Monday, September 29, 2014

World Coffee Day

That's me, I'm fueled by coffee, my blood type is coffee, I can't function well in a day when I don't get coffee.

I can sleep well right after coffee, my heart beats just fine with coffee, I'm all about coffee.

Murah, mahal, neskafe, latte, kopi o, kopicino, cappucino, frappucino, I take it all.

If you don't know I love coffee, you don't know me well, you don't know me at all.

Today is a happy day, free coffee, buy 1 free 1, all about coffee. I live for a day like this.

Happy World Coffee Day!

Friday, September 26, 2014


It took me about 4 days of seeing this everywhere online to watch this. It gives me chills, she received standing ovations. Maybe she didn't write the speech herself but she delivered it very well. We could hear her voice trembled and she was all nervous but the job was well done. How old is she again? She made me feel so small.

I had a chance to attend a Gender Equality workshop myself last week, it was held by the HR of my company in conjunction of Diversity week. I was only there for free food but later, I found myself getting involved in the discussion.

I could say that it is true how they say every education starts at home, even for this huge matter. To be part of the workshop made me realized how lucky I am to be in a family that treats women nothing less than men, because in same place in this world, there are still people receiving bias because of their gender.

So thank you Mama and Ayah, for letting me fix my car when it's broke down, and for letting my brothers to wash their own dishes (albeit not all the time) because these small actions, contribute.

Now, when are men going to fight for Gender Equality? It would be nice if comment like 'He can cook better than a woman' will never been said anymore one day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We were playing Pictionary one night (we == me and my cousins) and then I had to draw -- ICICLE.
I had no idea what is this (I figured out later) so I decided to draw bits by bits.

Like Cicle, sounds like circle, bicycle, and I is you know, iPad, iPhone. Haha.

So i drew, nobody got it ofcourse, especially I don't how to draw iPad.
So when I said, it's iPad, I, from I-CICLE geddit??
My cousin went like, "OH MY GOD YOU COULD HAVE DRAWN EYE!! EYEEEE = I!!"

and then we all laughed, real hard, (who wouldv'e thought of an iPhone?)
and she said, ahh so that's you, right. You have the easy way out but you go the furthest way you know how.

So maybe the right guy has always been in front of you.

Ahhh passing judgement from Pictionary now are we???

well, for all I know, time is up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hak Manusia

Apa hak manusia untuk hilang dan muncul sesuka hati?
Pergi tak dihambat, datang tak dijemput.
Berkeliaran seperti hantu.