Friday, February 27, 2015

Moving Out 2.0

The highlights of my days as of late consist of constant travels between Sen Heng, Courts, SSF, IKEA, Homepro, Index Living Mall, and kedai perabot ah cheng plaza puchong whatnots. So many things to buy, so many factors to consider and so little money (what else is new).

It's not easy moving in from a tiny room to a whole house that you rent. Because it's a rented place you don't wanna spend too much on it, but you still wanna build a home that you want to go back to after a day at work. (and sometimes welcome your friends for sleepovers OMG CANT WAIT TO PARTY AT MY HOUSE)

And I know it's old news and cliche but oh my, aren't house appliances pretty to look at but when you look at the price tag it's so ugly? I mean whats up with iron board costs us almost a hundred ringgit? seriously. piece of board, with steels. i might as well do my ironing on piece of cloth.

The house now is in Blue color (I have no idea what was up with previous tenant) and we are planning to repaint it next week. thats another whole story. the point is, tomorrow is the big day. I'm gonna try to squeeze my queen size mattress into my neo. It's going to happen. you're going to be amazed.

If you desperately wanna buy me housewarming gift, I welcome an iron board and all sorts kitchen appliances even cutleries. I still haven't got that figured out. I said IF (you can read it as please too).

A little preview.

Already smells so ikea.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moving out

When people go 'You should buy your own place' on me, I'd tell them 'Chill, Carrie Bradshaw rents until she's 40.

Of course then she met a multimillionaire most eligible bachelor, but still.

I never thought moving in my own place (new rented house that is) is tiring and exhausting and draining my 29 years old energy so fast. I'm old.

I'd do anything once my father agreed on it, so when he said that I should rent a place on my own (so that my brother can stay with me) I was all excited. Imagining 2 doors refrigerators and front load washing machine and 2 seater sofa with a Poang armchair in my living room. Air Conditioned living room, actually. How ambitious.

Alrighty, off to go buy a TV. laters baby.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lets Stay Together

It was such a beautiful day, the day Hazirah got married.
Every time I hold my phone I feel the need to look at em pictures (all of em) over again.
So pretty.

My friends are so pretty it's intimidating, but I'm so lucky.

I feel good whenever I'm around them, I think they have no idea how much I love them.
(I don't always say I love them, so I guess they had no idea, but I do)
It breaks my heart whenever I wanna see them but they don't feel the same.
I just couldn't contain.

The only song that I can think of while looking at this pictures are Let's Stay Together - Al Green.
Because that's what I want.

I have so much love for my girls it's almost illegal.

Till death do us all apart.
And till death do you both apart too, Hazirah and Helmi.

*All these photos are from Aisha's and Jakas' camera.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The struggle is real

First world problems are still problems.

BSB to have a concert in Malaysia and Singapore on the same date as the Family Day.

Why not. I mean there's 52 weekends in one year and I have waited for 20 years for this to happen and I have to choose BSB over my family? not in a million years.

And then, I was trying to look at life the bigger way, like Raja said focus on bigger thing (while I play Larger Than Life in my head and cry again) there it is, a tweet.

Malaysia, again, is famous for all the wrong reason.

In the meantime, I just haha. haha. haha. Well we did have a plan to watch this in Singapore, we already seen this coming.