Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Perihal Kerja

I'm thrilled, as much as you guys are thrilled that I'm gonna be a career woman very very soon, but the whole process,


all the filling in the forms and reading the contracts and EPF account and income tax, zakat and EPF things,


it took me 5 days to have it completed. Malas sial!!!

and good news is, i'll start on 3rd August in KERTEH. woohoo. Being home can be pretty boring (with limited clothes you can wear and half of em end up never leave the wardrobe at all anymore), but the idea of fasting at home is walaweyh!

and you know what is the next crazy idea?

my mum signed me up for a course of Persediaan Menghadapi Alam Rumahtangga this 8th.

My mom have been having this craving of seeing me walking down the aisle and having all the fantasies about what color will it be, what menu will be served, who will be invited

but not the face of THAT guy.

if you think my mum is cool, she is. but look what my dad thinks.

my future fantasy for him would be kerja, proceed with masters, be a lecturer, buy a car, buy a house, find a man, and boom, tie the knot.


suddenly, dad is cooler.

till then, lots of love (and lucks for me!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perihal Waktu

It's Finally time for me to

+pay my own bills

+settle my own car installment

+finance my own vacation and shopping

+give duit raya

+provide some extra allowance for momma, ayah, adik-adik and tok

+find own rumah sewa

+live on my own

+save up for my wedding (yeah right!)

and most importantly

+belanja kawan-kawan and cousins!

Alhamdulillah. I am beginning a new life this 1st August at Kuantan.

Guess who's overexcited?


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Perihal Kasih

I don't know, Qistina. I don't know any reason why we can't stop loving you.

It's not the panic your Papa had when your Mama's water broke.

It's not the fast heartbeat your Tok had waiting for Mami to take her to the clinic where you were supposed to be delivered.

It's not the worries your Nyang had when you were still in your Mama's belly after 21 hours of labour pain.

It's not the tears that we all shed in the labour room when your Mama screamed in pain trying to push you out for 3 hours.

It's not the fact that I went in the labour room when I swore it'd be the last place I'd go in unless its my time.

It's not the starving we had for 12 hours because we wouldn't leave the labour room just to hear you cry for the first time.

It's not the ambulance ride that took you and Mama to the General Hospital, finally, after 18 hours of continously contractions.

It's not the quick nap you Ayah Heri had in front of the operation theatre on the floor.

It's not the disspointment Papa had when he couldn't see the doctor take you out from Mama's belly.

It's not even the bullshit things the Doctor at the Klinik Keluarga said about seeing your head and all when you were actually still high in Mama's belly.

It's nothing, Qistina, like seeing you smile for the first time.

Yes Qistina Arissa, we have no reason at all to hate you.

In fact, we have no reason to hate a Gift from God like you.

Qistina, kau Keajaiban!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Perihal Habis

I am officially graduated.

Second Class Upper. Alhamdulillah


My convocation is on 24th of August. I WILL see you guys there, kan?

Lots of Love!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Perihal Kosong

for the past 4 and half years, on the 29th-31st of every month, my empty bank account, will be filled.


hence, zero holiday, zero new shoes, zero new tops, zero hair treatment, zero pedicure manicure.

just zero.

imagine this;

"Ayah nak RM1.50, nak beli teh ais,"

"Huh, minum air kt rumah je lah,"

what a total disgrace.