Thursday, July 2, 2015

Genuinely Happy

Ramadhan are going so fast. Remember those days when Ramadhan was dreading. Haha. Those were the ignorant days.

Now. you just can't wait for Ramadhan each year and you didn't want it to end and you just miss it every time it passed. How we have grown. Alhamdulillah.

The other day we had a simple iftar at our usual place and I wanted to perform Teraweh. So I dragged my friends with me. The moment they said OK (of course they are OK they are great people) I was so happy I felt like dancing (how contrary haha). I actually danced tho.

And then another great thing happened. While waiting for Isya' prayer, another friend so randomly walked in OMG it felt like a little party in there.

I was so happy. So genuinely happy. It's a luxury not many got to say, so be thankful.

Tu baru jumpa kat masjid. Macamana lah kalau jumpa kat syurga. I SO DESPERATELY wanna go to syurgaaa (with my friends) weyyyy.

We kept on talking about that little coincidence of how we stumbled upon each other there and she keeps on saying People who go to Masjid together stay together. Amin.

So many things to improve yet the progress is too slow, but hopefully we are all on track. Hopefully.

Slow down, Ramadhan. Let us pick up.