Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hancurlah Hati Puteri

CST PRODUCTION- Majlis Pertunangan Ashraf Muslim & Dayana

Jujurlah, Cinta.
Benarkan pada kata-katamu; bahawa hati dimiliki
dia yang jujur, dia yang menjaga solat, dia yang bepekerti.

Jangankan Cinta, hatimu terpaut pada harta dunia.

Jujurlah cinta. benarkan katamu.

*frahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! tunang mcm kawennnn dhhhh... tapi kalau I pon dapat si Asraff ni.. jangan kata Merak Kayangan... KAYANGANNNN SANA!!*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please update your blog.

I hate it when I traveled to people's blogs, and there are no updates.

Please move your lazy ass and update your blogs, people.

THEN..there was this mirror, VERY VERY HUGE MIRROR..

and I see myself in it, with my update 2 weeks ago, and it screamed to me.


ahh mirror. SHUT UP.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kelas Bersyukur; lesson 101.

I wanted to write (in details) about Bruno. But I wouldnt, never be able, find the right words to put in sentence to justify the nite.

So...something else. My rumet was in town for a few days, so us girls decided to kidnapp her for a few hours and hang out.

Us girls, plus little Maryam.

Subhanallah. 8 years ago, when we would celebrate birthdays with flour, eggs, soap water and murtabak cake, when we would enjoy the blackouts by the lake eating roti bom, when we all would gather in the TV room watching Ju-On and hugged each other, when we all did all those crazy things,

we never see this coming. it is so real. us, eating, under the beam light and the naked sky, with Maryam alternating in our hands.

I feel so old yet so blessed.

When we were about to leave, Magh asked me if she should bring the baby carrier. I said don't, because Maryam will have 5 pairs of hands to hold her thru the nite. I was right.

So the 5 of us, missing another 5, end up never wanted to go home. But of course, those days when we can simply forget the assigments piling up on our desks, those boring lectures and the boring classes, those tests, quizzes and FYPs; they are all gone. The clock striked 12 so Cinderellas are back home to reality, commitments, and adults lives.

If I shall die tomorrow, I am thankful that I lived long enough to have a taste of these.

I am happy; not too much, not too less, just the right amount.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bruno in KL : I was there. Were you?

I wanna ask the air particle if they remember,how on the lucky day lucky date, they traveled between my lungs and Bruno Mars'.

I wonder how does it feel like, to be born so cute with so much talents and so cool.

Please Bruno, come again and next time, make it longer. MAKE IT FOREVER!
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It's Real

2 free passes worth RM 125 each (no I didn't get the rockzone but what the hell, it's free, and it's Mars!).

I can't believe it's real, and it's happening, tonight.

Baby Mars am coming to see ya!

*flipping through wardrobe finding the best to wear!*
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Pwingsehs

AGM pertama Pwingsehs today di KLCC

Setelah sekian lamanya bertemu hanya di BB Group

Terima kasih menceriakan hari-hari pwingseh yang tegang.

Biasa ah, Happy Pills.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bintang popular kerr

Cuba u teka, sapa dapat bintang paling popular?



'Lisa surihani?'








'Fasha sandha?'


'Faizal tahir?'


'Cakap je la sape!!!'

Ayyy apada bintang popular orang nak teke pon tak tau daaaa!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Daddy's Daughter

Thank you Ayah for all the living skills you taught me!

Lots of screws, and unscrews, in just one hour; daddy so proud of me !
Built from scratch, built to last.

To those guys who said I'm High Maintainance - GET LOST.

this princess no need of a walk-in wardrobe yo, and she can survive :D

*ouch my hands, my nails.. need manicure now.. and massage.. ouch*