaman kopitiam, but it's in kuantan, ok? so I xdelah pegi kemaman untuk jumpa anyone in particular haha.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

When guys got PMS;

The guys are having PMS.

One of them is sick; one is busy attending server problem 50kms away; one's son is warded due to lung infection; one is busy with pc deployment.

Hundreds of PCs arrived and need to be deployed to the users.

Yesterday the image corrupted. The PCs needed to be rolled back. The users pissed off.

The one with warded son came to the office in order to rescue the corrupted image.

The guys slept in the office. Went back after Subuh, came back to office before I even arrived.

They all have a note of 'Don't talk to me' pasted on their forehead.

So today I can't go breakfast; I can't leave the room; I have to repair a manager's Blackberry phone; I have to lift a heavy Acer Aspire.

I have to deal with the pissed off users. I have to answer the phone and tell them the guys are not in.

I had lunch alone.

I can't even joke. They turned the Serious Mode on.

So today, I'm the guy. They all are having the times of the month.

And to tell you what, when guys are having PMS, it is even worse than craving for a chocolate bar. Hurmph!

ps: I am not complaining. I love to be the guy once in a while!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sometimes I wonder;

Was I too eager and excited to enjoy the present and figure out the future

That I almost forget what used to keep my feet on the ground

And what used to make me who I am today.

Sorry it kinda too late when I realized that I had totally misregard my past. But no words can explain how thankful I am that you (dear ones), in anyway, stay.

Lots of Love!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The thing with Family always comes first to me.

Earlier this year, it started with the great news of a new member is coming into the family.

Then, it followed with a letter of invitation to plus minus 30 people (the Mothers, Fathers, and Kazen-kazen Tua kahkah)

Then, came the Big Day, we all gathered at Kak Yah and Abe Li's before about 15 cars on the rombongan Cik Kiah went to Meru, Klang for the Akad Nikah and Pertunangan(so much for 'simple event attended by induk-induk only'; all of us plus kanak-kanak riang were also there :P)

Then, she is finally one of Us (congrates Abg Zaeem and Kak Aza!) but 'tak puas duduk semeja berkumpul ramai-ramai' kata Che Bi, so Kak Gee and Abg Adzimi decided to host an ad-hoc BBQ (scrumptious lamb, chicken, bihun, nasik goreng, etc etc but good food only!)

Then a suprised birthday celebration for Ayah Ngoh! Happy birthday!

Then, we all entertained ourselves with a great Karaoke session sampai pukul 5 pagi!

Then, we were invited to Breakfst at Che Awi's and family. Hella surely DELICIOUS DELIOCIOUS homemade WCJ's best cheif cooks' delights (nasi berlauk, gulai ikan, gulai ayam, cek mek molek!) kegemokan detector alerted!

Then, I managed to squeezed myself to meet the OrangMekar for 2 hours oh Love!

Then, good food continued with Lunch (at 5pm??!!!!) at Abg Herry and Kak Lin's. The best Kari Amar and Bubur Kacang by Che Ngoh urgh!

And next, I have to bid goodbye to all as soon as we wished Ayah Chik the best for his indiogram at IJN (indiogram ke?).

By the time I was standing waiting for my bus at Pekeliling, they all were having fun eating Pizza at Abg Sham's and Kak Lily's pulak.

Oh No! It's one of the times I wished I was in KL!

p/s: Sorry terlupe psl Kamu; not until Raje mentioned 'Dia minat orang lain ke; or kau dah berubah hati?' OH NO! Lupe pasal Kamu the whole weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Setelah sekian lamanya;

Malam ini pergi KL; Setelah satu bulan tidak bersuka ria.

Sampai KL BFF pick up; bawak kawan mata sepet yang kelakar.

Hari Ahad jumpa OrangMekar; yang lebih kurang 2 bulan tak bertemu.

Besok ada sepupu kahwin; setelah tolak tambah 2 tahun tiada majlis.

Tahun depan dan tahun seterusnya musim mengawan kembali; Mungkin 4-5 majlis setahun.

Dan setelah sekian lamanya;

Hujung minggu MUNGKIN jumpa kamu!

image from
(yang lama; hilang. yang jauh; di mata. yang dekat; di hati!)

singing; la di da di dum di dum dum dum!

p/s: Cinta itu celik; cuma mungkin ia; bersembunyi =)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today I cried in the office =(


I am not a robot; don't come to me and tell me to do things at an instant.


Sebab pagi tadi bangun pukul 5 pagi and drive laju-laju to an empty office; no officemates for consultation and advise but fussy users with all urgent and important things.


Sebab semalam at this time I baru je start tido after a whole lots rounds of card games and karaoke with cousins; now I'm back to office.

kunci pintu, bersila bawah meja; menangis seorang!
(konon masalah macamlah rumah runtuh dihempap tanah)

Rindu is overrated. But 10 days now; an SMS a day won't do me any good.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I was terrified I cried;

The first task was they have to differentiate all the rempah-ratus;
I freaked out. What the hell is BUAH PELAGA? Shit.

Then they have to prepare a dish; Blackpepper Chicken.
I almost wet my pants. Shit. Ayam mentah-mentah belum potong!

Then they have to make Fish Curry; Diorang basuh ikan, tak buang perut!
I almost cried; I pon tatau how to basuh ikan and buang perut ikan!

Then Fahrin read this pantun;
Adik menangis teresak-esak,
Dipujuk oleh kakak yang tua;
Gadis Melayu yang pandai memasak,
Jadi pilihan ibu mentua.

At this point, I cried! And housemate gelak terguling-guling.

Adoi. I promised myself not to watch Gadis Melayu again. Entah-entah next week diorang kene menjahit, aku yang pengsan kat sini!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sama, ke?

Adek cakap;

and then I asked her which one, and she gave me this:

Flattered lah pulak kan! (bukan ape; I everyday tengok cerita tuh; I secretly wished I had her personality and beauty ah ah ah)

Oh BTW, things get a tad bit emotional eh, lately. People are graduating, saying goodbyes and see yous, but knowing deep down inside things are just gonna change.

Tho my time has passed 6 months ago; I still cry inside. Sedih!

I wish we never have to say goodbye; but an end means a beginning to something new.

Tapi, waktu-waktu dulu memang seronok habis, kan?

Lots of Love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello my name is Ronald McDonald

Fact no 1;

I hate safety shoes. Keras, besar, berat, dan takde style. I don't know who invented the shoes. He or she might need some advise from Jimmy Choo kot haha.

Tak safe langsung kalau jalan berjengket-jengket macam pakai batu bata oke.

Fact no 2;

Pernah tak rasa macam God has answered your prayer instantly. Last nite I almost cried because baru 1hb tapi duit gaji dah habis. Suddenly Ayah called cakap he bank in the rebate money for Aaron.

Rasa tak macam nak jumped in the sky walaupun rebate money tu sama dengan sebulan scholar MARA je?

Fact no 3;

If you get your period once every two months, you double everything from the number of changing pads to the amount of the flow and the period pain. Now plus with heavy rain and cramped abdomen, ada tak rasa macam nak MC je?

Tak pon macam nak makan chocolate bar besar besar.

Sekarang plus all the facts;
Kaki sakit, duit banyak, perut sakit. Rasa tak macam nak ambik MC pegi shopping?

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's like opened the door to the Past.

Parents are complicated.
The more we think we knew them;
there is even more to explore.

Sometimes you wished you didn't know things you just knew;
because things you don't know can never hurt you.

Tapi, I still.

ps: I want One =)