Monday, March 31, 2014


Vocal powerhouse.
Hot supermom.
Childhood idol.

In a private party.
Never in my life I thought I could afford this. Let alone for free.
Thanks for making me a fighter.

Faces that are always with me to concerts and stuff. InsyaAllah one day we all will find our ways together to heaven okayh!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Genie In A Bottle

My brother kinda had a bad week, called my mum and all (crybaby much!! hehe) So I figured a dinner treat would do him good.

Ask him where he wanna go, he didn't have any idea, so I asked if he wanted to go to Chili's.

Then he replied, 'Waw, Chili's! What's the occasion kak?'

WHAT'S THE OCCASION to eat at Chilis??? Haha. That shows how much his sister LOVESSS to buy him dinenr treats, like, almost NEVER.

Gotta make new impression, maybe buyyy my brothers more fooddsss hehe

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Miss You

Taken from Can someone please get this verified?

The night when the prime minister broke the most devastating news, I was at a friend's place. We both were numb, lost of words, clueless, deepened with sadness and frustration, never knew this could be real.

The next day we realised the world is grieving with us, it wasn't raining but it certainly wasn't a bright sunshiny day. The radio keep on playing surah from the Quran and when they are not, the keep them in slow numbers. I somehow think this song gives the most effect.

Everytime, everytime it's playing, I can't help but to feel a lil bit lost inside.

I am just like everyone else, I'm still in denial state, still wishing for miracle and stuff.
Still, prepared for the worst.
Just, Al-Fatihah.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Love Is an Open Door

Finally, after berbulan-bulan Nana and Amalin tried to convince me to watch Frozen, Maryam managed to do it in one day.
Spent a whole afternoon with Cikyong and Ciktim and Che Hani khatam Frozen 3 kali. Yup. The power of a screaming girl.

But, but, this is sweeeeeeet hehehe.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Not A Bad Thing

1. There's a thin line between not knowing how to help and not wanting to help. When a small tiny little assistance is asked and nobody knows how to do it, it shows serious loophole in your system. I'm so depressed in need anti depression right now.

2. I stand corrected that my boss is the best.

3. Today we held a cross religion prayers session during our monthly makan-makan session. We pray according to our religion. It was a bit scary knowing that we could be doing a wrong thing. Is it okay to pray with other religion? Tho the way of prayers are different, we all pray for one thing, the safe homecoming of MH370.

Now playing : Not a bad thing - Justin Timberlake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'You don't have to worry about me'

1. Day 11 now. I cannot imagine how a plane gone missing for 11 days. Whatever speculations going around we just hope that the 239 souls come back in one piece.

2. You don't have to worry about MAS. They are doing fine. People still have faith and trust on them. I was at the MATTA fair last week and the number of people queueing for their service, you have no idea man. Looks like they are not losing anything anytime soon, which is great, right.

3. Have you ever been added to a whatsapp group where you don't wanna get any update, you don't wanna ever be part of, and you are not interested at all, but you can't leave? You cannot simply 'not-read' or 'not-see' or 'not-care' because it's there and it's giving you notification and shit, and you can never get them? Yikes.

4. I am hoping that all these hassles will paid off, I am sure I am doing this for a good cause. And I am determined.

5. I am fine. You don't have to worry about me.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Maybe i will start saving. or stop eating.
yup. Should stop eating. So I'll able to afford this bag and carry it while I'm skinny and hot.

Or just stop following Harper's Bazaar, no?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Luas bumi Allah

I think we all are aware, now, betapa besar dan luas bumi Allah. beribu-ribu kapal, kereta, boat, jet segala bagai teknologi yang dihantar sampai ke satelit di angkasa lepas. sebiji kapal terbang belum pon jumpa.

what a great awareness for us to realize how huge Allah created the world for us, MORE than we can actually imagine.

into day 5 now, it shocked me to read that Vietnam will start searching in their forest and hills. I mean, I thought we already covered that? Allahuakbar.

So now, have you realized how small you are in this world? still rasa besar dalam dunia yang luas ni? with setiap nikmat yang Allah pinjamkan, still rasa megah?

I have never felt so humbled, so small, so helpless like this very moment, except for every moment to ask from Allah please open this hijab, let us see what's hidden. 

Kalau di langit, turunkanlah. Kalau di laut, timbulkanlah. Kalau di bumi, tunjukkanlah.

On another note, Happy Birthday Mama. You have no idea how much I love you and how everyday i think of spending more time with you.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Berjalan Diatas Awan

Coming back from Jakarta I asked Raja if we could actually walk on the cloud. If we can feel when the plane hits the cloud, mesti sebab cloud tu ada bentuk, kan? So by right we can walk on it, right? 

Have you ever imagined walking on clouds? They are so white and fluffy must be so cool and serene to walk on em.

I've decided to believe that the captain, FAs, and passengers are just taking a little detour; walking on the clouds. They'll be coming back home soon and tell us the story.

We'll all be filled with envy.

But don't take too long, just come home already.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It was the end of first night of JavaJazz, we all had a tehbotol each in our hands and we sat there under clear blue sky at the open air stage area, talking nonsense.

And then they started to mention about my LONG LONG LONG LONGGG TIME crush.

I KNOW both of them are so against him, they don't like him VERY MUCH, but I kept the conversation going anyway because any conversation that concerns me, man, I LOVE IT. I'm self- centered like that.

I am actually very aware that my crush has no interest whatsoever for me. Please I'm 28, I have stop being delusional ages ago. But they were talking as if IT MATTERS. Was. So. Funny. One of them even turned her back against me!!

Fast forward to the next day, we were in a crowd for Raisa's performance (she is BTW, fecking perfect) and one thing about her is, she loveee to explain the meaning of her songs. So when she was about to sing this song, she began explaining and this friend of mine (who turned her back the night before), STARTED to laugh hysterically.


And she kept on laughing, the whole song.
Some friends. are so funny. they deserve a punch on their face!!!!!

Kau carut mak yer!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


4th time in Jakarta, I must say, the best, ever. Makes me miss Jakarta even more as I leave.
I now know where I should stay for my next visit, where I should go, what i should eat.
And JavaJazz just getting better by year, I am so Jazz-lagged.

Every time I left Jakarta I tell myself one day I will live here.
This time it was different, the jet took off and I asked myself, what's holding me back, actually?
I have nothing to lose, if I really really want to live in Jakarta, I should be living in Jakarta.
I should have made my move long long time ago.
Perhaps that first time I told myself I'm so gonna live in Jakarta.

What's holding me back? Seriously.
Uncertainty, is it? I'm scared I'll never adapt, right?
or I'm just a plain person who love to say i love something but never TRY to make it mine anyway.

brought back a piece of Jakarta with me as I left a whole piece of my heart over there.