Thursday, March 31, 2011

Untuk Kawan Kita

Can you, helpful, kind and beautiful people do me a deed.

Vote for my friend :)

ini bukan contest tolong vote anak saya paling comel, iya donk, bukan.

Senang ajerrr like ajerrr :D

Monday, March 28, 2011


i've been writing in a new blog. yes i am like dat. i always think like i have not enough blogs yet. pfft.

You know where to find the blog. i dont have to tell you. haha.

its a complete different blog from this one, if you may say so. but nevertheless, its still so me.

just to stop my whining of 'i dont have enough space to write'. as if.

if you still wonder, as if you are interested, AS IF THERE'S A YOU haha, its this-post-title dot blogspot.


anyway, the latest complaint received from mama

'why is it that everytime i call, YOU'RE EATING?'

yeah mum. JUSTIFIED.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kuantan do you miss me?

Daging Salai Pak Akub, checked.

Ikan Bakar Jembal, checked.

Nasi kukus Balok, tomorrow (pray hard!)

Hello Kuantan I'm back, do you miss me?
(cos I miss miss miss you so much I wanna cry T_T)

Balok Seaview Resort with family and

Auw. Baby Sara :D

Friday, March 25, 2011


OMG stress nya

Gaji lambat masuk. *carut. Memang carutla ok. Celcom kena bayar hari ni. Celcom ni paham2 je la tak bayar je terus potong. Bila dah bayar kemain liat nak sambung! Bila dah sambung bukan reti nak on BIS sume sekali. Nak kena carut baru reti on balik.

Tapi ada orang lagi pandai bulan lepas bagi gaji 24hb bulan ni suka2 eh jom bagi 30hb la. KAU GILA??

Oi memang carutlahhhhhh.

Semua lambat. Period pon nak lambat apahal!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Persembahan Dari Shurga

After 8 years, I still dont get it HOW PEOPLE GOT STRAIGHT As in their SPM.


I am so proud, SO VERY PROUD like a momma, of my roomate, of my other friends, of my BABY COUSINS T_T my god you guys are geniuses.

The latest 9As product of WCJ.

No seriously? HOW?? OMG.


Monday, March 21, 2011


Aaron is giving me headache. I so have no idea whatsoever of what is wrong with its left tyre.

I changed new also go pancit sesuka hati. Come on give me a break. It's not even a few months!

Please Aaron hang in there. You know if I got loootttsssaaa moolah am gonna splurge on you so bad you have no reason to gone mad.

Haih.. Aaron aaron..

Ps: pwingseh kate aaron nak daddy? Nak daddy ke nk adik aaron? Jaga jaga!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lelaki typical.

1. Semua perempuan tak pandai tengok bola. Nak main futsal? Huh. Pandai ke?

2. Handbag itu suatu pembaziran.

3. Takpayahlah buat itu ini. Membazir / buang masa je.

4. Makan kedai sama, lauk sama.

5. Semua perempuan kena kahwin.

6. Suka perempuan kurus.

7. Mesti ada kahwin dalam agenda hidup. Goal. Pfft.

8. Suka label 'lady's driver..'

Lelaki, handsome lah macamana pon, kalau perangai dah typical,


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Bruno Mars Tickets for ME

If you want something, dont be scared. You gotta go out and do it!
- Holly, MTV Asia VJ winner, Hitz FM.

I won two tix (hopefully) to BRUNO MARS LIVE IN MALAYSIA


I remember, yesterday, when I found out the tix are SOLD OUT T_T i told raje, today is totally not the best day for me. I hope tomorrow is better.


Thank you to Zainur Azween and her cousin Iffah (you're the best), girlfriennd RSyazwani RK (IF i got 2, you know i'll take you! YOURE THE BESTEST THO!) and my cousin Fitri Terry for this

But most importantly THANKS HITZFM CRUISE for the free ticket!!!

The minute Jien announced I win it, I jumped, I screamed, and I hugged him..

Right. I hugged this man. HAHA :p

I have to sing, and dance, and fight other 5 competitors.

But you know what Mars,


See you this 10th April at PWTC yawwwwwwwwwww!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 hours a day

Another happy occasion yesterday when my cousin went merisik her 8-years-girlfriend. Alhamdulillah another step forward.

In the midst of people architecturing their life into the future, i am still left wondering with mystery. As much as being 25 scares me, I somehow feel, I finally belonged to my age.

Finally I'm not too young to do things.

And plus, I just come to realise that MOST of my girlfriends, their sisters don't get married. They have other achievements in life and they live just fine.

Not everyone is lucky to have perfect life.

And that is, depends on you on how to define perfect.

As for me, as much as I'm trying hard to balance the needs of to get everything done in time in order to have so called perfect life, and to take chill pill and just let it flow, things will happen when it happen; I'm fine knowing that life has been pretty good for me.

I am glad that I now have bigger perspective in life.

The only problem is; I belong to the perfect family.

Ahh. I'll take care of them later. Now, chill pill ;p

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I should live in Jakarta

Forgetting a crush is harder than forgetting a boyfriend.
You know already whats best and whats worst with your boyfriend, but for your crush, its all heaven.

You can't cheat yourself just to make you feel better.

I stood by the slope, next to me is land thousands of feet down under, and I jumped off my fear.

I could do that, you're just a piece of cake.

I did come back happier, as promised. With another promise,

one of these days, in the future, i shall live in Jakarta. I will.