Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Long Shower

My cousin turned 31 2 days ago. We waited for her to dinner so she apologized for making us wait a bit long.

'Sorry to keep all waiting. I just had a longggg shower'

'Must be thinking 'oh so this is how it feels like to be 31?' right?!' I said.

And she said 'yeah..pretty much like it'

'So how does it feel like?' I inquire with curiosity.

'Ahh... just wish tomorrow will be better!'

2 years to go before I had a birthday that I wish for better tomorrow. Haha.

No I don't blame 31, pretty sure it's awesome t be 31. blame the long hot shower. that must be it.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I was having a bad day. (Yes all boring posts start with I was having a bad day). I felt so much betrayed and back-stabbed and I have no one to turn to but it's okay because I believe I'm on my way up and the journey is not easy, but eyes on the prize baby, eyes on the prize.

The new role is not easy, but easy are for chickens. I'm a woman. It's taking so much time and energy and I can't believe I'm a now that person who takes work home. shameful.

Anyways. I was trying my best to multitask and then my super tiny brain decided not to cooperate. Why of all times of all days, now has to be that moment it took me back to that particular evening we spent in Jimbaran, Bali.

It was a funny evening. To most people Jimbaran dinner is supposed to be romantic but not for us, of course. Bunch of funny party poppers.

So we had a dress code, everybody must wear long dress, black to be exact (we didn't plan to color coordinate but we did somehow. when you spent so much time with somebody this kind of creepy coincidence happened.) There we were on our luxurious Bali cab ride to Jimbaran, started with we had no clue which restaurant should we dine in. Bummer!

So, 3 ladies all clad in black dresses and clutches, fought the sand and stroll along the beach, trying to figure out which one is the restaurant everyone on the blog recommended! Clever, for not taking note. Sexy, not, for struggling to walk on the beach, not to mention, super hungry too.

And it doesn't help that we found it's funny to take pictures / videos with that selfies stick and now, it's dark. Sun is nowhere to be seen, oh heyyy we just had a sunset in Jimbaran and we didn;t watch the sun set. haha.

We laughed so hard we couldn't even finish the food we ordered because I guess we were high (we were starving and we laughed a lot so that kinda gave you the drugs) and then, and then, there was this busking group came from table to table and serenade people songs.

So. Very. Lovely. I wanna cry.

I requested 2 songs. Wonderful tonight, and, waw what was the second one?! They sang them perfectly tho.

Still don't remember which restaurant we ended up dining but to save you the time, it's not one of the recommended but the price is still cheap and the taste is OK. So safe to say any restaurants you go is OK I guess.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Handsome Daddy

Had lunch with Magh, Maryam and Fatimah today. It has been a while since I see this bunch. Fatimah takes instructions now, such a good big girl. Maryam just came back from school. Do not let me start on this one, how old I feel now that she goes to school and all. Ok I'm just going to cry at the corner.

So I asked Maryam, what she did at school, and as a hopeless aunty, I will always ask kids if there's a handsome boy in their school.

To what Maryam replied, 'Ada, handsome macam walid!'

We (me the irresponsible aunty, and the mother!) laughed hysterically in the shop. I mean of course Maryam's father is handsome, but I was expecting handsome macam Prince Hans (of Frozen, you know).

Ahh dads in the eyes of kids, how lucky. But just for the record Maryam did say Che Hani is pretty so I get what she means now.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Few weeks back we went to have lunch at Jalan TAR and we spotted Caliph Buskers in front of Sogo. Like other KL City People who are easily amused and entertained by busking, I spent a good 5 minutes listening and recording them playing Widuri and Keroncong Untuk Ana before my girldfriends literally dragged me to the restaurant.

Dear Edry, I discovered them first. Now I have to spend maybe one million bucks to bring them to my wedding. Though I am torn between feeling good to em buskers for this big break or to feel bad that Edry is using them to get back to Aweera, but as a new groupie, I am still so proud buskers. Well done.

And I really honestly think Joe deserved this. It's about time for some credits to hip hop and this is Joe's first time in AJL. You know when you want something to win, gotta let em pioneers take it.

Growing up listening to Too Phat, I truly appreciate this precious gift for Joe. Plus that Sonaone guy is damn good looking so I really don't mind him bagging the trophy home.

The night before, we went to the full dress rehearsal and somebody let me have the Post Party Passes, so there we were right after the show, eating nasi lemak and teh tarik with Dato' Hattan and Datin Ariani because why not (and gawking a lot too).

Earlier that evening we had a bachelorette lunch for Hazirah and the day ended with a post party at AJL. SO much pressure for the next bachelorette do.

I couldn't believe on Friday Aishah asked me what was I gonna do during weekend and I said.. I just wanna stay in.. because it feels like staying in lately.. LIE. LIE. LIE.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Days are reflected

My mood, are often reflected by what I chose to hear in the morning. My ears are picky like that. I put on my earphone and I could spend one hour shuffling on youtube trying to find what my brain feels like accepting that morning.

Some days it's Amy Winehouse, some days it's Maliq and D'Essentials with a lil bit of Raisa, some days it's Boyz II Men, sometimes I can listen to one song for one whole day for a few days (right now, Mewangi by Akim and Kau Tercipta by Lah Ahmad).

So how's 2015? My year started with a plan. Actually 2 plans. But these 2 plans basically just the way to execute the main plan; that is how to spend my salary for year 2015.


I decided to....... still further my studies! yes, But this time, I'll go local. Less effort, same effect. I can't believe I'm overachiever like that. Though I feel like I'll just sit here in my comfort zone trying to spend my money to fill my time. And then I ran out of money and I guess well maybe I can further study. Haha.

And, made a year plan of where to go (and finish that damn money still) it's a year plan no kidding. Man I have to get another life goal that is much bigger than skiing in Vermont.

And, weddings to attend (still), family day to plan (what else is new) and find a boyfriend (this never gets old). I have decided that I don't wanna be that girl who just sat there because she is traumatised from all that's happening around her. Boys are nasty, true, but I'm gonna get myself a keeper.

(And not the one with gloves and stand in between goalposts :)) tho that I don't mind!)

Wow. What's playing in my ears that brought me to all this crap? Sewindu - Tulus.