Monday, June 29, 2009

The perfect combination.

The reason why I was willing to travel 4 hours right after office hour to KL is because I know that the best thing about watching Transformers: RotF is whom you watched it with.

Because the movie, a lil bit under expectation and more imporatantly, not as good as the 1st one.

(of course they said 1st time always the best)

But heck, the pre-movie and post-movie lepak-ing session with Cousins, always the main highlight :D

(and Optimus Prime; argh. Handsome sial!)

And Thank You Kak Lisa and Kak Lily for the greatttt hospitality (I wish we could hang out more tapi we all have our own things to do that day).

The next thing, Mekarian day out at Putrajaya. I can say everyone enjoy every part of it.

The Transformers movie they watched (Sorry I couldn't join!), The photoshoot at Putrajaya, the makan-makan at Cyber (I missssssss SHEELLLLLLLLL =( ), THE KAROK! omg the bestttt and the mamak session later afterward, just the perfect moments.

And thank you Sema for letting me, Ain, Ina, and Hazirah spent a nite at your place. It means a lot to once in a while reminicsing how good it is to share the same bed and pillow and bathroom with your girls :D

And Thanks Hazirah, for taking us to IKEA. My God I was craving for the salmon but they don't have it anymore =( and the new salmon, SUCKS!.

Thanks to Kerel, Abrak and Don too for sending me to Jalan Pekeliling. Sedih kene balik!!!

And a few minutes to meet Hamizah, is like the additional happy moment!! Miss you yang and tudung sangat cantik!

Too many people to thank because each and everyone of you, made the last weekend My bestestrestest weekend of all!

Just the perfect blend of every imporant person in my life =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I was 5 metres away from Ahmad Dhani, Armand Maulana, and Andra *scream*

Here's the gorgeous Andra (how dare you turn me on!)

And talented (and super comel) Ahmad Dhani

The relax Once (chuna, this one, is Once! haha)

And of course, of course, the witty and funny and Hotness Armand Maulana.

And anddd the cuteeee LuckyLaki (little Ahad Dhanis)

The hyperactive Duta of Sheila on 7

The very cool Dewa Budjana of Gigi and Eross of Sheila on 7

The rockin' Padi (I like like like they sang Kasih Tak Sampai *SCREAM*)

and the chilling Andra and the Backbone (oh Andra!)

and this is the rocking partner

Oh even if Sipi and Azam decided to pull back halfway, I'm glad the three of us stayed, because finally, we made it at the MOST FRONT during Dewa's!

And to the one who made me purchase the tix from her no matter what

THANK YOU! i will never regret a single cent of it! (it took a lot to watch a concert in KL when u'r living in Kuantan you know! haha)

and thanks to mamat-mamat indon yang sporting (Wan made some friends!) and UTMOST THANKS for not trying to RABA me even once (Wan and Azam were such great bodyguards! )

And yes, Congrats Dede and Dian! It was a lovely reception and you guys are cute like always. And thanks to those who made it to the event because it's like a highlight of the year for me to get to meet you guys!!!

Busy weekend with Super cousins and Mekars ahead. Lo and Behold!

*photos from Husna's and Kerel's Facebooks*

p/s: 'Neraka? Gi ma asih? Disini aja udah panas skali!' - Armand Maulana (that drugs sure helped haha!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cik Memey plays Futsal.

Ye memanglah macam ayam berak kapor bila sekumpulan wanita-wanita lebihan lemak cuba untuk main futsal. Pulak tu, ingat ke main main-main, rupenye betol-betol punye tournament (ini bokan cobaan!)

So the teams were

Cogen (Ehem. Ada Gaya tak?)

NGU (cap ayam haha)

Demin (cam ayam bokeh haha)

And guess who won the first placeeeee (EHEMMMM)


ofkoslah Cogen! Wah Wah Wah! Tak sangka I ada natural talent in Futsal! biaselah semangat Fazura har har har.

And right afterwards we have some BBQ and prize giving session at Muara Beach resort. Sangat best tempat ni, atas padang tepi pantai (walaupun banyak kucing kurap!)

Matilah baru exercise sket dah BBQ bagai!

Yer lihatlah itu. No 1, 2, dan 3. Har Har Har!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A girl can dream # 1

But a dream can not come true. Hiks.

Must have item number 1 : Any car in Gold shade.

Honda City is a bonus.

Total chick and awesome. I want (a rich husband) !

Harap Maklum. Sekian terima kasih.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please GOD help me!

Hello All.

Wah. Siap berhelo-helo.

I am currently online from Delifrance Cafe Megamall Kuantan. It is 9:50pm, the shops are all closing and I just placed my order.

We have a movie to catch in just 25 minutes time. Will I be able to finish my hot Chicken Lasagna by then? (plus surfing lagi haa)

Oh. We are going to watch Blood (I have no idea what this movie is about) even if the housemate begged and plead to watch Terminator Salvation, I said no. Because I wanted to watch it with dearie Rumet (met, hope you read this! haha)

(ok yeay lasagna dah sampai. Makan jap!)

This Saturday I was supposed to meet the MRSM peeps at KT macam biasa, but thanks to the boss, I was told ORDERED to stay between the radius of 40km during the weekend. Great!

Oh just now when I was queuing at the ATM to draw some money, some stranger came to say Hi. Being the good daughter who listened well to the parents, I ignored him. But of course he pretended to be my ex-schoolmate and all. Tapi I taklayan.

But before he made his move, he told me nicely, 'Dek, muke awak cantik, TAPI DIETLAH SIKIT'.

i repeat...


ulanggg suara...





even for some unknown stranger, I am unacceptably fat!

Oh gotta run! The movieeeee!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I was away for Kak Ann's wedding!

I can't tell how much funnn it was but I'd rather ask you guys to visit our family's blog for more details.

On the other note,

5 of us are now back in action after si kakak gedik ini finally back for good from Germany!

Seronottttt it feels like good old times when everything we did, we did it together. Yippie!

Oh and anyway, MARA sent me a good news. I will have to pay only ONE PERSENT (1%) of my RM57k debt!

that is like, RM577.74. WAW! that's not even my one month scholar!

Ahah. Alhamdulillah!